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Multiverse Mash-up (DC/Marvel AU - Rated R) SU


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RP Thread: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/multiverse-mash-up-dc-marvel-au-rated-r.680223/
Discussion Thread: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/multiverse-discussion-dc-marvel-au-rated-r.680224/
Discord Discussion: https://discord.gg/BgYG4QeErp #multiverse-mash-up

Notes: Since this RP is about superheroes, and many are adults, it's rated R for adults content; violence, death, substance abuse, adult relationships. . . However, please keep things in good taste; this means not describing things that don't need describing, as such you can fade to black should it occur (and if you want to RP privately or work out details, that's none of our business).

This is a non-canon story so not a lot of knowledge of DC and Marvel's universes should be necessary (and for that reasons I ask people keep to more commonly known characters), and with that in mind, I'll try to explain the following well.

A dark void. A bright light. Thousand, millions, billions, trillions of bright lights. And limitless possibilities. You may know of this place, the multiverse. Here resides every possibility, every continuity, including some you may be familiar with from movies, games, and comics books. Up over there are the pokemon universes, and down this way is are robot future the works of Asimov.

But these two specific sections of the multiverse comprise the worlds of DC and Marvel comics. For the most part they don't intersect, but if you turn your attention to that world over there, yes that one. . . there, on that Earth, the finite (relatively speaking) universes of DC and Marvel intersect, with some most interesting results. . .

The inhabitants of this world go about their daily lives unconcerned, and mostly unaware, of the multiverse. There's theories about it on every Earth of course (except for the one where there's not), but few people give it much thought. Billions of average citizens consumed by their own mediocre lives, as well as several handfuls of super-powered individuals, many fashioning themselves as heroes and villains. Indeed they are barely aware of their own universe outside their small world.

But something from space did make the news a few weeks ago, when an unknown comet was spotted by an observatory in South America. Since then several observatories across the world have confirmed the discovery, but some calculations by Mister Fantastic have also made the news. He claims the new-found object is traveling much too fast to be an ordinary comet. It should be in the solar system within a week, and we'll get a better look at it then. In the meantime there's a few preppers stockpiling toilet paper and canned corn, as the UN meets to discuss what to do if it's aliens. - Not that aliens are entirely new, it's just that first contact and establishing their motives is always important. Just imagine if Superman had been raised by the mafia.

(*Mister Fantastic is still a viable player character option. If claimed, I'll direct info to that character to 'distribute' or 'conceal' as the game goes on. If unclaimed, I'll use him as a NPC to hand out information as necessary.)

Few would guess that it is an alien, singular. Riding cosmic power across the abyss. His name is Doomsday, and while he may have started life as a Kryptonian science experiment in evolution, he has more recently been adopted as the new Herald of Galactus! Imbued with cosmic power, natural strength and resilience, and harboring a deep hatred of all living things due to his past as a tortured experiment, Doomsday seeks out inhabited worlds for his master to consume. For Galactus' hunger is insatiable, and worlds with an abundance of life energy are the most satisfying!

(*Galactus is a super-sized remnant of a previous universe that who absorbed consciousness and power of that universe when the Big Crunch and the resulting Big Bang occurred. With such size and power, comes a great energy cost. As such, his hunger compels him to consume the energy of whole worlds at a time. The world is then left a lifeless husk, and any surviving beings are left to die on the barren waste of their world.)

But we'll get to him later . . for now, imagine you are a inhabitant of this alternate Earth, one of the ones lucky enough to have superpowers or money and/or intellect enough to obtain fancy gadgets. This Earth is much like Earth 33 (Our Earth, aka Earth Prime or Earth 1218), except that it has super powered individuals, many of whom seem to share traits with those of Earth 2 ('main' Earth in DC comics) and Earth 616 (main Earth in Marvel comics).

Who are you on that Earth? Where did you come from? How were you raised? How did the intersection of these two sets of universes affect your life? What did powers did fate grant you? What powers did you take or forge for yourself? And what exactly are you doing with those powers?

With this in mind the RP will start a couple days before Doomsday's arrival in the solar system (when scientists like Mister Fantastic can get a good enough look to realize what is hurdling at the Earth), so you'll have a chance to introduce your character properly and establish connections to the world. You may know of the so called super fast comet, but not what it is for at least a couple days. Then the real fun begins.

Character Guidelines:
Unlike most RPs, for this RP, I ask that you play as alternate versions of a canon DC or Marvel characters. This means playing a character based on or inspired by the civilian and/or hero/villain identities of DC and/or Marvel characters. For example you can make a version of Superman that grew up in Las Vegas, or a version of Thor that became the baddie instead of Loki. You can create crossover characters too (both within the same universe or crossing between the two), for example what if Peter Parker was Ghost Rider instead of Spider-man? Or what if Barry Allen became the Hulk instead of the Flash?

I do ask that you also try to stick to more commonly known characters such as the main cast of the Justice League and the Avengers. For example most people know who Spider-man is, and many of them know who Venom is, and some of them know who Carnage is, but just a few of those know who Toxin is. Therefore Toxin is really not a great choice. Likewise, as much as much as I like Amulet, he's appeared in two issues of Ms. Marvel and is therefore also not a good choice, though with his much simpler back-story he would at least more accessible.

Also, just so you know (and I know some of you already know), I'm going to have a low tolerance for talking animals and anthros. Even canon ones, since I find they are very often poorly conceived and improperly executed. About the only character I can imagine getting a pass at this point is Rocket Raccoon. (Sorry, but Krypto the super-dog certainly does not.)

On a more positive note, you're allowed 2 characters (character slots allowing), so yay! Please allow one week for others to make reserves before claiming a second slot, thanks!

Approved & Pending Characters:
1) Ghost Skater, Frankie Castillo [22, NY] (VampirateMace)
2) Silent One, Angelo Bolton [17, TX] (InnerFlame)
3) Spider-man, Danny Davis [18, NY] (Monster Guy)
4) Trickster - Locke Kent (TheCharredDragon)
5) *Poison Ivy, Violet MacKellen [26, NJ?] (Sketchie)*
6) Hunter, Lucian Bertinelli [25, NJ] (Schade)
7) The Gremlin, Aaron Arthur Wolff [18, NY] (Scandinavian Apollo)
8) *Harlequinn, Andrea MacKellen [24, NJ?] (Sketchie)*
9) *The Dark Knight, Chris Stayn [35. ??] (Scandinavian Apollo)*

10) Zatara, Giovanni Zatara Jr. “Gio” [25, NV] (Monster Guy)
13) 'Mister Fantastic' [42, UK] (VampirateMace)

Sign-up form:
- Remember this is an alternate universe, so make the character your own, but pull in elements from the canon chars as you create them (mostly, I want to see some common powers, costume elements, and/or background themes).

Inspiration(s): Char(s) you're basing yours on, in case the names are different.

Super Name: Your superhero/villain name

Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Your birth name, and/or other alias(es)

Gender: Male/Female/Etc
- You may make notes about gender identity and orientation here as well.

Age: Preferably 13+. Make sure it matches your history (for example, a 14 yr old is not likely to be a vet of two wars).

Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
This should heavily echo your canon character's powers/gadgets/skills. Some chars are more OP then others, so I reserve the right to check RPer's ability not to God-mode when considering them, or to request downgrades.
- Remember to include a method of transportation (teleportation is only allowed if it has rules I deem acceptable).
- Include non-super power skills if they are relevant or interesting.

