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Most tearjerking scene from a movie?

Haunter ゴースト

Well-Known Member
Most tearjerking scenes from a movies?

So as the question says, whats the most upsetting/tearjerking scenes from certain movies?

For me it's the Toy Story 3 - Incinerator Scene, man that nearly got me.
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Supreme Overlord
I don't really cry during movies either, but I know about a certain scene that has been called tear jerking:

Pokemon: The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back.

Ash sacrifices himself to save the Pokemon and everyone (minus Mew and Mewtwo) start crying. Many people have called this the saddest moment in all of Pokemon.


Excellent Driver
I cried at the end of several TV movies my sister has made me watch, not because they were sad, but because they were awful and I was overjoyed they were over.


I'm hungry
When Andy gave his toys away to that little girl in Toy story three. When Bambi's mom dies, really the opening credits were still rolling and everything, and the lion King, I watch these movies with my younger siblings, thanks alot Walt Disney, how am I supposed to explain the concept of death to a 4 year old?


No longer posting
The ending of Angels In The Outfield (newer). Such a great ending...

shiney mew

Marsh Trainer
Near the beginning of Paulie, when Marie has to watch her bird get taken away in a van, and she's crying and her parents have to hold her back and keep her from chasing the van... as a pet owner myself, and knowing that people really have had their pets taken away for unjust reasons (usually to be euthanized), this whole idea is just deeply, deeply disturbing to me. Probably the only reason I can still stand to watch the movie is because Paulie does reunite with Marie at the end.

Also, the end of The Plague Dogs, and that song... when I started up the movie a second time because my brother hadn't seen it yet, I just about broke down as soon as it started because I noticed they were playing that song during the opening credits too.

Ash sacrifices himself to save the Pokemon and everyone (minus Mew and Mewtwo) start crying. Many people have called this the saddest moment in all of Pokemon.

Personally, that scene never really had that kind of effect on me. Jirachi Wishmaker, though, I have a hard time even watching because I just find it so incredibly sad that Max and Jirachi get so close to each other, and then Jirachi has to go to sleep for 1000 years, which means they can never see each other again.

Also, I still think the saddest Pokemon moment is the "Pikachu's Goodbye" song, closely followed by some of the actual release episodes (Charizard, Arbok and Weezing), as well as that one scene in "Address Unown" where they saw Larvitar's memory of being taken from its mother.
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Perky Goth
The ending shot of Up. Ellie finally made it to Paradise Falls.....


Neighbor? Neighbor!
The first Pokemon movie...
The Lion King. My brother was five and was confused out of his mind. "Wait, why won't Mufasa wake up? He's just sleeping! I thought he loved his son!" Me... MOM!
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The battle @ the Ministry. Sirius was my favorite character...
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, both parts. Dobby, Fred, Lupin, Tonks, seeing Dumbledore again, the Resserection Stone scene, and the Epilouge.
The movie Hachi.....is by far the biggest tear-jerking movie I've ever watched.
The scene where he is sitting by the tree and you see him age with the seasons is heartbreaking.


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Disney/Pixar movies always depress me at some points:

The Lion King: Mufasa's death was pretty sad. Watching something get trampled by a herd of wildebeest is sad enough, but to have Simba tell his dad to wake up when he obviously won't just makes you want to hunt some wildebeest.

Up: The scene without dialogue that shows Ellie and Carl's relationship over time starts off happy when they get married and have a happy life together only to show her death and Carl alone. You gotta love Pixar telling you that you better cherish happy memories because in the end, you'll be a short, overweight, lonely, grumpy man named Carl.


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When it first came out, I watched Toy Story 3 with my family, and it took all my willpower not to tear up at the end when Andy gives away the toys.