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Moves which have yet to be showcased in the Animé

ChampioN One

Energy Conservative!
Snipe Shot


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Has payday ever been shown in the anime? I honestly cannot recall ever seeing payday. I know for sure Meowth from Team Rocket won't be able to use it, but any random and capable Pokémon could use it. But how would the concept of the move payday even work in the anime anyway?
Spinarak Attack SORT OF has it, as someone else mentioned it's in this kind of mythical flashback where a Meowth produces coins like flashing balls of light around it. I'm not sure if it's meant to be an accurate display of the move, but I suppose it sort of counts.

It is kinda weird Pay Day has never really been shown properly otherwise. Even battle-competent Meowths never use it. I always wondered if they were saving it for some big finale where TR Meowth finally learns it as some happy ending for the TRio, giving them solid income at last.