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MR2: Time Loop

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Skillfulness, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    I have to say no too. As intereseting as it is, it would ruin the flow, so no.

    He wishes he was! Anyway, Accepted.

    Indeed you may. Here's your receipt. Have a nice day ^_^

    Did I forget anything? I sure hope not... Oh wait, gotta update the first page and we can see how we're doin' so far.
  2. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    meh, as long as he doesn't use the right move every time, it's fine with me.

    btw, until when do we have our reserves?
  3. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    I want to say until you can get it in. Since I'm not putting a limit on amount of players, there's really no limit to how long you have a reserve. I will let you know ahead of time when we plan on starting so just have your sign-up done before then. K?
  4. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    Name: Musica Lance Symphony
    Age: 16
    Description: [​IMG]

    Musica has black hair and eyes. Since he loves music, he has his wireless headphones on his head or just hanging around his neck. He wears a grey shirt with a white cross on it, with a mark that looks like a vine on the insides of the collar. On his legs are grey shorts with black diamond outline. Like his shirt, his shoes have white crosses on them as well. Never will he go anywhere without his necklace, which is a silver cross that says "Do not give up" on the back. His head almost always has headphone on, and his shoes have wing-like marks on them. The shoes also have one white streak through it, separating the leg part of the shoe from the shoe's main part. On Musica’s shoulder is a sixteenth note-shaped birthmark. Lastly, he carries his guitar in its case, hanging from his back starting from as soon as school ends.

    When he goes into his transformed form, he basically grows black wings out of his back, and his birthmark changes from black to white, after glowing for five seconds, for some random reason. Musica’s Steel Wings is kind of special. When used, not only his wings, but his arms and legs get the effect, which is pretty useful, since he fights with his Martial Arts when needed. Also, he has a small metronome, for getting a tempo for his guitar.

    Personality: Musica is one of those guys who joke around too much at times. Although he is very agile, this is only because of his walks and jogs that he does every day. Technology is one of the few things he dislikes, but he still uses his computer and cell phone. These are some of the few exceptions to his dislike of technology. He sometimes shows off his moves, either to test his Pokémon’s power, goofing off, or just bragging. Although he gets a bit too hyper at times, he is a nature lover, and big Christian. He enjoys sleeping in trees and helping people, along with testing out new combos. Battling and Contesting, he is pretty good at, and he likes it as well. Although he is great at finding out what girls and boys like, along with being good at making people get together, he does not enjoy it when he is seen by girls that like him.

    One of his best parts is that he is very loyal, and he is willing to destroy his chances with the girl he likes, even if she likes him back, if his friend likes her. Also this kid loves flying. He loves music dearly, and after school he can be easily seen playing his guitar, or sleeping on the top of a tree. One of the bad things about Lance that can also be good is that he is random, and usually the comic relief of where ever he goes. The kid also is a sucker for cute things, and is bad with directions a lot of the time. He also enjoys training pokemon to fight, so he can help with that for baby pokemon as well. Also, he learned Martial Arts ever since the Beedrill incident, so he can get your back in a human fight as well. Lastly, he also enjoys going out to a forest to play with the wild Pokémon, but not capture most of them. Musica goes out for a walk or jog in a forest every day.

    History: Musica grew up in the forest, barely ever going out of the forest. The reason for this is because his family was a group of Pokémon breeders. However, Musica, even before he did not have a Pokémon of his own yet, he was skilled at Pokémon battling and contesting. His family found this out with Musica playing with his Pokémon friends, for Musica thought that most humans were too rowdy with their cars and trains. So, the only technology he uses is his cell phone and computer. In his house, his family uses a huge solar panel to power their few technologies when needed. One day, while Musica was out for his daily walk with his friend Sneasel, he saw his friend, Murkrow who was being chased by a group of Beedrills. Murkrow was covered in bruises and cuts, yet still running. Lance and Sneasel, not wanting to just watch their friend get hurt, they fought back, even though Lance was just a human and could not fight as well as a Pokémon.

    Of course, Musica did not give up, even though he was almost killed. During the fight the rest of Musica’s Pokémon friends came and fought too, trying to save their friends. Once the Beedrill were all fainted, Sneasel got Musica’s parents and his sister, who brought him back home with the rest of the Pokémon other than the Beedrills. Lance was in bed for a few weeks, because he broke his left arm and both his legs. As soon as Lance got out of bed, he began to get Martial Arts lessons from his father just in case something like this happens again and Murkrow or the others are too tired to fight for themselves. The Murkrow, seeing that although Lance had to stay in bed for weeks because of the Pokémon’s weakness, Musica kept on staying as his friend instead of blaming it on Murkrow, joined Lance as his Pokémon. It was Musica’s family tradition to catch their Pokémon in Dusk Balls, so Lance went to town for the first time in a while, and bought a Dusk Ball. He ignored how everyone was staring at how a kid they never met was walking into town from the forest, buying a single Dusk Ball, and went back into the forest. So, Lance caught the Murkrow, and nicknamed it “Crescendo”, for the Pokémon had bigger and stronger wings than most Murkrows. His parents, deciding that Pokémon Breeding was not fit for their son, decided to send Musica to a Pokémon school.

    Once he got there, however, he found out that he was… different from the other students… I mean, other than his talent in music. So, he eventually resigned from the school, and joined a normal school.


    Species: Chatatot
    Hyper Voice
    Steel Wing
    Ability: Musica gets the ability to copy the voice, tone, and accent of any sound he hears. (USE THIS IN THE PLOT. It’s useful.)

    Name: Fermata
    Species: Chatatot
    Gender: Female
    Hyper Voice
    Steel Wing
    Personality: Fermata is very calm and collected, unlike her partner Coda. When in a battle, Fermata listens calmly to Musica, and she will also listen to anyone Musica commands her to listen to.

    History: Fermata was given along with Coda to Musica on his seventh birthday. Being obsessed with music, Musica named the two Pokémon with music-related names. One was named Fermata because of its calmness, which reminded while the other was named Coda because of it’s hasty and obnoxious personality.

    Name: Coda
    Species: Chatatot
    Gender: Male
    Hyper Voice
    Steel Wing
    Personality: Coda is the exact opposite of Fermata when it comes to personality. Unlike Fermata, Coda is very… obnoxious. The Chatatot only listens to Musica, and yet still never calms down.
    History: Coda was given along with Fermata to Musica on his seventh birthday. Being obsessed with music, Musica named the two Pokémon with music-related names. One was named Fermata because of its calmness, which reminded while the other was named Coda because of its hasty and obnoxious personality.

    Name: Crescendo
    Species: Honchkrow
    Gender: Male
    Shadow Ball
    Aerial Ace
    Personality: Crescendo, like its species, is very calm and collected. Musica uses Crescendo in 1-to-1 combat lots of times, for Crescendo has no fear of losing in battle.
    History: Crescendo was caught as a simple Murkrow while Musica’s Pokémon were off playing with the other forest Pokémon. Musica sacrificed a lot for Crescendo, so Crescendo joined Musica, but soon evolved, due to a Dusk Stone that Musica bought.

