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| Multi Battle Fan Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Azulart, Nov 12, 2017.

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  1. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter


    Welcome Multi battle fans !
    This is the place where you can find people that
    also share the love for multi battles.

    Multi battle is a term being used in pokemon where you and your partner engage in a tense and fun battle against two other players.
    Everyone brings 6 pokemons and 3 will participate in the fight. The team who brings down the opponents team first, wins the match.
    Think about that moment when your avatar in ORAS and Steven Stone face Maxie and his admin - only with four players instead of in-game characters,
    now that is a Multi battle !

    Our focus is simple, gather alot of people and do some jolly coopertation with pokemon battles.
    We dont play by the Smogon rules or VGC rules normally, although this can be requested.
    Our goal is not to win but just enjoying the expercience of multies and making friends.

    1. Please stay on topic.
    2. Respect each other.
    3. When sharing your expercience here, please keep it proffesional. No bashing or insulting.
    4. Any thing not made by you, please indicate the artist or source where you obtain the image.
    5. Follow the general SPPF rules.
    6. No double posing, mini-modding, etc..
    7. Stay active on both the thread and our club channel.
    8. When joining, please follow the registration format below.
    9. Have fun in some jolly cooperation !

    Sign up FORM
    Friend code:

    Have you singed up? Good ! Then please click on the link below
    to reach our channel. DiscordChannel <-- link

    Username: Azulart
    In-game-name: Mythe
    Friend code: 0705-4374-1566

    Username: Marika
    In-game-name: David
    Friend code: 5258-0856-5908

    Username: scizor64
    In-game-name: Carlos
    Friend code: 0275 - 8655 - 0603

    Username: Wego
    In-game-name: BriefStarWego
    Friend code: 4141 3434 8031

    Username: Nomik18
    In-game-name: Lefkos
    Friend code: 1435 4739 8696

    Username: JoeyJoeJoe
    In-game-name: Joe
    Friend code: 4914 5819 8536

    Username: Archstaraptor
    In-game-name: Chris
    Friend code: 3926 - 5813 - 3943

    Username: xYachu
    In-game-name: Yachi
    Friend code:4614-0610-4174

    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  2. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Event book.

    Multi-Battle-Fan-Club Christmass Tourney #1.
    1. Double Battles are being held with the Flat Rule format. This means no double items can be used and you need to pick 4 out of 6 mons to enter the battle.

    2. Your team must consist of one pokemon that fits in the Christmass theme. This is a pokemon that fits in the Red, Green or White colour catogory
    or esthetics that represent an common element in christmass, like a tree.. present.. etc..
    Your chosen pokemon must be nicknamed; Merry Christmass / or Merry Xmass, but you can be very creative, as long as you wish your
    opponent something christmass related

    3. Make sure one of you saves the battle video.

    4. When a disconnect happends, discuss with your opponent if you want a second battle or decide the outcome based on the pokemons left.

    5. Incase of withdraw from the tourney, the opponent automaticly wins.

    6. Be aware of the deadlines !

    Banned pokemons.

    Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys,
    Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Reshiram,
    Zekrom, Kyurem, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Diancie, Hoopa,
    Volcanion, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, Magearna, Marshadow, Ash-Greninja

    All participants will receive a Gold Bottle Cap and the winner of the Tourney can chose between:
    HA Shiny Articuno from the VC games, an HP Fire Timid Latios or a shiny cloned pokemon from Mythe's shiny hunt huge stock (no legends).

    Sign ups can be found in our discord channel but you can also sign up here ! Just fill in the following format below and I will add you here;

    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
  3. Marika_CZ

    Marika_CZ Well-Known Member

    Just to clarify, we try to have couple of friendly battles every day (you don't have to battle everyday to be considered "active" tho) and we all live in various time zones.
    Hopefully this thread will help with coordination, since plaza is rather limiting in terms of in-game communication (to put it mildly).
  4. scizor64

    scizor64 "sciz"

    Username: scizor64
    In-game-name: Carlos
    Friend code: 0275 - 8655 - 0603
  5. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter


    Welcome to the guild Scizor !
    I am wishing you a great time here !
  6. Wego

    Wego WeCounting Stars

    Nice club Azu may if I join also love the banner.

