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Multi-purpose Sandstorm Team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by JoshMurray, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. JoshMurray

    JoshMurray New Member

    Designed an OU Sandstorm Team that does pretty much everything.

    Tyrannitar – Sandstream
    Jolly, Evs: Max speed, Max attack, 4HP
    Hone claws, Stone Edge, Crunch, Dragon Tail
    Held Item: Muscle band

    Crustle – Shell Armor
    Impish, Evs: Max Defense, Max HP, 4 Attack
    Stealth Rock, X Scissor, Iron Defense, Earthquake
    Held Item: Leftovers

    Magcargo – Flame Body
    Calm, Evs: Max Special Defense, Max HP, 4 Special Attack
    Will-o-wisp, Amnesia, Recover, Flamethrower
    Held Item: Bright Powder

    Probopass – Magnet Pull
    Calm, Evs: Max Defense, Max HP, 4 Special Attack
    Iron Defense, Thunder wave, Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt
    Held Item: Zap Plate/Magnet

    Claydol – Levitate
    Calm, Evs: Max HP, 128 Defense, 128 Special Defense
    Earth Power, Rapid Spin, Cosmic Power, Extrasensory
    Held Item: Leftovers

    Sigilyph – Magic Guard
    Modest, Evs: Max Special Attack, Max Speed, 4 Special Defense
    Calm Mind, Stored Power, Air Slash, Psyshock
    Held Item: Life orb


    Crustle as first entry gives the free stealth rock (assuming what you're up against doesn't have Magic Bounce). Basing it as a defensive wall, shell smash is left out and replaced with Iron Defense bred in from pineco/foretress. The reason for Crustle as opposed to Forestress is the Sp.Def boost it gains during sandstorm and its slightly higher attack and speed stats.

    Tyrannitar is a must due to its Sandstrem ability but the use of Hone Claws as opposed to Dragon Dance is due to both Dragon Tail ad Stone Edge having slightly lower accuracy than other moves. This goves a decent coverage as only steel resists all its attack moves and since most steels are slow, tyrannitar caan easily outspeed and force a switch with Dragon Tail.

    Probopass is a Special Defence beast as in a sandstorm its base Sp.def rockets to 225, nearly as high as a non sandstorm Shuckle. Iron defense does the obvious, TWave hits things that you want slowed and TBolt hits any pesky waters assuming you strike first. Flash Cannon gives a decent coverage STAB and a chance to lower Sp.Def. I think Probopass is highly underrated and if used right can be incredibly useful.

    Magcargo, although incredibly mediocre gets the special defense boost from sandstorm (120 base from 80) and has willowisp and flame body for burn coverage on physical sweepers. Amnesia boosts its Sp.Def so physical moves have to be used against it and recover helps for its longevity. Flamethrower as a powerful STAB move when convenient.

    Claydol is a general wall, it can be very resilient after a few Cosmic Powers while rapid spin enables clearance of any pesky entry hazards. Claydol is good seen as it resists Stealth Rock and is immune to Spikes and Toxic Spikes. Extrasensory and Earth Power are both powerful STAB moves that provide decent coverage.

    Sigilyph is one of the best Psychic types in the game in my opinion. Access to Stored Power through chain breeding (Xatu through Togetic) plus Calm Mind and STAB means that it reaches incredible destructive power after a couple of set ups. Magic Guard is a must as it stops sandstorm damage, entry hazard damage and any burning/poisoning leaving paralysis as an only option which is easily blocked by Claydol. Magic Guard also protects against Life Orb Damage so gives a free 1.5x boost to its moves. Sigilyph is the perfect Fighting type counter, which is required seen as 2 of the team have a 4x weakness (Tyrannitar and Probopass) as well as Magcargo's 2x weakness. Then if Sigilyph is taken out (most likely by something with Stone Edge) then Claydol is a bask up psychic not badly by any Stone Edge users.

    AS Described, a multipurpose sandstorm team, it covers its weaknesses, has access to Rapid Spin TWave and Willowisp and forces switching for extra entry hazard damage. It does everything except Baton Passing, which isn't required considering the spread of set ups available.

    Obviously suggest changes and point out any holes/weaknesses and substitues for covering them.

    Also, wouldn't mind if people comment n how they think it would fare in competitive battling.
    The only hole in the defenses i can see is something like Empoleon, a water type not affected by sandstorm and resists psychic and flying moves from Sigilyph as well as resisting Stealth Rock. But ground moves make up for it I guess seen as Claydol outspeeds as long as a speed nature or scarf set is run on Empoleon.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2012
  2. [Kingdra]

    [Kingdra] Well-Known Member

    This team will not hold up in a competitive battle at all, Tyranitar is the only thing that makes sense on this team, and even then its moveset needs tweaking. Everything else is outclassed entirely by a different Pokemon. I suggest you research more about competitive battling before attempting to make a team.

    NOTE: If you PM me I can tell you more about competitive battling and making a proper competitive sandstorm team, I use one personally and I've had pretty good success with it.
  3. JoshMurray

    JoshMurray New Member

    Fair enough point. In all honesty, I don't have access to competitive battling due to my wifi not being compatible with the DS (Noticing how none of them have their respective dream world abilities either). I made this basing it on the team being able to use paralysis and burns, while getting maximum entry hazard damage. There is a counter for pretty much everything on this team whether it is outclassed or not. As I'm unable to myself, it would be good to see someone try and use this team to see how it fares.

    Obviously, Dragon dance would be a good exchange for Hone Claws on Tyrannitar in order to get the Dragon Tail in first on something thats a bad match up. But it depends whether you prefer the speed or reliability for Stone Edge and Dragon tail.

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