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Moves that Pokemon SHOULD be able to learn, but can't...

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by random-man, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. I was searching for this thread on Serebii but all I could find were old ones that had been closed already. Basically, I wanted to start a new one to summarize all of the attacks I can think of that Pokemon should obviously be able to learn but for one reason or another have been deprived of by Nintendo.

    In no particular order:
    Flareon = Flare Blitz
    Mightyena = Beat Up (They hunt in packs), Pursuit (wolves chase after their prey), Lick
    Bellossom = Twister (Meh, it's a dancer but w.e, there're strager ideas in the world of Pokemon lol. Besides, in the animé Bellossom could apparently use Twister)
    Weavile = Sucker Punch (Even the japanese translation of Ambush would suit Weavile)
    Electrode = Shadow Ball (It is a ball), Rapid Spin (since it appears quite capable of rotating at high speed, especially if Armaldo can do it...) and Zap Cannon
    Kecleon = Camoflage (Useless but it makes sense)
    Ampharos = Tail Glow (Yeah yeah... firefly light w.e... it still needs it. Besides, imo Firefly Light is open to interpretation; it could either be perceived to mean a light produced by fireflies or a light that attracts them. Aha!)
    Charizard = Tail Glow (They are the only Pokemon where the glow of the tail is linked to their life and their power so it only makes sense that their power increases if they make the light more intense. Besides, fireflys would surely be attracted to the light anyways)
    Ninjask = Extremespeed, Quick Attack (At level 1 so Shedinja can't get them)
    Sandslash = Spikes, Toxic Spikes (It gets poison sting after all, and it's covered in spikes), Spike Cannon
    Remoraid = Aqua Jet (It's the Jet Pokemon)
    Wobbuffet = Bide, Protect, Endure, Disable, Endeavor, Mimic, Follow Me, Memento, Snatch, Spite, Wish, Magic Coat, Psycho Shift, Copycat, Grudge (All would make sense for the Patient Pokemon)
    Snorlax = Gyro Ball (I never did understand why it can't learn this, especially if Lickilicky can), Bulk Up (it would make curse rather redundent but would make sense), Slack Off (since it's slow and lazy, rather like Slaking)
    Lunatone = Moonlight
    Solrock = Morning Sun
    Ambipom = Encore (it claps with its tails, just look at pbr for example), Drain Punch (It learns a variety of other punching moves and could use a healing move that also gets the Technician boost), Mach Punch and Quick Attack (both would make sense and it needs more priority to abuse technician with), Helping Hand (I think that if any Pokemon should get Helping Hand, it should be Ambipom. It's tails look like hands and the Pearldex entry "They work in large colonies and make rings by linking their tails, apparently in friendship" seems suitable for the teamwork associated with this move)
    Exploud = Perish Song and Chatter (both appropriate for a noisy pokemon like Exploud), Explosion (I always thought Exploud looked as though it was capable of blowing up, even if only with noise alone), Focus Punch (it has arms and can use a variety of other punching moves), Sonicboom
    Chatot = Perish Song, Teeter Dance (I don't know why this seems so fitting, but in my mind it really suits Chatot)
    Golduck = Psycho Cut
    Absol = Earthquake (I know it only APPEARS during natural disasters, rather than causing them, but I still think it should have access to this move)
    Hippowdon = Muddy Water (useless but Hippos bathe in muddy water all the time)
    Shiftry = Leaf Blade (somewhat of a double take when I saw Shiftry couldn't learn this o_O), Grasswhistle (there's an episode in the anime where a Nuzleaf blows through a blade of grass that resembles this move), Air Slash/Gust ("By flapping its leafy fan, it can whip up gusts of 100 ft/second that can level houses" - 4th gen dex entry - it learns Whirlwind and Tailwind sure... but Gust and Air Slash seem equally feasible)
    Farfetch'd = Rock Smash, Brick Break, Wake-Up Slap (to prepare for a Flying/Fighting evolution, also there's no reason why Farfetch'd couldn't do any of these things)
    Skarmory = Iron Head (SOMEHOW things like Kingdra got it and yet Skarmory did not)
    Misdreavus = Fake Tears, Hyper Voice (The Pokedex says it screams etc.)
    Kricketune = Leaf Blade
    Delibird = Pay Day (could carry money in its sack perhaps?), Spikes (again, could be carried in Delibirds sack), Sing, Stockpile, Yawn (since it's based on Santa and he's meant to come at night when people are sleepy)
    Quagsire = Belly Drum (Would make it somewhat identical to Poliwrath but it makes sense)
    Dunsparce = Horn Drill (Or tail drill in this case, the principal remains the same)
    Granbull = Sweet Kiss, Lovely Kiss (it's the Fairy Pokemon)
