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MR2: Time Loop

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Skillfulness, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member


    Rated E: For Everyone
    GMs: CyberB and Skillz​

    A year and a month. This is the time since that battle for two worlds took place. The Reverse World and the real world, the two worlds in question. These dimensions couldn’t be more opposite. Seriously. They act as a scale to one another, balancing the good and the bad, the mysterious and the known, the simple and the complicated... well, you get what I mean. Most of the time, there’s this thing called the “Memorial Blast” that keeps the worlds from falling apart. It kind of erases huge mistakes such as certain space and time Pokemon showing up where they shouldn’t. Now there is a lot of power needed to keep this balance, and it was this power that the Duke Malevo was after. The Duke had a huge amount of followers that would help him travel back to the Reverse World so they could suck out the power keeping the two dimensions in balance. Wait, did I say ‘back’? Well the Duke was from the Reverse World, created at the same time as a Mew. Like I said, everything needs to be balanced and that means people too. Each person has a Pokemon in the Reverse World and vice versa. Now there’s a funky glitch in this system. Every once in a while there’s a person, or a Pokemon, from either side that doesn’t really have an opposite, so to speak. When they were born, there wasn’t anyone else to balance them out. So what happens? Well… say a little Sentret in the real world had this problem. Then it would be able to turn into a human at will. Of course there are some stipulations; like it needs to make contact with the Reverse World before being able to change and I’m pretty sure it would have some sort of Sentret characteristic, even when it’s human. Oh, and the other things about this is that when the Memorial Blast is used to fix a problem, anyone with a Reversal Twin is completely forgotten. Well not quite completely, but close enough. Anyway, there was a group of trainers who had this “Reversal Twin” ability that helped save the world about a year ago. They stopped the Duke from stealing the power between the Reverse and real world and he disappeared along with his legacy. And that’s that. Nobody else knows about what happened. Why? *psh* Because that would completely upset the balance of things (duh…). So life goes on, but there is a chance that the Duke’s men are still lurking and there are always those with a Reversal Twin. Plus, things are beginning to get exciting.

    Pokemon Association Debate Hall: Kanto Wing; Thursday, 12:00 pm

    The room was crowded with news reporters making everyone there feel edgy. Today was the day that would tell if Pokemon Battling would come to an end. Gym Leaders, Pokemon researchers and highly acclaimed trainers sat at wooden tables splayed before the members of the Pokemon Association. These two groups had to agree on a solution to the so called dangers of Pokemon Battling.

    “Settle down, settle down. Thank you. Now we are here to come to a conclusion about Pokemon Battling. The majority of the population is concerned that battling Pokemon is too dangerous. This is a very sensitive and objective topic, but it’s our job to have a solution. As suggested in previous meetings, we could add new laws to make battling safer. Also mentioned was the world-wide banning of Pokemon Battling. Whatever is decided, there will be many consequences and holes to be filled. Yes, Lt. Surge?” The large, intimidating Gym Leader rose from the table placed below the Association members. His voice rumbled like thunder throughout the nearly silent hall.

    “I still think this is an outrage! I’ve been battling with Pokemon for practically my whole life and NO ONE has ever said anything about it being dangerous until now.” This provoked Pokemon researcher Bill to stand and voice his opinion.

    “It don’t matter if nobody’s said anything. That don’t make it any less dangerous!” Now the whole hall was filled with arguing voices. Some were bitter and adamant in their view while others were trying to smooth ruffled feathers. It had been like this for the past few weeks and they hadn't come up with anything. Still, today they would have an answer for the world. But while they bickered, there was a much more important problem that needed to be overcome.

    Dialga lay on his side, weak as a newborn Poochyena. He had been like this, along with the other Legendary Pokemon, for a good amount of time, enough that they were nearly useless, but not so much that the rest of the world would notice. At the same time, the Reverse World was getting dangerously close to the real world. Things in the Reverse World were about as good as things are in the real world, with natural disasters on the rise. While Legendary Pokemon commonly helped take care of things, in both dimensions, there was little they could do.

    While we may not be able to do much, Dialga thought, we can still do something. He slowly and weakly stood to his feet and steadied himself. Celebi, who had been sleeping beside him, fluttered awake. She lifted herself off the ground, but just barely, and looked at Dialga questioningly.

    ”Just what are you planning on doing?” she asked through means of telepathy, as most Legendary Pokemon communicated. Dialga sighed.

    ”Hopefully, I can use Roar of Time to send the world back before all this happened. Do you remember those kids from a year back? Well I’m hoping the Memorial Blast will kick in and they will understand they need to do something. And I’m hoping they will be able to do something.”

    ”Oh I hope. Mew said that the worlds were really close to colliding. Your plan had better work.” Dialga chuckled in a deep animalistic sound.

    ”Of course it will.” He paused and gathered his composure. Celebi hovered back a safe distance as Dialga built up his power. It’s not much, but it’ll have to do! With his head toward the sky, Dialga opened his mouth while the energy gathered into a ball. Closing his eyes, possibly in pain, he unleashed the energy merely by thought. Everything everywhere was engulfed in the huge flash that proceeded as the attack took effect. Everything began moving back in time. Thursday turned into Wednesday, and Wednesday turned into Tuesday, but it stopped there. Dialga was only strong enough to send everything back two days. Now it was up to those with Memory Reversal to save the day.