Appearance: 8+ sentences of how you look (be sure to include your civilian look if applicable and your costume/transformation).

Personality: 8+ sentences on your mental state. Dave of Potatoville will be a very different Flash from Barry Allen of Central City.

History: 10+ sentences on your past, make sure to consider how it differs from the canon char's. Dave from Potatoville will not have the same experiences as Barry Allen from Central City.
_ _ _


Inspiration(s): Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) & Punisher/Cosmic Ghost Rider (Frank Castle)

Super Name: Ghost Skater

Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Francine 'Frankie' Castillo

Gender: Female, Lesbian

Age: 22

Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
In human form, Frankie has no powers. However when the half-demon possessing her (who she calls Zu or Pazuzu, not knowing his real name) merges with her, everything changes:
- She transforms into a skeleton sheathed in hellfire, wearing a black leather vest and battered black jeans. This form is incredibly hard to injure and suffers little to no damage from attacks. Projectiles pass harmlessly through her, and blades melt within her. Some say only God can kill a Ghost Rider.
- While she can't spit or throw fire, the flaming parts of her (hair, boots/skates/core) do give off heat and are capable of melting most items. This is useful in ways such as making her own footholds for climbing.
- She becomes incredibly strong in this form, able to lift and move things normal humans wouldn't even dream possible. Two ton car in the way? No problem.
- She can materialize a pair of flaming roller blades at will, rocketing around the city and preforming stunts even pro skaters wouldn't think of trying. (This counts as super speed and agility.) While she is naturally faster than the average person in her flaming skates, easily exceeding the 20 mph (32 kph) top-speed of an average person, it takes some effort (and maybe a downhill slant) to pick up enough speed to briefly skate across walls or over the surface of water. Going this fast does start to test her reflexes, and so it's best done away from civilians.
- She can also materialize a red hot sickle on a chain, her primary weapon, which she is unnaturally adapt with. This can be used in variety of techniques, both lethal and non-harmful (wrapping someone up in the chain).
- She also has the penance gaze. If she stares into someone's eyes she can make them feel all the pain they've ever inflicted on someone else (without causing actual physical damage to them). If someone is particularly evil and remorseless, this may drive them mad, or even burn away their soul (leaving them a lifeless husk).

Frankie is a slender woman, a bit on the taller side (5' 9'') and naturally tan. Her short uneven hair is the same unspectacular shade of brown as her almond eyes, and she usually keeps it tied back in twin spiky pigtails. Her face is round with an upturned nose, blushing cheeks, and thick lips. If Zu ever controls her in this form the whole of the eyes turn jet black. He has no access to his powers when doing this.

For civilian clothes Frankie dresses petty plain, such as a blue neck t-shirt over black jeans and under her signature dull green jacket. Her shoes match her jacket, being grey and green. She doesn't wear any jewelry or make-up, mostly because she got used to not affording it.

As Ghost Skater, she transforms into a partiality flaming skeleton (her hair, core, and sometimes boots/skates), wearing a black leather vest with spiked shoulders (leaving bare skeleton arms) and tattered black jeans. This is accessorized with a black and silver belt, and black boots with spiked toe guards. She can transform these into skates at will, and can also sheath them in flame at will.

She can also manifest at will a flaming sickle on a chain, which has a boney aesthetic and a skull shaped weight on the opposite end. It glows red-hot from the hell-fire energy coursing through it.

Zu, when not possessing Frankie, appears as a dark three-dimensional man-shaped shadow. He appears to be well built and just a bit taller than Frankie herself. The shadow-form has two particular defining features, slightly pointed ears and short thick horns. He is capable of engulfing his form in flame at will. It is possible he has other forms.

Frankie is understandably broken and in the middle of re-finding herself. She's suffered a lot of heartache and is uncertain about where her future is headed. She knows she doesn't want to return to the drug filled gang life (she easily falls into addictive behaviors and knows avoiding them entirely is the only way to keep herself from spiraling out of control), but deep down she doesn't really want to face the family she left either, not in light of what she did and what she's become. She can obviously be a bit of a loner and may take something of a push for her to interact with others on any sort of deeper level. It doesn't help that she's easily irritated, and her demon tenant is good at pressing her buttons.

But deep down there is something pure and good in her, and she feels obligated to help others with her new found abilities, even if they are courtesy of a demon. Frankie does not make a lot of effort to keep others from knowing she's a Ghost Rider, as there's no one she's currently close to, and she has no plans to get that close to anyone again. She however does not like looking crazy, so she tries to hide when she's talking to the demon in public.

The demon is somewhat secretive, not having told Frankie his name, though to be fair names can be used magically by mortals, and he'd not a moron. He's probably the smarter of the two, even if he's often impulsive. Of the two he's the more talkative one and kind of pushy, though only Frankie can hear him most the time. While more upbeat than Frankie, he's often complaining about current circumstances, that is when he's not teasing her or suggesting what to do next. He could care less if Frankie looks crazy talking to him, as he's just along for the ride. Being a fire demon, he's understandably fearful of water.

Frankie can hear the demon's voice in her head, but has to reply verbally. As Ghost Skater the pair basically merge. As such Ghost Skater can speak and understand demonic because Zu can, but Frankie on her own cannot.

Together as Ghost Rider, they can be head strong and overzealous, dishing out a sometimes questionable vengeance fueled brand of justice. Ghost Rider retains Frankie's desire to help people, but also the demon's willingness to be a pain in the butt for the sake of being a pain in the butt. She has little trouble engaging in sarcasm, puns, and annoying banter. She doesn't actively put innocent citizens in harm's way, but she may not be as cautious as other heroes when when it comes to what she considers a safe distance from harm's way. She also retains some degree of the demon's hydrophobia, particularly avoiding being in bodies of water if possible. Zu may in fact disengage from their merger if contact with water is unavoidable.

(Mild warning; tragic back-story including drug use, gangs, and murder.)
Frankie did not have what you'd call a great or privileged upbringing. She shared a single-wide trailer home with her mother and her four brothers (one older, three younger) - her father having being arrested, or deported, or a dirty player, or who knows, the story changed every-time one of the kids asked about it, but it was never good and always in hushed tones. Money was always tight, their clothes were secondhand, and their groceries were never brand name, unless that brand was Top Ramen, which it often was. Their mom worked two jobs and then some, and her eldest brother dropped out of high school to start working. Some nights mom wouldn't come home, and big brother would just make everyone dinner and tell them not to worry about it, or Frankie would if he was working. But she'd always come home in the morning, with money for groceries.

Until she didn't. Dark as that day was, at least the siblings still had each other, and their big brother was old enough to take guardianship of the rest of them. The tiny manufactured house was a bit too much for his paycheck though, and the five of them ended up moving into a cramped low rent apartment. It was about this time that Frankie's high school career fell apart, she started skipping school, her grades plummeted (causing a fair number of fights with her equally poorly educated brother), and she fell in with a gang. Eventually she stopped going altogether.

Soon after she moved out, staying in a shabby apartment with a few of the gang's other girls. It wasn't as crowded, but sanitation was poor and substance abuse was rampant. Part of Frankie knew she was in trouble, her life had spiraled, and she saw no way back out. She also knew no one leaves gangs, she practically needed witness protection to get out without being killed.

