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Moves you think Pokemon should be able to learn, but can't.

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Charoshi, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Lucarimew1

    Lucarimew1 Banned

    i don't know why braviary can't learn acrobatics, i should be able to cause it is a bird pokemon afterall
  2. sam40400

    sam40400 nice

    I think since emboar can learn scald, all/most other fire type pokemon should be able to. Also pokemon with sharp claws should be able to cut no matter what same with strength and rock smash. Also why can't reshiran use eartquake? >_>
  3. Mevejuma

    Mevejuma Well-Known Member

    You do know that acrobatics is jumping about and such? Thus why a lot of the ape/monkey Pokemon are able to learn it, and only those flying types that are not actually birds.
  4. TheAceGlaceon

    TheAceGlaceon Statu variabilis

    It's Pokémon. Pokémon doesn't make sense!
  5. sam40400

    sam40400 nice

    yes that's very true it never made sense really, and if it did, it would be...odd. But still reshiram really shouldve had EQ and imo i dont think emboar should know scald...where does the water come from? o_O
  6. Mevejuma

    Mevejuma Well-Known Member

    Even Pokemon need to go to the toilet...
  7. SwiftGrovyle

    SwiftGrovyle Official POTW Fact Checker

    Skarmory should get acrobatics. I mean, why leave him out of the circus. I don't agree with the flying Garchomp, but what about extreme speed? Hello? It is called the Mach pokemon! And if it doesn't learn it normally, dragonite can help. Here's another one that could be dangerous- superpower Bisharp. It should have got it as a breed move.

    Ariel ace is a move based a speed and cutting, why a LOT of nonflyers like sandslash, empoleon, and dodrio get it. Gyrados with Ariel ace would be awesome. A hacker I won against had one. But how could it use it? With it's teeth?
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 7, 2011
  8. ^
    Aerial ace based on sword technique, so mostly anything with claw can use it.

    and don't double posting
  9. gneithamer1

    gneithamer1 Just Mediocre.

    I really wish Togekiss could learn energy ball. That would make me extremely happy.
  10. sam40400

    sam40400 nice

    ....i dont wanna get hit with a scald move...EVER

    But if that it true all fire types have to have it(and prob. dragons too)
  11. Mevejuma

    Mevejuma Well-Known Member

    Ok, how about, when Emboar uses the lavatory, it's stored in his armour, where it is then heated up to be used in Scald? That solves the problem of other Fire types and Dragons not having it =P
  12. Autis-misc

    Autis-misc Abridger

    i just think magikarp should learn waterfall.
  13. OshyHikari

    OshyHikari c l a r i t y

    Yes, and Trubbish can also learn it.

    Magikarp can only learn Splash, Tackle, Flail and Bounce. No Water attacks cos it just flops around.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2011
  14. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Mudkip - Aqua Jet
    Gothorita - Moonlight

    Thats what I think, nya~
  15. Huspoel

    Huspoel Well-Known Member

    Solrock and Lunatone should be able to get Morning Sun and Moonlight, since they're Sun and moon pokemon.
  16. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    That thing could learn tail whip....nya~
  17. Gloryus

    Gloryus Where's Wally?

    I think Gengar should be able to learn Glare because he's got the right set of spooky eyes that can scare you stiff.
  18. Ultimate Champion

    Ultimate Champion The Great Pokémon Master

    Dragonite: Swords Dance, Horn Drill, Barrier, Superpower (together with Multiscale)
    Garchomp: Fissure, Guillotine
    Charizard: Fissure
    Aerodactyl: Brave Bird, Head Smash
    Hydreigon: Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt, Zap Cannon
    Haxorus: Fire Fang
    Flygon: Quiver Dance
    Kangaskhan: Fissure
    Steelix: Fissure
    Arcanine: Dragon Dance, Swords Dance, Dragonbreath, Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Earthquake
    Gyarados: Hurricane
    Lapras: Shell Smash
    Politoed: Lovely Kiss, Fissure
    Conkeldurr: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch
    Snorlax: Lovely Kiss
    Nidoking: Lovely Kiss, Morning Sun
    Nidoqueen: Lovely Kiss, Moonlight
    Blastoise: Fissure, Shell Smash, Zap Cannon
    Typhlosion: Explosion
    Samurott: Shell Smash
    Slowbro: Fissure
    Slowking: Fissure
    Gardevoir: Spacial Rend
    Celebi: Roar of Time
    Tauros: Fissure, Horn Drill
    Mew: Fissure, Horn Drill
    Mismagius: Hypnosis
    Dunsparce: Horn Drill
    Eevee (and all of its evolved forms): Growth
    Lugia: Hurricane
    Ho-oh: Close Combat, Superpower
    Mewtwo: Shadow Claw, Hurricane
    Giratina: Swords Dance, Guillotine, Superpower
    Reshiram: Earthquake, Earth Power, Aura Sphere, Superpower, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt, Thunder
    Zekrom: Earthquake, Earth Power, Aura Sphere, Superpower, Bulk Up, Flamethrower, Fire Blast
    Kyurem: Earthquake, Earth Power, Sheer Cold, Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Aura Sphere, Superpower, Dragon Dance
  19. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    So definitely sigging this.

    Also, Yanmega should get Fly. Don't believe me? Read its HGSS dex entry.
  20. Huspoel

    Huspoel Well-Known Member

    ^You like OHKO moves don't you?

    EDIT : I got ninja'd

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