    Rules: Follow them, you must.

    1. All forum rules apply.
    2. Rated E for everyone. You’d better know what this means, *gives the evil eye*
    3. Sorry, no Gen 5 Pokemon. Hasn't really had time to sink in...
    4. Be a good player. It’s not that hard.
    5. Enjoy yourselves! Have fun!

    Sign-up Form

    Your Trainer Person!

    Name: And gender... if necessary
    Age: 12-60
    Description: 2+ Paragraphs. Helps if you split it into a physical and material description.
    Personality: 2+ Paragraphs. Exaggerate and expand every detail if you’re having trouble.
    History: 2+ Paragraphs. Story of their life. Shouldn’t have too many problems.
    Other: Yes.

    Their Pokemans. Show me them…

    Attacks: Standard, 4. Just keep it within reason.
    Personality: 1+ Paragraph. Just like the person. 1 paragraph = 5 SENTENCES!!!
    History: A few sentences. Just the basics.

    The cherry on top; REVERSAL FORM!

    Species: Choose a Pokemon appropriately similar to your character.
    Attacks: 4. Just like any other Pokemon.
    Ability: This is a minor special ability for your character to have that exemplifies the Pokemon they turn in to. For example, Hitmonchan, they can punch super fast.


    Name: Marth Kane
    Age: 15

    Description: Marth has a thin, fit figure weighing approximately 115 pounds and standing in at 5 feet 5 inches. Her skin is fair, but often tanned from being outdoors a lot. Her hair is a shade of sandy blonde and she has a few natural highlights. In length, it barely gets past her ears and she has bangs that come straight across her forehead. Her eyes are a beautiful sea blue, deep and bold. She has a smile that can look warm and friendly or sly and foxy, depending on the situation. Finally, she has a battle wound. It’s a pink scar that starts just below her right shoulerd and goes straight to just above her left hip. She has the Duke Malevo to thank for that.

    Clothes make the person and Marth wears what feels good. She has a favorite pair of darker blue jeans and white, scuffed up sneakers. Her upper body outfit consists of two layers. Underneath, she wears a simple brown long sleeved shirt, usually with sleeves rolled to her elbows. On top, she wears a long short-sleeved hoodie (long by the waist, short by the sleeves). It’s randomly tie-dyed all shades of green, her favorite color. Her accessories include a black messenger bag that hangs across her left shoulder and rides on her right hip, a simple gold ring earring in the right ear, and a small, golden cross necklace.

    Personality: Marth has two major sides to her personality. First off, she has a great sense of right and wrong. She is a woman of honor and has good integrity. She is intent on trying her best and never giving up. She’s got the traits of a leader, brave and in control. While she can be proud at times, she usually gets beaten down and loses her sheen. But, soon enough, she’s proven again how good a friend she can be. In fact, she’s an amazingly loyal and trustworthy friend. Marth is great at acting like something she’s not, using this to fool others. She’s knows to play fair and she’s got plenty of street smarts, using them to help others.

    Now on the other side of things, she’s troublesome. Marth has a bit of a cocky nature and often skips certain cautions which gets her into a mess of trouble. She’s extremely resourceful, using whatever she can to save her skin. She can act fast, and she pays attention to the small details that can change the entire outcome of a situation, hopefully for her gain. Still, as many times as she’s found herself in a fix, she can’t help her compulsive, risky moral fibers. She can be a jokester at times and she jumps into situations without thinking. Along with all this, she loves to be free.

    History: Marth grew up in Azalea Town with her parents and grandmother who lived just a town away. Her father, a renowned scientist, worked hard and so their family was pretty well off. One year, on her parents’ anniversary, they decided to have a picnic at the Ruins of Alph, his recent area of study. They never came home. So, only eight years old, Marth lived with her grandmother for two years. At this time, Marth decided she wanted to go on a Pokemon journey, hoping to find information about her parents’ disappearance. With her grandmother’s approval, she left for Professor Elms.

    Marth spent a year in Johto, earning five badges along the way and maturing with her Pokemon. After that, she headed to Kanto. There she earned six badges in a year and a half. Soon after, she returned home for her grandmother’s funeral, even more determined to find out what happened to her parents. So she traveled to Sinnoh, a tourist more than anything. She searched for information, but didn’t find much, so after six months, she thought she’d go to Hoenn. She attended the Hoenn Champ Battles which got her caught up in Team Malevo and ultimately stopping their mad plan. She helped save both worlds and still is to this day. Marth asked Mew how she could help and got a job recording phenomena that happened in the real world. Sometimes, she gets to go back to the Reverse World and hopes to finally find her parents, but to no avail. With strange things happening in both dimensions, she’s sure to get involved.

    Other: While battling the Duke, Marth discovered that her parent’s had disappeared to the Reverse World all those years ago. The Duke hinted that he knew them at some point, but never said how or why. Apparently, he has bad memories of them since he became even more spiteful towards Marth upon learning of her heritage.

    Sear / Growlithe / Female
    Attacks: Bite, Flame Wheel, Fire Fang, and Dig.

