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MTG COTD: Voracious Cobra

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Constipation= Fetish
Voracious Cobra - Invasion. Uncommon
2RG: Creature - Snake
Whenever Voracious Cobra deals combat damage to a creature, destroy that creature.
There's no known antidote for the cobra's venom... or its appetite.

Cool card. Give this guy flying, and this will block out most attacking creatures.

"yeah, attack me with your ****ing 15/15."
"It has first strike and whenever it deals damage to a creature, it destroys it"
"bye" :)

Way better then that Deathgazer card.

The Duck's Rating: 3/5

Shadow Trainer

Hive Trainer
Usually a 2/2 for four mana isn't that hot, but the First Strike and ability to destroys creatures makes this card really good. 3/5

Sergay Wang

First Strike & fast venom is the only reason it's good. Otherwise it's just another venom creature.

Anyway, 2/2 First Strike for 4 Mana is a bit pricey. And R/G being mainly an aggro color, a defensive ability like this isn't that amazing. While it may scare away a few potential blockers, it's not really that amazing.

Personally, I like Tangle Asp given Regeneration or Lure. Or a creature with built in lure with Gazeof the Gorgon on it. Those can get nasty fun ^^;

Casual: 3/5
Limited: 3/5
Constructed: 2/5
Not open for further replies.