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Most Memorable Or Strange Pokémon Battles You have Ever Had.


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Most Memorable Or Strange Pokémon Battles You have Ever Had.

Having spent so many years playing through the core games of the series with hundreds, maybe even thousands of battles every game play and innumerable amount of game time loged I can honestly say there aren't that many NPC battles that really stand out in my memory.

Although I will always remember my first battle in the ghost tower in Blue, and that déjà vu moment when I found Blue in Gold had me freaking out about doppelgängers and such (because I still had a functioning Blue cartridge).

But my most memorable moment, more recently, was when I was in the Battle Chatteau. Yeah, I've grinded experience points and GP so often from there that I've long stop seeing the trainers there as anything other than prey. But the other day, I was leveling up some starter Pokémon there that I received from trades. I had had Wulfric (the Ice gym leader) on the ropes when he somehow found a second wind and manage to defeat my team.

The most memorial part came when one of the fainted Pokémon evolved during the cutscene on the way to the Pokécenter. I had never had that happen to me before, ever. I had no idea it was even possible.

What about y'all? What was your most memorable or strange Pokémon battle?

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I once had a double battle in Fire Red. I was battling a young couple with an Onix and a Cloyster. I remember Onix using bind and Cloyster using clamp on each other. Then on the next turn they both used explosion...

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Not entirely memorable, but in Diamond I was in a double battle. They destroyed me and my Monferno, along with a Luxio and a Staravia or something. There were more, but I can't remember. So I went back to the pokemon center, and walking though the grass, prepared to be wrecked again, I battled a random pokemon and lo and behold, my Monferno evolved. I went and destroyed those two trainers with Close Combat.

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I faced a ditto team my friend had with ... a ditto team lol this happened by acedent and nether of us knew the other had been finding impostor dittos


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I once had a double battle in Fire Red. I was battling a young couple with an Onix and a Cloyster. I remember Onix using bind and Cloyster using clamp on each other. Then on the next turn they both used explosion...


I beat Lance with a Magikarp once.


I almost lost to drayden due to him perish singing two of my pokes, vanilluxe pulled it together, and owned his altaria, on the last turn.

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One recent memory that I have is from the Battle Maison. An opposing trainer sent out both a Dream World Politoed and a Dream World Ninetales... So Drizzle activated and then Drought cancelled it out. Uhhh?


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I still remember fighting a trainer in White with all fighting types who wiped out all my team except for my level 5 frillish. My frillish then ended up defeating him because he couldn't land a move. I still treasure that now-jellicent. :)


I had a sorta strange one on Platinum. Battled a Level 17 Ralts with my Level 25 Noctowl. Tried to run away, couldn't escape, and the Ralts used Double Team. This went on for about five turns, until I tried to run away, couldn't escape, and Ralts used teleport.


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My most memorable battle is a battle I had in the Battle Tower in Diamond. It was several years ago, 6th October 2008 according to a post I made on another forum. This battle happened as I was trying to win 105 battles in a row at the Battle Tower (Double battles) in order to get my final trainer card upgrade on the game. I had done this previously in Pearl, using the same team that I was now using in Diamond. In Pearl, I had lost once before making it all the way, and I had at this point lost once in Diamond as well, but was making a second try.

And that's the background of the battle. The battle itself was either battle #99 or #100 on my streak, I can't remember which. Very close to the end either way. I don't really remember that much from the earlier stages of the battle, but I think it involved some hax in form of my Bronzong using Explosion and missing against an opponent due to either Brightpowder or Double Team, and a Floatzel which must have known Quick Attack or Aqua Jet which I believe it used to kill my Starly. In the end, I only had my Dusknoir left against my opponent's last Pokemon, which was a Cradily. It was the Toxic/Double Team/Stockpile/Ingrain@Leftovers set. My Dusknoir knew Rest so it couldn't kill me with Toxic, but it kept using Double Team to get to +6, so I couldn't hit it either. All I managed to hit it with was one Night Shade and Will-O-Wisp which got it burned. However, in the end of every turn, it would take damage from the Burn and then recover the exact damage it had just taken, thanks to Leftovers and Ingrain. I'm very happy that I play with animations turned off, otherwise every turn would probably have taken much longer than they already did, making it even more painful.

In the end, it got down to struggling, and Dusknoir started to Struggle one turn before Cradily, but won since it was at full HP while Cradily only was at 3/4 due to the Night Shade I had hit it with. Had Cradily started to Struggle one turn later, I would have lost. This is one of the closest and longest battles I have ever had, and therefore it is also the most memorable for me. It also gave me a deep fear of Cradily, I can't help being terrified whenever I face one ever since this battle. It made the remaining few battles feel super fast as the team I was using usually won every battle in 3-4 turns. I also got to appreciate the trainer card upgrade I got afterwards much more due to this battle. There is also a fun thing related to this that happened recently, I had a battle that was similar to this in X where I was left against a Cradily in the Battle Maison, but I won somewhat easier as it didn't go down to struggling in that battle. Still a long and horrifying battle similar to the one in Diamond which made me think back to it. And then, in a few battles later, I lost - against a Cradily! I guess the spiritual successor of the one from Diamond wanted revenge... or something.
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All the way back on Yellow version, in one of the earliest multi-player battles I ever had, a battle between my cousin and me came down to the wire with each of us just having our Mewtwos left.

One of us had taught our Mewtwo Hyper Beam, the other hadn't. I don't remember which of us that was, though. I don't remember all four moves each of us had. Heck, I don't even remember who won that battle. The memorable part is simply the loooong series of turns of us trading Psychic/Recover/Swift-or-Hyper Beam, without being able to KO the other's Mewtwo.

That battle brings me a smile to this day.


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My cousin resetting his game everytime I beat him in a link battle so my wins wouldn't go up :p