    Name: Tie
    Species: Drifblim
    Gender: Male
    Spit Up
    Personality: Tie is… much too calm. More than Crescendo and Fermata combined. No matter what, Tie doesn’t give a crap about what’s happening, and only follows orders from Musica. Still, Tie is a major powerhouse to the team… Musica just dislikes using him in battle.
    History: Tie was caught while struggling, for it was caught in a pine tree. Musica found it that way, and freed it from the tree. Back then. Tie was very cheerful… however, Tie evolved… surprisingly quickly. That was because Musica enjoyed Tie’s personality, so he used him in battle many times. Since the evolution, Musica used Tie in battle many times, so it is more powerful than any of his pokemon, but there is one problem. Since a while ago, Musica never used Tie in a battle…

    (Tie will only be used later in the plotline.)
  5. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Pending for now. My only probelm is the description. When you're in Reversal Form, you just turn into the Pokemon, no strings attatched. So that whole last paragraph you have doesn't work. Also, your Pokemon could use longer personalities. That's all!
  6. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    wait, really? I thought you become half-transformed. o.0

    The personalities are about the same size as yours... just about one sentence short.
  7. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    No, it's more like this example I can give. The character Naruto, of the series with the same name is an example of this. You know those scars on his cheeks? the ones that look like whiskers? Those are the result of being fused with a Fox-spirit, as such he does have a few fox-like traits like those whiskers.

    Same size, yes. Same quality, not as much, sadly. Also 2 + 1 =/= 5.

    Also, I know this might not be my concern, but the name "Musica" sounds more toward the female gender rather than the male.
  8. Name: Lane Neal
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29

    Description: Lane is, put simply, an extremely scruffy individual. He is tall, standing at 6”2’, and quite muscular in a way that makes him appear to have significant physical strength, which he does. He has thick, dark, longish hair that is a total mess and very dirty. His features are hard and make him look somewhat angry most of the time. His eyes are a deep blue colour and have a penetrating look about them.

    The clothes he wears perfectly fit his way of life. He has a plain white cotton T-shirt, a pair of tough, thick trousers and a pair of very resilient walking boots. Around his neck he wears a small unidentifiable purple gemstone attached with a loop of string. This gem is very important to him as it is a memento of his mother.

    Personality: Perhaps Lane’s most defining characteristic is his love of nature. It fascinates and excites him like nothing else. Pokemon. Plants. The ocean. Great big mountains. Pretty much anything that remains relatively untainted by human hands. He also has a great sense of determination to do whatever he deems to be right although what that may be is all too often decided by pure instinct. He is very loyal to those cares about but to be honest that’s not a very long list.

    His manner is very forthright. He says pretty much what he thinks without mincing words. This often comes across as rudeness, which in many cases it is given that he is very quick to make conclusions and judgements about a person when he really doesn’t know much about them at all. While he tries to avoid battling nowadays, he finds it very easy to get caught up in them and go into an almost ecstatic state of brutal excitement, a side of his nature that he tries hard to suppress. He also has pretty much zero understanding of machines and technology, they just bewilder him.

    History: Lane grew up in Snowpoint City, almost isolated from the rest of the world, raised lovingly by his parents. Even at an early age he showed fascination with the natural world, making regular visits to Lake Acuity where often he would just sit there, staring dreamily into space. When he was 13 his mother died, handing him the purple gemstone she always wore on her deathbed. Since then, Lane has never taken it off. He had never been a big fan of the cold climate in his home, nor did he like living in manmade structures (they made him feel detached from nature). So when he was 20, he left home to travel the world in search of a place to settle.

    He spent many years exploring far and wide through the various regions, sometimes befriending Pokemon and people as he went. He ended up becoming quite a strong Pokemon trainer. In the Johto region, he met a strange old herbalist who showed a particular interest in his gemstone but refused to answer any of his questions about it. Perhaps the significant event in his journeys occurred towards the end of them, not long before his 26th birthday. He had decided that he was interested to know what was in Cerulean Cave so he went in there looking for whatever he could find there. That was the day that Lane met and befriended Mewtwo, or as Lane dubbed him: 'Grumpy' (much to Mewtwo's displeasure). They bonded closely when Lane helped him fight off some ex-Team Rocket members looking to capture him for their own benefit. The two have been friends ever since, even if they don't see that much of each other. Eventually, a little under three years ago, weary of travelling, he settled down in Viridian Forest to live quietly among the trees and the small gentle creatures that inhabit them.

    Other: While he was travelling around, Lane found it necessary to carry his companions in Pokeballs but now that he has settled in Viridian Forest he sees no reason to use them and allows his Pokemon to roam freely. He however still has the Pokeballs, should the need for them ever arise.

    I shall indeed show you his Pokeymans:

    Name: Sleet
    Species: Froslass
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Protect, Ice Shard, Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind
    Personality: Sleet is quiet, dignified and thoughtful and keeps herself to herself most of the time. She rarely shows her emotions but that does not mean that they’re not there. She is in fact a kind and compassionate individual who is always there to help and comfort others, especially her friends. She is also filled with natural curiosity for pretty much everything around her and likes to inspect and analyze anything that remotely interests her, particularly other individuals. Her sense of dignity, however, means that she doesn't like making it obvious when she's intrigued and does her best to carry out 'investigation' as discreetly as she possibly can.
    History: Sleet was the first Pokemon that Lane ever befriended (when he was ten), on one of his many walks around Acuity Lakefront. The young Snorunt approached him with curiosity and simply found him to be more to her liking than any Pokemon she’d ever met. Since then, Sleet has been Lane’s loyal companion and would (and pretty much has) follow him anywhere.

    Name: Spike
    Species: Cacturne
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Dynamicpunch, Needle Arm, Sandstorm, Sucker Punch
    Personality: Very mischievous. He will stop at nothing to irritate Lane and his other Pokemon in an elaborate fashion. His sense of humour is quite childish and easily tickled, so he spends a lot of time laughing. He also has a seemingly unlimited store of energy that allows him to keep going at whatever he may be doing far further than is seemingly possible. On the flip side, he has very fragile emotions that are easily hurt. This makes him very easy to bully and tease for the cruel. However, the times when his feelings are hurt are less often caused by cruelty, but usually when people get very angry with him for his childish pranks.
    History: Spike met Lane in the desert of Hoenn as a Cacnea when Lane fell into a hidden pit that the Pokemon had painstakingly dug on the off chance that someone might come by. For some odd reason, Lane found this almost as amusing as Spike did and the two quickly and inexplicably became close friends.

    Name: Teeth
    Species: Feraligatr
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Aqua Tail, Superpower, Crunch, Thrash
    Personality: While being the strongest member of Lane’s team, Teeth, put bluntly, is an idiot. His brain works very slowly and even when it’s finished working it’s conclusions are often simply absurd. As such, he relies primarily on others to make decisions for him, which is why it is fortunate that he found reliable and trustworthy friends in Lane, Sleet, Spike and later Noble. He is absolutely and unquestioningly loyal to all of them and relies on their decision making just as they rely on his strength. While his lack of intelligence sometimes causes him to act insensitively, it is through no real fault in character. His true nature is an inherently good individual who often acts tough but worries about his friends a lot.
    History: During some of his travels in the Johto region, Lane arrived in New Bark Town where he befriended Professor Elm. Elm developed an admiration for how close Lane was to his Pokemon companions and when the time came for Lane to move on to somewhere else, he entrusted him with a young Totodile. He also offered to ask Professor Oak to provide a Pokedex for him but was turned down because Lane had no interest or understanding of such technology.

