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most uber pokemon?


Well-Known Member
the most uber pokemon?
I reckon it is rattata, only because with the F.E.A.R combo it can take out nearly every pokemon, bar 26, in two hits. Now I think that is quite uber.

For those who dont know what the F.E.A.R combo is, it's when a lv1 rattata (or some other pokemon) holding a focus band uses endeavour first, then next turn uses quick attack... since i can't explain well(blaim my 11 yo mind) I'll just play it out for you.

*pokemon* attacks rattata.
rattata hangs on using focus band.
rattata uses endeavour.

"next turn"

rattata uses quick attack.
*pokemon* faints.

I hope that explains it more... XD

Please post your thoughts on this.


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I reckon it's me.


Charizard pwns it!
It's Focus SASH and not Focus Band.


Hoppip obviously.


Dragon's Best Friend
Depends on who you put your Choice Scarf on. =P

Item-less, that would be Kyogre. Insanely bulky with STAB/Rain-boosted Water attacks and 100% accurate Thunder all available on turn 1, with a Mewtwo-esque Base Special Attack. Evil. Or, for the completely shameless, it even packs Sheer Cold.


playing an ish game
FEAR is easily beatable, ever heard of Hypnosis?

The mosy UBER pokemon has to be Arceus i mean 120 Base in all attackes. Even the UBER players want it banned


Pokemon Breeder
Empoleon is totally the most uber Pokemon.
He has spikes on his face! Spikes!

Although, Electivire is pretty uber too. I mean, would you like to meet him in a dark alley?
I thought so.


The First Princess
Arceus, just 'cause of his stats.

And F.E.A.R. won't do squat on a ghost.


Well-Known Member
in looks, rhyperior is totally uber. you would never want to run into him
Spore+Lockon+SHEER COLD! Nothing can't stop that unless the Pokemon can't put to sleep and One-hit KOs are banned...


Read it,READ IT!
i'll vote for scarfogre

Its basiclly Kyogre with water spout under the rain and add his Gigaintic special attack.

Choice scarf patchs up his average to 'good' speed means that it's power easily surpasses mewtwo unless you weaken it and change weather

the one

Chimchar ftw
i would say Arceus is the most uber and can anyone explain to me how the F.E.A.R combo works and how to get endevor on a lvl 1 rattata?