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MTG COTD: Dracoplasm

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Constipation= Fetish
Dracoplasm - Tempest. Rare
UR: Summon Shapeshifter
When you play Dracoplasm, sacrifice any number of creatures.
Dracoplasm comes into play with power equal to the total power of the sacrificed creatures and toughness equal to the total toughness of those creatures
R: Dracoplasm gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

I really like this card. First of all, it only costs 2 mana, that itself is pretty cool. Tack flying on there. For casual play, this card is just the bomb. You could always sacrifice a creature that is dehydrationed/paralyzed/etc. Then you can add in that cool effect of adding +1 to your power and hello, you thought this card is gone? Now it has flying, plus more power and toughness from the other creatures i sacked, *tap some more red mana*, hello :)

The Duck's Rating: 2/5

Shadow Trainer

Hive Trainer
An okay card, works nicely in decks that can produce alot of tokens quickly but it's it cost UR colours which are not exactly token producers.The flying and self pump is good though. 3/5

Sergay Wang

Dracoplasm can get really expensive if you take the cost of producing creatures into account. And considering Red and Blue aren't exactly known for effectly cost creatures, it can be trouble getting it big.

But, being a */*, Dracoplasm is pretty decent throughout the game regardless of how many or how large a creature you may happen to sacrifice.

Easly game sacrifice a cheap small creature and with Flying and Fire-breathing, Dracoplasm can still do a decent beatdown. Later in the game, Dracoplasm can devour more of your creatures and hope to Fly in for the game win.

The biggest problem though is removal. Once someone decides to bounce or destroy or remove Dracoplasm from play, you easily lost whatever you sacrificed.



Ski > You
Nastily powerful in some decks, but useless in others.
Token spammage = Ownage.
Therefore, it actually means something in Mirrodin decks I assume.
Let's see... Echoing Courage + Genesis Chamber = Lots of 3/3 Myr transforming into some ubered freakazoid.

Then again, there are always the infinite combos, such as Indestructibility + Sacrifice.

However, setting it up IS hell.


Sergay Wang

No offense skiboydoggy, but you're a total MTG newbie. You don't even know the rulings on cards or how abilities things work. Do you know what the STACK is?

Indestructible + Sacrifice is not a combo. A sacrificed creature still goes to the graveyard and stays there unless otherwise stated: i.e. Colossus' shuffle back into deck ability.

Same goes for Indestructible creatures with zero toughness. They still die.

And I'm fairly certain that if you sacrificed 10 1/1 Myr Tokens that where hit with Echoing Courage (or a Tribal Unity with X as 2), it would be a 10/10 and not a 30/30, as the Myr Tokens went to the graveyard, thus the pump spells is no longer in effect and Dracoplasm checks the creatures upon going to the graveyard, not while it's in play.


Ski > You
Oops, so I am a MtG newbie, not afraid to point that out.
I am quite sure I am unsure of the rules, therefore I do not take offense.
(Still trying to figure out how the heck Ravager's infinite damage combo works, but that's just me.)
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