    Name: Noble
    Species: Ninetails
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Spite, Hypnosis
    Personality: Noble is exactly that: noble. Her personality is close to that of an olden day medieval knight. She feels compelled to rescue anyone who appears to be in danger and doesn’t really apply a great deal of jurisdiction to this. Because of this, she constantly ends up in danger herself and may end up as the one who needs rescuing. She isn't, however, stupid, quite the contrary in fact, she's the most intelligent member of Lane's team (including Lane himself). It's just that her brain pretty much shuts off all reason when she sees another in danger.
    History: Noble met Lane on his first visit to the Kanto region when she got herself into a fight with a group of vicious Tauros in protection of a small, terrified Pichu. She was in completely over her head but was saved by a chance encounter with Lane and his Pokemon, who helped her deal with her opponents. Initially, she went with Lane to repay her debt to him but along the way she bonded closely to him and has remained by his side even after repaying her debt many times over.

    Reversal Form:

    Species: Tauros
    Moves: Zen Headbutt, Pursuit, Iron Tail, Giga Impact
    Ability: Lane is capable of using Giga Impact without having to rest immediately afterwards. However, after the battle, when the adrenalin has faded, he will fall into a deep, almost comatose sleep for anything between 30 minutes and three hours.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2010
  9. strategiser24

    strategiser24 Mewtwo is awesome!

    Reserve me a spot please.

    I'll post a sign up when I have time.
  10. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Name: Jessica Davis

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Description: Jessica facial features include dark green eye colour that is similar to the colour of emerald which are of medium sized eyes meaning not big or small, just in the middle. She has dark blonde hair that reaches down to her shoulders that is tied up in a ponytail generally unless she is doing some physical or leisurely activity that involves her letting her hair out. Her facial features are normal with very little features that are abnormal. Her skin tone is a bit tanned but not noticeable. The physical attributes to Jessica is that she is of a medium build, in that her height is around 5'8" and her weight for a woman her age is pretty average. She has a medium sized chest but due to clothing gives it an appearance of being bigger but slims the rest of her body.

    The attire of Jessica works with her personality in both ways. She normally wears a dark purple dress jacket based from the fashions of the 1940's with a black belt around her waist. The dark purple dress jacket is over a white dress that has it buttoned up to the top. She leaves the collar of the jacket down and wears a long black skirt which goes down to her shins. The skirt is a Pleated skirt so it has a lot of folds. However Jessica with her hair does like to tie up in a ponytail, she mainly wears a hat which is styled from the 1940's tipped over towards the right, so you can see a little of the top part of the right side of her face. Her footwear is basically black flats with little heel involved to add some extra height. She wears a little black eyeshadow and bright red lipstick that enhance her image with the help of a silver necklace to add extra detail.

    Personality: Jessica is a very complex girl. She loves to be very physical and enjoys activities that involve water such as surfing and swimming but it doesn't end in the water as she likes to play a lot of sports and knows that anything physical even thought she may not have the strength for it which is quite frequently, she knows that it is her element. She is very competitive in that she will want to beat anyone when it comes to anything physical but she doesn't get to carried away however she does strike up challenges to prove her worth even in the most unnecessary situations which causes a lot of problems with people around her. People will see her as a very independent girl but that isn't the case in that she longs for companionship due to her history which is also why she is rarely happy and that she gives a dark vibe. So she has a public side which is calm, polite and a little cold but her private side of her is cold and dark.

    Jessica is a very fashionable girl but different to other girls in that she knows that she looks good in her fashion however she likes to stick what she knows works with her. She also is different to most fashionable girls that she knows in that she doesn't judge on other people's appearances when it comes to clothing because she simply doesn't care how other people dress. She is also a very cold, hard person to be around due to her baggage. She doesn't like being a leader and she is not a klutz, she is a girl that in a group works in the background and is just there but alone she gives the impression that she is very independent as she can just turn on a group at anytime seems best for her goals. Another thing that makes her different is that she has a dark side due to her history, she is evil in plotting and will crush anyone regardless of who they are, that gets on her bad side luckily her dark side is even though it is powerful, is very hard for her to show. When it comes to romance, she is searching for that one guy and will fight for that person regardless.

    History: Jessica was born in a rich family as a single child. Her mother was an actress and her father was similarly an actor. It wasn't a good home life for her, she rarely saw her parents and was taken care by her mother's younger sister who helped her grow. Her parents always fought due to her mother having affairs on the side while her father was away or at home when she was away. Her mother was beautiful but her personality made her ugly to her daughter's eyes. Jessica hated her mother for what was to come as her mother ran off with another man and filed for divorce and custody of Jessica to which she won. Jessica never saw her father since and while living with her mother, it felt that happiness was draining out of her quickly. She knew that the only way to feel at peace was to be outside where she can escape from her.

    She grew up with her mother just outside Goldenrod City, Johto while she was living there, she knew that she had to keep her emotions in check to avoid any issues. She volunteered with helping orphaned children which her Aunty founded, this was the best reason for her to stay positive about life. As her mother's career shot up, the atmosphere and relationship broke down between mother and daughter which caused Jessica to one night leave home and start a journey where she can learn about herself, help people and become someone she doesn't want to be, her mother. She had three goals she made before leaving her home, "The three goals, to help mankind, to find my father and to get revenge on my mother for ruining my childhood, my life and my family" she yelled out loud as she climbed out of her window in her room to complete her goals.

    Other: Think of her as a femme fatale I guess.


    Name: Serene
    Species: Gardevoir
    Gender: Female
    Attacks: Psychic, Magical Leaf, Calm Mind, Double Team
    Personality: Serene's personality is that she is calm, collected and acts as a mother figure to the rest of Jessica's Pokemon. This is because Jessica never really had people to trust. Which means she does puts most her trust into Serene because she sees her as the what her mother could have been without all the drama. This Pokemon acts as the mother because of the calm nature which easies a lot of pressure off Jessica. When it comes to battling, it is a very defensive Pokemon and will stall the opponent to drag out the battle as much as possible. It is generally used in tough situations in order to ease Jessica and make her relax more in order to make better decisions during those situations.
    History: When Jessica wandered around the area by herself. She felt lonely which just the one Pokemon that she had before, so one day she caught a Ralts and trained it along with her other Pokemon to become stronger as it evolved in different situations that really didn't include danger but it was a welcome to Jessica as she knew she was doing something right with her Pokemon.

    Name: Palisade
    Species: Cloyster
    Gender: Male
    Attacks: Aurora Beam, Protect, Withdraw, Brine
    Personality: Palisade is a very tough strong Pokemon that works with its type. Which means that it is very cold and takes no prisoners when battling trying to cause suffering to its opponents. It is basically the cold side of Jessica and her evilness that residents within her. Like the rest of her Pokemon, they are a side of her which in this case makes this Pokemon for other Pokemon hard to be around with. This is due to the cold personality and type of work ethic that will not let any Pokemon stand on its way towards his or Jessica's goal. It is very protective of its trainer because of the attachment that it has towards Jessica. So it can be counted on by Jessica to use in a situation where she wants something or wants the job to be done.
    History: It was caught as a Shellder that was suffering beached near a beach while Jessica was walking around on her journey. She found it and feeling empathy, she caught it and trained it to take vengeance and revenge on her opponents. She later found a water stone which made her evolve her Pokemon to what it is today, a Cloyster.

