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MR2: Time Loop

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Skillfulness, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. strategiser24

    strategiser24 Mewtwo is awesome!

    Seemed longer when I typed it on Word. But the margins are bigger on this website. *shrug*

    I extended the first 2 Pokemon and Will's personalities.
  2. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Doctor Membrane from Invader Zim. The insane son is Dib I presume?
  3. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    Hmmm... Hmm... ponder... ponder... yeah I'd like to reserve.

    Also, I was wondering, would it be possible to make two characters (a set of twins, a Plusle and a Minun, oh I'm ever so creative)? I mean, now that my classes are like over, I'll have time to write all these sign-ups haha. =)
  4. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    @strategiser24: Margins... I'm simply talking number and quality of sentences. If you looked at the sing-up skeleton, I want two paragraphs, 5 sentences each, for the human personality and description. I'm satisfied with the Pokemon, but Will is still short on personality and now description. Still Pending I'm afraid...

    @DVB: +1 Brownie point! I love Invader Zim to death XD Dib's head is just so big...

    @Musical Mayhem: Okie doke, Reserved. Of course you could make two characters (Plusle and Minun, classic). Cherish your free time, for it shalt not last...
  5. strategiser24

    strategiser24 Mewtwo is awesome!

    Sorry. I vaguely worded that sentence in the last post. Never mind it.

    I've made the Personality and Description for Will both 2 paragraphs long. 5 Sentences each.
  6. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    Acctually, "Musica" is a male name, and "Melody" is a girl's name.
    btw, how many characters can I make?
  7. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    @strategiser24: Nyha ha. I like it. Accepted!

    @lxdarknessxl: I'm gonna set the limit to three, but I'd be concerned with your one right now if I were you.

    EDIT: Started the main thread! Begin your posts!

    P.S. I'll possibly (defineitely) extend the due date of SUs/Reserves, so don't panic if you aren't quite done.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2010
  8. Skeith

    Skeith (◕‿‿◕)

    Hey Skill, just letting you know I've added a Infernape to Sandy's Line up.
  9. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    actually, i gatta resign from this RP. I have too much homework for the SU.
  10. Accidental

    Accidental Sharps and Flats

    Fashionably late as always.


    Name: Warren Caulfield

    Age: 22

    Warren is a tall and lightly built man. His skin is slightly tan, but not quite as tanned as it could be due to his time in the library. He has dark brown hair long enough to cover his ears. It comes down to his neck and frays outwardly slightly. His bangs would cover his eyes if he didn’t keep it swept to left and can be seen flipping his head casually to get it put back in place. His eyes are a plain blue and have a calm, almost serene, look to them. His face is slender with concise features that give him a pointed kind of studious look. Warren also lacks his left arm from the shoulder down due to the accident he had while battling.

    He tries his best to keep to short sleeves when he can because long sleeves are awkward to wear unless he cuts off the left sleeve which is strange. His most common outfit is a light blue, button-up tropical shirt that has darker blue imprints of Palm Trees covering it. He has many types of these shirts, but the blue one is his favorite. For pants, a pair of plain black jeans or beige cargo shorts does the trick. If he’s wearing jeans he’ll put on simple tennis shoes and if he’s in shorts he’ll wear sandals to match. For the rare occasions when he is forced to go into cold territory he has a specially-made black jacket that has only the right sleeve sewn into the side so cold air doesn’t sneak in from the left.

    Warren is an intellectual, one who is never willing to back down in a battle of wits. He enjoys learning and is an avid reader of the Pokemon Times (Crossword Champion 2010, baby!). He is somewhat like an English Teacher in that he enjoys correcting people when they mistake which can make him seem kind of like a snob sometimes. He loves being around people though and is willing to let the occasional grammar mistake slip by uncorrected when he is with his friends. After all, no one likes a grammar Nazi. When he’s not hanging out with his friends or reading, he spends time on the pier with his Pokemon, either battling or just hanging out. Warren is generally a very friendly person, but he has no patience when it comes to rude people and isn’t afraid to call them out on their behavior when they’re out of line.