    Nidoqueen = Moonlight (a nod towards the means used for evolution)
    Rapidash = Low Kick and Hi Jump Kick (dispite the fact that horses are known to kick if they get angry, Rapidash was given only Double Kick...), Extremespeed (it can reach speeds of 150mph apparently), Earthquake (if small Pokemon like Aron can do it, why not Rapidash with it's powerful hooves)
    Onix = Sharpen (like in the G/S/C NYPC event), Wrap, Glare (Since it translates into Snake Glare in Japanese and Onix is the Rock Snake Pokemon)
    Golem = Rapid Spin
    Houndoom = Destiny Bond
    Scizor = Guillotine (not that Scizor needs it, but it has the claws and all...)
    Lanturn = Light Screen
    Sudowoodo = Camoflage (since it likes to hide as a tree)
    Pelipper = Present (kinda like the stork bringing babies idea, and yes.... I know Pelipper is based on a Pelican)
    Magnezone = Overheat (magnets can overheat)
    Pidgeot = Vacuum Wave (It can whip up poweful gusts, so why not?)
    Pikachu = Bite ('It keeps its tail raised to monitor its surroundings. If you yank its tail, it will try to bite you' - Yellowdex)
    Magcargo = Withdraw (it has that shell and all...)
    Bagon = Skull Bash (SERIOUSLY! It really can't learn it! O.O), Head Smash (considering it's known for having a tough head and headbutting things, it still can't learn this attack which translates into "double-edged headbutt" in Japanese)
    Venusaur = Tickle (with the vines)
    Persian = Tickle (cats kinda do that), Lick, Milk Drink (you find me a cat that wouldn't drink a saucer of milk :p)
    Ninetales = Curse (pulling its tails can lead to a curse, I know it'd have the +att and def but -speed effect for Ninetales but still...)
    Togepi = Egg Bomb (despite the fact that it actually IS an egg)
    Gengar = Poison Gas (it's made of gas and it's the poison type), Shadow Sneak ("Lurking in the shadowy corners of rooms, it awaits chances to steal its prey's life force" - Pearldex extry, sounds perfect for Shadow Sneak), Scary Face (Just look at it! Are you telling me that smile wouldn't freak you out?)
    Hitmonchan = Dizzy Punch, Shadow Punch (I get how it doesn't get Sucker Punch due to the Japanese translation clashing with the Iron Fist ability and all, but these are DEFINITELY punching moves)
    Clefable = Tri Attack (it needs normal type STAB and I think since it can learn all the elemental attacks then this shouldn't be such a stretch)
    Wigglytuff = Explosion (it's a balloon)
    Miltank = Rapid Spin (comeon, you all must have seen the episode with Whitney's Miltank and how fast it could spin lol)
    Foretress = Spike Cannon
    Victreebel = Crunch (like James' Victreebel, also it's a venus fly trap and they do tend to crunch down on bugs)
    Deoxys = Meteor Mash (it fell as a meteor and then mutated to become this Pokemon)
    Donphan = Water Gun (Elephants squirt water from their trunks, and it got this in 2nd gen)
    Noctowl = Calm Mind (it spends so long thinking that this surely makes sense), Confuse Ray (I'm sure it's capable of this considering all those other things it can do with its eyes), Moonlight (Owls are nocturnal)
    Delcatty = Lick, Milk Drink (like with Persian, cats drink saucers of milk)
    Purugly = Milk Drink (it is also a cat just like Persian and Delcatty)
    Drapion = Guillotine
    Cacturne = Spike Cannon (it's a cactus), Scary Face (totally useless, especially since it can learn Cotton Spore, but it is the Scarecrow Pokemon and those things are meant to be scary)
    Espeon = Solarbeam (it's the Sun Pokemon for crying out loud!), Extrasensory (since its name is based on ESP)
    Arbok = Constrict, Hypnosis
    Larvitar = Harden (in the show Ash's Larvitar used Harden around people it didn't know when it was afraid, however in the games Larvitar cannot learn it in any way)
    Zangoose = Cut (apparently those claws are just for show...)
    Roserade = Needle Arm ("It attracts prey with a sweet aroma, then downs it with thorny whips hidden in its arms" - Pearldex)
    Weezing = Gunk Shot (Weezing seems somewhat rejected on the physical side of things, missing out on any kind of physical Poison STAB at all. Even with the addition of a Gunk Shot tutor in Platinum, Weezing remained without it)
    Plusle + Minun = Dig (Since rabbits dig burrows to live in it stands to reason that Plusle and Minun should be able to, especially if the electric mouse Pikachu can)
    Cresselia = Cosmic Power (This would make it broken as heck but it's the Lunar Pokemon, and Lunatone gets it soooo.....)
    Mesprit = Fake Tears (It's the Being of Emotion)
    Azelf = Focus Energy (It's the Being of Wilpower)
    Spiritomb = Scary Face (It DOES have a scary face but this would also help with Spiritombs crippling speed issues)
    Entei = Earthquake, Earth Power (Surprising that a Pokemon associated with volcanoes missed out on such appropriate moves)