    Personality: Sear is almost the mirror image of her trainer Marth. She’s sly like a fox and really impulsive. Despite that, she makes a great friend and an even greater leader. Still, she can’t help being proud of herself and jumping the gun. Sear is a rascally Pokemon that one can rely on.

    History: Sear and Marth have been partners since the age of ten. They’ve been through everything together, including the battle in the Reverse World.

    Chompy / Bayleef / Female
    Attacks: Razor Leaf, Poisonpowder, Bullet Seed, and Body Slam.

    Personality: Chompy plays the mother figure for the team. She always cares for everyone and worries about them nonstop. She fusses over her friends and is friendly to strangers. Chompy is always there for anyone when they need it. She brings out the best in the team.

    History: Chompy was Marth’s starter Pokemon from Professor Elm. While Chompy was her first Pokemon, Sear has a stronger bond with Marth. After the battle in the Reverse World, she evolved.
    Other: Chompy has her nickname because as a Chikorita, she had a bite out of her leaf. Now that she’s evolved, it fits her even better. Supposedly, it’s a sign of good luck.

    Tails / Taillow / Male
    Attacks: Peck, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, and Double Team.

    Personality: Tails is as chivalrous as a knight. Nearly the perfect gentleman and brave soldier, Tails lives by a code of chivalry. He can’t stand aside when there’s injustice and he always tries to do the right thing. Part of him loves the idea of being free, but he still feels bound to his family.

    History: Tails was the first Pokemon Marth caught in Hoenn. She’s almost always had him on the team since then because his personality balances out the rest. He was also a part of the battle in the Reverse World.

    Sneak / Sentret / Male
    Attacks: Scratch, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, and Protect.

    Personality: Sneak is crafty as a salesman. He’s a smooth talker and easy to like. He’s usually an honest guy, but it’s hard to tell since he’s so good at pleasing others. He’s sly like his trainer, but his motives are often for his own good, or the good of the family. Sneak is a money grubbing squirrel underneath a kind gentleman.

    History: Sneak is Marth’s most recent catch. He really hit it off well with Tails and Marth thought it’d be a good idea for another male figure on the team.
    Other: Sneak has an Amulet Coin around his neck, a small prize for saving Marth’s life once.

    Species: Pikachu
    Attacks: Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, and Double Team.
    Ability: Marth has an electric charge all the time, usually able to control it. If her emotions get out of hand, she starts to discharge her electricity on nearby objects or people. The amount of electricity is minimal,

    Miscellaneous/FAQ/Important Points You May Have Missed/Section of Long Titles

    Reverse World: A different dimension that is there to balance the real world. The land is twisted and sometimes it seems to defy gravity. It also has a different, always changing color scheme. The government and social order does not vary from the real world. Recently there have been many natural disasters.

    Real world: The Pokemon universe as we know it. Green pastures and blue skies. Recently, there’s been debate that Pokemon Battling is too dangerous.

    Memorial Blast: An ability that warps time and space. The physics are shrouded in mystery, but it often happens after some major event that crosses dimensions and threatens the knowledge of each other’s existence. Sometimes, the Memorial Blast just happens. Sometimes, a Legendary Pokemon forces it to happen.

    Reversal Twin: Another ability that exists because something doesn’t exist. When a person or Pokemon does not have anyone to balance them in the other dimension, they have what is called a Reversal Twin. For Pokemon, this form is human and for human this is a Pokemon form. Due to this lack of another half, a few of those with a Reversal Twin are immune to space and time warps used to fix dimensional problems. This ability can only be activated after an encounter with something from the world opposite of where they came from.

    Team Malevo: Run by the Duke Malevo a year back, their goal was to steal the energy used in balancing the Reverse and real world. They were stopped by a group of trainers who had Reversal Twins. As for now, Team Malevo has been stopped and either disbanded or gone underground. Unfortunately there is the chance that they’re still out there and up to no good.

    Q: What happens to my stuff when I turn into a Pokemon?
    A: Well, I’d like to think that some little pocket dimension opens up and stores them there. Basically, however you want to put it, you get everything back just the way it was when you change back.

    Q: What exactly is our reversal form?
    A: Simply speaking, a Pokemon.

    Q: Is it like PMD where we can just transform into it or is it an actual living entity we can interact with?
    A: Yes, it's just like PMD where you turn into a Pokemon. In this form, you can talk with and understand Pokemon, but you also speak English which really sets you apart. When speaking with Pokemon, you sound like the Pokemon, otherwise, you speak English.

    Q: Do our Pokemon have access to these forms or not?
    A: No, your Pokemon do not have a Reversal Form. Also, when your character has been forgotten due to the Memorial Blast, their Pokemon will be the only ones to remember them.


