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Multiplying Virus?


bassface OWNZZ
I accidently downloaded a virus online. Apperently it has the file name "P432.dll.000" (rmove the quotations) It hasn't caused any visible problems. It cannot be moved or deleted. It is on Microsoft Windows XP Professional. I have only noticed was the loading for the computer was a tad slower. It was detected by Sophos. I only have that and Ad-Aware SE Personal and Spybot Search & Destroy. When I searched for it, I got at least 7 of them. I gotta get rid of them. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance ;491;

Concrete Donkey

Well-Known Member
Yea its called a worm, its known as this because it worms it way through every file it can get to if you leave it to long, well, you get the drift. P432.dll uses the Winlogon Notify key to automatically start. This key is used to run certain programs when specific actions occur such as computer starting up, a user logging in or logging off, or a computer shutting down,
it is also a fairly new virus and nothing much is known about it. As for not being able to delete it its because its a .dll file these by default can not be deleted because they basically run windows. My suggestion is to get AVG free and fully update all your Anti virus. Hope That Helped and good luck. Note: I got a worm once and it infected everything so i had to reformat my computer