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Most unpopular pokemon

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How very dare you!!!!!!111one

I love Venemoth!

I'd say Dunsparce is up there. Spinda as well. The Pokémon that are not owned by main characters and don't evolve are the most unpopular/forgotten.

In terms of looks Spiritomb is very unappealing astheatically. I find that thing extremely ugly.


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Probably Slugma of Gen 2.

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Qwilfish. It's weak and ugly, and I rarely even see it in the games.

*apologises endearingly to all Qwilfish fans*


i wantz beef!
probably skitty. it only apeared ONCE lol and it was even rare then.
p.s. i dont watch the anime


When I grow up
Well, Dunsparce and Qwilfish for one. I once forgot about Dunsparce (big deal because i hardly ever forget about Pokemon after hearing their names), and on another thread about Pokemon you forgot existed, Qwilfish was said many times, and Dunsparce was as well.


.....Octillery. I totally forgot what it was until I battled one owned by a random trainer.
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