    Skillfulness- Marth Kane / Pikachu
    Team: Growlithe, Bayleef, Taillow, and Sentret

    Skeith- Sandra "Sandy" Fielding / Togetic
    Team: Luxray, Noctowl, and Wynaut

    CyberBlastoise- Bill Darius / Rhydon
    Team: Blastoise, Empoleon, Pidgeot, and Jolteon

    Ysavvryl- Shannon "Shan" Redbird / Claydol
    Team: Mismagius, Chimecho, and Makuhita

    DVB- Diego Vendrix / Quilava
    Team: Pikachu, Dusknoir, and Togekiss

    treespyro- Jessica Davis / Umbreon
    Team: Gradevoir, Cloyster, Houndoom, and Glameow

    themightydoof- Lane Neal / Tauros
    Team: Froslass, Cacturne, Feraligatr, and Ninetails

    InnerFlame- Izefia "Izzy" Brill / Smeargle
    Team: Mankey, Furret, Croconaw, Sneasel, and Acranine

    strategiser24- Will Barnes / Dragonite
    Team: Feraligatr, Magneton, and Metagross


    Musical Mayhem

    Wow this is really long and I know there's probablly loads of typos. Sorry! Just thought I'd say 5 spots are reserved for the five from the first Memory Reversal. You guys rock. Let the sign-ups... BEGIN!
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2010
  2. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    reserve me a spot please. This seems great! XD
  3. Skeith

    Skeith (◕‿‿◕)

    Hey Skill, can you reserve me a spot? Also I have a few questions.Can we use fifth generation Pokemon and what exactly is our reversal form? Is it like PMD where we can just transform into it or is it an actual living entity we can interact with? Finally do our Pokemon have access to these forms or not?
  4. FallenSanity

    FallenSanity Ruby in the Diamonds

  5. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Okay, y'all got your reserves and now to answer your questions (in order):

    No. Sorry but I'm just gonna make this a ground rule.
    The Reversal Form is just whatever Pokemon you think suits your character best.
    Yes, it's like PMD where your character will change into a Pokemon.
    And finally, nope. It's supposed to a rare condition. I added all these to the questions section (thanks, felt like I needed more).

    Er... I looks as if I forgot my own sign-up >,< I'll have that up in a day or two.
  6. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    oh, btw, how many characters can I make? cuz I want at least two characters.
  7. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... knock yourself out. Two or three, but I think four is a bit much. My only concern is you won't be able to keep track of them, but if you're up to the task, have at it.
  8. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    lol, when I was in an RP in another forum, i had five characters, seven NPCs, and I also controlled four dropout characters.

    Oh, and will our characters have discovered their powers before or after the RP starts?
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2010
  9. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Well, the veterans (basically the characters of Son-of-Shadows, Innerflame, Ysavvryl, Skillz, and myself [if all of them join that is] already know about this.) I would think that the new characters would not know about their powers until later on down the road, when either one of the legendaries tell you about your newly found abilities, or when one of the vets explain it.

    but all in all, it's Skillz decision if she wants to have them know beforehand.
  10. FallenSanity

    FallenSanity Ruby in the Diamonds

    Uhm... I'm having a bit of a problem via description.

    You say 'Physical and Material' what do you mean by material?
  11. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Nope. Your charcter won't find out until later.

    For the description, I just mean the body and the clothes.

    EDIT: Added my character's sign-up sheet! Yay!
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2010
  12. Skeith

    Skeith (◕‿‿◕)

    Here you go, Skills. Enjoy.

    Name: Sandra (Sandy) Fielding
    Gender: Female
    Description: Sandy is a lean and slightly muscular girl who stands at around 5’5”. She has fair skin and has a heart shaped face. Her hair is a rich chestnut brown and comes down to shoulder length. Her eyes are a nice shade of opal blue, bright and alert. Upon her face is usually a warm smile and, even when it isn’t, she just seems to have this air of pleasantness around her. You take one look at her and you can tell she is the type of person who can brighten up a room just by being in it.

    Sandy’s outfit is a rather unique; her jacket is purple and on the surface appears to be a rather simple number however it is actually made from Skunktank fur, which is resistant to most toxins poison type Pokémon produce and is resistant to fire which enables Sandy to get up close and personal with those types of Pokémon. Underneath Sandy wears a striped black and white shirt and a simple pair of dirty blue jeans. On her feet she has a pair of brown hiking boots which are well worn and steel toe capped, after all when conducting research one must be prepared. Speaking of which upon her back is a bag filled with essentials such as food and potions.

    Personality: Sandy is, first and foremost, a klutz. The phrase “born with two left feet” is rather fitting to describe her as, while she doesn’t posses that bizarre trait, she does manage to pull off seemingly impossible feats such as tripping over nothing. She is also a kindhearted individual who’ll attempt to make friends with anyone and everyone. She is also very loyal and will feel deeply hurt if betrayed, should you fall out of favor with her it’s very hard to regain her trust.

    Sandy was also exposed to “Team Plasma’s” philosophy of Pokémon not being used as tools and has taken it to heart… sort of. Whilst she’ll participate in battles with Trainers and aggressive Pokémon, she’ll never attack a wild Pokémon unprovoked. She’ll only capture a Pokémon if it expresses a desire to join her team or if it’ll get seriously injured if she doesn’t intervene (and even then she’ll usually release it afterwards). Sandy also likes pretty much every sort of Pokémon, even finding the most repulsive of Pokémon such as Yabukuron and Grimer adorable. She also gets angry when people shun them just because of what they are, after all they can’t help it.

    It is also interesting to note that whilst most people have Pokémon that look up to them with respect and for guidance, Sandy looks up to her Pokémon often asking them what to do when situations turn rough.