Then came Ginger. Well that was what they called her in the rink, but her real name was Elaine. And she was everything. She was kind and fun, but tough as nails, and not afraid to speak her mind. She was the one that finally got through to Frankie, got her to go into rehab and was there to support her every step of the way. To Frankie she was a guardian angel, and she felt something she hadn't felt in a long time, not since her mom had died, she felt loved. After rehab she went to stay with Elaine, but there was always a feeling of impending dread, that her former gang would find her.

Then one night she came home to an open apartment door, and Elaine lying in a pool of her own blood. Frankie rushed to her side, but she was already dead. She hesitated, wondering if she should call the cops or flee for her life, then she heard familiar voices screaming outside. This was it, she was going to die. But then a shadow stepped away from the wall. He said he was demon that had fled hell, and needed to take refuge in a living host to remain in this world. In exchange, he'd give her the power to take revenge on all those with evil hearts. . .

Mine II:

Inspiration(s): Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) & The Flash

Super Name: Mr. Flash

Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Reed Richards

Gender: Male, straight

Age: 42

Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
- Reed is bonded with the speed force, allowing him to move and think with extreme super-speed and agility. Because of this, not only is his mind faster than a super computer, but he can move fast enough to run up walls and over water, create whirlwinds, excessive charges of static electricity, and even travel though time. He can even vibrate his individual molecules in order to heat himself up or pass through objects and walls.

- Reed is exceptionally smart, having obtained multiple doctorates (engineering, advanced math, physics, aeronautics) before preforming the experiment that lead to him (and his former friends) obtaining connections to the speed force. Combined with the advanced mental processing speed from the speed force, he can calculate, design, and build at amazing speeds.

- He is also fluent in several languages beyond English; French, German, Latin, Mandarin.

- He also wears a utility belt with his costume; usually containing at least one smart device, a couple gadgets of his own invention, and a multi-tool.

Reed is a physically fit man, standing at 6'1”, and approaching middle age. His skin is lightly tanned and his rectangular face has well defined features. He make no secret of his age, being a bit older than most heroes just means he's more experienced. As such, he doesn't hide the wrinkles forming on his face or the grey streaks in his black hair.

Reed dresses in what could be described as a slightly eccentric version of whatever is appropriate for the situation at hand. For example it is not usual to find him in the lab, wearing a lab coat over pajamas, formal wear, or his hero costume. He does like to dress well though, so whatever he is wearing is usually in good condition and high end, and mostly in darker or neutral colors.

Speaking of his hero costume, it's a skin tight full body suit made of his own proprietary super durable fabric. It's a calming light blue, accented with black gloves, boots, and utility belt. The gloves come up to just below his elbows and the boots come up to just below his knees.

Reed is smug, annoyingly so, and self-centered. He can be a bit of a show off and since his break-up with Sue Storm, a bit of a play boy. He's pretty much given up on love and meaningful relationships. This doesn't mean he doesn't think people have value, their works, their achievements, they all make humanity valuable in his eyes. And worth protecting. But dwelling on emotions and clinging to the past is pointless in his opinion. As such he can come off as cold and distant at times, especially in work settings.

He's a hard worker, whether it's government contracted work or his own personal project. He spends long night, and mornings, and whatever other time of day, working straight until he's finished. Sometimes he gets into a state of hyper-focus that's so deep he works for days straight without eating or sleeping. Then inevitably, he'll crash, dead to the world for twenty four hours or so.

Reed was the child of two highly paid scientists in California. It was a great childhood. Until he turned seven, that was the year when his mother died. He learned a hard lesson on that horrible day. Everyone leaves you eventually.

Reed's research into interstellar teleportation lead to his invention of a quantum gate which actually ended up transporting the team into another dimension rather then across the universe. The planet they emerged on (which they dubbed planet alpha) was barren, with no viable flora or fauna, and covered in thunder clouds. Getting strange readings from the storm, the exploration team attempted to fall back, but a sudden bolt of lighting struck Reed and Victor, before branching out into Sue, Johnny, and Ben.

The remaining members of the expedition carried them back to the gate, and they were rushed into hospital quarantine. Remarkably all five survived being struck by lighting, but it didn't leave them unaltered. Their recovery surprisingly went well, and they soon discovered an extra side effect, they all appeared to have developed superspeed. After some rounds of experimentation and testing, Reed and Victor determined they been connected to a mysterious force they dubbed the Speed Force. Victor also determined that when they ran near each other the speed force tried to merge in one of them, making every race a winner take all race.

But he kept this to himself, at least until he got a chance to steal Ben Grimm's speed during a mission. Ben wasn't to upset, not having been that excited about the expectation he become a superhero, but for Reed this was serious. Realizing what this meant, Reed instead of consulting Sue and Johnny, tricked them into racing him to steal their speed. This was an arms race, and he'd be damned before he let Victor win. Needless to say this didn't go over well with Sue or Johnny, or even Ben for that matter, who saw it as just as even more dishonorable than what Victor had done to him, considering they weren't friends.

Reed's social life basically felt apart at that point. He was able to keep up with hero work and science on his own, but all his relationships had gone to hell. So, when an opportunity to work overseas came up, he had nothing to keep him from going.
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Hey-llo, I would like to reserve Black Bolt. I'll try to get it done soon.


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. . .

Gosh dang it I wanna join so bad but I have so many projects to do...


Oh screw it.

I'd likw to reserve Loki/Superman (just so you know, the Superman part is more for backstory purposes than actually using Kryptonian powers in tandem with Asgardian/Ice Giant powers, aka short version: Loki having backstory of Superman). I should hopefully at least have a WIP soon...hopefully.


it's about the CUBES
A quick WIP, reserving Poison Ivy. I would request no one would take Harley Quinn, as that's my inspo for a possible second character, but as I can't reserve her yet I won't do it formally.

Inspiration(s): Poison Ivy
Super Name: Poison Ivy
Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Violet MacKellen
Gender: Cisgender Female, Lesbian?
Age: 26
Location: Gotham City, New Jersey
Theme Song: Ludens . Bring Me the Horizon / Sing to Me . MISSIO / Use My Voice . Evanescence
Voice Claim: Emily Blunt as Tempest Shadow

Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
-- Chlorokinesis: Violet has a strong control over all plant life from her connection to The Green, a mysterious force that connects all plant life on earth. As such, she can make plants grow and bend to her will. She often uses thorny vines as her aggressive tactics, but any plant will listen. While is has not happened... yet, she is considered a vessel for the Parliament of Trees and it can possess her at will, giving her great power but also draining her considerably.
-- Chlorophyll: Violet is stronger in the sunlight. (She is weak to cold temperatures... sorta. She goes into a bit of a dormant state, which can be helpful in certain situations, and detrimental in others.)
-- Immunity: Violet is immune to toxins, bacteria, and viruses.
-- Connection: Andrea and Violet are inextricably connected through The Green. Violet always knows what direction Andrea is in and approximately how far away she is as well. (Violet can also tell if another being is connected to The Green, just not their location.)
-- Superhuman enhancements: enhanced durability, regeneration, strength, and agility, the works that you expect from most supers.
-- Hand-to-hand combat: Growing up a fighter, she's excellent in combat (although a little unorthodox).
-- Motorcycle: Violet usually gets around via her sportbike, which is black with green accents.
-- Biochemistry and Botany Degrees (and general high intelligence): having gotten her degree in biochemistry, she likes messing around with plants and the different ways to use them both to benefit her allies and harm her enemies. She's very smart generally, especially in scientific fields.