    When it comes to battling, Warren is a strict strategist. He enjoys spending his time on creating new moves or combinations for his Pokemon. Due to his accident he has a somewhat unique outlook on battling. While he can recognize just how dangerous it is, he can also understand the thrills that come with that danger. Warren disapproves of the recent talk of battling as too risky, but understands how people could think of it. If it comes up in conversation he will fight to defend the right for battlers to use their Pokemon to their full power and potential.

    Logic is the main source of Warren’s actions. He believes strictly in the facts and has a hard time believing in legends or myths. He generally regards people who believe in these things as simply misguided. Warren simply wants people to do good and hates seeing their time wasted on fictional stories like Dialga and Arceus, which have no factual basis in their existence, when they could choose to instead do something more productive like read a book or go to work. After all, humans shouldn’t be limited by these carvings in the rock when they have so much potential. Every day new strides are being made in the fields of medicine and robotics, if only we could let go of this silly talk of “Alternate Dimensions”…

    Warren was born in Canalave City. His father was a sailor and his mother was the daughter of a wealthy family located in Kanto. The two met while on a cruise that went from Vermillion to the port city, and after spending a few months together traveling Sinnoh, the pair decided to settle down in Canalave where Warren was born. From there, Warren attended the Canalave School of Advancement where he learned of his love for academics. He consistently scored straight A’s and received commendations for his good behavior in class. A little later he began showing an interest in battling and he was soon admitted to a Battling School at the age of fourteen.

    He was not as good of a battler as he was a student and struggled to keep good grades. Two years into his schooling he began suffering from serious panic attacks and was allowed out of school until they subsided. Warren’s father, thinking that the breakdowns were most likely due to stress, decided to take him on a cruise that toured the regions of Johto, Kanto, and Hoenn. The experience changed his life. When it was over he had a renewed sense of the importance of academics and began to become much more at ease with his self. From then on Warren’s battling improved substantially and his father gave him his first Pokemon, a Cyndaquil, to celebrate. By the age of 18 he had graduated from both the School of Advancement and the School of Battling at the top of his classes. He got a job at the Canalave Library and began participating in local tournaments.

    When he was the age of twenty he entered a tournament that would change his life forever. By now his parents had moved to Kanto and his Cyndaquil had evolved into a Typhlosion which had earned the nickname “Lucy”. Warren and Lucy went to finals of the tournament without a scratch. The final battle, however, was much tougher and both trainers and their Pokemon looked to be on the edge of defeat. In the last few moments of the battle a stray attack from the enemy missed its target and rammed right into Warren’s left side. The only things he can remember after that is a dense fog rolling in and the pain in his side increasing to unbearable levels before finally blacking out.

    When he woke up he found his parents had returned from Kanto and his mother was in tears. Warren quickly tried to sit up, but was instead greeted by another tinge of intense pain. Crying out, he grabbed for his left arm, only to find a lump of bandages where his left arm should have been. He then realized what had happened, his arm had been amputated. The following weeks went by extraordinarily slow and he was subject to bouts of insanity due to the meds. By the end of a few months he was back to full strength and had gained two assistants to help with his daily life, Barnes and Noble. He was recently startled to find himself thrust back two days into the past.

    Other:No thanks?


    Name: Lucy

    Species: Typhlosion

    Gender: Female

    Lucy is a very independent Pokemon. She is very respectful of her trainer but isn’t afraid to push him to his limits. Like Warren, she considers herself as somewhat of an intellectual and despises being held in a Pokeball. Because of her size she tends to spend most of her time at Warren’s house watching TV or practicing her battle techniques rather than walk around with her trainer. After Warren’s accident she felt personally responsible and helped him recover. Because of this the two have a very deep partnership for each other. She also has an obsession with watching soap dramas and can be seen laying on the couch with tissue in hand while her shows are on.

    Lucy was born on a farm in Johto and was specially bred to have a few moves not normally associated with her natural move-set. She was given to Warren after his return from his trip around the world as a congratulatory present with his return to battling. She evolved into a Quilava quickly under his care and she and Warren became fast partners. At school, they were known as one of the hardest teams to thwart due to their unique strategies and training. After Warren graduated she evolved into a Typhlosion and began entering tournaments with Warren. After his accident she worked with him during physical training to help him get better.

