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Moving files in folders (Win 8.1)

Sceptile Master

Survivor of the Great Avatar Depression
I know by the title of the thread, you're probably thinking How could anyone have problems moving files in a folder? Rest assured that's not exactly what I mean, but yet I still can't exactly figure this out. I feel like it might have something to do with the folder options, but I dunno. I'm gonna try my best to describe this:

When moving files in a folder in Win 8.1, well, let's say I have files in this arrangement on the GUI: [a b c x] . Let's say I want to move file x inbetween b and c so it would now look like [a b x c] . This is theoretically any incredibly easy thing to do, and was easily done on all of the other Windows OSs I remember having. But in the entire time I've owned this Windows 8 PC, and even with the 8.1 upgrade, it's never let me move files like that. It seems like they're always forcefully alphabetically ordered, I can't even move a file one space over.

This is actually pretty important for me and could save me alot of time as I have some picture directories that have hundreds of unorganized pictures in them that need to go into their respective folders, and well, being able to drag a big bunch of them going from the bottom up is going to be a lot easier than only being able to drag a few at a time.

So... I feel like the solution might be really simple, but what do I do?

Yami Ron

Elite Member
When the directory is sorted by file name, you can only sort by alphabet. But there is a caveat:

Add a number in front of the file name "1 - " to not sort the folder by alphabet, but instead by number.

Sceptile Master

Survivor of the Great Avatar Depression
Well, I see how that could help, but... I have some directories in which there are literally hundreds of unorganized pictures, even over a thousand in a couple cases I need to stop going to threads dedicated to good fanarts of characters

I'm still not sure if I explained that well enough, but I'm not sure that would be a solution in all cases to my problem, sorry.