Appearance: Violet stands at 5'7", standing strong with broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a thin waist. Being the type of person she is, she has well toned muscles decorating her entire physique, and is theoretically ready to throw down at any given moment. Her skin is fair and fairly unblemished besides the occasional bruise. Her face is ridged and prominent, a diamond face shape and sharp jaw sloping into a sharp pointed chin. Her brilliant amber eyes are usually narrowed into a glare, and her lips are usually curled into a sneer. Her hair is a dark magenta color, parted and pushed all to the right to where it covers her face and drapes over her shoulders, and shaved from the part down on the left side. She has both ears pierced, with two lobe piercings and a helix in both ears.

Her clothes are pretty standard for a rocker who lives in the underground. Everything is in a shade of black, grey, or dark--color is not something she can see herself in. She's fond of tank tops and crop tops, especially ones clipped from hoodies. All of her jeans are torn to various extents, her sneakers scuffed up and distressed. Her favorite jacket is made of black canvas on the outside, pink stripes down the sleeves and decorated with pins, and a soft fleece on the inside. It's a bit too big on her, but she considers it fashionable.

Violet as Poison Ivy doesn't dress far too differently. She knows she should do something, maybe, but the idea of dressing up makes her feel silly and a little uncomfortable. Her current "costume" is a ripped green Guns and Roses crop top underneath a black bomber jacket with green stripes up the sleeves. (Guns and Roses is specific-- yes, it's a band, but it also refers to Andrea and herself as a duo. Andrea's the guns, and she's the roses.) She wears another pair of torn black jeans with a black and silver belt, and she has a pair of black boots to complete the outfit.

Personality: Violet is a very closed off person. She is detached from most, and she likes it that way. However, despite her armored defenses, you will always be able to tell how she's feeling. Bitter and hotheaded, she's prone to thorny aggression and is not afraid to throw punches if the situation escalates. Her tongue is as sharper than a blade and cuts even deeper. She is stubborn, angry, and will not take shit from anyone. Viciously tenacious, once she has her mind set on a goal there is no stopping her. Her humor is dry and sarcastic, and she uses it frequently. She has no love or care for authority, and will only do what is she's told as long as it benefits her or those she loves. She is highly intelligent, and her quick wits often get her out of the situations her fists won't. She's loosened up quite a bit since reuniting with her sister, and she's been able to make a few friends here and there, but some scars still haven't faded.

Violet loves music: the sadder, deeper, and more troubled, the better. She's been playing bass guitar since 13, and it's her most favorite hobby aside from singing. She enjoys playing in a band for the bars and open stages of the back parts of Gotham, and she pours her broken heart and soul into every piece of music she writes. Her drummer and guitar player are... fine. They all share a similar world view so they get along. Violet is huge on athletics as well, and loves working out in her spare time, whether it's lifting weights, on the punching bag, or going on a run. When she's not on stage, she works as a bartender herself, and has gotten pretty good at it. She doesn't drink often, it makes her feel horrible, but the actual mixing part is fun. Kinda. She also likes to cook. She's also big on biochemistry and botany, hence her degree. She's head over heels for her girlfriend, Caitlyn, and turns into a big puddle when Cait's nearby.

Deep down, past all the walls put up and the icy cold aloofness, is a scared little girl. She's come a long way from the fully closed off person she was just a few years ago, but things aren't sunshine and rainbows just yet. She's not as lonely anymore, but now terrified of loss and rejection, desperately clinging to the connections she has. She feels awkward and stilted in most social situations, as if she's having to learn to walk again. She finds it difficult to be genuinely vulnerable, and keeps all of her problems and fears to herself. This often results in her asking for things in round-about ways, or just not at all. Violet can also be particularly reckless when fighting, sometimes barely getting out of scrapes.

Violet still can't admit she wants to be loved and accepted. She has a home now, she knows she's wanted, but she still feels like a re-grafted branch. She feels like she's lost part of her identity after warming up, who is she now that she's let people into her life? She's rediscovering herself and who she wants to be, and while growth is exciting and new, it's also terrifying and unfamiliar. Nevertheless, she's determined to press onward to make those discoveries. She loves her sister and her girlfriend more than life itself, and slowly, maybe, she's coming to love herself.

History: Mary and Jack Richie had only been married for one year when something failed, and Mary fell pregnant. It wasn't exactly the happiest of marriages, and only to get worse. In the two years that followed, Jack's doings got shadier and shadier while the family income continued to plummet. It wasn't surprising--Jack had dragged his newlywed bride to the back alleyways and darkest corners of Gotham almost as soon as they had married, and as soon as she was there all of her friends and family seemed to abandon her. The house was falling apart, and it wasn't long before Mary found herself pregnant with another little girl.

Violet, being the oldest, was left to her own devices almost all of the time. She had her basic living needs taken care of, but with Jack's tendency to vanish and Mary's desperate attempt to keep food on the table, Violet grew up effectively alone. She had to learn to take care of her feelings all by herself. She didn't understand why she was alone all the time, but she would make do. It was clear to her that she would be the only one that would ever have her own back, and so she did what she could to numb the worry and want of affection and attention and move on. The absence of adults wasn't just a problem for Violet, but for young Andrea as well. Violet did the best she could, figuring out how to feed and clothe and hold her baby sister when she cried, but young children cannot take care of even younger children. Nevertheless, the sisters bonded very close.

Ever since she was a toddler, Violet knew she was different. She was stronger than the other kids, faster, more durable. Not only that, but she had this innate connection to the plants around her. She knew how to use her powers almost immediately, manipulating the plant life in her small corner of the world came as easy to her as breathing. It would be a while before she truly mastered it, but until then it was a useful tool to scrounge up snacks when the fridge was empty and entertain Andrea when she needed it.

At least school was easy. Granted, she was lucky there was a school to be at, but it took off the edges that lived at home for the time being. She threw herself in whatever academics she could find, determined to be the best. And she did well, for the most part. Making friends proved much more difficult. After years of doing things alone, the concept of friends felt so foreign. After an incident where a friend took advantage of what little trust she was given (and ended up going home with a bloody nose, also given by Violet), she withdrew even further. She became known for her temper on the playground, and frequently got into fights. She never used her powers, though, only her strength. Her plants were special, she didn't want to waste them on rabble.

When Violet was ten, Mary had found out why she had been all alone for her entire marriage. Jack, skilled with technology, had installed hidden scripts on the phone he gave her to block numbers he didn't approve. When her family turned to writing letters, he took them and hid them, taking them away and shredding them. As cunning as Jack was, Mary was smarter, sharper. The scripts weren't hidden enough, and when she found them and stripped them away, a flood of worry filled her phone to the brim. After months of planning in secret, Mary took Violet and Andrea and fled to her family back in the wealthy neighborhoods of Gotham. They resettled with her parents as she got the divorce rolling, and she changed hers and her daughter's surnames to her parents', MacKellen.

The transition was overwhelming. Suddenly, she had a "family," that were sweet, loving, overbearing, and clearly lying. Violet despised it. She had spent the last ten years to be generally ignored and made into a playground pariah only for her to be smothered in saccharine kindness. She felt cheated. Why did they want to love her now? What about all of those times she had to cry all on her own, the band-aids she had to learn to put on herself, what about all of that? Did that mean nothing? Were they really that stupid to think that Violet would just gloss over it? Worst of all, was it her fault that this had all happened..? There was only one thing left to do: throw herself as deep into middle and high school as possible. Get the best grades, prove herself as something. She even started to draw away from Andrea, afraid that even she would get too close.

