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Muffin's Trade Thread

Favorite Dark Type Family? (Out of these)

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Shady 2.0
Alrite then let me know when if you wanna trade if you dont want latios i can look for another poke in my box you may want


Joltik Queen <3
Want: Jellicent,lv60,Calm(m)

Have: ANA pikachu male or female

Pokemans man

magikarp trainer
Hi i really like your shiny deoxys and i was wondering wether you might trade it for 2 of my flawless UT shinys like my calm flawless shiny frillish
PM me if interested i also have a shiny flawless adamant drilbur if your interested


Well-Known Member
Hi, I'm interested in this Pokemon: Zigzagoon (SAPHIRE, Shiny, Adamant).
From your wants I see I have these: Impish Shieldon (shiny), Munchlax (shiny, Timid), Clampearl (shiny, Quirky), Barboach (shiny, Naughty), and McDonalds Janta's shiny Golurk.


New Member
Interested in the Shiny Mew if anything in my sig would be acceptablt lemme know!


Pokemon collector
I was hoping you could trade that Shiny Latias to me. I have most of the things on your wants list (including the modest latios), please let me know, I would love to work something out
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Muffin, what would you want for your shiny timid gastly? vm me for what i have

Edit: NVM just noticed that i dont have anything you want. sorry to waste your time
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