    History: Sandy was born and raised in the town of Twinleaf in Shinnoh. Here she was raised by her two loving parents and their Pokémon, whom having retired from battling had decided to set up a breeding farm. She spent much of childhood here playing with the Pokémon on the farm and doing the usual daily activities such as school and work. Occasionally the family would go on vacation to other regions (Hoenn was a particular favorite) that helped to expand Sandy’s horizons and gave her a deep appreciation for the world. One such vacation lead to Isshu, where stand saw people preaching in the street about how battling and capturing Pokémon was wrong. Her parent’s labeled them as nuts, having experienced the joys of a journey, but Sandy took an interest and was handed a book by one of the guides, the Plasma bible. While Sandy didn’t take everything in it to heart, she did agree with the philosophy that Pokémon shouldn’t be captured unless they wanted to be and kept this belief right up till she started her journey.

    When she set out on her journey, Sandy started with a Shinx and her father’s old Noctowl, Artemis. This meant that she was severally overpowered for the first gyms and, because of this, Artemis would refuse to battle unless Sandy had used up her other Pokémon which where few and far between (due to her philosophy). Still with the few she did capture she managed to defeat the Pokémon League before deciding that she wanted to study Pokémon. She currently works as an aide for Professor Rowan.

    Other: Yes. (<- Wait, it’s compulsory?). Sandy doesn’t refer to her own Pokémon by just one nickname; she also gives them a title that she’ll occasionally refer to them by.


    Name: Circuit
    Sandy’s Nickname: Mrs. Sparks
    Species: Luxray
    Gender: Female
    Attacks: Giga Impact, Bark Out, Wild Bolt and Roar.
    Personality: Circuit is a very proud Pokémon (as is all of her specie’s) and is very loyal to, and protective of Sandy, whom she loves dearly. Circuit is very courageous and will face off against foes that she stands no chance against if it may help Sandy to escape from harm. Circuit is a very affectionate feline, purring when she’s happy and rubbing up against people to greet. She only ever roars are when she is angry with someone and it is really intimidating. For the most part though Circuit is fairly friendly and will welcome anyone Sandy trusts with open arms. Circuit is on good terms with both of Sandy’s other Pokémon however it should be noted that she has previously had a rivalry with Artemis.

    History: Circuit was a very timid, Shinx, whom was unfortunate enough to live on a route where many young trainer’s start out. Circuit was attacked by several hopefuls and ran from each and every battle, slowly getting more hurt and tired as the day went on and was eventually discovered by Sandy. The little cub expected another fight but Sandy instead simply offered her some food and took it home to tend to its wounds. She planned to release it but Circuit, having been shown kindness, wanted to stay with her and so she was caught. Through their journey together, Circuit felt inferior to Artemis, after all she was Sandy’s starter she should have been the star and yet he saved the day, more often than not, so she pushed herself hard to become more powerful and an succeed him. While she may not have past him in terms of power, she has become strong enough to claim her staring role on the team.

    Name: Artemis (Arty)
    Sandy’s Nickname: Mr. Hoothoot
    Species: Noctowl
    Gender: Male
    Attacks: Extrasensory, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis and Arial Ace.
    Personality: Owl’s are famous for being symbols of knowledge and wisdom and this definition suits Artemis to a tee. Artemis is the brain behind the team, often coming up with the best strategies and getting the team out of situations that may arise. He is also Sandy’s mentor as bizarre as that is, often instructing her in trainer related tasks as well as life in general. Sandy in tern looks up to him and considers him to be her teacher. Artemis is very stern too and can silence almost anything with one of his glares and has the air of authority around him, a figure who deserves your respect. The only time he seems to loose this composure is when Sandy refers to him as Mr. Hoothoot. It’s surprising just how flustered he gets at this nickname and will squawk at Sandy repeatedly until she addresses him properly.

    History: Artemis wasn’t one of Sandy’s first captures but, ironically, one of her Father’s Nicholas. Together along with the rest of their team had defeated the league and achieved many feats before Nicholas decided to settle down and retired his Pokémon. Artemis has watched over Sandy for most of her life (mostly making sure she got to where she needed too) and enjoyed being a pet for a while but it was clear to see that, deep down, he longed for adventure once again. When Sandy set out on her journey as a trainer, Artemis leapt at the chance to go on a journey once again.

    Name: Walnut
    Sandy’s Nickname: Lil’ Slugger
    Species: Wynaut
    Gender: Male
    Attacks: Counter, Mirror Coat, Encore and Safe Guard
    Personality: Walnut is essentially a little boy. Excitable, curious, hyper you know the works; he is very impressionable and can easily be led astray buy more mischievous older Pokémon whom he considers to be cool. Though he can get into trouble he is a mama’s boy never straying from Sandy’s side for too long and often following her around like a duckling. He looks up to Circuit as a role model, likening her to a super heroine (which flatters Circuit) and is terrified of Artemis (whom considers him a pest and has taken it upon himself to educate him). Walnut also has a gray batting helmet upon his head.

    History: Wynaut was given to Sandy by a passing Pokémon trainer whom had been breeding and had a few too many eggs. Sandy was the first thing Walnut saw when he hatched and identified her as his mother and has been with her ever since.

