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MTG COTD: Oathsworn Giant 12/28/05


Oathsworn Giant
4 WW
Creature —Giant Soldier
Other creatures you control get +0/+2 and have vigilance.

Awesome card, especially in multiples.

It is a great card for BDW. Actually, this is probably required as a finisher for BDW. Not really a finisher by itself persay, but it is needed to push for the extra points if you need them.


Shadow Trainer

Hive Trainer
A 3/4 body, vigilance and it pumps your creatures and gives them vigilance, very nice.The six mana cost is a little high and will probably prevent this card from seeing play in most constructed formats, but this looks like it would be great in limited. 3/5


Constipation= Fetish
I LOVE this guy in limited. Especially when drafting Selesnya when you have big guys + little 1/3 tokens. 6 mana is a bit much, but worth it obviously. Ofcourse talking limited, this is a top pick.