She proved to be one of the best in her class, taking harder and harder classes. Her family was ecstatic and wanted to congratulate their prodigy child any way they could, but Violet just pushed them and her longing for belonging aside and dug in deeper. She found her passion for music along the way, joining orchestra on the bass and picking up the bass guitar at home. Not feeling like she had any other outlet, she started writing music in her spare time. She worked to tame her anger, as it turned out that secondary school on this side of Gotham wasn't near as forgiving about a fist fight as elementary school on the other side was. However, anything off campus was fair game. She became quite the formidable fighter, her style bordering on ruthless. Her reputation preceded her, as a cold-hearted teen hellbent on getting what she wanted. That's okay. That's fine. She shoved her loneliness further aside and pushed harder.

A part of her wanted to connect with her sister, but most of her didn't know how. She had drawn away, how could she come back how? Andrea was probably just like every one else and pitied her, and recognize that she was the reason everything fell apart. Andrea lost friends in the move, didn't she blame her for that? It was though the weight of survival was lifted off of Andrea, and she was freed from their childhood, but Violet still felt that weight. She was afraid that if she let even one person in, even if that person was her sister, everything would fall apart. Don't get Violet wrong. She loved her sister. She even loved her mother. But this was for the best. No one getting in means no one getting out ever again. For the best. They still spent plenty of time together walking back and forth to school (and eventually driving once Violet got her license). In those brief moments Violet could let go of all her worries and just talk, but it was always short lived.

Violet was 16 when everything changed. She was on a cold evening walk when she heard a cry for help. Always a protector, Violet dashed into action to see someone trying to make off with a woman's purse. Although a little graceless, Violet summoned a few thorny vines and threw them at the assailant, stopping him in his tracks. Another vine retrieved the purse and returned it to the woman. The woman thanked her and left, while Violet wrapped the assailant up in vines as she called the police to retrieve him. She started on her walk home, but her walk quickly turned into a run. Had she just done that? That was heroes' work, the kind they show on TV from Metropolis or New York City. It felt exhilarating, to feel like she was doing something positive for once. Her run was cut short, however, by running face first into a shadowy figure. Violet instinctively raised some vines to protect herself, though the man (wearing some sort of black armored suit) calmly told her he wasn't a threat, but an ally, a hero. Violet had never seen him before, but then again, the heroes in Gotham operated a little differently than the other big cities. Going covert wasn't exactly uncommon. He congratulated her on how well she handled the robbery, he was on his way to take care of it but admired how she had stepped in herself. He even said she had the makings of a hero in her. After all, it was clear her powers chose her for something-- why not choose for good?

This encounter stuck with her for a while. She found herself going on more evening walks, searching for ways she could help. A vigilante at her age wasn't unheard of, but she kept her distance away from anyone who might recognize her or publicize her. She had other, more teenager-y things to deal with. Meanwhile, at school, Violet watched with jealousy as others watched her with fear. She envied those with high school sweethearts, those who wanted to go to school dances and assemblies, those with lives. She was top of her class, but that didn't seem to matter to anyone else but her. What did she do wrong? She had spent so long protecting herself and her sister the only way she knew how, and she was left behind for it. The school was hesitant to make her valedictorian, due to her sour and bitter attitude, but there was no denying she had earned it. Violet was reluctant to be valedictorian; after all, either you didn't know her or you were afraid of her. But her drive to be the best got the better of her. Her graduation speech wasn't the only thing she was planning, however. She was planning on leaving. Leaving her saccharine family and longing behind. If she didn't have to see the thing she wanted, it wasn't there.

Graduation went without a hitch. So did her plan. She left the ceremony early, and by the time her family returned, all that was left of her was furniture and what clothes she left behind. No note. No trace. No where to, no number to call, nothing. This would be the last time for a long time Violet would ever see her family, and that was... for the best. This way, she could take up heroism full time between college and whatever else, without putting any of her family in harm's way. Especially Andrea. Violet could never forgive herself if her heroics put Andrea in danger.

As soon as she left, she felt a pull to go back, a pull towards home. Violet, thinking it was just her guilt, pushed it away and ran even faster. That feeling has followed her ever since--it's gotten stronger at some times, weaker at others, but no matter the strength or direction all she ever did was run farther and farther away.

She moved to a darker, lower part of the city while she went to a shiny fancy university. It was a hellova drive, but it was worth not ever having to run into anyone she might know. Biochemistry was a favorite of hers, and as bitter as she was, she couldn't deny her passion for plants and science. (After all, plants have always been a part of her.) Her reputation fortunately didn't follow her, and as quiet as she was, she breezed through school almost undetected, if anything she was praised for her prowess. It was fine. She started working at a bar when she turned 21, where she eventually met the people who would become her guitarist and drummer, though not necessarily friends. On her off time, she would sometimes venture into the Gotham underground fight clubs to keep her skills sharp, and to rub off any anger and empty that wouldn't work its way out through food or music.

Violet kept up her hero work on the side, now age 22. She still wasn't sure how to act around other superheroes, however, so she tended to keep her distance and not reveal herself. Until someone caught her. She never knew his real name, only Echo. He had been a super for years, and ran into Violet by following a stray root. He took a shine to her, and although she wasn't keen on having a companion, it was nice to see someone actually like her for a change. He didn't know anything about her, her mistakes, her history, and she felt that if anyone could actually like her, it was him. Echo was the one who gave her the nickname Poison Ivy. They were partners for over half a year. Echo could bend time, jumping back seconds to where he was before to get him out of scrapes. He used a charged sword along with a couple other gadgets to slow or even stop his enemies' time.

Echo was on the hunt for a villain known as the Swamp Thing. A mess of vines and

They were fighting a monster that might have been more than the two could handle, but there was no choice. Violet threw some roots at it, but the monster was smart and quick, dodging in such a way to put Echo straight in the line of fire, knocking him out. Panicked, she did her best to destroy the monster before it could destroy him. Unfortunately, her attempts were in vain. In her anger at her inadequacy and sorrow over the loss of her friend, she lashed out in a wave of thorns, just enough to take the monster down. Echo died in her arms.

Violet was distraught. No amount of screaming or wailing would ever bring her friend back, and it was her fault he was gone. [SOMETHING, LIKE, HAPPENS AFTER THIS.]



More for my sake than anyone else's, but:

Name: Caitlyn Voss
Gender: Cisgender Female, Lesbian
Age: 25
Appearance: Soft violet hair, usually kept in a loose braid. Bright brown eyes and fair skin. About the same height as Violet, average body tone with wider hips. Likes dressing very cutesy-femme.
Cait and Violet met at the bar they were working at. Cait took the first shine to Vi and pursued her, but didn't get really any luck until Andrea convinced Violet to actually give dating a shot. They've been dating for almost two years now, and Violet couldn't be happier. Knows that Violet is Poison Ivy. Cait is a nursing student, and is used to patching Violet up.
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I’ll insert a more accurate picture of Danny’s costume later.

Inspiration(s): Spider-Man

Super Name: Spider-Man (Spider-Dan)

Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Daniel “Danny” Davis

Gender: Male, Homosexual

Age: 18

Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:

Enhanced Strength: Danny has strength proportional to that of a spider, and can lift 173 times his own weight.

Enhanced Speed: He’s not the Flash levels of speed, but he does move fast than the average human

Enhanced Reflexes and Agility: He is extraordinarily limber and can perform various gymnastic feats.