    Attacks: Flamethrower, Crush Claw, Sunny Day, Solar Beam

    Name: Barnes

    Species: Mime Jr.

    Gender: Male

    Barnes is the more assertive one of Barnes and Noble. (Why else would his name come first?) He simply has to be first in whatever he does and loves being the leader. He is a very animated Pokemon and has a very cartoon-ish air about him. Just like Noble he is obsessed with Libraries and books and has dreams of running his own book store one day, if only his size would allow him to do such a thing! Instead he is forced to spend his time rummaging throughout the Canalave library to find books he enjoys reading. In battle, Barnes is the sole attacking force of the Barnes and Noble duo and prides himself on his great power.

    Barnes was born in the same breeding grounds as Noble and although they are technically twins, Barnes was born 1 second before Noble making him the older brother. From a young age he made sure to assert himself as the more elite of the two and tried to set an example for his poor and ignorant younger brother. (Sarcasm?) Later on, he and his brother were adopted by a special foundation that trains Pokemon to be guides for disabled people. It was here that he was formerly trained in the art of being a professional assistant and taught him how to read. From then on he showed a great interest in books and often read to his little brother, despite the fact that Noble read both faster and clearer than him. Barnes, along with Noble, was assigned to Warren after his accident. He taught them how to battle and developed a special strategy for the two Mime Jrs.

    Attacks: Psychic, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Grass Knot

    Name: Noble

    Species: Mime Jr.

    Gender: Male

    Noble is the submissive one of Barnes and Noble, he is the Luigi to Barnes’ Mario, or if you prefer Sega, the Tails to his Sonic. He never speaks up much and tends to follow behind Barnes constantly. He is quite intelligent and tries, always in vain, to give his brother advice on how to do things. Though this frustrates him to no end, he never shows any more anger than the occasional exasperated sigh. Just like Barnes he is also obsessed with books, although he is much more equipped when it comes to reading and understanding them. He is the sole Status Inflictor and Defender of the Barnes and Noble battling duo and prides himself on his speedy reaction time and acumen.

    Noble was born in the same breeding ground Barnes was. He came a second after Barnes which makes him the younger brother of the two. From then on he spent the rest of his life always trailing behind Barnes, never getting the chance to pass him up. Like Barnes, he was adopted by the same foundation that helped Warren. He progressed very fast in his teachings and became an expert in the art of cooking, cleaning, and the finer arts of running a business. He was assigned to Warren after his accident and found his new trainer to be quite pleasant. At first he was uncomfortable with battling, but with some encouragement from Warren he found himself ready and willing to fight.

    Attacks: Teeter Dance, Light Screen, Thunder Wave, Hypnosis


    Species: Wooper

    Attacks: Double Kick, Protect, Water Gun, Iron tail

    Ability: At the expense of added energy, Warren is able to extend his Protect in a small bubble capable of covering both him and another small Pokemon of his size.
  11. FallenSanity

    FallenSanity Ruby in the Diamonds

    Okay, done the editing.

    Sorry it took so long, I haven't been on in a while.
  12. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Accidental: Good job, Accepted.
    lxdarknessxl: well, you can sign up later if you feel like it.
    Skeith: your Infernape lis allowed.
  13. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    Oh gosh, I'm finally done. These two and aaaall their Pokemon took foreverrr.

    Name: Allison Shuster
    Age: 20
    Description: Ally is average size for a young woman, standing at roughly five foot five. She is relatively thin with long, lanky arms and legs. She has very little body fat, and the fat that she has goes towards giving her beautiful curves. However, Ally is a little insecure, so she prefers to wear slightly “fancier” clothes. She wears a lot of lower cut shirts, often short sleeved to show off her relatively pale arms. She’s usually seen in a pair of navy blue skinny jeans and a button down plaid shirt. This plaid shirt is relatively colorful, as it has patches of red, white, and maroon in it. On her feet, which look relatively large due to how skinny her ankles are, are a pair of well-worn and relatively faded red converse.