    Shuckle = Stockpile (Conway's Shuckle used this move in its Sinnoh league match against Ash, but Shuckle can't learn it in any way)
    Bibarel = Bite/Crunch (It's a beaver and they build dams by knawing down trees)
    Chikorita = Leaf Blade (I don't understand why a Pokemon with a leaf on its head cannot learn this, especially since said leaf is meant to be used for attacking eg. Razor Leaf)
    Hypno = Follow Me (Sounds like something it could use with its hypnotic abilities perhaps?)
    Luxray = Volt Tackle (All exclusive moves have to be broadened to other Pokemon in the end. Take Leaf Blade, Muddy Water and Blaze Kick for example; Sceptile, Swampert and Blaziken respectively were all made to quit hogging these eventually and I'm afraid the time has now come for Pikachu...)
    Ludicolo = Teeter Dance (Nintendo took a step forward when they gave it to Bellossom, another dancing Grass type, but despite all the references to Ludicolo responding to festive music it cannot learn this dancing attack)
    Aerodactyl = Brave Bird/Head Smash (Either one of these would be perfect for Aerodactyl with its Rock Head ability negating the recoil damage, it'd also be enough to securely push it into the higher tiers again. Especially Brave Bird considering its current best options for Flying STAB are the rather pathetic Aerial Ace and the inconvenient Sky Attack)
    Grumpig = Teeter Dance (I know I must seem rather overly generous with this move, but the HG/SS dex entry states "It can perform odd dance steps to influence foes" isn't that exactly what Spinda does?)
    Magikarp = Dragon Rage (I don't know why this seems so fitting but for some reason it really does. As was suggested, it should learn it at a high level)
    Octilery = Hydro Pump (Considering it learns a broken variety of moves - Flamethrower, Water Spout, Ice Beam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam and Energy Ball just to name a few - it never got Hydro Pump, this is somewhat confusing...)
    Clamperl = Power Gem (Consider the fact that Spoink apparently has a Clamperl pearl on its head and can learn this attack, surely Clamperl itself should get it at least!), Psychic/Psybeam/Confusion (The pearl is meant to amplify psychic powers, and yet Clamperls movepool shows no evidence of this)
    Mawile = Charm (With that innocent face)
    Cyndaquil = Agility (Ash commanded it to use it once in the anime and it obeyed, however this evo line does not get Agility at all)
    Combee = Tri Attack (Having three heads is good enough for Dugtrio and Dodrio, so why not Combee?)
    Exeggutor = Tri Attack (Again with the three heads)
    Weedle = Horn Atttack (You'd almost think that Nintendo was making it useless on purpose! .... lol jk, they are :p), Odor Sleuth ("Weedle has an extremely acute sense of smell. It is capable of distinguishing its favorite kinds of leaves from those it dislikes just by sniffing with its big red nose." - R/S Pokedex entry. If that don't scream "Odor Sleuth", I don't know what does)
    Garchomp = (Jeez where do I start...) Wing Attack, Fly, Sonicboom ("When it folds up it's body and extends it's wings, it looks like a jet plane. It flies at sonic speed" - Diamond-dex entry, it can be used to justify all three moves), Pursuit ("It never allows it's prey to escape" Pearl-dex entry), Razor Wind ("It creates blades of wind that can fell nearby trees" Platinum-dex entry)
    Arceus = Sky Attack (The japanese name is GOD bird, so...)
    Seviper = Super Fang
    Machamp = Comet Punch (A move that involves multiple punches in one turn seems to suit a Pokemon with four hands)
    Anorith = Wing Attack ("Over time, it's eight feet transformed into wings" - HG/SS-dex entry)
    Yanmega = Fly ("This six-legged pokemon is easily capable of transporting an adult in flight" - HG-dex entry, I have honestly never seen anything that would be more suggestive of an attack than this!! Un-be-leaveable! O.O)
    Golbat = Razor Wind, Mega Drain (That weird trainer Ash faced in the Kanto league during Krabby's first battle had a Golbat that used these moves)
    Empoleon = Brave Bird (After all, penguins ARE birds! Blaziken got it, despite not being able to truly fly, on the fact that it was based on a fighting rooster. Empoleon looks like a guy that has enough spirit to execute a Brave Bird...)
    Regigigas = Rest (Would make it an absolute BEAST - which is why Nintendo didn't give Rest to it in the first place - but you find it sleeping in a temple, and if robot Pokemon like Magnezone can learn it then there's no legitimate reason why Regigigas shouldn't)
    Mewtwo = Psycho Boost, Hypnosis (In the first movie Mewtwo took control of Nurse Joy. That could be some other Psychic power, but her eyes were just the same as when Ash was Hypnotized by Exeggcute in the anime)
    Stantler = Sweet Scent (In a Johto episode they talked about Stantler producing a sweet scent, but it can't learn that move)