Enhanced Balance: Danny has an enhanced sense of balance or equilibrium. He is able to stand perfectly still on almost any surface

Enhanced Healing Factor: He can heal from injuries faster than the average human

Enhanced Duribility: He’s tougher and can take a beating better than a regular human. That said, he prefers to dodge things.

Enhanced Immune System: Due to his accelerated metabolism, Spider-Man has a higher tolerance for drugs and diseases than normal humans, and he can recover from the effects of larger doses rapidly.

Enhanced Metabolism: He can eat a lot without gaining weight, and he has a bigger appetite.

Wall Crawling: He can cling to walls and surfaces.

Spider Sense: Danny possesses a precognitive danger or "spider" sense which warns him of potential or immediate danger by the manifestation of a tingling sensation in the back of his skull. It works with his superhuman reflexes to help him dodge most dangerous situations.

Webs (The webs are not organic. He make his own brand of spider silk that he can shoot out of web shooters worn on his wrists. The silk is a tough flexible fiber with adhesive qualities. It is strong enough to support his weight, and can use it to swing. The webs disolve into powder two hours after being exposed to air for easy cleanin! He can make different variations of the web for different purposes. His normal webs are pink, but Danny can also make them different colors. Including rainbow web for Pride! Danny wishes he could figure out a way to get a patent on this without giving away their secret identity)

High Intelligence (His favorite subjects are the sciences such as biology, chemistry, computer science, and physics. He’s also interested in robotics and engineering but isn’t an expert in those fields)

Fluent in Spanish, French, and Italian (Speak, Read & Write) He likes romance languages. What of it?

For transportation, he swings from web, walks, runs, or takes the subway/an uber. He does have a drivers license, but New York traffic is awful.


Appearance: Danny is a tall and lean young man. He stands at exactly six feet tall. He has a bit of a baby face that he has been teased about. Marked by a round face, large expressive blue eyes, and a small nose. These features give him a rather youthful appearance. He keeps his blonde hair short and spiky. His build is slim and wiry. Since gaining Spider Powers, he gained some muscle definition, including abs. He has a fair skin complexion. Some people have called him cute, but Danny gets embarrassed when people talk about him like that.

Danny doesn't really have much in the way of fashion sense. He dresses how he thinks looks cool. His wardrobe mostly consists mostly of T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. He always wears pink and purple, his favorite colors. No matter what anyone says, he won’t change that. He currently wears a pink T-shirt with a short sleeved pink and white jacket over it, a pair of purple jeans, and purple and white high top sneakers. He to need glasses for near sightedness. However gaining spider powers corrected his vision. Now he wears non prescription lenses for the aesthetic. He feels naked without glasses.

Danny’s costume is a pink and purple body suit that covers him from head to toe, including his face. It is skintight and made of spandex or something similar. His gloves, boots, mid-section, and mask are pink, the rest of it is purple. Danny designed a web pattern that covers the pink portions of the suit, starting at the mask. The suit also has a black spider in the center of the chest and a larger pink spider on the back, both of different designs. The mask has plastic lenses with a chrome covering that allow Danny to see out, without letting others see in. The lenses also protect Danny’s eyes from dust particles and the glare of the sun while he is swinging through the city. In addition, the mask helps to conceal Danny’s identity by muffling his voice, thus making it unrecognizable to others. He also wears a twin set of web shooters on his wrists under the gloves. A web cartridge belt is also worn under the suit, which has a spider-signal on the buckle.

Personality: Danny is something of a shy introvert. The fact that he was bullied a lot when he was younger. He prefers to keep to himself, or at the very least small groups. He tries hard to be friendly, if only to get people to like him so he won’t be bullied anymore, but a lot of the times ends up just being awkward. He usually perks up when the conversation goes in a direction he’s interested in. When he’s interested in the subject matter, then he keeps talking and talking.

He gets nervous very easily. He really wants to be brave and cool, but he finds being that kind of person difficult. He’s shy and self conscious, and gets embarrassed when he gets any kind of attention good or bad. He gets particularly nervous around guys he happens to find attractive. At that point, he starts stammering. He’s not good at flirting.

He’s in many ways a complete geek. He loves science, reads a lot, loves computers and the Internet, enjoys playing video games. He also likes cute things, and the color pink. He has a small collection of plushies at home. It was something he was bullied for in the past. He’s not very good at sports either.

While wearing the Spider Man costume, Danny is a lot less inhibited. He flirts with attractive guys, he makes jokes and has witty banter with foes, and is much more outgoing. Generally Spider Man is a lot more confident than Danny

History: David and Denise Davis gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Daniel. They had a difficult time having a baby, so when they finally had Danny, he was their miracle baby. They cherished him, and wanted to do their best to give him every advantage in life.

Danny Davis was born in Queens New York. Growing up, Danny has always been good at academics. He was intelligent, and did very well in school. His favorite subject to study are the sciences (chemistry, physics, biology, etc) He joined the school’s science club, and often performed experiments at home in his free time. However, he was also introverted and quiet and did not do well socially. He was often picked on by other kids because of it. Not helping the matter was the fact that he liked the color pink as well cute things, and other stuff that was stereotypically girly. He preferred to play with Barbies and stuffed animals while other boys liked playing with Hot Wheels and Football. He also wasn’t very good at sports. While he had supportive parents at home, he had a difficult time making friends at school.

His most consistent bully is a boy named Skyler. At one point, Danny had a crush on him. Danny worked up the nerve to confess his feelings. Of course, those feelings were not mutual. Skyler laughed in his face, and outed him to the whole school. It was embarrassing, and made going to school much more difficult. Now Skyler picked on him regularly. Things often escalated to violence for trivial reasons, like if he got a better grade than him on an exam. He didn’t dare tell anyone. Things only got worse when you snitched. He endured it for years, and did his best to get by. He wanted to be cool, brave, and popular, like the superheroes he reads about. No matter how hard he tries, he always has trouble pulling it off.

His life would change forever while on a school field trip to a science facility. He was interested in what they were saying, but Skyler wasn’t and teased him for it. Eventually they were showing some radioactive spiders they were creating. One of them got out, and bit Danny on his hand. He started sick some time afterwards and had to go home.

Things got weird the next day. First, he woke up and put on his glasses and his vision was blurry. He took off his glasses, and his vision was clear. Weird, a person’s vision doesn’t suddenly improve overnight. Then, he went to get dressed, and saw his reflection in the mirror. He was still slender, but he had grown some muscle, including abs. Ok, that was nice, but definitely weird.

After spending some time flexing his newfound muscles in the mirror, he had to go to school. The day went about as normal, untill he was walking home. Skyler was up to his usual shenanigans. Skyler tried to punch him. That wouldn’t happen this time. He felt a tingling sensation before he reflexively slid out of the way, causing the bully to trip and fall on his face. It didn’t take long for a fight to break out. Skyler tried to punch him, and somehow Danny was able to dodge his punches. Then Skyler egged him on, and Danny threw a punch that knocked Skyler to the ground, and knocked him out. After doing that, Danny ran the rest of the way home in tears.

He was upset that he had actually hurt someone, even if it was a jerk like Skyler. It didn’t take long for Danny to realize something was wrong with him. So, he decided to experiment, and soon learned he had the abilities of a spider. Except he couldn’t spin webs for some reason. That was ok though. He just made his own webshooters, and his own brand of spider silk.