    Name: Rancor
    Species: Houndoom
    Gender: Male
    Attacks: Crunch, Flamethrower, Fire Fang, Howl
    Personality: Rancor is Jessica's dark side. Very hard to get along with and very tough. It is not cold or calm but just tough, quiet and doesn't like to fight. Even though it is a very strong Pokemon, not her first. It will quickly try to be aggressive to end the battle and show mercy to its opponent rather than try to destroy or take out anger on its opponent. It is very quiet, so it comes as an advantage in battling as the body language is very minimal which makes it hard to read. It is very lonely in that like Jessica, it wanted companionship which it never had until Jessica came around, so it doesn't like crowded and noisy places. So this Pokemon is basically more of the Private Jessica than the public Jessica. It gives an intimidating look even though it doesn't mean to and this makes it more of an enigma.
    History: It was found as a Houndour in the middle of the night one day by Jessica when she was on her journey, she found some similarities between it and herself, so she decided to catch it. Like the rest of her Pokemon, she trained it as it evolved to a Houndoom.

    Name: Solicitous
    Species: Glameow
    Gender: Female
    Attacks: Hypnosis, Faint Attack, Assist, Slash
    Personality: Solicitous is the Public side of Jessica in that she is very polite and pleasant to be around. Which means that she is around Jessica more than other any Pokemon. This is somewhat due to their history together and Jessica not wanting to evolve her as it holds that last part of Jessica's innocence and her being nice to all even though she is not that way outside the public eye. She likes to battle just to get stronger and help people out but like Jessica with people she doesn't know, she will not take it too fair or ramp up the competitiveness. Which means that this Pokemon likes to work hard and be pleasant for anyone near her.
    History: Before her parents divorced and her mother ran off with another guy, Jessica's father gave her this Pokemon as a present and that was pretty easy to catch near where they used to live which made it easier to give as a present as will not evolve due to Jessica and the Pokemon not wanting to evolve.


    Species: Umbreon
    Attacks: Confuse Ray, Moonlight, Quick Attack, Mean Look
    Ability: To be quicker and stronger in the night when the moon is showing
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2010
  11. Skeith

    Skeith (◕‿‿◕)

    Actually it's a Noctowl. Mr Hoothoot is just his nickname.

    And, since I'm posting anyway, is there a limit on how powerful are characters teams can be? More specially I've got an idea for a Monferno that I'd like to give Sandy and am just wondering whether that'd be okay or not.
  12. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Name: Diego Vendrix

    Age: 18

    Description: He has as subtle tan, not dark enough to look Hispanic, but not pale enough to look Caucasian. His hair is jet black like the feathers of a raven. His hair style somewhat resembles a shorter version of Sonic the Hedgehog’s quills. His eyes are a chocolate brown, and they often express his full list of emotions to someone who understands him. He has a rather nice build. He is slightly overweight, but he also has a bit of muscle on him.

    Diego is around 5'9" and wears a black T-shirt with a gold yingyang symbol on front and a picture of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, portrayed as an Ouroboros with the crescent moon and sun in the center of the loop on the back. He has on some black cargo pants and some black tennis shoes with a red spiral on them. He has his PokeGear on his left arm and carries his Pokeballs in a black-camo backpack. He completes the ensemble with some futuristic-looking goggles on his head, and a gray fleece "M-44 Jacket".

    Personality: Diego is a complicated character. He acts polite and cheerful around people. He has a short temper and is often annoyed by people. However, he has a deep loyalty to those he cares about. He is also quite eccentric and affectionate, often scaring people away, having to develop a line-wolf persona as a defense mechanism. Deep down, he is lonely and feels misunderstood. He also has a dark, twisted, merciless side to him that is also somewhat crazy. He is also philosophical and occasionally zones out. He is a solid trainer, preferring to use mixed types that balance out as well as giving pokemon 'surprise' attacks.

    He is thoughtful of others, although he often fails at trying to cheer people up. Despite being very intelligent and his method of thinking things out, his curiosity and short temper make him have a compulsive edge to him. He has a bit of gluttonous and slothful side to him. He loves eating, but doesn’t like to exercise often. Despite his lone-wolf attitude sometimes, he really yearns for that group of people he will die for and vice versa.

    History: He is an experienced trainer and breeder. He travels alot. He prefers a quiet life, but also yearns adventure. He has a good amount of fame to his 'trademark' alias, DVB. Little is known before his life as a trainer, though he did come from America like Lt. Surge. He started out his journey at the age of 14 at Pallet Town. He arrived there under unknown circumstances.

    He did went through Jotho at 15, traveled Hoemn at 16 and finished Sinnoh at 17. He then traveled through Isshu at the age of 18. He placed at least in the final 8 in each place, having beaten at least two Elite Members and even had a draw with a champion in his lifetime. Having traveled a lot, he was not around for the first incident involving this. However, he is bound to get involved with this madness.

    Current Pokemon Team:


    Attacks: Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Mimic, Signal Beam

    Personality: Unlike Diego, he is most of the time quiet and serious. Despite this, he can get excited and show impulsive outbursts like Diego. He also has good instincts and years of experience. He was Diego's first ever pokemon and they both have a deep level of trust like another certain duo. He may have also dormant insanity that is brought at the same time his partner. Also, unlike his partner, he has a mate. His mate is an Espeon named Wicca who Diego rescued as an Eevee and raised back in Jotho. He wears a fedora with holes for his ears.

    History: He was a wild Pikachu who simply roamed in Route 1 with his younger brother until he was caught by Oak when Diego was going to set out on his Pokemon journey. Although slightly hostile at first, they quickly formed a deep bond and both traveled many regions and survived many encounters. They went through the Leagues and fought many elite trainers. It was in Hoemn where he found his younger brother, interestingly as the starter pokemon of Diego's younger brother, a Dragon Tamer with a bond with Rayquaza. His proudest achievement was managing to pull a draw with Cynthia’s Garchomp.


    Attacks: Shadow Punch, Destiny Bond, Pain Spilt, Payback

    Personality: Dark and solemn, he fights to finish battles quickly and with little effort as possible. However, he cares deeply about the safety and welfare of his fellow pokémon and will often try and protect them with his bulky defenses. He also can heal to some extent with his Pain Split ability. He often looms in the shadows overhearing the situation. Besides being a body guard, he also serves as a messenger of sorts. He also hums to himself and has a high musical IQ.

    History: He was abandoned as a young Duskull. Early on, he had to defend himself from intruders and helped protect Mt Pyre when Team Magma and Team Aqua came. He was nursed back to health by Diego and stood at his side to help protect his pokémon back at the laboratory. Recently evolved, he is traveling with Diego to investigate strange matters going about.


    Attacks: Metronome, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Ancient Power

    Personality: Angel is true to being a Togekiss. Just being around her seems to lift almost everyone’s spirits. She is a serene, peaceful and gentle soul. However, she won’t hesitate to put people in their place if they step out of line and she can be stubborn over certain issues. Overall, she cares deeply for the sake of her comrades like all of Diego’s pokémon. Her job is to help Diego go across dangerous terrain through flight and is a very nimble flier.
    History: She was hatched from an egg in Jotho and helped win a few gym badges. She was a bit of a crybaby and had a bigger temper back then. She also stood up against Team Rocket. She evolved during a battle with Chuck back in Jotho into Togetic. When she evolved once more, she was used in a battle against Cynthia’s own Togekiss and managed to pull a win.

