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Most productive day?


<-Get in ma bella!
Have you ever been really satisfied after playing pokemon for a day? Like you learned a lot, or finally caught that legendary, or finally finished training that pokemon? I remember one day, I was taking a looooooong plane trip to Los Gatos, and I forgot to bring anything to occupy myself with besides pokemon pearl, and my laptop. So, I played pokemon. I was trying to fill up my national dex, and I was going through the elite four with a level 100 with an amulet coin, and a bunch of low level pokemon I was trying to evolve. Going through the elite four over and over again began to bore me, so I started to try a couple different moves. It was during this time that I learned the value of stat up moves, taunt, stealth rock, and status users. I was learning so much about the pokemon game, and before I knew it, I hit the money maximum. I usually don't have that much money in my games, and I thought to myself "What is really expensive?" So I bought vitamins (protein, iron, calcium, etc.) I bought I think 10-15 of each kind, but I'm not sure. I then started to ev train my pokemon. Altogether, I added 20 new pokemon to my national dex, ev trained two pokemon, and learned a lot of new battle strategies. I felt that I had accomplished a lot during that time, and had a lot of fun doing it. So, was there a day where you got farther in you pokemon game than you ever thought possible?
Over last weekend I traded 1 Worlds 09 Weavile that I had RNG'd, for like 10 pokes that I really needed. I felt pretty satisfied after that. :)


Stranded MeisterIsle
Well this one time I was playing pokemon on a Friday but I stopped after 20 minutes and finished my history report, which was satisfying.