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Most powerful Pokemon in Rse

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by Lareon, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. Lareon

    Lareon Well-Known Member

    Hello guys, which is the most powerful legendary and non-legendary Pokemon? Cuz, i'd like to bed them to my team as my powerhouses
  2. J4ji

    J4ji PokeBoss

    jirachis pretty good since its steel and psychic i think the moveset i have is doom desire, wish, takedown and psychic
    non legendary swampert its a good water/ground surf earthquake id give it ice beam so it has a chance against grass types and maybe body slam or hydropump idk haha
    another good legendary is lugia only one of my mates could beat it with a ho-oh which had better speed and thunder : |
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2013
  3. God-Karp

    God-Karp Member

    Best legendary would probably be rayquaza, with its very high attack! XD

    Best non-legendary is Metagross, with psychic, agility, meteor mash, and hyper beam, it will obliterate all your enemies with its superior attack and the use of its agility agility AGILITY!
  4. UbersSuck20

    UbersSuck20 #FreeGenesect

    Best legendary is of course Rayquaza. But it's uber.

    Best non-legendary is either Metagross or Salamence.

    ^Metagross has no reason to use Hyper Beam. I'd rather go with Ice Punch or Earthquake.
  5. ☭Azimuth_055☣

    ☭Azimuth_055☣ Thou enraged?

    Rayquaza is the best legendary IMO. And either Salamence or Metagross is the best non-legendary Pokemon.
  6. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    Rayquaza, Jirachi and Deoxys are the strongest.

    As non-legendary you have Salamence and Metagross, which are pseudo-legendaries.
  7. Master Leo

    Master Leo The Dark Side

    Luvdisc. 'nuff said
  8. Lady Stardust

    Lady Stardust Member

    Metagross, Aggron, Walrein, Milotic, Salamence, Flygon, Gardevoir.

    I always used to have Aggron and Walrein in my team.
  9. TheDarkrai

    TheDarkrai Magic Bounce Espeon!

    I always like to run Lanturn and Cradily.
  10. I-am-the-peel

    I-am-the-peel Justice Forever

    Tyranitar, Blissey, Salamence, Jirachi, Kyorgre and Metagross.

    You could argue others like Rayquazza, Deoxys, Celebi and Lugia, but I'm just listing my favourite battlers from that gen.
  11. FallBird

    FallBird Well-Known Member

    My Milotic from my last run was killer. It made me sad I'd never raised one before, but luckily I managed to get it right as my internal battery starting fading in and out. That last berry *almost* didn't grow. xD (It's not the berry glitch, I've checked.)
    From the run before that, I had Blaziken, Alakazam, Aggron, Exploud, Flygon, and.. Ludicolo. I was going for a power team, thought Ludicolo would be good support. I screwed up when I put that Ludicolo in there. I will NEVER run a Ludicolo again. The rest of the team topped out at level 80 when I transferred them to Platinum, and that stupid Ludicolo was stuck at 50. The rest of them were fantastic. I only wish I had done the Milotic then and really made that team spectacular. xD
  12. Archangel Azazel

    Archangel Azazel Fallen Angel

    Raquaza as the strongest Legendary and... Salamence as the strongest non-legend >:3
  13. PKMNinja

    PKMNinja Black Ninja

    Raquaza, Groudon, and Kyoger. The only legendary pokemon you can get without an ar.
  14. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Well-Known Member

    I think Snorlax. It is so insanely powerful with Curse and Rest. The others all have their specific weaknesses. Metagross dies to any fast Fire type using Fire Blast, Salemence dies to Ice Beam, and so on. In later gens it's different but in 3rd gen I'd say Snorlax.
  15. Retro Mew

    Retro Mew Mystical Furball

    Technically, the top legendary available in RSE is Rayquaza. The top non-legendary s between Salamence, Metagross, or arguably Wobbuffet depending on your playing style.
  16. Enjolras

    Enjolras Master of the House

    Alakazam is insanely powerful. Swampert, Flygon, and actually, Swellow, were also very helpful. All of these Pokemon are available fairly early in the game.
  17. nathandg0924

    nathandg0924 Back in the meantime

    Most powerful legendary in R/S/E hands down is Rayquaza. Another one would be Latios if were not talking about uber legendaries but as for non-legendaries, then Salamence, Metagross, and Blaziken are the strongest.
  18. ashiemore

    ashiemore Well-Known Member

    I've always been able to do much better with Kyogre than Rayquaza competitively, however they're both good. If I had to say for a non legendary, I'd go with either Metagross or Milotic.

  19. Volcer

    Volcer Shur'tugal

    Metagross, it is so powerful, it KO'd all of Wallace's Pokemon in one go.
  20. FusionKT

    FusionKT *cough*

    Most powerful legendary? Rayquaza. Most powerful non-legendary? It's probably between metagross and salamence. Milotic is good too, but a pain to get.
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