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Most used rental Pokemon

Discussion in 'Stadium 1 & Stadium 2 (Hidden)' started by Aptenodytes, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. Aptenodytes

    Aptenodytes Well-Known Member

    As you all know, in Pokemon Stadium there is a rental Pokemon for each species in the game. You had the option of uploading your own Pokemon, or using the rentals for Pokemon battles. Which rental Pokemon did you use the most in Pokemon Stadium 2?

    As for myself, I've only played this game once, and the only rental Pokemon I can remember using was Suicune. However, I'm sure that I also picked random legendaries to use as well when I played. I never used regular Pokemon since I thought they were utter crap when I was young...
  2. Sunraichu

    Sunraichu goldenslaughterer

    Eh, I had a team put on there that was very strong. But if I used rental pokemon, I mostly used Raikou, Kingdra, and a few other strong pokemon. But I still used regular pokemon. :/
  3. TrainerxDiana

    TrainerxDiana Well-Known Member

    I only could use rental Pokemon, and somehow made it through the first round. =D My most used was easily Kadabra, with Psychic and Thunderpunch ripping through a lot.
  4. I'd always go for the Feraligatr, since I loved its design.
  5. I used Wobbuffet a lot. It was quite easy to predict what the opponent would do. You simply have to use Counter if the opponent will use a physical attack, use Mirror Coat if the opponent will use a special attack, use Safeguard if the opponent will use a non-attacking move and use Destiny Bond if the opponent would KO.
  6. Penguin_Man

    Penguin_Man Well-Known Member

    Usually something cool like Typhlosion or Feraligatr
  7. Rad3n

    Rad3n Banned

    I liked the Shuckle from memory. Sometimes I used NFEs because their movesets made them better than the fully evolved versions. Honestly - 4x Weak vs. Ground pokes with dig?
  8. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Jumpluff FTW

    It gunned everything
  9. Red Jr.

    Red Jr. Banned

    i used Shuckle the most cuz of its awesome defense
  10. Mysterous64

    Mysterous64 The Black Knight

    My most used would definently been
    Umbreon and Espeon
    most of the EVELOUTIONS
  11. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    actually i never used it, i have a good team i can use right now so no needs for it,
    maybe sometimes to have a challenge but that would be all.
  12. Raikou_fan

    Raikou_fan Well-Known Member

    I always used Blissey. It was the only pkmn I ever constantly used.
  13. EnteiFirecracker

    EnteiFirecracker Destiny Calls

    I used Typhlosion and Entei a lot. If memoriy serves well, I'm sure I used a Meganium now and again, as well as Wobbuffet.
  14. xPanda

    xPanda ~~~~

    i used the legendary dogs.
  15. Ninterror X

    Ninterror X The bird brain.

    I use The starters and The Eeveelutions a lot
  16. Indignation12123

    Indignation12123 Conqueror

    I think I used Espeon and Umberon alot
  17. Butta

    Butta Well-Known Member

    larvitar and blissey, larvi's moveset was amazing easily taking down the legendary birds and blissey was a house lmao
    good times
  18. Caelesti

    Caelesti dancing queen

    Definately Starmie simply because I love Starmie.

    Zap Canon = lulwut.

    I also SPAM legendaries because the Gym Leaders are so hard. :x
  19. dragon_eye_2006

    dragon_eye_2006 Hilo Thar!

    I would just pick completely random ones all the time. Needless to say it didn't work out.
  20. "Freak" owns

    "Freak" owns Banned

    wobbufet was very impressive and it was my most picked rental poke
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