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MSN Messanger


I have a problem, MSN won't let me sign in! It keeps saying I have to update MSN or it won't let me sign in. Quite frankly I DO NOT want to update to this new version. I have it at my grandmothers, and I do not like it at ALL. I like my same old MSN version 7.

Any suggestions to get past this?


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well if it dont work then get aim that all i can say i use to have msn messanger but i have a diffrent one now

Virtual Chatot

Circa 2006
One of the Faults with MSN...Its all about Updating with them -_-

I suggest getting Gaim, as you can get all the IM Services all on one program

( Google it )


The thing is, I would really prefer to stick with msn cuz all my friends are on it. I really just need to some how get past the pop up...


Try pidgin (formerly GAIM), or trillian. Both of these are able to connect to the MSN network - getting one of these will still enable you to chat to your friends (and any friends you have on other networks such as AIM, as well.)