    Ally has a shoulder length bob of wavy sandy blonde hair. In this hair is usually a bow, matching whatever she’s wearing. And since she’s often in her red plaid (even when she’s not in that, she’s often seen in red or pink), she wears a red bow on the left side of her head. She has bangs, that hang almost into her big baby blue eyes. These eyes are often surrounded by a tiny ring of gray eyeliner and some black mascara. Aside from that, Ally doesn’t wear any make-up, fearing that she’s much too pale for foundation. She has a sort of natural blush that runs across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, especially when she’s embarrassed. Her ears are usually hidden underneath her hair, but whenever they are seen, you can see that Ally has three lobe piercings and one cartilage piercing, in which there is always a silver hoop.

    Seeing as she’s an (almost) professional bassoonist, Ally is often seen in a frilly black skirt embroidered with flowers and a skin-tight black top performing bassoon. She often wears a black bow instead of a red one for these performances and she has dozens and dozens of black earrings to wear for such occasions.

    Ally is the more cheerful half of the twins. She is usually goes a little bit overboard with her happy attitude. The simple things in life cheer her up. She’s one of those people who run around squealing about absolutely everything they can think of that’s exciting. Ally believes that everyone should have fun, and often goes out of her way to make things more fun for others. She’s the type that will wrap her arms around a buddy and start singing, just to try to get them to open up. She’s very touchy-feely and she loves the way it makes her feel to touch people (not in a naughty nasty way!). She believes in an “exchange of energy” when one person touches another, and that this can help to both open people up and calm people down when they’re upset.

    Ally’s very very sensitive, which is both a good and a bad thing. She is very good at reading people, but she often chooses to keep her mouth shut about things at risk of starting drama. When it comes to drama or confrontation, Ally runs away like a bat out of hell. She’d rather not deal with the pressure it puts on both her and others. Which brings us to the bad part of Ally’s sensitivity. She takes almost everything personally, even if it isn’t meant that way. Whenever she receives a criticism or a little comment about something, she will obsessively work to fix the “problem”, even if that something isn’t a problem. If someone tells her that her make-up’s not right, she’ll change it based on that person’s opinion. In the end, her brother can snap her out of this sort of stage, and she will go back to the way she was.

    Ally is undyingly loyal, and she would do absolutely anything for her brother. Ally and Elliot often finish each other's sentences in that creepy twin-like manner, and they often try to trick people into thinking that they can read each other's minds.

    History: Allison and Elliot were born to a pair of relatively frazzled and not quite ready for twin parents. Their mother Lillian was a nurse, and their dad Joseph was a “late bloomer” Pokemon trainer who never actually travelled anywhere to collect any badges. Due to this he only has one badge, and that one is from Oreburgh City from a family vacation one year. The two of them had a fairly average childhood, but they were often made fun of for being “interchangeable”. Despite the fact that the two twins were different genders, they were practically identical until puberty. Once puberty hit, Ally found herself with a line of boys waiting to date her, but she never really took the opportunity, and she never really knew how to tell a guy she liked him.

    Ally started playing bassoon in ninth grade after a failed Pokemon journey (she still has her Pokemon though). She never really had the heart for battling, and she hated seeing her Pokemon getting hurt. So Ally attended high school, learning “skills for the world” and whatnot before attending Oreburgh University for music performance on bassoon. She lives in an apartment with her brother. She hopes to be in the Sinnoh regional orchestra when she “grows up” and marry a cute oboe player. Perhaps her views of the world are a little askew.

    Other: Ally and Elliot are not psychic twins, as awesome as they think that might be. However they know each other inside and out and they can finish each other’s sentences and have an uncanny knack for knowing where the other is even when they’re not together.

    Their Pokemans. Show me them…

    Hypnosis, Fly, Zen Headbutt, Extrasensory
    Personality: Nocturne is a bit of an apathetic creature. She’d rather not involve herself in fights or battles of any kind, since she finds them petty and below her. She refuses to do what she’s told in battle, simply sitting around and dodging attacks instead of behaving herself. However, she has a ghastly temper, and this often leads to Nocturne attacking anyways. She’s very easily insulted, and prone to attack anyone, even her trainer, but Ally loves her anyways.

