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Moves and Abilities Pokemon Should Have But Don't V2


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Probably because Fire Punch isn't a tutor, and it makes absolutely no sense for Tepig to learn Fire Punch.

Anyway; Gengar and Nasty Plot. Several of its Pokédex entries literally say it does just that, yet no Nasty Plot...
They doesn't explain why they didn't make it a level-up move for Pignite and Emboar.

And Gengar can't learn Nasty Plot? I didn't know that. o_o
Although considered how good it is already, giving it Nasty Plot would probably shoot it right up to Ubers, even though Gengar + Nasty Plot makes perfect sense...


Ampharos - Tail Glow.


Gives 'em the slip..
Neither can Huntail. Tail Glow's literal Japanese translation is (sadly) "firefly light", not Tail Glow. And I guess the Japanese think that Manaphy is more reminiscent of a firefly than a mollusc. (Don't worry; the British name birds based on human breasts and mice. see: titmouse)

I'm enraged at Game Freak's handling of Regigias. No Rest, no Protect, no Endure, AND no Explosion. All other Regis have this move, making Regigigas non-canonical, and vastly inferior in every way to Lickylicky. It's not like he would become broken with any of these moves. Rest has a mandatory 3 turn recovery thanks to the new sleep mechanics (even after switching!), Protect and Endure both fail at 50% each consecutive turn, and Explosion has both been nerfed AND still has to juggle with the 5-turn cool down from Slow Start. The Gigas is horrible.

Vespiquen cannot use Poison Jab despite learning Poison Sting and being a freaking hornet. Flareon has already been mentioned. I'll think of more to rant about later.


Scarlett starlett
•Samurott has a horn and cannot learn Horn Drill.
Growlithe cannot learn Growl.

Also, howcome EVERY Pokémon that can learn TMs can learn Toxic? The same is true for Rest, and the TM can even be used on Pokémon with Imnosia<sp?>...
I suppose the whole Growlithe thing has been resolved to an extent given it can have the ability intimidate, the equivalent to a single growl before battle commences.


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I wish Flareon could learn flare blitz,also how doe's it make sense that Raichu can learn rain dance?


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Well, I really want a Groudon with Heat Crash. Or a Regigigas without Slow Start. But I doubt either will happen.


Gives 'em the slip..
Just checked it out, why cant Aerodactyl learn Brave Bird?
This is one decision where I agree with GF. Brave Bird Aerodactyl (STAB, 100% accurate 120 BP, 15 PP) with Rock Head and 394 speed... SKI-DOOSH!

For that matter; Head Smash, Brave Bird, Earthquake, whatever @ Choice Band = FTW. It would literally blow competitive play wide open and be instantly, instantly be regulated to UBER. Nothing absorbs flying or rock, on top of killer sweeper stats, and the ideal moves to utilize them. It would be too hard to counter w/out mandatory Aqua Jet/Ice Shard/Bullet Punch for the priority insurance.


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Zigzagoon needs to learn Bite. Racoons are undomesticated animals that bite people.

Manectric with Nasty Plot would be really cool. Stacking the effects of Nasty Plot and Lightningrod would really make Manectric's Hidden Power strong enough to OHKO anything in its respective tier.

I wish Flareon could learn flare blitz,also how doe's it make sense that Raichu can learn rain dance?
Raichu is not the only electric-type with access to Rain Dance. That said, Rain Dance is a good setup move to get Thunder up to 100% accuracy. Just because Rain Dance is a water-type move doesn't mean it should only go to water-type Pokemon.


Scarlett starlett
I wish Flareon could learn flare blitz,also how doe's it make sense that Raichu can learn rain dance?
I think GF are now purposely not giving Flareon flare blitz because they know how much it annoys us.

As for Raichu, to work in tandem with thunder I'd presume, as the moves together would be to the effect of a thunderstorm. It's similar to Sunnybeamers.


Haters Gonna Hate
I'm not sure why some pokemon (Sawsbuck f.e.) can learn Jump Kick, but can't learn Hi Jump Kick.
Elementary my dear Sietse23, Jump Kick is a move that is executed as such: The user jumps then flings their foot at whatever they are kicking, Deer (most notably the White-Tailed Deer) Deliver powerful back-legged kicks that will shatter your bones. When a 4-legged creature uses Jump Kick it's more of a bucking bronco kick, kinda like how Stephan's Blitzle used Double Kick in the Anime, that's exactly how Jump Kick works for them.

Hi Jump Kick, requires the knowledge of it's Japanese name (Rising Knee Kick iirc). The attack is actually the Knee lunged into the opponent (Blaziken's RSE art is actually how the move is done despite not learning it until Gen 5), and that is also why the recoil is so great, landing in that pose from missing would normally break a human's leg. Now in order to perform Hi Jump Kick, one must have legs that bend like a human's (or both ways if you happen to be a Lucario). Deerling and Sawsbuck as Deer, are unable to bend their knees like ours and still be able to launch themselves at the target.

Really it's the localization's fault for the move's confusion. To an English Player Hi Jump Kick is an upgraded Jump Kick, whilst in reality they are 2 separate moves based on 2 separate aerial kicking maneuvers.