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Most Prized Pokemon?

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Seine Majestät
My Venusaur from leafgreen which I named bruteroot after the first movie, my vaporeon from,my first firered nuzlocke named bubbles who took over leading my team after Erika killed my blastoise.
And my Blaziken from emerald named blazeboy who led my team through the pokemon league and battle frontier.

All three of these pokemon finally came together in my white 2 game for the first time and they are still as amazing as ever and I truly cherish them.

Plus all three of them have mediocre IV's, but I still use them competitively when I actually do competitive things.
My shiny Lucario in Platinum version is my favourite Pokemon. His stats are godly and Ive used him in every major battle. He's just awesome!

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
Hmm...I say my 2 shiny rapidash' from HG. I actually caught them literally a minute within from each other.


The Interceptor
One of my most prized Pokemon was my Dusky (Umbreon) in SS. That thing beasted almost everything it came across and it saved me from a lot of close calls against the Elite Four.
My Gardevoir in Emerald was my most prized pokemon. I raised it from a Ralts and it has pretty good stats despite not EV training and the fact that it has an Adamant nature(at the time I didn't know what natures meant). The combo Calm Mind-Hypnosis-Dream Eater makes it unstoppable :)


I don't really have a most prized pokemon, actually.


Thou enraged?
My dear Garchomp will always be my prized gen IV Pokemon.


Arcanine in Heart Gold. I boxed my Typhlosion in HG because Arcanine could do everything so much better than Typhlosion, also I felt like it was awkward having two Fire types in my party. Kept Arcanine in my party since the moment I caught him.

John Wallrein

I am the walrein
My Gallade. It was the first ever Pokemon I EV trained and I have a softspot in my heart for it. It helped me to rack up a lot of points at the Battle Frontier and has caused Gallade to remain one of my top favorite Pokemon.

Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel
My Typhlosion. Simply because he is my favorite and just when I picked it out it had my favorite nature, wether its benefitial or not I still adore him X3 Never goes into the PC box and its always on my Team ready to fight.


Ohgod ferrothorns
The x/x/x/31/31/31 Timid Hydreigon I bred. Choice scarfed and dear god do I like surprising people with a speedy hydreigon. OHKO'ing lati@ses is just great.


My Sceptile, Raichu, Crobat, and Wailord from Pokemon Emerald. They're currently in my Pokemon Black 2. They're not the best, but I sure had fun using them.


King of Uber tier
kinda hard

either sum of my shines or rare event pokes


A Giant Robot
Claude, the Blaziken that was my starter in Sapphire is definitely my most prized Pokémon, it was my very first Pokémon, after all. We been to four regions, trough the Elite 4 of them all, beat Red, Pearl's Battle Tower, and even won some contests. I'm way too attached to that bundle of pixels.

My second most prized Pokémon would be a shiny Giratina named IceCream, ever since I knew its shiny colors I wanted one and when I finally caught it I was so, so happy. I even thought the nickname beforehand, kinda dumb/cute sounding, exactly what I wanted.


Face Oblivion
Non-Shiny: Female Scizor. I caught it in Diamond version with a hacked Masterball about 3 years ago. Evolved it and played with it on SoulSilver, where it got 2/3 shiny leaves and I raised it to Level 100. Resides on my white version now.

Shiny: Lugia. I SRed for it and it appeared after 5,021 SRs. When it shone, I think I died...it is on my Diamond Version right now, but I haven't played it in ages.
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