    History: Ally met Nocturne after her failed adventure. She found her as a tiny HootHoot right outside the door of her high school band room, where she’d been “abandoned” by her mother (to this day, no one knows if Nocturne’s mother actually left her there or not). Ally brought the HootHoot up to battle and eat right, but she seemed to care for neither of those things. She only battled when provoked, which was often, due to her temper, and evolved after a particularly messy battle with a relatively dirty-mouthed Chatot.

    Bubblebeam, Peck, Metal Claw, Tackle
    Personality: Bubbles is a feisty little creature. He loves to pick fights, especially with Pokemon that are larger than him. This can often lead to trouble, and Bubbles usually loses, since he doesn’t really think before he attacks (or speaks) and just goes all out on whatever he’s doing without a plan. However Bubbles is painfully loyal to Ally, and will do almost anything she says, despite the fact that he isn’t always happy about it. He would do anything for her, or any of her other Pokemon, and even her brother. Bubbles doesn’t think very highly of Elliot, and he’d rather not have someone so “mopey” around. Bubbles often wets things that belong to Ally’s twin, and leaves them around their apartment in an ice block or a puddle, depending on his mood. Elliot loves to compare him to a PMS-ing girl.

    Bubbles was received in the generic get your first Pokemon sort of way. Ally chose him as her first Pokemon, and Elliot chose his Chimchar Ember. The two Pokemon were almost immediately best friends, and Ally and Elliot often suspected that there was something going on between the two of them. Ally thought that Bubbles was the cutest little creature ever, so she almost never put him into battle, because she didn’t really want the tiny penguin to evolve. (Despite the fact that he obviously did). Bubbles liked to fight, but he didn’t want to go against his trainer, so he started acting out against her twin. Ally simply thought it was funny, but it does kind of bother Elliot... These days Bubbles just hangs around the apartment out of his Pokeball while Ally’s practicing and at class, so he uses his spare time to harass Elliot.

    Patapan (Patty)/Pachirisu/Male
    Spark, Quick Attack, Charm, Discharge
    Personality: Patapan is a crazy hyper little creature. He loves to run and jump and shock people, especially Nocturne and Bubbles who don’t really appreciate it very much. Patty acts sort of like a three year old child, mostly since he cries whenever he doesn’t get his way. He throws fits when he’s upset, shocking anyone and anything who’s near him, including Ally. It’s never really hurt her as much as it should, and that often upsets little Patty even more. Patty’s easily confused and led astray, so Ally can often trick or entice him into battling (or keeping quiet) with a few treats or promises that he can shock Elliot instead (who is also curiously resistant to poor Patty’s shocks).

    History: Ally caught Patty a few days into her Pokemon journey. He’s the only Pokemon she’s ever actually caught by battling. She fought him with a young Bubbles, who was injured by a powerful shock aimed at both Bubbles and Ally. Ally really liked the little guy’s spirit, so she pushed Bubbles to the brink in order to catch him. The two of them hated eachother at first, but now they’re pretty good friends. They sleep curled up together in the corner of Ally’s room. Nocturne doesn’t like either of them.

    Psybeam, Confusion, Quick Attack, Swift
    Personality: Rayne is a highly intelligent Pokemon. She spends the majority of her time thinking about anything and everything, and she can often use her psychic abilities to tell how people are feeling or doing. When she sees that they’re upset or distressed, she’ll simply go and sit next to them, cuddling up to them like a cat. This is often very helpful for her highly emotional trainer. She gets highly offended whenever someone hurts Ally or really anyone without reason, or with some kind of spite in their heart. She is very shy however, and spends most of her time wrapped around Ally’s legs, or peeking out from under some kind of furniture.

    History: Rayne was as a present from his father, who bred a pair of twin Eevees. Finding this appropriate, he gave one to Elliot and one to Ally. Rayne was a quiet and thoughtful Eevee, but she fell in step with her trainer, whom she practically worshipped. Eventually, she evolved into an Espeon, and she often acts as Ally’s musical audience.

    The cherry on top; REVERSAL FORM!

