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Movie Continuity


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As most of us know, Movie Continuity in the show is not big. I remember two examples though and I was wondering if anybody knew any others.

1) Drew being from LaRousse City - the setting of Movie 7
2) The Space Time Tower model being in Eterna Museum - Movie 10


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The scene of Mewtwo escaping from team rocket from the first movie was in a Indigo league episode.

Reign G

Roggen and Rolan
The scene of Mewtwo facing Gary was also seen in an Episode. And I believe they mentioned seeing Entei near the end of Johto/beginning of Hoenn...

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Ash said in "For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll" that he met Suicune. Sure he *saw* it at the beginning of Johto, but he *met* it in movie 4.

Chaos Emperor

No hope.....
I believe all the movies are canon, but because they take place in areas that aren't in the games, it's harder to pinpoint when they take place.


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Gary met Mewtwo and it escaped and appeared in the mewtwo strikes back movie..

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
I wouldn't really call that "meeting". He attempted to battle it and lost horribly, but they didn't really interact.