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Multiverse Discussion (DC/Marvel AU - Rated R)


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SU thread: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/multiverse-mash-up-dc-marvel-au-rated-r-su.679539/
RP Thread: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/multiverse-mash-up-dc-marvel-au-rated-r.680223/
Discord Discussion: https://discord.gg/BgYG4QeErp #multiverse-mash-up

Approved & Pending Characters:
1) Ghost Skater, Frankie Castillo [22, NY] (VampirateMace)
2) Silent One, Angelo Bolton [17, TX] (InnerFlame)
3) Spider-man, Danny Davis [18, NY] (Monster Guy)
4) Trickster - Locke Kent (TheCharredDragon)
5) *Poison Ivy, Violet MacKellen [26, NJ?] (Sketchie)*
6) Hunter, Lucian Bertinelli [25, NJ] (Schade)
7) The Gremlin, Aaron Arthur Wolff [18, NY] (Scandinavian Apollo)
8) *Harlequinn, Andrea MacKellen [24, NJ?] (Sketchie)*
9) *The Dark Knight, Chris Stayn [35. ??] (Scandinavian Apollo)*

10) Zatara, Giovanni Zatara Jr. “Gio” [25, NV] (Monster Guy)
13) 'Mister Fantastic' [42, UK] (VampirateMace)

1. Obviously, follow the standard forum and sub-forum rules.
2. Don't SPAM, flame, or otherwise harass other players.
3. Don't bunny (control others' character's) without permission. If you know me, you know I am strict on this.
4. A lot of chars here are OP, but remember your character is NOT Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent. Do NOT have them know things they shouldn't, teleport, or otherwise god-mode.
5. Put your name(s) and rough location(s) [if possible] at the top of your post. If you have two chars, and they are together at the time, be very clear about who is doing what.
6. Do NOT be the idiot that forces me to make more rules (love you guys). If you're not sure if you should do it, either don't, or ask first!

Fight Rules
(These rules are to be followed for fights not worked out in the discussion or via PM.)
1. We're all OP, so it's not unreasonable to 1-hit-KO some NPC who do not have superpowers. But assume super-powered NPCs are going to take more effort.
2. Do not God-mode or otherwise pawn a player char in a single post (unless given prior permission).
3. When attacking player chars, do not decide how many of your blows land, how much damage is taken, or if they go down. But you may make multiple attacks in your post.
4. When defending against player chars, be realistic, no not dodge every attack. Consider the apparent skill and agility of both your characters. You may also counter attack, again following instructions in rule #3.

World/Game Notes:
The 'location' for this RP is Earth. You may start anywhere on the Earth (or even off the Earth if it fits you're chars's job/powers). Galactus is a cosmic world-ending level threat, therefore the whole world is in play. As such it should be generally assumed you have access to communication devices; such as phones, computers, head-sets, and/or walkie-talkies. If it's important for you to start in the same area as another character, hopefully you've already discussed this with them.

This does also mean that different chars will be in different timezones, making the time of day different between posts that are happening at the same time. So, for you convenience , here's a chart that should help you figure out when you are, assuming you know where you are. (Google can also help you with this pretty easily.) Don't worry about the offset/lack of DST in some areas, this is going to be enough work as is.

Timezone Quick Conversion:
It's not as bad as it looks. Remember it's later in the East than the West. Also (as Flame pointed out), 12:00 is technically 0:00, so pm/am look swapped, nn/mn or noon/midnight may be substituted. If you need help, just ask.
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Right now you should be making intro posts, but I'm aware the timezones may make things weird, so feel free to fast-forward or backtrack a few hours within your post. But time at home, work, and school, are your chance to display how your character acts on a daily basis, and introduce any non-player characters relevant to your character(s). So, at least a paragraph at the current time (unless your character would be asleep), is still useful.


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Okay I don't how much this'll affect the other characters but I'm basically thinking between having Locke be part of either the Ground Prep or Preemptive Intervention because he thinks he would be more useful/helpful in those two teams since he had previously tried having Heimdall look into the comet but came up with nothing.

If he goes with Group Prep he would go warning Metropolis, as in my head a good part of the city would believe his words because he has a good reputation and also has Sieg warn the police, who know she is in contact with Trickster. I was also thinking he would have Thor and an army of Asgard, if not at least the Warriors Three, on standby, if that kind of thing is allowed.

If he goes with Preemptive Intervention, I was thinking he'd use the Bifrost to get to Cambridgeshire quicker than using an animal form or a plane. He'd mainly want to be a part of it if the team of three is lacking in "firepower".

I was thinking he'll say these two teams are what he feels up to doing but is open to be reassigned as, for him, what will be the deciding factor on what he chooses would be who the others will end up volunteering for to basically "make up for any 'weaknesses'" on the team. If none of the characters objections or if he thinks that the other teams will be fine, his pick would be Ground Prep to at least protect Metropolis.