    Species: Plusle
    Attacks: Spark, Thunder, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave
    Ability: Ally can absorb energy out of any object with an electric charge (it works better with positively charged objects) and use it to power up her own self. When she does this her hair (or fur, I suppose) practically stands on end and sparks. Her hair also sparks a bit when she’s irritated.

    Elliot Schuster
    Age: 20
    Description: Elliot stands about two inches taller than his sister, he’s only about five foot seven.. He too has relatively long lengthy arms and legs, however he has a thin layer of muscle where his sister only has skin and bones. He has a relatively skinny body, with just enough muscle here and there to bulk him up a bit. He is usually seen clad in older t-shirts, often with different bands on them. His favorite is a bright blue one with a Pachirisu playing a purple electric guitar on it. He always wears blue jeans, since he doesn’t care much for an exciting wardrobe. These jeans are often muddy at the bottoms, due to Elliot’s extreme time digging around in the mud. Elliot’s muddy jean bottoms are matched by his muddy sneakers, which he’s owned since he was seventeen, despite how many times Ally has told him that they’re really really ugly. They are dark navy blue, but so caked in mud that you can barely even see the blue parts anymore.

    Elliot has swooshy “emo” hair that goes down to about his chin. It is the same sandy blonde wave as his sister. He too sports bangs, that hang almost into his big baby blue eyes. His eyes exactly match those of his sister’s, and his lashes are long enough that he looks like he’s wearing mascara too. Elliot has a relatively pale complexion that causes his blue eyes to stand out even more, and he’s not a big fan of that. He too has a slight blush that runs across his cheeks, and he’s been known to turn bright red when he’s embarrassed. His ears tend to poke out a bit from his shaggy hair, and Elliot has his lobes pierced, in which he wears clear studs.

    Personality: Elliot often finds himself getting called a pessimist, but he prefers to think of himself as a realist. Where his sister thinks that everything in life is naturally good, he tends to be wary of everything. Elliot is cautious by nature, and he’d rather not see anyone get hurt by something potentially dangerous. Ally would be first in line for a dangerous carnival ride, Elliot would be right behind her, attempting to drag her away from it. He cares about his sister with his life, and he would most definitely give everything up for her. He carries the same undyingly loyal trait that his sister does, and if you were to befriend either (or both) of them, you’d probably be set for life. Elliot does have a bit more trouble making friends than his sister, since he feels like he’s not nearly as interesting as her. Elliot has a bit of an inferiority complex, due to growing up with a gorgeous twin sister and being called a girl for the first half of his life. He often holds back to let Ally do the talking.

    Elliot is very quiet when you first meet him, but once he opens up, he’s secretly hilarious. Elliot loves cracking little jokes at people and things to cheer others up and diffuse tough situations. He has a perfect knack of turning someone’s day around, either by joking with them or turning their situation around. He may seem all “realistic” on the outside, but on the inside he’s actually an optimist. He can take someone’s situation and turn it around, showing them that they deserve to be treated better than they are being treated now. He’s sort of like everyone’s favorite secret therapist. Elliot stands up for whatever’s right, and he often gets infuriated when his sister or one of his few friends are being treated unjustly. Occasionally this can cause a fight, but Elliot swears he’s never actually started one.

    History: Elliot and Allison grew up in Hearthome City with their parents, living out their average lives as small children. As little kids, they were often mixed up or made fun of for being the opposite gender, especially Elliot and his longer hair style. When they hit puberty, the teasing stopped for Allison, but for Elliot it was a little harder. He was often called a scrawny little girl, due to the fact that he was a little bit short and a little bit “feminine”. Elliot went through weeks and weeks of body training, until he finally settled into running track. He and Ally both took a break from schoolwork to go on a traditional Pokemon training expedition spurred on by their father, but Elliot came back home when his sister decided to return, even though he was good at Pokemon battling. They study together at University of Oreburgh, where Elliot is an Archaeology major (he rebuilds fossil Pokemon!). He lives in an apartment with his sister and their Pokemon.

    Other: Elliot doesn’t know if he can physically function away from his sister. They’ve always been in the same area as each other... for the last twenty years...

