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Most Popular?

Most popular/Favorite

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I was just wondering who is the most popular of the new trio so I made this.
If you want you an tell why you picked that pokemon as well. ^_^ ;386;


I like Oshawott and Snivy, so really it's just not voting tepig for me.


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I picked Snivy for the most popular because the final evolution looks like the best to me. Also, Ash's Snivy makes his other Unova Pokemon look weak :I

I picked Oshawott for my starter though. It knows Megahorn >>


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I picked all 3 coz I can ^_^

Oshawott is most useful in-game
Snivy, if it's ever released on Dream World will be a beast
Tepig looks cool (base form. Pignite looks stupid and Emboar is ganon on fire.)


Oshawott for it's the only decent starter since Snivy's dream ability is wasted from its terrible movepool and Tepig, despite being a Ganon look-a-like, is outclassed by Blaziken and Infernape.


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Snivy is my favourite of the trio, whereas I believe Oshawott is probably more popular.


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I think both Tepig and Oshawott are adorable, but Smugleaf Snivy was BY FAR the most popular this gen. Everybody hated Oshawott when the starters were revealed.


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There's already a thread for this in the 5th gen subforum, actually. =P
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