    Username: Wego
    In-game-name: BriefStarWego
    Friend code: 4141 3434 8031
  7. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter


    Good to see you here too Wego!
    Looking forward to form a tag team with you ;)

    enjoy your stay here.
  8. Wego

    Wego WeCounting Stars

    Yeah looking forward to it I might have to bring Wegosaurus the Aurorus that you breed for me.
  9. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Hey guys, having a good time in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

    I noticed there are quite some fun Multi battles in game ! Nice addition :)
  10. Marika_CZ

    Marika_CZ Well-Known Member

    Unfortunatelly I *still* didnt get local copy. I regret preordering now. I should have just grabbed UK copy while visiting London :/

    I did hear about ingame multi battles. Definitely looking forward to it.
  11. scizor64

    scizor64 "sciz"

    Hello friends, I have yet to obtain my copy. Probably next year as I'm too cheap and reluctant to spend my little "spending money". Haha.

    Been spending a generous amount of time completing Alola pokedex in sun. Also doing the same in Moon which is easy since i have transferred all my stuff over to it from completing the dex last gen. Its fun to fulfill entries.

    My question:
    What is a good moveset for a multi-Turtonator? I have two variants currently designed for singles but am looking to expand it for multi's! (I love its design and it needs some love)
  12. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Turtonator is hard to use in doubles imo, a good reason why people want a fire type in their team is to have something against the OP Fairy type.
    Turtonator's added dragon type doesnt make it able to tank some Moonblasts, its dragontype does prove a nice addition against Sun teams, its very good pokemon to use against (and in) sun teams actually.

    Anyway, in my expercience Turtonator needs alot of support in order to shine in multi-double battle. His signature move is quite strong, 150 base power with spread damage but is a bit gimmicky to use. The best way to abuse this, is to use moves like Spotlight and Ally Switch. Shiinotic makes an excellent syngery partner with him due his typing and both can work in trick room toom. Shiinotic and can use Spotlight on Turtonator to redirect Poison Jabs, iron heads or Brave birds to turtonator activating Shell Trap for excellent spread damage, while taking minimal damage with his good DEF bulk.

    This is the set I am using in Multi-double battles;

    Turtonator @ Electric Seed
    Shell armor
    IV: 0 speed
    EV's: 252/0/4/252/0/0
    - Shell trap
    - Fire blast / Heat Wave
    - Dragon Tail / Dragon Pulse
    - Wide guard

    With just relaxed nature and 4 EV's it has 172 Defence Plus the added +1 defence from Electric seed gives him enough bulk to tank hits. (Good for Shell trap). The rest I dumped in HP for added Bulk and 252 in Sp.attack.
    I tried to do some calcs on giving it Sp.def but it hardly matterd for him honestly, and he needs the fire power (lol) to do some good damage with Shell trap.

    Quiet is fine too but then his defence gets a huge kick down, something around 150 which a found a bit to low.

    Anyways, in practice I pair this up with Tapu Koko since he resists boosted Thunder moves so the electric terrain doesnt hurt him that much (Nice side effect of the dragon type) The terrain actives his Seed and he becomes a Def wall :D. Now its just a matter of sitaution what your going to do, doing the shell trap with Shiinotic or Fire blast.

    I like dragon tail on him because it makes sure the opponent cannot setup Trick Room.

    Well.. sorry for this much info, but I just like underrated mons too and like to give you some ideas how you can work it :)

    Anyway I hope to see your Turtonator too in our multies :)
  13. Marika_CZ

    Marika_CZ Well-Known Member

    Finally got UM. Gonna transfer all my Moon competitive stuff ASAP. Hopefully we can have multis tonight or tomorrow.
  14. scizor64

    scizor64 "sciz"

    Thanks for the advice Azu! I will definitely try that set out with dragon tail. I like that dragon tail + outside trick room support idea/combo too! Boy this gives me a good starting point to branch out from.

    And yea ill see you guys for some fun multi's in the chat!
  15. Nomik18

    Nomik18 Estia

    Username: Nomik18
    In-game-name: Lefkos
    Friend code: 1435 4739 8696
  16. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter


    Welcome Lefkos!

    Enjoy that shiny charm and I wish you a good stay here :)
    Cant wait to play with you in a multi battle !
  17. Marika_CZ

    Marika_CZ Well-Known Member


    Btw I guess we should include our USUM avatr names too now. Mine is Marika, like in XY days.
  18. JoeyJoeJoe

    JoeyJoeJoe I'm old Greg

    Username: JoeyJoeJoe
    In-game-name: Joe
    Friend code: 4914 5819 8536
  19. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter


    Hey Joe, welcome to the Multi Club.
    Its good to have you with us :)

    I wish you a good stay and many enjoyable battles to come.
  20. Marika_CZ

    Marika_CZ Well-Known Member

    Hiiiiiiiii Joe! :) Glad to have you here.
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