    Name: Dresden
    Sandy’s Nickname: Smoker/y
    Species: Infernape
    Gender: Male
    Attacks: Fire Punch, Close Combat, Focus Punch and Thunder Punch
    Personality: Dresden, in stark contrast to his hot-blooded typing, is more of a thinker than a fighter. In actual fact he considers himself to be a hard-boiled detective preferring to find the facts and get to the bottom of things rather than leaping in fists first. Dresden is a silent figure with an air of mystique around him, unsurprising really considering he has modeled himself a noir detective, only speaking when he has something of importance to say or is rather angry. There are also three interesting aspects to him. One, Dresden smokes. Yeah, he’s quite fond of a cigarette though Sandy and the team can’t stand it so its rare that he does it. One would say it’s a bad habit but since Dresden is a fire type his lungs are immune to all the adverse effects of the habit. Two, Dresden has a fur collar, much like a Baokkie, that he adjusts with like a coat for effect. Finally, Three, Dresden wears a white fedora with the top brunt out. It’s partly to fit with his Detective motif but is also a memento.

    History: Dresden, as a Chimchar, was a starter Pokémon along with a Treecko and a Totodile for a professor of a small town. The three got along and were close friends, playing together while they awaited the day they would be picked. Totodile was the first to go. Sadly however this was at the time when the Jotho stealing occurred and made national news and, possibly inspired by the events, someone broke into the lab and stole the Treecko. Dresden, devastated by the events, decided he would help out the police in anyway he could and joined up with the force. Around the time of his first evolution, reports of crimes involving a Grovyle soon came in and Dresden, not wanting to believe it, rushed to each scene but upon cornering the perps, his worst fears had been realized. The Treecko was once knew had been influenced by his “trainer” and was no longer the creature he knew. Harding his resolve, Dresden brought them in. After that Dresden became committed to his work and never resting always attempting to solve cases until he stumbled across Sandy. Circuit upset at being upstaged by Artemis again had run off and Sandy couldn’t find her, luckily Dresden managed to track her down and upon seeing Sandy’s warm welcome back to her Pokémon realized what he had missed out on as a police Pokémon and asked to join up with her.

    The cherry on top; REVERSAL FORM!

    Species: Togetic
    Attacks: Metronome, Wish, Magical Leaf and Safe Guard.
    Ability: Sandy will always get a move of desired effect through Metronome (e.g. If she wants a water move, it’ll be one)
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  13. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    oh, btw, will there be the "Next Poet" rule?

    for those who don't know...

    Next Poet is a RP rule that is short for "Next" "Po"ster M"et"ronome. It means that after the RPer uses Metronome, the next poster will say which move it was.
  14. Skeith

    Skeith (◕‿‿◕)

    I personally would rather not apply it. Aside from the fact that effectively renders Sandy's ability useless, I'd rather not have alter my post or cut it short and, possibly adjust it, just so someone else can say "did such and such".
  15. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Read it, enjoyed it, therefore, you're Accepted!
  16. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Name: Bill Darius (Male)
    Age: 17
    Description: Bill is pretty tall. His arms and legs are pretty strong and muscular from plenty of climbing as a Treasure Hunter. Despite this, his stomach and chest are quite thin. Bill's hair is reddish brown and very spiky. Due to plenty of his time is spent outside about as much as inside his skin is fairly tan, but it does have a few scratches and bruises in various places. Bill's red eyes are somewhat narrow and his normal gaze can appear to be vicious and demeaning, despite his personality.

    Bill's clothing has a few scrapes and tears on it. His shirt is a plain white T-Shirt with a Great Ball insignia on the left shoulder and an Ultra Ball insignia on the right. He wears a pair of blue jeans that appear to have the most damage out of all his clothing, with three noticeable holes in the legs, all three are near, but not on, the knees. Bill also wears what appears to be a pair of one piece sunglasses with a greenish tint on the lens.

    Personality: One thing that describes Bill is that he is straightforward. He prefers not to get distracted from the main focus of his goals. This is not to say that he will not consider others' feelings on the matter and is even willing to compromise to make the most out of what they do. He also prefers the method of exchanging information that may lead to whatever he is planning to do, unless it is with someone he knows he cannot trust, then he will not accept any information from them, nor will he give anything that is known.

    Bill is also a fan of archaeology. He loves to study about various bones and fossils and despite his somewhat impatient personality, he will always make time to study about the ancient history of the Pokemon world. His ultimate goal is connected to this, which is to learn the entire history of the world and to understand the chain of events that led to the eventual creation of the human race on the Pokemon world.

    History: Bill was born in the Sinnoh region, however, within one month after his birth, both his parents, his older sister, and he moved to a small town east of Pallet Town. Bill's parents were both great coordinators, but Bill preferred archaeology over Contests and Pokemon in general, so he decided not to follow in his parents' footsteps. The day that Bill was supposed to go on an archaeological site as an intern was ruined when he forgot to set his clock for Daylight Savings Time and he missed the train that would take him there. Disappointed, his parents suggested that Bill attempt to go to the place, which was south of Lavender Town, on foot. Bill decided that while he headed there, he better stop by Prof. Oak's place to start with his very first pokemon, a Squirtle.

    After reaching Viridian, Bill learned of a new type of competition called Treasure Hunting, which requires him to race to various spots and obtain Treasure Chests. The competition runs from the tallest of mountains to the deepest of caves, to the lose-your-wayiest of forests, etc. As such Bill became very interested and decided to join in. Afterwards, he joined up with four others, two trainers, a coordinator, and a ranger. The five went from region to region collecting their respective items and after completing the Sinnoh region, they decided that perhaps it was time for a break. They went their separate ways.

