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Mr.Munchlax and his dilemma

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by LAWLZ FUNNY MAN, Apr 18, 2013.

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    LAWLZ FUNNY MAN Well-Known Member

    I have a friend named Mr. Munchlax, who's been on this forum since 2005. We've been talking back and forth about how we come up with stories for our games & I really liked what he showed me. I've been trying to get him to write a fanfic for months now, but he always said no because he wasn't sure if he was good enough.

    Recently, we made a deal that if 25 forum members tell him that his writing and ideas are good, then he will agree to write his fanfic. He said he would also like if professional forum members, or members who have been here longer than he has gave their two cents too. Here are a few quotes from our pms to show you some of his writing:

    Originally Posted by Pokemon,master
    Thanks!! So how are you? How's dale? Austin and Tyler are preparing to board a plane that will get them to striaton.
    That's cool. Dale & his friends are about to head to Virbank City so they can take the scenic route to Striaton City (aka- Sky Arrow Bridge, Pinwheel Forest, Nacrene City, & Route 3).

    There's something about the Virbank gym that you need to know, which is going to happen after Tyler & Austin left. What I had planned for the gym was that Vernon (the gym's manager and the guy who takes you to Pokéstar Studios in the game) makes it a place for indie rock bands to perfrorm, & features a hall of music that contains a history of different musicians related to the history of rock music (such as Mowtown's saxaphone); however, the gym inspector (Nurse Joy) is planning on shutting the Virbank Gym down since Roxie's father (Pops) is usually too busy with his boat job or starring in films to fulfill his duties as gym leader. She has been getting complaints of Pops only being able to battle a few trainers every 3 weeks (such as Tyler). Shocked and frustrated, Roxie tries to find someone else to take Pops' place as the substitute gym leader, but they can't find any rock musicians who are skilled enough or specialized in Poison types. However, Mai comes up with the idea for Vernon to become the new gym leader since he's helped run the place for years & he's already a pretty good Poison-Type trainer. Though unsure at first, Vernon and Roxie both think it's the best idea & Vernon challenges Nurse Joy to a gym battle

    The battle is a 3x3 match, each of them using a basic, 1st stage, & 2nd stage pokémon (to see if a gym leader is prepared for any kind of trainer), & the match goes with each of them having one win so far. The last fight is between Nurse Joy's Reuniclus & Vernon's Toxicroak, with Vernon winning the match & becoming the new substitute gym leader.

    After this, Dale & his friends will visit Pokéstar Studios for a bit, where'll Dewott will face Corsola (who's been following them since Humilau City) in a superhero movie-like battle, & then they'll be on their way to Striaton City

    Hey, since you want me to make a trainer card for Tyler, do you want him to have the Trio Badge as one of his badges & gym battle cards of him facing Pops & Chilli (since I know Chilli's traveling with Tyler & Austin & they could either run into him there or realize that he's one of the gym leaders)?

    Hey, sorry for asking, but there are two other ideas that I wanted to talk to you about.

    Since I'm planning on sending Tyranitar back to Tucker, I'm trying to think of the rosters for Tucker & Dale's full battle in the final round of the World Torunament Champion Cup. What I was thinking of was (aside from Dale using Regigigas) that they'd both use their first pokémon to give a more nostalgic feeling (at least for me), so Dale's roster would be the main 5 plus Regigigas. However, I'm trying to figure out who Tucker's 6th pokémon should be. Right now, he's going to have Cyndaquil, Togekiss, Meganium, Scizor, & Tyranitar. Since Tucker released some of them, he's planning on trying to get them all together for this battle since they haven't seen each other for years. Right now, here my three options for the sixth pokémon:
    Furret- Dale's first pokémon, currently working as a ranch hand at the Moo Moo Ranch (I could also use Furret instead of Togekiss if needed)
    Lanturn- Released while at the Sevii Islands to mate with other Lanturn
    Suicune- Roams throguout Johto but comes to Tucker whenever he needs it (to balance a legendary with a legendary)

    Another idea I thought deals with the Icirius Gym, since in my story I wanted to have all of the gyms remain open. Right now, the storyline follows the games since Brycen retires from being gym leader to return to being an actor, though I was also thinking of Brycen finding a replacement gym leader since he knows that there are legendary pokémon on Twist Mountain and the Dragonspiral Tower that need protection. Having heard of Brycen's predicament, Cynthia calls up Candice, the Snowpoint Gym leader from Sinnoh, and persuades her to become the new gym leader due to her experience with the pokémon from Lake Acuity & the Snowpoint Temple (and also because her gym was going to shut down since no one ever goes there anyway). When Dale & his friends arrive in Icirius City, they help Candice settle in as the new gym leader & Dales faces her in a practice battle to help get her confidence and focus back (or Mai since they have so much in common). The only thing is, I'm trying to think of what else Candice would do in Icirius City besides being a guardian and a gym leader. Any ideas or suggestions if this is a good idea?

