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MTG COTD: Living Artifact

Discussion in 'Alternate TCG Discussion' started by klducks, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Kaizer

    Kaizer A Shadow of Darkness

    And once again, the life is a mere by-product of the win because you gaining life was unable to deal lethal damage or deck out your opponent.
  2. chaoslord

    chaoslord Not...Pigeons....

    ok. so, if i play a variant and start with 60 life, i have to gain life to win? nope.

    its the triggered ability of the enchantment that wins the game, not life gain.
  3. TenteiKarite

    TenteiKarite PRIMAL

    you are missing the point.
    you said that life gain doesn't win games.
    Test of Endurance can't win without life gain, Life gain is necessary for ToE to work. ToE wins, but, as stated before, it NEEDS life gain to do so. Life gain causes ToE to win =Life gain wins (in a ToE deck)
  4. chaoslord

    chaoslord Not...Pigeons....

    and you missed MY point.

    ive been known to play variants with crazy starting life totals, such as 60.

    at 60 life, no life gain is required
  5. klducks

    klducks Constipation= Fetish

    Thats like saying, oh lets say 4 Lava Axes can't win without mana. Mana is necessary.

    Test of Endurance wins games, compared to 4 Lava Axes.

    Life is compared to Mana.

    Mana wins you games?
  6. Kaizer

    Kaizer A Shadow of Darkness

    Thank you klducks, that's basically what Chaos and I have been trying to say.

    Test of Endurance causes Test of Endurance wins the game. It asks for extra life, but having that extra life doesn't do you much good without Test of Endurance. In this case, the life is like mana. You need mana to play things to win the game- the same way you need at least one life to not lose the game. Any extra life and you still haven't won or lost the game. It may be helpful, but there is no way that it will win you the game.
    An ability on a card that asks for a requirement does not mean that fulfilling the requirement wins the game.

    Once again, thanks for putting it like that klducks. That's exactly what we're trying to say.

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