    The cherry on top; REVERSAL FORM!

    Species: Quilava
    Attacks: Extrasensory, Purgatory, Wild Bolt, Brick Break
    Ability: When in a fight, the tips of hair began emitting embers and the bottom of his jacket begins emitting flames. When in emotional turmoil, the flames can cover his whole backside. When his insanity breaks, his flames become erratic and they become blue at the edges with black sparks coming out.
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  13. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    You are also Pending for the same reason. Pokemon personalities, 1 paragraph, five sentences. Also, I'm just a little concerned about Lane's history as Mewtwo plays a key role in the Memory Reversal plot. I'll let it slide, but if you come up with a way around it, I'd be glad if you changed it.

    @strategiser24: Reserve granted!

    @Treespyro: Pending because, again, Pokemon personalities are a bit short. I know what thir Pokemon are like, but just make it five sentences. I noticed you have a lot of run-on sentences... This looks like a paragraph, but it's only two sentences? It's amazing...
    @Skeith: *facepalms* Changed it. As to Pokemon power levels, I'm fine with powerful ones, just nothing over-the-top-legendary-material. Within reason, ya know?

    @DVB: I like your name, it's easy to remember. Accepted. But not for that reason! Curious about Diego's past in America...
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  14. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    I cut down on the run ons and made it longer for a few of the Pokemon. So edited.
  15. FallenSanity

    FallenSanity Ruby in the Diamonds

    Name: Sidus Regis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32

    Description: Sidus is a very tall male, standing a slender 6”9, his fit body making him look like a model almost. His body is not exactly ripped, but not exactly on the line of fit, it sort of sits between the two, meaning that while he has muscles, they aren’t extravagant. His skin is a light tan color, and looks almost like a red-brown in the right lighting. His shoulders are broad, and his legs are long, making him very fast when coupled with his height, and minimal weight of 170pounds. Sidus has roughly lengthened hair, which ends at his collarbone, and flare out in many different directions, almost like something out of a realistic anime. It is colored a muted brown-blonde, with most of it looking brown, and small strands of hair looking very blonde, giving him an almost fake looking hair color.
    His face is very handsome, while still slightly abused by age. His chiseled jaw and magnificent bone structure give him a very handsome face, built to last.

    Clothing, Sidus wears a very fitting outfit to match that of his best Pokemon. A long, ‘armored jacket’, colored in a soft, yellow cream, is what he commonly wears over a lined grey top, which looks somewhat old. He wears a pair of similarly colored biking pants which have grey under-fabrics, and a similar, yet darker, cream color, and many details of pure black. Sidus also wears a very well crafted, very stylish ‘halo’ around his neck, which resembles the ones seen on Shedinja, and for good reason. His parents gave it to him before he started his journey into the world, and as such, is rather precious to him.

    Personality: Sidus can be described well in many words; easy going, kind, friendly. Many people think he is an easy person to befriend, due to his strange personality, but he feels that they simply find it odd due to the fact that not many people are like him in this day and age. Sidus commonly will strike up conversation, and hear a little about another person, before going on about a previous adventure he went on, before returning to being intrigued by their story.

    Sidus is a very feministic person, and feels women deserve the highest of respect, and as such, has never battled a woman, or caught a female Pokemon. Sidus feel that people who would disregard women as the equivalents of men are moronic, or at most, not as intelligent as could be.
    Sidus himself is an intelligent person. He can deduce many hidden meanings, and many hidden tricks, but because of this, can commonly over-analyze.

    Sidus is not very competitive, normally only fighting those who he knows would be willing, to train his Pokemon.

    History: Sidus was born in Lilycove City, to a father and mother, and was always one for exploring the nearby bushed area with his friends. Sidus always wanted to leave, to explore, and become famous, and as such, never really talks about his family very much. At ten, he received his first Pokemon, a Nincada, and at twelve, he decided to travel Hoenn, and discover what there was in the world of Pokemon. He caught many rare Pokemon on his travels, and as such, it slowly turned into his passion. Eventually, Sidus had gotten all the badges he wanted, and all the Pokemon he sought after, before moving on to a new region, and a new hunt.

    After many many years of roaming and catching, Sidus decided to write a book about his time with the Pokemon, named Legends: The Forgotten Ones which covered the stories and tales of the rare and powerful Pokemon in the world around him. Oddly, it was a hit, and made much money and fame, and even led to Sidus writing a second book, The Shadow I Bear, which tells the tales of his many Pokemon and how he caught them, and this book too, made much money in the records. But Sidus cared little; he wanted to explore, and even today, has never once had the good fortune of spotting a Legendary, which has been his life’s ambition since he was 14.

    Other: Sidus, as a famous book writer, is recognized all across the globe, and as such, can’t go many places without being screamed about or fainted over.

    Name: Tid
    Species: Shedinja
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Confuse Ray, Mind Reader, Shadow Ball, Grudge
    Personality: Tid is a very quiet Pokemon, but commonly can be seen going up to other Pokemon and people, and acting very nice. He enjoys the attention the pair receive form the books. He seems to be an intelligent Pokemon, able to deduce many equations and figure out the mind thoughts of other Pokemon.
    He will also commonly get very frightened around Fire-type Pokemon, due to them being the most common of his only real threats, and the pure damage they make causing him to hurt very painfully during combat. But in the end, Tid never really minded them as long as he knew they were nice or easy to speak too.
    History: As a Nincada, Tid was the son of Sidus' fathers Pokemon, and so was an obvious choice for gifting.

    Name: Ajnin
    Species: Ninjask
    Gender: Male
    Moves: X-Scissor, Slash, Metal Claw, Agility
    Personality: Ajnin is a very stubborn Pokemon, and loves battle more than anything. As such, he is a prime candidate for many battles, due to Tid’s low chances of survival for more than two or three turns. Ajnin is very obedient, and is very powerful, the Ace in Sidus’ deck of Wild Cards.
    Ajnin shows an odd amount of affection towards Tid, likely due to the fact that they are basically brothers.
    Ajnin has a love for Dark-type moves and Pokemon, and as such, prefers battling at night than at day, likely due to his speed coupled with the darkness making him a deadly adversary.
    History: The direct evolution of the Nincada, while Tid kept many of the important parts of the previous evolution, Ajnin took the powerful parts; fighting spirit, courage, determination, etc.

    Name: Laxerz
    Species: Snorlax
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Giga Impact, Body Slam, Yawn, Sleep Talk
    Personality: Laxerz is only ever awake during battle, in which it matters now who he is fighting, as long as he can sleep afterwards. Laxerz has brutally defeated a cute Delicatty with this logic, and is the dedicated power house of his team. Laxerz has a fatal weakness though; food. If food is present after battle, he will not sleep, and will instead badger constantly until getting the food he wants.
    Laxerz is really quite fearless, likely due to his massive stamina and pure strength. As the power house, he is almost never beaten, only having been beaten by a Dragonite many years ago. This defeat has given him a strong hate for all Dragon-type Pokemon, which will cause him to look down on Tyranitat.
    History: Laxerz was caught as a young Munchlax, in Sinnoh. The Pokemon never really enjoyed fighting, he just did it.

