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MTG-Standard B/W What Creeps in the Night

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by the3rdH0kage, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    Okay so this is a deck I've been running for a while. The main strategy is to generate some tokens and get my Blood Artists out and Sacrifice them with Bloodflow Connoisseur to deal damage and get them low. them put stress on them with the powerful creatures and the control from the O-Rings and Pacifism crippling their cards then go in for the kill. It wins most of it's matches. So I decided to take it to an FNM and it only was able to compete in 2 of the 4 rounds because I had to leave early. But anyway it lost both matches to very similar decks. (The only differnces I noticed were the case colors). But anyway I decided to post it up here to see if you guys can give any suggestions. So here we go.

    White Cards:

    2x-Captain of the Watch
    1x-Herald of War
    1x-Warclamp Mastiff
    1x-Angelic Wall
    1x-Aven Squire


    2x Captain's Call

    3x-Safe Passage
    1x-Banishing Stroke

    2x-Oblivion Ring
    2x-Angelic Benediction


    Black Cards:

    3x-Blood Artists
    2x-Bloodflow Connoisseurs
    1x-Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis
    1x-Xathrid Gorgon
    2x-Harverster of Souls
    1x-Duskmantle Prowler
    1x-Bloodline Keeper/Lord of Linage
    1x-Mikaeus, the Unhallowed

    1x-Mind Rot


    1x-Exquisite Blood

    1x-Liliana of the Dark Realms


    Multi-Coloered and Artifacts:
    1x-Sorin, Lord of Innistrad
    1x-Moonsilver Spear


    1x-Barter in Blood
    1x-Blood Reckoning
    1x-Deathrite Shaman
    1x-Mark of the Vampire
    1x-Unhallowed Pact
    1x-Vampire Nighthawk
    1x-Ajani's Sunstriker
    2x-Angel's Mercy
    1x-Attended Knight
    1x-Captain's Call
    1x-Crusader of Odric
    1x-Serra Avatar
    1x-Urgent Exorcism

    I plan on taking Liliana out when I get a Sublime Archangel.
    Deathrite Shaman will probably be taken out and I'll put a Diregraf Ghoul in it's place.
    I'll probably throw in another Herald of War and Captain of the Watch when get them.

    Have fun and yes Kamotz I know I run quite a few Singles.
  2. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    I feel that this color combination hit its peak during Dark Ascension and then tanked once Avacyn Restored and M13 came out. I used to play Wb Tokens and loved it, but it just doesn't have the support of a lot of other combinations now. It lacks a lot of the stopping power of other decks, especially with everyone and their uncle playing some combination of Jace, Thragtusk, Sphinx's Revelation, and/or Detention Sphere.

    As far as card choices. I'm much less picky about some of your one-of's. Stuff like Nefarox, Mikaeus, Herald of War, and Xathrid Gorgon are fine as one-ofs, because any more and they suck. I'll just go through the different cards and say why I am or am not a fan.

    I didn't bother with some of the sideboard stuff. Basically those just...aren't that good. Now, some suggestions as to better card choices:

    Knight of Glory & Knight of Infamy. These are WAY better than many of your other cards. 3-4 of each, depending on the metagame by you (what decks other people are playing). Especially at on 2 mana. You can just about always reliably cast one of these guys on Turn 2. And their Exalted trigger means that you can attack on Turn 2 for at least 2 damage.
    Vampire Nighthawk. One of the best creatures to have. Lifelink and Deathtouch on a 2/3 body with Flying for just 3 mana? It's great. And exalted triggers just STACK on him.
    Vault of the Archangel. The BEST (and only) utility land in your colors. Lifelink and Deathtouch. It turns EVERYTHING into a Vampire Nighthawk.
    Isolated Chapel. Having dual-lands is a MUST.
    Dryad Militant/Rest in Peace. These will help against decks that abuse cards in their graveyards. Both are usually are sideboard cards, except Dryad Militant, which could be a very good one-drop.
    War Falcon. If you have the Knights and Soldiers (like Knight of Glory/Infamy), this can attack on Turn 2 for 3 damage. It's very aggressively positioned.
    Killing Wave. The BEST partner for your Blood artist. Tap out for the Wave, and just sacrifice all your creatures for MASSIVE damage.
    Increasing Devotion. Much better than Captain's Call. 5 creatures (and flashback gives you 10) for just one more mana.
    Bloodgift Demon/Underworld Connections. Great for drawing cards. The demon is more easily removed (via kill spell), but also has the benefit of being a 5/4 flyer. Both give you insane card advantage.
    Desecration Demon. Half-decent with Blood Artist triggers. But insanely good with the next card...
    Disciple of Bolas. With the Demon or any of your big creatures you end up drawing a massive amount of cards and gaining a massive amount of life.
    Cryptborn Horror. More secret tech that your opponent won't expect. After a huge swing, play this card and it ends up huge.

    Also. MORE Sorin, Lord of Innistrad and MORE Sublime Archangels.
  3. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    I agree with some of the comments. I plan on adding at least 1 Sublime Archangel when I can get it. The Angelic Benedictions are in there to Tap creatures and the +2/+2 is a nice bonus. I'll take out the Warclamp Mastiff, Angelic Wall and probably the Haresters of Souls, and throw in 2 of the Knights of Infamy/Glory. Also I think that B/W will become pretty strong after Gatecrash with Orzhov coming out.
  4. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Sure, it'll be better because of the support cards and just cards that define the color combination. But the deck itself will change RADICALLY.

    Exalted isn't usually a Standard-viable mechanic outside of a few situations, and certainly not something you want to be depending on. Past a certain point, you'll be dealing more damage when you swing with ALL (or more than 1) of your creatures. And then Angelic Benediction is a dead card. It's turn 4 at the earliest, during which you could already have a War Falcon/Dryad Militant, Knight of Glory/Infamy, and a Vampire Nighthawk swinging for a total of 6 instead of 4 with just the Exalted triggers (from 1 knight and the Benediction).

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