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Move Deleter Wont Delete


The Sandstorm Slayer
Ive been playing these games for years and ive never once encountered this but....

Im trying to delete Surf off of my Swampert on Emerald so I can transfer it over to my Diamond... but when i go to the move deleter in Emerald he simply says "Hm! Swampert doesnt seem willing to forget SURF"

Anyone know how the hell to fix this?


Well-Known Member
cuz its ur last pokeon wit that HM. u need to just catch a crap pokemon and give it the HM.

Evil Genius

Well-Known Member
Yeah. It won't forget it if its the only pokemon you have with surf. Just teach another pokemon surf.


Fire Master
theats weird but i guess it makes scense
They did it like that so you won't be stuck without Surf. Go catch a Zigzagoon or something and teach that Surf.


Blaziken rules!
Learn some other Pokémon Surf, then you stl have a Pokémon with Surf.