    Name: Tyranitat
    Species: Pupitar
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Dark Pulse, Scary Face
    Personality: Not much is known about this little fella, other than his previous evolution seemed to enjoy eating a lot, and was one of the more recently caught Pokemon in Sidus’ arsenal. Tyranitat will commonly try to fight the enemies he knows are stronger than him, which has lead to deadly injuries. Sid will constantly tell Tyranitat to save his strength, but still lets him fight enemies he wants too.
    Very rarely does Tyranitat get scared. His most frightening thought is that of running into a Dragonair of Bagon, and being showed up. He has already run into a Gabite and beaten it, and as such sees it as little threat. This fear will commonly get the better of him when battling Dragon tamers, and will make him almost faint when they send out their next Pokemon, in fear of it being one of his enemies.
    History: Tyranitat was always a worthy Pokemon, one of the few Larvitar willing to fight Ajnin. Because of this, it was a perfect addition to the team, and after much training, a friendship formed, where the two Pokemon grew closer like brothers.

    Name: Luka
    Species: Lucario
    Moves: Aura Sphere, ExtremeSpeed, Counter, Calm Mind
    Personality: Luka is a very personal Pokemon, who prefers being secluded to being the center of attention. As such, he never makes a noise, and will always have his eyes closed when out of battle, training his senses to combat nature itself. He can still smile now and again, normally after a victory.
    Luka only has two beings he will openly talk to or be around, and they are Sidus and Laxerz, due to the honor he shows the human, and the friendship he holds with the Snorlax. Luka has not once shown the slightest bit of worry, and so normally can be quite menacing on the field of battle.
    History: As a Riolu, Luka was constantly fighting Pokemon. Garchomp, Dragonite, the strongest Pokemon that came after him were easily beaten. He was a powerful soldier, and when found by Sidus, he decided to turn himself over, for someone to find him in his hiding spot atop a mountain of such height was a feat for any human or Pokemon.
    As a Lucario, Luka is the least used of all Sidus’ Pokemon, and when he is brought out, it is always in double battles with Laxerz. The two formed a special bond in battle, that makes them faster, stronger, and downright menacing.

    Species: Armaldo
    Attacks: AncientPower, Crush Claw, Water Gun, X-Scissor
    Ability: Swift Swim. Quiet basically, when in wet conditions, he can move far faster than he normally could, which, when coupled with the powerful and sharp claws, can create a deadly cut, able to slice through steel.
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  16. Okay, I extended the personalities of Lane's Pokemon (and Lane's as well, because I realised that I'd stupidly forgotten something).

    I don't really feel the need to change the part about Mewtwo on the grounds that he has a big part because if I have anything to do with it, so will Lane. A typical encounter between the two of them consists mainly of Lane annoying Mewtwo by calling him Grumpy and Lane getting clonked with Mewtwo's massive spoon. It's not like Lane knows anything about legendaries from him.
  17. Z-gon

    Z-gon Gotta move that gear

    Hey therez. I was in the first MR but I kind of pooped out the first few posts. I'm aiming to be more commited!!!! O yeah, reserve plz. (Almost forgot!)
  18. strategiser24

    strategiser24 Mewtwo is awesome!

    Name: Will Barnes

    Age: 36

    Description: Will stands at a height of only 5'6". After all of the...events in his life, his weight has gone below 140 pounds. His hairstyle is a buzz cut, similar to the hairstyle in the military. Will appears to be non-muscular, but provoking him proce otherwise. When not needing to be formal, he wears camouflage [pants and a plain brown shirt. The one thing he always seems to wear are the boots he wore when he was in the military many years ago. He hasn;t had facial hair in years and doesn't plan on having or wanting it.

    Will always stands up straight, looking confident and ready to impress someone. Will walks around town with a unique smile that anyone can spot. Though make him angry or provoke his paranoias, his face will change and give you the feeling that he is about to attack you. When he's provoked, you'll see just how much muscle he can have on his arms from the military. Several years in the military totally changed his weak, shy, and pacifist appearance from before.

    Personality: On the surface, appears to be confident and playful. But in reality, he seems to have a paranoia against ghosts and living things that are over 10 feet tall........and Birds, it seems. When he encounters such things, he seems to find some way to draw attention to himself. Such as the time when he fired a SAM missile at a flock of Pidgeootos, or the time a trainer's Gastly missed his attack and hit Will. Will quickly grabbed the nearest floor lamp and began flailing with it at the Gastly. But when he isn't doing something crazy like these, he can be playful and kind. He is able to make the people around him like him. No mater the situation, he always finds somewhere to put a joke. He almost seems to be two different people. The paranoid man, and the kind, playful, and confident man. One always tries to overshadow the other, but many people don't think of him as crazy of mentally ill.

    The paranoid man will stop during anything and start asking incessant questions. Saying one thing that may not be what he wants to hear will make him threaten you with a desk lamp or any other inanimate object and make sure you know his strength more than the last person. And then there is the kind, playful, and confident man. This man knows how to make friends and rally the hopeless when they've lost hope by giving them a motivating speech. Somehow he manages to maintain both personalities and have one make the other seem non-existent at the same time. In other words, Will is unpredictable, and at the same time predictable.

    History: Will grew up on Cinnabar Island. (Long before the volcano eruption of course). When he was 11, his father joined a special operations unit that specialized with mission relating to Pokemon. Will's mother was left t raise him on her own. Will always seemed to have time on his hands to play with his friends, even though he liked to fight with them. When Will turned 19, his mother became sick and died in three short weeks. His father came home and decided that instead of sending him to an orphanage, that he would be trained and join the operation unit he belonged to.

    So off Will was shipped to military training. His playful personality always got him into trouble with the drill sergeant, but despite their attempts to change him, Will always stayed the same, even when he graduated from training 4 years later. Will was put in the same unit as his father, and together they worked for 10 years. Then one day, they were sent on a mission no one really knew what happened in.

    The unit was to investigate some strange activities in a remote area of Sinnoh. So off they went on what was suppose to be a routine mission. But when command came to extract the unit, Will was the only one at the extraction point. Command had lost contact with the unit for about an hour. When they asked Will what happened, he just said in his playful voice, "Next to a 10 foot tall, ancient Pokemon with no ammo.......Glorious."

    The years following the mission, Will began his various paranoias. No one ever understood why he would be paranoid about ghosts and birds, or why he would say the same line every time someone asked him about the mission. But Will didn't act insane or mentally ill. He was anyone else until you put a bird in his face, but following the incident with the SAM missiles, he was dropped from the military.

    Will may have lost the job he had been doing for years now, but he still liked Pokemon and government affairs. So one day, he was given a starter by a professor who didn;t think will had gone insane, and he became a trainer. Though he wasn;t the best, he could battle and could make friends with anyone.....except for maybe people like Falkner or Morty.

    Eventually, he made friends with the right people, and he was given opportunities to assists in public affairs relating to Pokemon. He did well with his new occupation, and still had time to be a trainer. He became a person liked by the people who got to know him.

    Though today he still makes references back to the military. Such as the time when he was eating with his friends, he said, "Pass the ammo please."

