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Most used rental Pokemon

Discussion in 'Stadium 1 & Stadium 2 (Hidden)' started by Aptenodytes, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. Blazamane

    Blazamane Slow Match Master

  2. Onyx Umeki

    Onyx Umeki Mrph...how impudent.

    Diglett X3
  3. Onyx Umeki

    Onyx Umeki Mrph...how impudent.

    Diglett X3
  4. Pikachu84

    Pikachu84 Spirit of Lightning

    Kingdra, Lanturn, Kadabra, Heracross, and Wobbuffet.
  5. bulb182

    bulb182 Member

    I use the 5 pokemon from my sig (or their evolved forms) and then change the other 1 depending on preference at the time
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2009
  6. Mega freak

    Mega freak May deoxys crush you

    I Always had the charizard with fire punch and electabuzz with thunder punch. The punches own.
  7. BynineB

    BynineB Wielding Übersaw.

    It had Thunderpunch AND Fire Punch.
    And it's cute.
  8. Zenotwapal

    Zenotwapal have a drink on me

    Probably i used (used, since i don't play it anymore)

    ... Dragonair the most.. since Dragonite had sucky moves.
  9. Azumarill.
    Dang, that thing is a Beast. xD Rain Dance + Waterfall = Beastly.
    I also use Furret quite a bit as well.
  10. Harkett

    Harkett whatisthisidonteven

    Heracross, and without a doubt Dragonair.
  11. Zetta Awesome

    Zetta Awesome Well-Known Member

    Heracross and Zapdos, and I remember generally not using fully evolved rental pokemon because they had horrible movesets.
  12. Conker

    Conker Active Member

    Same here, Kadabra rip though the Gym leaders.
  13. Leki

    Leki Gym Leader Morty <3

    Well, in about any team I make to fight in the Gym Leader Towers...

    Haunter, Dragonair and Parasect.

    I loved Haunters speed and Destiny Bond, Dragonairs range of attacks and Thunder Wave, and Parasects Spore and Slash.
  14. beatlesboy211

    beatlesboy211 Member

    I used hypno. I schooled my sister every time with the hypnosis and dreameater combo.
  15. alphabeta

    alphabeta Member

    Kadabra mainly.
  16. Alloute

    Alloute Banned

    For some reason, it is Heracross.
  17. Ash^_^

    Ash^_^ I got a feeling...

    In Rental I picked the most of the time Charizard, Feraligtr, Venusaur
  18. xspicysnowballx

    xspicysnowballx Woof, meow, moo!

    Kadabra, Quagsire, Skarmory and Graveler.
  19. shaq-attack

    shaq-attack .:~:._.:~:.

    I always used my favorites, so yeah, it was always the really weak rental Pokemon.
  20. Catposter

    Catposter New Member

    Houndour... It had an awesome moveset and got me out of some tough matches.
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