He didn’t become a superhero right away. Instead, he used his powers to mess around and have fun. For example swinging through the city in lieu of walking, or going through New York traffic. He put together a pink and purple costume, and entered a wrestling competition to earn some extra money. No one took the guy in the pink and purple costume seriously. He had the audience on his side when he made a fool out of that macho wrestler.

The fight promoter cheated him out of his prize money. So Danny didn’t think it was any of his business when the guy was robbed shortly thereafter. He was feeling spiteful at that moment.

Turned out, it was his business. His house was surrounded by police cars, caution tape, and his mother crying hysterically. It turned out, his father had been shot and murdered. This wasn’t fair. His father did nothing wrong. He supported his love of science, and didn’t mind that he was gay. Why did he have to die like this? In a rage, Danny took off, changing into his costume, determined to catch his father’s killer.

He found him in an abandoned warehouse nearby. It was the exact same guy he caught robbing fight promoter earlier. He knew then if he had stopped him, his dad would still be alive. He wanted to kill the guy right then and there, but couldn’t bring himself to do it, instead he left the guy tied up with pink spider webs, and let the police find him. That was the moment Spider-Man was born. He wanted to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

He graduated from high school at some point. After getting his butt handed to him, Skyler left him alone, so his last year was relatively peaceful. He aced his SAT and ACT, and graduated with a 5.0 GPA. He received a bunch of scholarships for different schools he applied to, but decided to stay in New York. Now he spends his time being an average college student at Columbia University, and a superhero. It can be difficult at times, but it’s worth it in the end. Danny is pursuing a double major in Biochemistry and Computer Science with a minor in Physics.
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Ok let's see. Plopping down a WIP for now.

Inspiration(s): Huntress. Primarily her appearance in the Arrowverse.
Super Name: Hunter/The Hunter
Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Lucian Bertinelli
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
- Hunter carries his trademark crossbows on him at all times. Whether they're dual mounted mini-crossbows or one large crossbow is up to him as he has proficiency to use both. He prefers dual wielding due to their lighter weight and more rapid firepower. Going with the crossbows are a vast variety of different bolts, ranging from ones coated in poison to ones carrying smaller explosives. This proficiency also translates to guns, and he also carries two handguns should he run out of boltsfor his crossbows.

- Criminology. Having grown up in a criminal environment, and later spending a lot of time around criminals, be it working undercover or pelting their bodies with crossbow bolts, Hunter has become very street smart and cunning regarding the way criminals think. These skills also makes him a very good investigator, using his cunning and intelligence to solve cold cases; especially ones where the mafia are involved.

- Martial Arts: Hunter was very much a street fighter until he begun honing his fighting skills. Having seen his fair share of fighting, he picked up a lot of different fighting styles throughout the years, honing them over several years of working with Black Canary and Green Arrow. At this point, Hunter is at peak human physical condition, and is skilled enough to challenge esteemed martial artists such as Lady Shiva and Ra's al Ghul. While he's proficcient in a large variety of fighting styles, he prefers Karate the most.

- Intelligence: While it's hard to believe due to his fist-first approach to most situations, Hunter is an intelligent man with a degree in both pedagogy and psychology, and he's adept at predicting how people react in certain situations . Hunter is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and French.

- Stealth: While Hunter prefers getting the job done through bolts and fists, he can be very stealthy when he needs to, with his suit specifically made to create as little sound as possible, as well as his utility belts being able to carry a lot of nifty trinkets suited for infiltration.

- Gadgets: Hunter carries a variety of gadgets designed to infiltrate, immolate, disintegrate and generally making your day just not what you expected it to be when you told yourself uplifting compliments in the mirror this morning. Everything from smoke bombs, lockpicks and stun batons, to moderate to large-scale explosives, exotic poisons and a large collection of hunting knives.

- Motorcycle: Lucian's means of transport is an all black sleek motorcycle, custom built for his vigilante needs.

Appearance: Lucian is an imposing man standing at 6'1" with broad shoulders and a muscular physique of which he takes great care of in order to maintain. He has tan skin with an olive complexion which hints to his italian heritage, and is relatively blemish free. Relarively being used loosely here considering he has a lot of small scars and gashes, mostly on his arms and chest, from his vigilante activities. He keeps his black hair medium short in a cowlick cut, and doesn't bother much with styling it. He has chestnut brown eyes, whixh always have an alert look to them, as if he's expecting to be jumped by some goon at any moment which in his line of hobby is a very real thing. He has sharp facial features with high chewkbones and a chisled jaeline, decorated by a beatly trimmed chinstrap beard.

For clothing, one wouldn't expect Lucien to be the the most fashionable man around all things considered, but you'd be wrong. He cares a lot about how he dresses in his civilian life, wearing clothes varying between fashionable and comfortable while sporting sleek and neutral colors. His everyday outfits mostly consist of tight jeans in a variety of blacks or beige, with shirts unbuttoned in the chest. Its a fine line between casual and formal. He also occasionally sports a wide variety of comfy hoodies if the situation calls for it.

When out and about doing his vigilante business, Lucian dresses in sleek all black outfit with dark purple accents. This outfit consists of a skin tight pair of black pants, a sleeveless vest made from a bulletproof material. He wears protective leg gear over a pair of black leather boots which rooms a holster for one of his many knives. He wears a utility belt with many compartments for his many different gadgets and trinkets, as well as holsters for his crossbows. He also wears a dark purple domino mask with white plastic lenses to conceal his eyes and identity.

Personality: A somewhat silent and reserved type, Lucian carries himself in an informal and relaxed manner, making him seem like he has no worries in the world, while it's actually quite the opposite. Calm and headstrong, he comes off as one to not impulsively jump into things, unless there's guns and fighting involved. While he likes believing he's a calculating individual, his sometimes rash judgement and impulsive actions speaks otherwise, causing him to jump into action guns first, asking questions later. He can be very narrow-sighted when he's on to a lead or when the mafia is involved, going into full vigilante robocop mode.

Lucian doesn't like social interactions. He doesn't want to be your friend, and he is only interested in you if you can bring something to the table he can take advantage of. He can be civil when the situation requires it, but that's about the limit of his generousity. He's too involved with his crime fighting hobbies to tie any lasting bonds, and every time he has tried to make lasting friends or love interests, it always comes to an end either by them being murdered, or him subconciously driving a vedge between them to drive them off. As such, he os not above manipulating people for his own gains.

While he has a somewhat downtoned personality in his civil life, all tables are turned when he's out on a hunt. He has no humane morals or remorse, meaning he is more than ready to hurt and kill people, if they get in his way of exacting his revenge. As mentioned, he also readily manipulates and threatens innocent people if it means seeing his goal fulfilled, allthough he's somewhat hesitant in putting them in harms way. When it comes to his goal of ridding Gotham City of its organized crime families and their ties, Lucian becomes very narrow sighted, dismissing anything and anyone else who gets in his way of doing things. He also have a somewhat warped sense of justice, claiming that his actions are for the sake of justice, despite them being done out of vengeance alone.

Lucian showcases overconfidence, arrogance and an annoyingly condescending attitude towards those who confront him, and seems to enjoy beating the absolute sh*t out of more or less everyone he meets on his journey of vengeance. Very few ever sees the more mellow and down to earth side of him, and even fewer believes he even has one as he's pretty much always on the alert. However, besides all the doom and gloom,

History: Maria Bertinelli, the wife of Franco Bertinelli of one of Gotham City's five prominent mafia families, lived in a toxic marriage where she would recieve beatings from her husband frequently. The ever growing wedge between the two eventually caused Maria to enter an affair with a man named Santo Cassamento; an affair that to nobodys surprise resulted in Maria getting pregnant. Franco, however, would eventually learn that the unborn child wasn't his, which caused him to mistreat Maria even more, despite her pregnancy. Once he was born, Lucian lived an oblivious childhood, not knowing that his father was not actually his father, and that he was in fact a mafioso dealing in a lot of criminal activities.