    That's all I've come up with so far, I will update this post if I think of more. This post will also be updated with the replies that I totally agree with.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2010
  2. MetalFlygon08

    MetalFlygon08 Haters Gonna Hate

    Golbat and Mega Drain was legit when that happened back then, Mega Drain was the TM erika gave you.

    I think all old TM's that pokemon from GSC and RBGY could learn should be tutor moves so they can get them again.
  3. ~-Overheat-~

    ~-Overheat-~ Black/White!

    Heracross cannot learn X Scissor!:O
  4. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Just to let you know, at the time when Ash battled the Golbat in question, Razor Wind and Mega Drain were both TM moves, and both were compatible with Golbat. So it could learn them at the time, just not now.
  5. Mye

    Mye Someone has to win..

    Lol....there are a ton of pkmn that should be able to learn explosion, magikarp and shuckle being the 2 funniest....
  6. JoeThinksTwice

    JoeThinksTwice Active Member

    Magikarp should be able to learn selfdestruct. It would do us all a favor
  7. Mye

    Mye Someone has to win..

    Lol....exploding shedinja: ninjask's sleeper shell....lol
  8. Yeah I know, but equally (as I also added to the first post not too long ago) Shuckle can no longer get Rollout even by move tutor dispite the fact that the Rollout tutor in Emerald allowed it the move. I'm not saying that those moves were never compatible with it, merely that in order to retain accuracy it should be allowed those moves once again (preferably through breeding)
  9. Indragon

    Indragon Back in the USSR

    Hm? Shuckle can learn Rollout through the Platinum/HGSS move tutors.
  10. ~Platinum~

    ~Platinum~ <- Caught it!

    Bronzong, the Bronze Bell Pokemon, can't learn Heal Bell. It should be able to learn Heal Bell! It would make perfect sense!
  11. PsychicChampion

    PsychicChampion Well-Known Member

    I agree I mean there so many pokemon who should know this or that move, like why so freaking many Flying Types can't learn fly by level up, or like how Penguins are birds yet can not learn Brave bird!
  12. Swampert_trainer

    Swampert_trainer Laughs at thunder

    Charizard wants Dragon Breath again. Empoleon should get Brave Bird.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2010
  13. The Outcast

    The Outcast Terminate421

    Empoleon should know roost.
  14. Mye

    Mye Someone has to win..

    Lol....celebi should have a new unique ability too. It can time travel, yet has no access to 2-turn moves/an ability that goes w/ it...
  15. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    Ampharos = Tail glow. who gives a damn about the japan name of firefly light. Manaphy got it despite not being a firefly or causing light. It could also be interpreted as a light that attracts fireflies.
    Shiftry = Leaf Blade. Another major injustice to the pokemon.
    Regigigas = Rest. You find it asleep in a temple.
    All physical flying types = Brave Bird. I don't care how it learns it but they all must be able to learn the move.
  16. Nacreous

    Nacreous Leveling Up

    The bell Bronzong is based on is not that kind of bell...it doesn't make any sounds,it was used for rituals I think

    And I agree on the Noctowl and Calm Mind...seriously...why did Gamefreak mock the Gen II pkmn?
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2010
  17. Mye

    Mye Someone has to win..

    I was pretty sure bronzong was s diving bell....
  18. Interesting... Guess that was one of the ones that Serebii had missed off when Platinum first came out, because I'm pretty sure last time I checked it wasn't on the list for Shuckle. It is now though, so well pointed out :)
  19. MeowMix

    MeowMix We gotta cook

    Despite it's pokedex entry, Garchomp cannot learn fly. They need to change that.
  20. Agreed, although it was actually something that was oddly only brought to my attention fairly recently... it was added to the first post with several other moves that Garchomp should have received according to that very same dex entry.
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