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MTG COTD: Blastoderm

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Constipation= Fetish
Blastoderm - Nemesis. Common
2GG: Creature - Beast
Fading 3 (This creature comes into play with three fade counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a fade counter from it. If you can't, sacrifice it.)
Blastoderm can't be the target of spells or abilities.

Blastoderm IS a good card, like it or not. 4 for a 5/5 that can't be targeted. What more can you want? With fading 3, you can attack with it 3 times, which is more then enough. Blastoderm IS great and is one of my favs.

The Duck's Rating: 3/5

Shadow Trainer

Hive Trainer
A nice card, 5/5 and can't be the target of spells or abilities for four mana is very good.The only thing bad about this card is Fading 3. 3/5


Lightning Swordsman
A 5/5 untargettable creature for 4 mana can really throw a wrench in your opponent's strategy. It would be downright broken if it had Fading 5 or more. If you get it out, this thing will probably deal tons of damage, especially if you can give all your creatures forestwalk. This + Forestwalk = 15 damage, which will probably mean gg if you've poked your opponent with enough 1/1s to wear him down to 15 life by turn 3 or 4. 4/5

Sergay Wang

This is probably one of the best 4 drops in the game. 5/5 that can't be targetted instantly takes card of any removal spell that isn't mass. Fading 3 is a setback, especially since Fading 4 would have meant 20 points of damage =P but it had to be done to keep some balance. Although, if you can manage to give it haste, it can be fairly nasty.

Only Baloth trumps it in terms of strong 4 drop creatures, but only because Baloth gives you life and stays for more then 4 turns.

Overall: 4/5


Ski > You
A damn fine card, dealing fifteen damage is certainly no joke. Now since it cannot be the target of spells and abilities, that means that they cannot hope to destroy it with weird crap like Taunt and the like.
15 free damage... Should be enough to devastate most opponents, however, it would simply be owned by any attempt to stall it. Therefore, unblockability is imperative.
Especially with the lack of Trample, this card could easily be countered, even without a spell.

Not open for further replies.