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Most tearjerking scene from a movie?


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Toy Story 3, at the end when Andy gives away the toys.
Half of Up.
Lion King, when Mufassa died.
HP and the Deathly Hallows when Dobby/Lupin/Tonks/Fred/Harry die, and the epilogue really gets me.
HP and the Order of the Phoenix, when Sirius dies.
HP and the Half-Blood Prince when Dumbledore dies.
Armageddon, when the father sacrifices himself to save the world and he's saying goodbye to his daughter.


The Living Hologram
Hachi... thats the saddest movie ever... flowers for algernon is the saddest story (dont watch the movie or read the novel, only read the short story) ever but this is about movies...


Not dead yet.
The very end of Schindler's List, when he's leaving the camp and breaks down after he realizes he could have saved just a few more people.


Pokemon Veteran
The ending scene of Toy story 3 when Andy gives away his toys, the opening scene from Up, and Mufasa's death in the Lion King all brought me reallly close to tears. Especially Toy Story 3, come to think of it, that movie was really freaking depressing in many parts.

Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel
I would say:
Pokemon: The First Movie - Ash turned to stone.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Dobbys' death and and Snapes' death
The Lion King - Mufasas' death.. my mom stil teases me about it since when i was little and when i recently watched it at theaters.. D:
Wow. I'm impressed. I've read through this whole thread and so far I haven't seen a mention of Old Yeller yet. The end of the scene where they had to put Old Yeller down was really sad. That was the closest I've ever gotten to crying in a movie.

The Lion King is also pretty sad when Mufasa dies, I'll agree. I've also really wanted to watch Courageous lately. I've heard there are a few real tear-jerking scenes in that movie, especially if you're a father watching it. I'm not a father myself, but it did make my old man cry, which is pretty impressive knowing him.

Corroded Arceus

Shiny Hunter
Almost any animal movie. I was sobbing pretty bad in Red Dog, which is an Australian movie.

I remember watching Million Dollar Baby in class too, and I was the only person who cried. So embarrasing, but it really was sad.


What do I do now?
Several scenes from Courageous. I was almos in tears the whole movie whether from laughing or crying lol it's a great movie


The Living Hologram
Cometstarlight - I agree (snakings!)

I just finished Lord of the Rings movie one and two... although not tearjerking, they are very insperational and awe inspiring.

Dread Advocate

†Stay Metal†
Toy Story 3: Incinerator to the end
Up: First ten minutes and the shot of the house atop Paradise Falls
The Passion of the Christ: Pretty much all of the movie
The Goblet of Fire: Amos Diggery's anguish over Cedric's death
The Order of the Phoenix: Sirius' death
The Half-Blood Prince: Dumbledore's death
The Deathly Hallows: Dobby's and Fred's deaths, Snape's memory of Lily, Harry's departure and ensuing sacrifice, the epilogue
The Return of the King: Frodo sailing to the West
The Lion King: Mufasa's death
The Dark Knight: Harvey's descent into madness
Revenge of the Sith: Order 66 (despite my lack of care for the Jedi), the immolation, and when Vader is on the slab and is set upright just before the unnecessary "NOOOOOOOO!"
The Wrath of Khan: Spock's death
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Aslan's sacrifice
Despicable Me: When Gru's heart grew three sizes. Wait...
I Am Legend: The dog's death
Monsters, Inc.: Sulley sending Boo back, Boo's return


Once you were lost.
If we're talking movies, I'm gonna say Bridge to Terabithia.
Basically, the movie is a really happy-go-lucky middle school story, a new girl called Leslie gets in class with Jess, they get along, become friends
and then Leslie dies on her way to the place Jess and Leslie used to play.

I really think I'm the only person who really really likes that movie, and if it weren't for the fact that my father was sitting next to me when I was watching the movie, I would've cried like a little *****.

Also, where do you think we are?

[Edit] God, there are actually too many great Scrubs scenes to post. Here's another.
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I don't cry for movies, so this is pretty hard but for some, I would
Toy story 3's ending
Warrior. scene where tommy comforts his dad after he started drinking again and the end. This was the closest a movie came. I couldn't do it, cause I was there with some friends all of which were guys.


Oh, u mad bro?
I usually don't cry during movies. I just haven't seen one that emotionally moving in a long time.

But the last time I did was during the ending of Toy Story 3 when Andy gives up Woody. I literally felt my heart break at that scene because I knew it was the end of a friendship that I thought would last forever.
I rarely cry about movies, books or TV shows, but when it comes to Pokemon anime/movies, (almost) all from the Original Series, I'm a crybaby. Some moments from both movies and regular episodes include:
- Ash releasing Butterfree.
- Ash releasing Pidgeot.
- Ash turning into stone in the first movie.
- Ash releasing Lapras.
- Ash releasing Charizard.
- Ash releasing Squirtle.
- Celebi's death in Pokemon 4ever (even though he was brought back to life).
- Latios's death in the fifth movie.
- Misty's departure.
- Misty releasing Togetic.


Formerly Torterra14
The ending of Titanic. From where Jack dies to present-day Rose where she is on the boat and throws the stern of the ship and throws the piece of jewelry ino the ocean.

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
I defy you all to watch Return of the King without crying at least once. I cry at least thrice through that movie.

Same with the last three HP films. But that might just be a personal thing.

OH and Love Actually. TRY not to cry when Emma Thompson discovers her husband didn't get her the necklace.


The Living Hologram
dd1zle - I thought that movie was soooo sad too.

Bulba the Great! - Although I never cry in that movie, I think it is epicly tragic.

Getting return of the king from netflix in a few days!