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MSN Codes >.>


Scary Faerie♥
I've got MSN, and it worked fine for a while. But for the past couple weeks, none of the codes work. Like the color code, bold code, and anything else like that, don't work. Once someone writes "[c=][/c]" or something like that, the actual stuff in the brackets shows up, instead of changing the text color, or whatever it is they're trying to do. Is there anyway to fix this? It's really starting to annoy me : /


Is MSN plus even activated?


Scary Faerie♥
Yeah, as far as I know, it is. [PurpleMew made me download it lol]. Unless I'm supposed to re-download it every so often before it expires... or something. But I doubt that.

Ice Dingo

What version of messenger are you using? Plus doesn't work on the latest betas.