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MTG COTD: That Which Was Taken

Discussion in 'Alternate TCG Discussion' started by klducks, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. klducks

    klducks Constipation= Fetish

    That Which Was Taken - Betrayers of Kamiwaga. Rare
    5: Legendary Artifact
    4,T: Put a divinity counter on target permanent other than That Which Was Taken.
    Each Permanent with a dvinity counter on it is indestructible.
    "This got held prisoner in human hands has put all humanity in the hands of angry gods."
    -Masako the humorless

    Casual play, this card seems cool. Yeah, try to terror/ wrath my cards now. *****. It also makes cards like Troll Ascetic and Plated Slagwurm nice since mass destruction can't touch them. The only thing i can think of ATM that can get those is Evacuation.

    However, 9 mana just to put a indestrucible counter can go either way on it being worth it or not. For casual play, it is definetly worth it.

    The Duck's Rating: 2/5
  2. Shadow Trainer

    Shadow Trainer Hive Trainer

    This card is just really bad, it's only useful if your trying to protect something or trying to put more counters on one of your Myojins. 2/5
  3. chaoslord

    chaoslord Not...Pigeons....

    Tis an OK card.

    Too bad for 2 mana, they can get around the "indestructible" part. 1R, shatter. Oops, youre stuff is no longer indestructible.

    Yeah. This could be abused in a mana engine with mirror galleries, but, thats casual. If you see this in a tournament on the other side of the board, congratulate yourself for a win.

  4. ~RaikouRider243~

    ~RaikouRider243~ Lightning Swordsman


    What a waste of mana. All I can say is there's WAY better things to do with your mana than make stuff indestructable, ESPECIALLY since there are so many ways around it. Especially since all you have to do is pop the artifact. *Disenchant* *Naturalize* That was a bunch of wasted mana for you. I'll swing in for a bunch next turn since you're basically tapped out. GG?

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