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Most used rental Pokemon

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I only used Legendaries


If I remember correctly, I picked staryu, because it had a great movepool. I also remember favoring Ivysaur and Oddish a lot, because I think that they both had Razor Leaf. For a flying type, I think Doduo was my choice, and for electric, I probably chose Electrode, no matter what it's moveset was. Fire= Growlithe or Flareon or Charmander almost every time.


Never lost a randbat
I always seemed to use Gengar... I don't know why.
Since I had no idea how strong a pokemon was, based on stats, I always chose the toughest-looking one.


They best be trollin
I'd use a bunch of legends or pokemon with OHKO moves like Fissure. x]
I never got past the E4 in the first Stadium and never past Rocket Bridge on Stadium2.
I was so angry when the steel gym leader killed me when flying with swift.


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It's speed + Thunder = probably the best Electric rental pokemon out there. Of course, with the habit of it missing.... it could possibly make it the 'lamest' rental out there ;-(


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;munchlax;I have emulator and I played Pokémon Stadium 2 a lot

My rental Pokémon are this:

- Wobbuffet - with Mirror Coat and Counter I can defea a 1-2 Pokémons of one trainer

- Zapdos - it knows Thunder and it is the good combination electric/flying

- Aerodactyl - it is fast and it knows Bite, also he knows Ancientpower

- Qwilfish - it knows Sludge Bomb and Hydro Pump, two strong and STAB moves

- Primeape - with Cross Chop and Focus Energy it is able to do a lot of damage

- Kadabra - Psychic, Thunderpunch, hight Speed and Special Attack are what I like on it

These six Pokémon are the ones I have most used as rental Pokémon. Generaly I change my team depending on what gym leader castle I am going into. For example, to beat Elite Four I used a team tottaly different. My real team come from G/S/C, and even on Emulator, passing your team to the N64 has become possible.;026;
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I use Alakazam a lot, but I've been recently using Haunter and Arcanine.


the dark shadows >:D
i mainly used typhlosion ,riokou ,scyther and gengar


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the nidos, legendary birds, startes and like AEROBLASTER those one that looked toughs
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