    His Team:

    Name: Croc

    Species: Feralgator (I think I spelled this wrong)

    Gender: Female

    Attacks: Hydro Pump, Slash, Take Down, Rain Dance

    Personality: Croc tends to fire off attacks before Will can even finish saying them. She always seems eager, but she wants to battle so much, that she gets tired quickly without knowing it. Half of the time, Croc just fights on her own will, not minding what Will says. But her eager personality has its drawbacks. Most of the time, she get into battles where she will fail miserably. However, she never gives up, even when it's her Vs. a Raichu that knows Thunder. Will has tried to change her to make her be smarter, but it has never worked. This only proves that she will not surrender, even to her own trainer.

    History: She was Will's starter. When she was still in her first form, she was obedient. When she evolved once, she developed her eagerness to battle. that eagerness led her to evolve quickly into Feralgtor, but once she evolved, she started listening to Will's orders only half the time. Will has tired to change her, but it seems that he's given up now. .

    Name: Sam

    Species: Magneton

    Moves: Thunder, Magnet Bomb, Screech, Thunder Wave

    Personality: Magneton is similar to Will in the way that they both don't like birds. He is always calm, but when he battles Bird Pokemon, he gets energized and attacks with a more powerful thunder attack. It was this trait that caused Will to name him Sam. He was referring to the SAM Anti-Air Missile that he had fired at the flock of Pidgeottos when he was still in the military. Unlike Croc, Sam will listen to Will and be smart when choosing opponents. Sam used to be just like Croc, but he learned that his tactics were simply not working as he hoped. Following Will's advice, he changed his tactics and was able to win many more battles then before. Sam proves that he does not give up, but can be different and still not appear as a quitter.

    History: Will encountered a Magnemite that was very weak when he was traveling in northern Johto. He took a chance and threw a ball. As he hoped, he was able to capture the Magnemite without having to fight. With Sam, he was able to fight a greater variety of types than he could with just Croc. Sam evolved into Magneton when he had to face a powerful Rhydon during a battle. Thanks to his other moves, he was able to win, and evolved into Magneton with his new achievement.

    Name: Tank

    Species: Metagross

    Gender: Male

    Moves: Harden, Metal Claw, Barrier, Hyper beam

    Personality: Will gave Tank his name because of how formidable and defensive he can be in battle while still being able to use a strong attack. Tank usually will use harden and barrier a few times to build up a defense. Then he will usually use Hyper Beam, and thanks to his strengthened defense, he is able to recharge without being hurt too much in the meantime. His strategy reflects his personality. Tank is normally shy around anyone but Will.

    History: Will traded with a trainer who had come from all the way from Hoenn. The trainer had been looking for a Steelix, and Will had recently evolved one from an Onix he found in Union Cave. The trade was done and Will was given (I forgot the form before Metagross. Help). He was, at first, very shy of Will, but Will showed his kindness over time and Tank soon saw that there was nothing to fear of Will, and he evolved. Since then, will has been able to give his other Pokemon a chance to rest while Tank takes hardly any damage.

    The cherry on top; REVERSAL FORM!

    Species: Dragonite

    Attacks: Fly, Dragon Rush, Recover, Hyper Beam

    Ability: Will can fly over medium distances as Dragonite, but when he uses Dragon Rush more than 4 times, or he uses Hyper Beam once, he is only able to fly a few yards at once for a few hours due to exhaustion.
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  19. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    I've come to join the second installment of Memory Reversal! I redid my character a bit and gave her a new look. Rewrote her personality and history; I did the same with her pokemon. Though they really didn't change too much(they're pretty stubborn); except for one and I dropped one of her pokemon. Now you know that go ahead and read.

    Name: Izefia ‘Izzy’ Brill (Female)
    Age: 19

    Description: Izzy is five feet and seven inches tall with a feminine look in her chest area; the rest of her body is pretty thin and flat with subtle curves. Her skin is darkly tan which givers her a golden brown shade. From a distance her skin looks fine and flawless but with closer inspection it easy to see she had lot of scars mostly on her hand, arms and shoulders; she got them from some rather angry pokemon. Several black spots covers her face, but luckily her acne from the earlier year has finally clear up making her face quite smooth and appealing. Green eyes glances outward from the youthful face and orange bangs, they were once were dyed blonde, frame them. The strands of hair would go down to her cheeks if she didn’t pin them to her head with some silver clips. The back of her head, wavy hair nearly reaches her ankle she began occasionally tied it in a large bun with a brown ribbon. With her face clear up she's an absolutely pretty lady.

    She has change up outfit now wearing a cream color shirt that a little large so she has to roll up the sleeves so her hands aren’t covered. One of her shoulders is also exposed in this shirt and she wears a brown t-shirt under it. She’ll occasionally take off her white shirt when she got to get down and dirty making her scars much more obvious. The long-sleeved shirt goes over her waistline covering the top her dark brown color skirt. The flowing garment covers most of her favorite pairs of black boots tied in a strange way. She recently began wearing a beret that matches her long sleeve shirt in color; she wears it a bit slanted to left side of her head.

    Personality: After a year Izzy hasn’t change one bit and is still the eccentric girl she always been. She even more believes the pokemon are alien creature from a distance world that have come to this planet and have become a big part of it. Also they are compatible with humans making binding two different spirits possible. Often time you’ll see her trying to talk to a pokemon using pokemon language; or if it a new pokemon she’ll try to examine it and take some DNA samples. She also still has the paranoid belief that the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennies are clones who are trying to tag her and steal her organs or trying to do crazy experiments on her pokemon...

    With that put out there she actually is a very nice person the tries to help other; but her mischief nature sometime ends up scaring them away. Her kinder side makes her try to help everyone; even complete stranger get treated well. Too trusting for her own good, so people can easily use her and leave her if they want to and she doesn’t seem to be affected by it. Most people who abuse or mistreat her, in her mind, often meet her troublemaker side. The young lady will play a prank nothing deadly but definitely shocking enough to make people back off from her. Her other tricks are more inconvenience and get her in trouble with the people around her; though but she can’t help by laugh at that.

    Back to pokemon... she loves them to bits, when she see a pokemon she can’t help but want to pinch it or stroke its body which how she got most of her scars. When they’re other people’s pokemon, she restrains herself from doing anything too strange; because people tend keep them away when she does. Her maturity level which was already pretty questionable drops, though analyses she makes are almost scientific.

    Izzy response quite oddly to some things, angry and rude comments make her laugh. As if they were comedian or something, she can’t stop laughing and even talking to them seriously is a challenge for her. The only time she response with anger is if anyone dare to mistreat or hurt a pokemon; she turns into one fierce and violent person. Even though she has no real experience in actual brawling that won’t stop her from giving a person a slap across their face; or digging the heel of her boot into the person's foot. She’ll get sad at good-byes though she normal won’t let the person know it; the young adult becomes extremely depress when it comes to her mother. She often becomes so quiet when talking about her family; Izzy always quickly changes the subject as soon as possible.

    History: Born and raised in the small city of Cherrygrove, she lived with her mom. Her father was with her until she was five-years-old before he up and left. Her mother was far from normal, insane to most; she believed pokemon were aliens from another planet that came to take over their planet. That they took the place of the original living creatures on this planet and they’re just buying time until they take the place of humans. Convince of this she doesn’t trust the pokemon or any person that likes them. In all honesty, Izzy might have fallen into the same thought pattern if it was for the kindness of the pokemon she saw in her everyday life.