    Ok, but don't think of our eeveeloutions falling in love. For the longest time I was planning on having Eevee having a relationship with Fennekin & it would be funny to have him evolve into Sylveon since he's a boy & he wanted to evolve in a more suave & manly pokémon to impress Fennekin. I thought of having a "wimpy boy and strong beautiful girl" relationship between Eevee and Fennekin

    Yup, though Leavanny physically from its battle with Zinzolin's Weavile, he still has a lot of mental & emotional scars. Beofre the battle, Leavanny kept the same personality it had as a Sewaddle: a kind, frinedly, level-headed pokémon who was completely loyal to Dale. However, after recovering, he started acting more cynical and filled with rage, wanting nothing more now than to get revenge on Weavile. Even worse, Leavanny completely lost Dale's trust and won't listen to any of his commands, so now Dale's trying to remend their broken bond and become a team again

    Conkeldurr kind of share's Tyler's personality since they think big, muscular, and scary pokémon are the only "strong" ones. He is more of an overconfident show off, who only battles pokémon he feels are worth his time. When Dale & his friends found him as a Gurdurr, it was going through town trying to get into to fights with as many heavy hitters he could find, but whenever a pokémon like Dale's Oshawott, Mai's Shuckle, or Roxie's Koffing tried to battle it, he simply brushed them aside and left. Thinking back to how his classmates saw him as weak, Dale first tried battling Gurudrr using pokémon like Leavanny, Golbat, & Metang, but they all fell to Gurdurr's strength & Iron Fist ability. Eventually, he tried again, this time using his "weaker pokémon" (Oshawott, Growlithe, & Eevee) & they eventually defeated Gurdurr, allowing Dale to catch it. Despite its loss, Gurdurr still kept its views on strong and weak pokémon and refused to battle when facing an opponent he felt was too weak (though he'd still listen to Dale when battling a worthy opponent). When Gurdurr was used at the Nimbasa Gym, it refused to battle Elesa's Emolga until it attacked him with endless Acrobatics attacks. Though he defeated Emolga easily, he ended up losing to her Zebstrika. Gurdurr personality pretty much stayed the same until an incident occured when the pokémon center accidentally swapped Dale's pokéballs with a trainer named Yancy (who left in a hurry and dropped her Xtransceiver). While with Yancy, Gurdurr gained respect for her seeing all of the things she normally does, and learned that there's more than one way to be "strong." When Yancy was being ambushed by a trainer with two Drapions trying to "take advantage of a helpless little girl," Dale's pokémon protected her & during the fight Gurdurr evolved into Conkeldurr. After Dale and Yancy trade back their pokémon, Conkeldurr kept his newfound perspective & treated every opponent with equal respect, focus, and determination, which was shown in its battle against Clay's Excadrill at the Driftveil gym. I'm still considering Dale giving up one of his pokémon, so one thing I'm thinking about doing is having Dale give Conkeldurr to Yancy since you can trade with her in the game, but only if I can find a storyline that works with it.

    If you remember Tyranitar's backstory all the way back to when Tucker first caught him as a Larvitar, he always had trouble controlling his power and even though he was kind and friendly, all of the other pokémon were scared of him and saw him as a monster. After evolving, Tyranitar became more comfortable with his power and became a morelaid back, easy going pokémon who's open to making friends. I was also considering of Dale, at some point, giving Tyranitar back to Tucker since it more than likely missed its former trainer and the main reason why Tucker gave it to him in the first place was to see if he was ready to battle a legendary pokémon like Reshiram or Keldeo in case he needed to face Team Plasma like he did two years ago. Also, like you said, Dale has two pseudo legendaries.

    Dale's next pokémon will either be one that evolved or one he receives as a gift

    Mai currently has Shuckle, Emboar & caught a Krookodile some time ago

    Joey has Magnemite, Tornadus, & a caught Stunfisk, & his Bronzor evolved into a Bronzong

    Roxie has Koffing & Scolipede, her Budew evolved into Roselia, & she has a Croagunk that she obtained from a old blues singer.
    * What happened with this was that some time ago, Roxie was feeling upset & unsure of herself because she was always a die hard rocker when she was in her band at the Virbank gym. However, ever since she went on her journey with Dale & the others, she fell as if she was loosing her edge (or going soft) and her rock music was getting stale. While walking through a town near Drifteil City at night, she met an old street performer named Michael "Motown" Louie, who played the blues on his saxophone & was always followed by a Croagunk who looked about as old as he did. Though Motown never caught Croagunk, they've known each other for years & have been close friends.

    Roxie talked to Motown about how she was feeling & showed her than, rather than going soft, she was growing up & maturing & that some times it's good to try other types of music besides rock. After talking for a while, the two decide to play the blues together with Motown on his sax & Roxie on her guitar; however, the two are cornered by Team Plasma, who knock Motown when they tried to steal Croagunk but Dale, Joey, & Mai soon found them & with the help of Roxie & Croagunk they were able to chase Team Plasma off. The only problem was, since Motown was so old and frail, he suffered a heart attack and died an hour later.