    Soon, Bill found himself within Viridian Forest, meeting a Team Rocket Grunt along the way. This led to something very big, Team Rocket was planning to time travel to secure a better future. Bill traveled back in time along with them and attempted to stop them, but he wasted too much time and eventually needed to ask for Dialga’s help. Dialga reset it as though Team Rocket never went through time to begin with, and no one remembered it. No one except Dialga, Celebi, and Bill that is.

    A few months later, Bill decided to visit one of his friends in Hoenn and the events of Memory Reversal took place. He and the other four eventually defeated Team Malevo and restored everything back to normal. Now, he is here to make sure that battling is not banned, because he knows that Treasure Hunting will probably be the first faction to be banned as well.

    Other: Yes. He is not the Pokemaniac Bill. Just clarifying that.

    My pogeymanz, let me show u them.

    Silver (Formerly Hydro)/Blastoise/Male

    Attacks: Hydro Pump, Hydro Cannon, Dig, Rock Climb
    Personality: Silver is the closest friend to Bill. He always takes charge amongst the other pokemon and makes sure that everything is fair and just amongst the others. Silver does enjoy many humorous activities such as using his water jets to scare Bill and his pokemon, but he holds back to make sure that no one gets hurt.
    History: Silver was Bill’s Starter pokemon. He and Bill have traveled since the very beginning of the journey, as such he is often out of his pokeball either along side Bill or when he was smaller on Bill’s shoulder. That being said, he does return to his pokeball quite often as well; it just depends on his mood. Anyways, Silver soon became Bill’s go-to pokemon for a lot of his battles as well as one of the top ones inside caves due to his Dig attack.


    Attacks: Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Drill Peck
    Personality: Iceguin is a strong brave type. He often tries to be the hero whenever someone asks for help. Iceguin also loves to do contests rather than treasure hunt, although this could be because of Iceguin not liking the dark. The Empoleon loves to eat quite a bit as well. The water and steel type pokemon does have some control over his gluttony although not as much as he should. Iceguin will fight along side his friends to his death, and is very loyal to Bill.

    History: Iceguin was given to Bill by his parents when the Empoleon was an egg. What happened was as Bill and friends were traveling each of their parents decided to teach them a little bit about responsibility and sent them Pokemon eggs. Inside of Bill's was a Piplup. Soon the two were like father and son. Bill protected Iceguin from any oncoming attacks when it was too young to battle. Seeing this example, Iceguin decided to do so as well.

    Attacks: Fly, Rest, Double Team, U-turn

    Feather is more of a laid-back kind of pokemon. She prefers to not do anything and loves to rest. She does however get mad whenever she is interrupted by a nap. Feather seldom eats and whenever she does it is usually a small amount. The Pidgeot often yawns as well, whenever in the middle of a battle. Feather's battle style is just sleep until attacked, then strike back, then go back to sleep again.

    History: Bill met Feather at Rt. 3 near Mt. Moon. Bill fought against the Flying type with his Squirtle. After a small battle the Pidgey at the time, felt sleepy and just took a nap in the middle of the battle. Bill siezed this opportunity and captured her. Now Feather does fight along side Bill, but she prefers to not get involved.

    Attacks: Thunderbolt, Pin Missile, Double Kick, Thunder Fang

    Personality: Sparky is very impulsive. She tends to act before she thinks, as well as she often does not listen to what anyone has to say, not even her trainer at times. Sparky also does not like being considered weak or frail and will attack anyone that says otherwise.

    History: Whilest not with Bill during MR, Sparky was caught beforehand by him as an Eevee. While the group traveled in the Johto Region, Bill came across some dancing Kimono girls in Ecruteak City. After a battle with them, they each offered an evolutionary method for his Eevee. Bill allowed the Eevee to decide and it went with the Thunder Stone, so now it is a Jolteon.

    The cherry on top; REVERSAL FORM!

    Species: Rhydon
    Attacks: Surf, Rock Smash, Stomp, Dig
    Ability: Bill's skin is becomes a lot harder to pierce. That being said his density remains the same as it usually is, so he can swim.
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  17. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    I had some time today...

    Name: Shannon Redbird (and... he’s a guy. Call him Shan)
    Age: 53

    Description: Shan is a tall man at 6'08", but he’s limber. He has fair skin and freckles, along with bright red hair (shoulder-length and strawberry blond, if you must be specific) and light green eyes. Being an older man, he has tough skin, especially rough around his hands. But he’s in great shape and can still keep up with younger folks. He stays clean shaven when he can.

    Most of the time, he can be found wearing a regal looking red and yellow coat, white or tan shirt, and black pants. The coat has an emblem of Moltres on the back; apparently it’s a family tradition. Since he’s generally on the move, he carries around a backpack filled with hiking supplies, such as a Swiss Army knife, a lighter, a flashlight, rope, and various kinds of potions/antidotes.

