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Moves and Abilities Pokemon Should Have But Don't V2

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
More than anything, I think Mewtwo should get Psycho Boost. It's not a sig move, since Deo and Lugia both get it, so why not Mewtwo? Sure, he has Psystrike, but it's just something to think about. I also think that Hitmonchan needs Sucker Punch.


Psyched Up
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Steel STAB sucks.
I know, it's just for the sake of making sense.
It doesn't makes sense that Excadrill, whose head has a part of an iron drill, cannot learn Iron Head, but something like a MILOTIC can.


Piplup should learn Water Gun instead of Bubble.....


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Purrloin and Liepard need to lean Bite. They're cats. Cats bite things. This is a fact.


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I know it doesn't have claws, but it has paws though. Shelgon also doesn't have any claws and he knows the move :confused:

Also Beartic -Ice Fang
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1. ReshiZekyurem should all get Earthquake. I'm really not sure why they didn't get them.
2. These. Except Coil and Drill Run Klinklang, that's just stupid.
3. Zap Cannon on the Eeveelutions, like in Generation 2.
4. Flare Blitz Flareon.
5. Drill Peck Excadrill.