    Since Motown had no family, there was no funeral and Dale & his friends had to leave, though Roxie was able to say her goodbyes and mention how she would never forget him. The doctors also gave Roxie his saxophone, which she mailed back home to the Virbank gym. As they make it halfway passed the town. Mai notices that Motown's Croagunk was following behind them. When Roxie asked what was wrong, Joey & the others realized that Coragunk wanted to go with Roxie because of how much she cared for Motown. Touched by this action, Roxie immediately caught Croagunk & she & the others continued their way to Driftveil City

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Munchlax

    Well, right now Dale & his friends are in Lentimas town & they're planning on looking at the Stranger's house before traveling through Reversal Mountain. One of the big things I have planned coming up is a moment that focuses slightly on Joey, who felt that no one was taking him seriously because he was not as strong a trainer as the others. When they arrive in Undella Town, Dale and his friends meet Cynthia and Dale immediately challenges her to a battle. Joey tries to warn him of how strong Cynthia is but Dale ignores Joey's warnings and Joey storms off feeling as if he had enough. As Dale, Mai, and Roxie arrive at Cynthia's Villa, they are confronted by Team Plasma who try to test out a miniature version of their freezing ray on them. Trapped and feeling as if they were doomed, Joey returns and manages to stop them, gaining more respect from his friends. Afterwards, Dale battles Cynthia and loses.

    The only things that I was thinking of coming up involved when the gang arrive in Lacunosa Town and Opelucid City. When in Lacunosa Town, they talk to Professor and Bianca on the origins of Kyurem, Reshiram, and Zekrom, just as they do in the games, though they talk about how Tucker and N were the heroes who controlled Reshiram and Zekrom and will foreshadow the events in Opelucid City

    Aside from what happens in the games, two things also happen in Opelucid City. The first one is that the gang visit Opelucid Academy, the arch rival of Aspertia Academy, and meets several of the top students, who heard of Dale and tell him how weak he is and that he has no chance of defeating Drayden.Dale, frustrated of everyone calling him weak, challenges one of them to a battle, though he narrowly ties with them. The second thing that happens is that the gang finally meet Tucker, who arrived to talk to Drayden about Kyurem missing from the Giant Chasm. Having finally met his hero, Dale challenges Tucker to a battle, who accepts because he wanted to test Dale to see if he's strong enough to face Ghetsis and Kyurem if necessary.

    The only other thing I could think of is Mai trying to further find out her brother and maybe give foreshadows who it is

    I want Dale to continue his journey not because of the new pokémon, but because he knows he has to grow & move on. In other words, a theme of how things change & we usually have to accept it & move on (a similar lesson to all high school & college graduates as well as to pokémon gamers when BW was first introduced & how we feel now with all of the changes in XY). Here's something that I was thinking of:

    After Dale's loss to Tucker in the World Tournament, he & his friends begin to leave with Dale thinking that they will all head for Aspertia & plan what to do next together; however, he soon finds out that his friends will be going their separate ways for their own reasons

    Joey heads off Kanto for his next Dream researcher mission (as requested by Prof. Burnet)
    Roxie returns to Virbank City to start a new concert tour with her band after they made up & reuited
    Mai (who now wants to become a coordinator) heads off to Sinnoh as requested by Fantina to compete in the Grand Festival

    Sad & distraught, Dale heads off to Aspertia City alone, when he runs into Tucker, who wanted to tell his temporary pupil goodbye before heading back to Johto. Before leaving, Tucker gives Dale advice on how things change & to continue his journey because he'll always meet new friends on his adventures & as long as he's with his pokémon, he's never alone. He also tells Dale, who asks Tucker what to do next, that to keep an open mind & the answer will come to him.

    Unsure of Tucker's advice, he soon remembers Fantina briefly mentioning her home town (the new region) & how there are pokémon there that most people in Unova have never even heard of before. Now excited by his new revelation, Dale embraces all of the recent changes in his life & happily heads back home to tell his mom about his plans to start his next journey in the new region

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Munchlax

    At first, Dale plans on going to the new region using the main 5 (Metagross, Leavanny, Corbat, Growlithe, & his newly evolved Samurott) & just before he gets ready to leave, Cheren asks him to come to the Aspertia Academy & speak to the new students about how his journey through the Unova region chenged & helped him. During the day, he talks about his adventures with Mai, Joey, & Roxie (who have also gone their separate ways) & shows off his main 5, only to see how there are children (who were picked & bad at battling just like he was) that really bonded with Dale's pokémon & could tell how they helped with their shyness and lack of confidence. Though not an easy decision, Dale decides to leave the main 5 at the academy so that they can help the new students just like ho they helped him since his journey began. After having a heartfelt goodbye with all of his pokémon (especially Samurott, who he promises that no matter how long they'll be apart they'll always be a team & best friends) Dale is stopped by his mother who reminds him that he can't go to the new region without any pokémon. It's then that Eevee runs up and eagerly volunteers to go with Dale, who accepts his pokémon's request. As Dale boards the plane to the new region with Eevee, he looks out the window as he sees his mother, Cheren, the Aspertia Academy students, & the main 5 wave goodbye as he flies off leaving Unova behind, eagerly wondering what the adventures, friends, & pokémon the new region has in store for him
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2013
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