    Their Pokemans. Show me them…

    Mach Punch, Flamethrower, Ancient Power, Fire Spin
    Personality: Ember is a very calm, collected Pokemon. She is very analytical, always analyzing the best way to proceed in battle and in life. She can be a bit bossy, often wanting to be in charge of the situation. She tries to tell Elliot how to battle (despite the fact that he can’t understand her) “properly”. Ember often tries to draw him charts and graphs to logically explain the current situation they’re in. She sees Bubbles as a little brother, and often tries to nurture him into doing the correct thing, but she can never seem to get him to cooperate. This frustrates her to no end, and instead of getting mad at him, she usually just gives up.

    History: Elliot received Ember from the Professor at the same time his sister obtained Bubbles. Elliot immediately realized that Ember was a powerful Pokemon and he often used her in battle. Due to this, she evolved quickly into a Monferno, and then to an Infernape. She began taking care of Bubbles, trying to train him so that he could evolve as well, but without the help of his trainer, not much came of that. She is often very bored these days, spending her time around the house with a bunch of non-battling Pokemon.

    Zen Headbutt, Ancient Power, Assurance, Take Down
    Personality: Randy is a pretty chill Pokemon. He doesn’t do much aside from sleep and eat. The big Pokemon is often seen loafing around Elliot’s balcony, growling at passerbys. He’s a little bit territorial, and her cares a little bit too much for Rizzo, who’s often seen sleeping under his tail. He’s taken quite a shining to the little Leafeon, and quickly accepted him into the family.

    History: For his entrance exam into the Oreburgh University as a Fossil major, Elliot had to prove that he could properly dig up and create a fossil. Hence, Randy was born. He was a powerhouse in battle, effortlessly flicking away most of his opponents to the point where he became bored and lethargic. Nowadays he just serves as a babysitter and a bulldozer.

    Attacks: Tackle, Grasswhistle, Magical Leaf, Quick Attack
    Personality: Rizzo is a sweet, kind-hearted Pokemon. She watches out for both twins’s Pokemon with an almost motherly compassion. She takes the blunt of the other Pokemon’s complaints (think of a mother in a car full of young children screaming “Mom! Randy poked me agaaaaaain”) with ease and pride. She is looked upon for a good strategy attack. She even deals with the lazy, lethargic Randy, and he loves her just as much as she loves him. She often is seen snuggled under his tail, fast asleep. However, she won’t put up with him bullying any of the others, and can be stern when needed. She is steadfastly loyal to her trainer and his sister, and would do anything for the pair of them or her “children”.

    History: Elliot received Rizzo as a present from his father, who bred a pair of twin Eevees. Finding this appropriate, he gave one to Elliot and one to Ally. Rizzo evolved when battling against Ally’s Eevee for practice near the Moss Rock and has been a loyal Leafeon ever since. She was a little miffed that Elliot stopped battling, but she got over it soon enough and settled into the stay-at-home-Mom mentality she’s in today.

    The cherry on top; REVERSAL FORM!

    Species: Minun
    Attacks: Quick Attack, Swift, Thunder, Spark
    Ability: Elliot can absorb energy out of any object with a negative charge and use it to his advantage. When he is “full” his hair (or fur I suppose) stands on end as well. Elliot’s hair also sparks when he is irritated, but much more so than his sister’s... probably because he’s irritated most of the time. The two of them are much stronger together, since opposites attract.
  14. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    @FallenSanity: Everything checks out. Accepted!

    @Musical Mayhem: Heh, Allison sounds just like me (the real me). Well anyway, Accepted!

    Looking forward to all y'alls posts. And I will alloq SUs to be turned in up to Friday, with or without Reserves. I might be able to cook something up for those wishing to join in the middle of the RPG, but we'll see when it gets to that point. Spread the word!
  15. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    ...Ok. Just leaving a note here in case anyone cared X3 Sign-ups are CLOSED. Apologies, but perhaps there will be a third installment of MR that those wishing to join can shoot for in the future? >.> Oh yeah, sorry for double posting, just pretend there isn't one above this.

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