    Personality: Shan is enigmatic. He’s a teacher and can assess most people accurately within a few minutes. However, he prefers that his students learn on their own, with bare bones guidance from him. He speaks in a riddling roundabout way, guiding someone to come to some logical conclusion. In the end, he’s trying to help, but doesn’t like doing so directly. He has a deep belief in mysticism and the supernatural, knowing a great many unorthodox methods of affecting fortune or seeking his own guidance. While he keeps his cool under pressure, sometimes he’s a bit scary in battle.

    He’s changed in the past year and a half. At one time, he was quite cool and detached from most people, and even his own Pokemon. He felt he had to keep his wits sharp by changing up his team regularly. Now, he’s noticeably warm towards his Pokemon and to people that he likes, not minding being taken as a father figure to some of the youths that he teaches. He can still be strict when it's called for and prefers to take things logically.

    History: Starting off under the shadow of Hoenn’s Mount Pyre, Shannon has always been into the mystical side of life. He made quite a name for himself back in the day, having been Champion for all of one month. He then moved on to becoming a Gym Leader in the Hoenn League, daring to put a Flying type Gym in the raft bound community of Pacifidlog. At the time, his reasoning was that the Gym itself should be a challenge as well. That lasted for a few years. When he lost the position, he took it with a shrug and went off into the wilderness to act as a traveling teacher. He would take on a promising student or two from the younger traveling Trainers and help them improve their skills through real world lessons and practice.

    He is a divorcee (for reasons he doesn’t like to talk about) with three children. Shan came to the Champ battles in order to watch his son Kelsey take part in it, but it was a fateful day. Afterwards, he tried to talk with Kelsey, but due to a bizarre circumstance, the teen didn’t recognize his father. Shan then went on a strange journey that put him onto the paths of meeting Manaphy and Deoxys, then eventually coming into contact with Team Malevo and finding out about his strange position as being his own Reversal World twin. And it all ended in a very weird battle that he doesn’t talk about (partly because most people can’t know about the situation).

    Two days ago, he set out to Mount Silver with three students along… only for those two days to get reset and send them back to where they started in New Bark Town. Figuring that something was up, he dismissed his puzzled students for the time being so that he could figure out what was going on.

    Other: I dunno. I'm guessing we're starting in Kanto this time, eh?


    : Mismagius (Ginger, female)
    Attacks: Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Psybeam, Secret Power

    Personality: Ginger is a shy girl, keeping close to Shan when around strangers. She likes to sing, although her voice strikes the human ear as haunting and eerie. While she puts on a brave front for battle, she startles easily outside of battle. She does like to startle others by sneaking up behind them and singing.

    History: Ginger was picked on by her kin for being easily startled instead of startling like them. Shan picked her out of the group because she had a better drive to improve because of this. She came from the Lost Tower in Sinnoh. She was with Shan during the previous MR incident and was evolved not that long ago.

    Name/Species/Gender: Ching, Chimecho male
    Attacks: Extrasensory, Heal Bell, Take Down, Toxic

    Personality: Ching is a bold little guy, flitting up to interesting people and chiming at them. He gets a strong determined look when he’s ordered to do something, which is rather comical to see. While he can take a little teasing, if some other Pokemon blatantly makes fun of him, Ching will lose his temper and ring in loud annoyance. He likes to land on Shan’s head and ride around there.

    History: Wanting to become a great Pokemon, Ching pursued Shan and his students for several days through Mount Coronet’s tunnels. Shan finally accepted him along when the Chingling stole a battery and acted as a ‘blockade’ to the exit. Ching evolved during the events of the last MR game.

    Name/Species/Gender: Darius, Makuhita, male
    Attacks: Force Palm, Knock Off, Vital Throw, Rock Tomb

    Personality: Darius is stubborn and stoic. He doesn’t deviate from a goal and very little can distract him. Thus far, he has shown a great indifference towards most everyone around him, although he gives a grudging kind of respect for Shan as an experienced Trainer. He’s very no-nonsense about things.

    History: Darius was introduced to Shan as one of his student’s Pokemon. Unfortunately, the boy didn’t have any badges and had traded for him, so the Makuhita would not listen to him. The tension between the two got to be too much, so Shan traded a more manageable Pokemon for Darius. Shan’s not sure if he’s keeping this one or not.

    Reversal Form

    Pokemon: Claydol
    Attacks: Psybeam, Ancient Power, Earth Power, Sandstorm
    Ability: Levitation. Does not require spinning to use.
  18. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness


    According to the info you gave about Sandy's ability, it assumes that you meant Sandy can choose the type of move, such as fire, water, grass, or flying. If you meant Sandy chooses the move, it would be too overpowered, for Sandy ould be able to use any and every move.
  19. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Can I reserve please?

    I'll get it done very soon anyway.
  20. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Bill: Welcome back, old man. Accepted.
    Actually, lxdarknessxl, I have to side with Skeith on this matter. Two reasons, one is that he would have to end it mid-roleplay if the "Next Poet" rule was in tact, and believe you me, that's no fun. The second is that I think we can trust him enough not to constantly overpower it.

    Sure, although if you want a receipt, you will need to sign the following paper work and then all you need to do is wait till Skillz makes note of it in her first post. Unless you finish your sign-up first, then you can post it, and then retrieve your receipt.

    Although, did not accept mine yet, due to the fact that I'd rather wait for Skillz to see if it is worthy.
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