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If he goes with Preemptive Intervention, I was thinking he'd use the Bifrost to get to Cambridgeshire quicker than using an animal form or a plane. He'd mainly want to be a part of it if the team of three is lacking in "firepower".
Yeah, using that for fast travel is perfectly acceptable here. As I commented to others on the Discord (and I know I should have commented here sooner), Mr Flash can help anyone fly out to Cambrigdeshire, but alt options to get there are fine as well.


Fluff therapy
Okay, excuse me for taking a while, and then even more of a while after this, but was busy with prioritizing other writing stuff so yeah. Ahem. Anyways.

So Locke's on Ground Prep. My plan hasn't changed too much from what I initially said before, ie. Locke gonna tell Thor and family to get ready and have Sigyn have the Metropolis police be ready for anything but not cause panic.

Only difference is that since Vampirate mentioned we could introduce NPCs...and I don't think any of the other characters are on the Ground Prep team...I'm just gonna have a Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur/Booster Gold fusion cameo/show up during Locke's preperations if that's fine. XP

Hopefully I'll get a post up soon but definitely not today. Kinda sorta pooped out on narrative writing...


Fluff therapy
This is probably unecessary but I still would like to apologize for taking so long with posting when actually writing it was so quick.

i blame my writing projects

But anyways, hopefully it's fine. Mainly the Asgard part. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with it.

Also hey! I got my Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur and Booster Gold inspired character to cameo! Yay! Just because, made quickie profiles for the two of them i will say very tempted to make them full fledged pcs because, again, I felt like it.

Inspiration(s): Moon Girl (Marvel) and Booster Gold (DC)
Super Name: Gold Girl (and Devil Dinosaur)
Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Ixazaluoh of the Jaguar Order (birth name and title), Michelle Luna (legal name)
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Powers, Gadgets, and Skills: Mystic arts, inventor genius and skills, several gadgets of her creation, Jaguar Order armor with additions of her own design, good team work with Devil Dinosaur.
Appearance: Looks about like a normal brown skinned woman with dark curly hair she keeps short. Wears as little as she can get away with in public, to the point of her clothes being downright "sexy" in many cases, and definitely wears bare minimum at home, a bra and panties, unless the weather and season calls for more clothes. Her super suit's basically gold colored "sci fi" armor (gold being pretty uselesd for protection) that makes her look like a humanoid jaguar.
History: Born in an ancient Mayan civilization that would be wildly known as El Dorado. Ixazaluoh was a mystic warrior of the Jaguar Order. She found DD as a young carnotaurus being chased by mysterious creatures and befriended him. After many adventures, those same creatures ended up sending them to the future. They eventually settled in Metropolis thanks to the help of Trickster, or as they came to know him, Locke Kent.

Inspiration(s): Devil Dinosaur
Super Name: (Gold Girl and) Devil Dinosaur
Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Duende (name), DD (nickname)
Gender: Male
Age: 7 (full grown adult carnotaurus)
Powers, Gadgets, and Skills: Fire breath, fire resitance, super strength, super durability, high intelligence for an animal and is cognizant, good team work with Gold Girl.
Appearance: DD mostly resembles contemporary depictions of carnataurus, with horns that gave its species its name and arms even more tiny than T. rex. The only difference is that he's red with yellow glowing eyes.
History: Experimented on by aliens that had time machines, he ended up escaping during the ancient Mayan era and befriended Ixazaluoh. After many adventures protecting her home, they were to the future by these aliens by accident while fighting them. They eventually settled in Metropolis thanks to Trickster, aka Locke Kent, or as he likes to call him, Blue Funny Man.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
On the subject of NPC’s…

Inspiration(s): Mary Jane Watson
Super Name: N/A
Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Matthew James Watson (MJ)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Powers, Gadgets, and Skills: N/A

History: Danny Davis’ next door neighbor. He’s an aspiring actor, and currently an Instagram model. Lives with his father who is an alcoholic. His father yells and screams, and is sometimes violent when drunk, but a decent human being when sober, making MJ conflicted on the whole situation. He acts cheerful and carefree in public to hide his difficult home life.
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Looks like I'm the one holding us up now, I'll get to it when I can.

NPCs look good. Charred, I'm hoping cognizant =/= acts like a human (sorry if I seem nit-picky, it's not you, it's just some bad RPers I've dealt with in the past).


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I wasn't sure which word was the appropriate word which would convey that he basically seems to understand human speech, a bit smarter than most animals and more calmer than an animal like him should be. Or should I describe it more like a "smart dog"? Idk how else to describe it without it coming off as DD acts like a human.


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I think the wording is okay? I care far more that he acts like a smart dinosaur than I do about the wording of his intellect. He could very well be smarter than most people, but that still doesn't mean he would act like a person or understand things way a person does. That's all I meant.


Fluff therapy
Oh okay. So basically you just..don't want him to have the same human morals, and if he does, not for the same reasons?

Well, again, I don't know if this is appropriate but I was just thinking how he acts in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur for his character (tho admittedly i have yet to continue reading since issue...17 ish so yeah...).