    Like most children, the girl wanted to go on a pokemon journey. When she told her mom that she just cried: saying she was been taken by the alien’s mind control. Since then her mother refused to speak to her or look at her and with a heavy heart she left her hometown. She met many people, most look at her like she had tail or something, there were a few that got to know her. She tried to be a Pokemon Trainer, winning three badges, as well gave being a Pokemon Coordinator a chance, when she took a short trip to Sinnoh. She found that she wasn’t a great pokemon trainer and soon classified contest as bias beauty pageants for the rich and beautiful snob’s entertainment. As she was looking for something to do in this world she knew it had to be something pokemon-related.

    While visiting Hoenn to see the Hoenn Champ Battles she was pulled into the Memory Reversal after witness two large pokemon, identified as Dialga and Palkia, battling in the sky and heard a voice tell her to seek out the legendary. She and other person in the same situation travel together meeting one she dubbed as Mr. Psychic, Mewtwo, before learning the Team Malevo’s plan. Ruining their plans she and her four friends were able to save both worlds. Unfortunately the group went their own way, but she still loves to send them messages every so often.

    Other: Has several notebooks in which she writes down different pokemon languages and tries to figure out what it means in human language. Also has instead of a pokedex, a book (a very thick I must add) which she collects different pokemon DNA sample as well as write little notes about the pokemon themselves. After the event of the Memory Reversal she realized she is really good at drawing and painting. The three badges she has are Zephyr Badge, Fog Badge and Mineral Badge.

    Pokemon Companions

    Frenzy/ Mankey/ Female

    Attacks: Revenge, Assurance, Fury Swipes, and Dig

    Personality: As a natural trait of a Mankey, Frenzy has a short temper. The slightest seemingly unimportant details could set her off. Once the rage has been set off she goes into a frenzy and attack the one that had upset her. Even once she filters out her anger and calms down, she remains peeve at the individual for a long time. When the pokemon isn’t enraged it obvious a very emotional fighting type: she cries at sad stories, empathizes with others pains and gets all warm inside when there is romance in the air.

    History: Within her group of Mankey, Frenzy was label as a bit of an oddball thus she was bit on her own. She eventually was capture by a human and was in possession of two humans before Izzy. The ones before anger her and she would attack them; the white pokemon was practically forced onto the girl. She actually enraged the Mankey too by ripping out a large patch off of her. But unlike her previous trainers Izzy didn’t give up on her and traded her off; she just smile at her and treated her kindly. Frenzy eventually stopped hating her though they still have their spats.

    Other: She wears a soothe bell on her tail because it help her relax and stay calm but it doesn’t help much to keep her temper down once has as been started.

    Chucky/ Furret/ Male

    Attacks: Slam, Trick, Sucker Punch, and Hyper Voice

    Personality: This Furret is mischievous, like his trainer, and enjoys causing chaos. Chucky rarely had been punished for is actions since Izzy goes along with him and she also gets all the blame from other people about his actions. Thus he does stuff worry-free not understand the weight of consequence of his actions. This pokemon can purposely enrage a pokemon and humans alike often making them fall for one of his traps. He also persuade them into giving him stuff and doing thing the way he wants; he’s really quick cunning and manipulative. He seem to get along with the pokemon on Izzy’s team but they often get rather angry at him since he messes with them as well.

    History: Chucky lived in the same town as Izzy; he’s quite infamous there. He has been know to cause chaos throughout the town such as setting off alarms moving around expensive produces and sneaking into people’s home and eating their food. He is quite intelligent and quick on his feet, so all attempts to capture him has been a failure. Though one night when he was almost got caught, he met Izzy. She helped him escaped and the two became quick friends. When she decided to leave on a pokemon journey, he became her first pokemon and they began their journey.

    Other: Learn a good amount of his mischievous tricks from Izzy.

    Chewbacca/ Croconaw/ Male

    Attacks: Water Gun, Ice Fang, Crunch and Slash

    Personality: Since his evolution he had grown up a bit losing his previous hyper personality. He still has the bad habit of biting things though it's mostly things he never seen or when he’s hunger. The blue pokemon stays quite focus and determine to finish his task; on he flip side he gotten more stubborn refusing to do thing until he has been fed. Though he not picky of the food he eats, he tries to only eat things he knows are edible. He grew out of his nervousness of female pokemon but now he has tendency to become with infatuated with any pretty faces he comes across; he get really sad when he’s rejected.

    History: On her Journey she found Chewbacca at the side a lake suffering from major indigestion as a Totodile. He was in no condition to fight, so he was easy for Izzy to catch.

    Other: N/A

    Satin/ Sneasel/ Male

    Attacks: Faint Attack, Slash, Ice Beam and Metal Claw

    Personality: Satin is an antisocial pokemon that doesn’t trusts anyone he doesn’t known well enough. He often viscously glares towards strangers as his way of telling them that he wants to be left alone. He does the same to the other pokemon in his party as well as Izzy. He may appear to hate Izzy just as much as everyone else, but there is an obvious trusting bond between them. He still is quite cold and unfeeling toward her and occasionally known to scratch her when she anger him. When others are in danger, he is known to protect them showing his kinder and more caring side.

    History: It can be said Satin lived the life of a pretty much normal Sneasel; with a few difference of human always trying to capture him and always standing out in a group. Because that he became a hard opponent to defeat, outclassing all those around him; as well as become isolated from others. After a difficult battle that left him badly injured, Izzy happen to come by and capture him; not something he was happy about at all. He defied her every whim and commands yet he never tried to run away which made Izzy wondered: how does a pokeball make a pokemon who clearly doesn’t want to stay, stay.

    While he was forced out so Izzy could examine him, Satin caught the eyes from some interested humans. They tried to steal him away and even though he fended them off very well by himself, he was outnumbered. Fatigue they were able to trap him and before they could drag him off Izzy came to the pokemon’s rescue. After risking her skin to help him, Satin gain some respect for the human girl.

    Other: Satin is a shiny Sneasel.

    Ark/ Arcanine/ Male

    Attacks: Extremespeed, Thunder Fang, Flamethrower, and Roar

    Personality: Ark is a very noble and strong pokemon that protect all he associates as friends with his life. He the type of pokemon to stay up tall with pride and not let other words belittles or brings him down. His loyalty is one hundred percent to Izzy’s; he would do anything if she told him to do it. He is very untrusting of strangers, mostly humans, and often growls and glares at them. Eventually after hanging around the stranger for so long he warms up to them a bit; just don’t expect him to give the person a ride without Izzy say so.

    History: Ark was given to Izzy by and one of the many clones called Officer Jenny. He was just born and the girl happened to be the first person he saw thus he became instantly attached to her.

    Other: The stripe on his shoulder looks like a capital ‘a’. He’s often outside of his pokeball.


    Reversal Form!

    Pokemon: Smeargle
    Attacks: Poison Jab, Egg Bomb, Air Slash, and Sketch

    Ability: Look it's a Butterfree, now there's a Milotic... that looks like a mountain!!! Since when did she become such as artist? With the power of her pokemon Izzy has become a great drawer/painter how that will help who knows.
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