As most childhoods in Gotham City goes, lucians pleasant upbringing would grind to a halt when he was 9 years old, and an ambitious member of an opposing crime family ordered several hitmen to storm the Bertinelli estate, killing everyone inside in order to climb the social crime family ladder. Franco was the first to bite the bullet, giving Maria enough time to run to Lucians room and hide her son in a secret compartment in the wall that he himself was unaware of until that point. From behind his hiding place, Lucian could hear his mother pleading for her life only to be gunned down mere meters away from him. Entering a state of shock and panic, Lucian only froze, and prayed he wouldn't be found out.

Luckily for him, he was in fact, not found, and eventually he could hear the assailants leave the estate. Still not daring to exit his hiding place, he would sit in silence behind the wall in the delusion that one of his parents would come by and get him, telling him that everything was allright. Hek, he even expected to wake up from this nightmare at any minute. However, the minutes passed, and became hours, until his state of shock and adrenaline slowly faded, resulting in him passing out.

He only woke up when he heard someone outside of the compartment. Startled, he made the mistake of bonking his head to the backwall, prompting whoever was out there to stop mid-sentence. Holding his breath for dear life, Lucian was ready to meet his end when he saw the door to the compartment open, allthough to his relief the ones peeking in were clad in police uniforms. Being gently taken out and into the room, his mother were nowhere to be seen, however the large pool of blood soaked intot he carpeted floor were proof enough of what had happened to her. Astonished that someone had survived what would later be described as "The Bertinelli massacre", Lucian was taken into police custody for the time being.

Lucian was then placed in the care of her uncles nephew; a distant relative he hadn't herd of before, but who was apparently well aquainted with the family business that he himself had been unaware of until now. He was taken back to Sicily in Italy, where the Bertinelli name originated from, and were still strong standing. It would take a long time for Lucian to adjust though, as the nightmares of what went down in the family estate in Gotham stayed strong in his nightmares. Watching his uncle and cousin train in martial arts and with weapons, he would occasionally join in, if only to try and escape the neverending torment his trauma had caused him. One sleepless night, his cousin showed him that only he could stop the nightmare by putting an end to those who murdered his family. Naturally, having little to no experience in combat, he asked to teach him how, picking a crossbow off a table. He trained until the age of fifteen when he was sent to a boarding school in another country in order to protect him from the Italian authorities who were investigating the Mafia.

However, while studying abroad, Lucian would come to learn the truth about the mafia, and learning that everything she had been told by her extended family had been a lie. He realized that the Mafia was a source of corruption and evil, and that it had been headed by his own family in Gotham City. He would also learn that a different branch of his family had been taken down and out of business by Batman, having seen it on the news and online. The thought of someone beating down on the core and source of his hatred and anger, he learned that he could do the same by following Batman's example.

While he was a full time student at this point, he would plot his vengeance on his spare time, dedicating time into training and keeping up with what he had learned from his uncle and cousin. He would visit the family home in Sicily once more, finding it abandoned after his uncle and cousin had been arrested. There, he would find gear and equipment, as well as picking up weaponry and detailed plans regarding the mafias business and better yet: A detailed ledger of their business partners.

A few years later, Lucian was now a student during the day, and the vigilante known as Hunter at night, methodically hunting down and killing each and every associate to the mafia he could find, as well as earning vengeance for his family by hunting down and mercilessly killing the assassins that killed them. Sometime later, he would begin working with the Green Arrow and Black Canary, eventually beginning a romantic relationship with the Green Arrow. The three of them worked together on and off for a few years, but Lucians methods were considered both brutal, vengeful and volatile, gradually creating a growing strain on their relationship. It lasted until one day Lucian just up and left. No words were exchanged, but Green Arrow understood, and didn't chase after him, making encounters the two have later on somewhat awkward and tense.

Nowdays, Lucian works as a grade school teacher while keeping his vigilante business as a strict nighttime opperation. There's still a lot of corruption to end by force, and plenty of mafia goons to put in the ground. While he occasionally works alongside the likes of Green Arrow and Black Canary, his methods always cause conflict, urging him to work alone.

- Being a Bertinelli, Lucian has access to the vast Bertinelli fortune, which is handy when you're a crime-fighting vigilante.
- He was once in a relatively short-lived relationship with the Green Arrow, which ended due to the pairs conflicting methods regarding crime fighting.
- While he would rather die than admit to it, he's a big Batman fan.
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Inspiration(s): Green Goblin
Super Name: The Gremlin
Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Aaron Arthur Wolff
Gender: Cis Male, Gay
Age: 18

—Super strength: Aaron can lift ~9 tons, barely capable of dealing with the weight that he’s not enough
—Super reflexes: Aaron can dodge small weapons fire from less than 3ft with ease, and has been able to go toe to toe with the reflexes and spidey-sense abilities of Spider-Man! (Though Danny always seems to beat him... Drat)
—Photographic memory: Aaron can remember happenings to him in near perfect recovery, especially when it comes to visuals. He struggles with with audio memory, such as what exactly was said, the tone, and small audios. He’s not perfect
—Slight technopathic abilities: While not hooked into his suit, Aaron can use technopathy to control small functions of electronics he is touching, such as opening e-locks, starting electronic cars, or getting a sweet Dr. Pepper for free from a vending machine
—Gremlin Suit: This advanced power suit enhances many of Aaron's abilities, making him a true opponent for any superhero, but most importantly, SPIDER-MAN. It has:
  • Gyroscopic stabilizers, allowing Aaron to almost always land on his feet
  • Techno-Cognitive Enhancers, allowing Aaron to do more with his technopathy from greater distances, such as bypassing computer safety-nets to access secret information blocks away from it's location; causing mass blackouts of electronic systems, or venting electricity directly into his suit; or getting a sweet Dr. Pepper for free from a vending machine... FROM A DIFFERENT ZIP CODE
  • A HUD in the helmet that displays information gathered from the sensors, like heat signatures, electrical output/storage, data flow, altitude, a compass, clock/timer, and map
  • Blades that extend from the wrist
The suit can only be utilized by people with technopathic abilities comparable or greater than Aaron's, as it has no direct connection to the individual that would wear it.
—Gremlin Glider: A flying machine that has a connection with the Gremlin suit, it looks similar in design. It has great maneuverability, and is capable of going 90 miles an hour in the city. It has machine guns that pop out from underneath it, and blades that can be used to charge enemies. Aaron, while in his Gremlin suit, can remotely control it with his mind like it was a part of his own body, making anyone fighting him have to deal with multiple locations of fire
—Explosives: Aaron carries on his person a number of explosives that can be triggered either by impact, by a timer, or just by Aaron triggering their inner mechanisms remotely with his technopathy
—Martial arts training: Aaron has been trained by some of the best that can be bought, knowing forms of karate, jujitsu, krav maga, boxing, and fencing. He is incredibly good, enhanced even more by his powers, but he isn't the best
—Crying quietly:

Appearance: Aaron is slightly below average at 5'8", having a proud posture, distinguished and regal, helped with his semi-broad shoulders, square and youthful facial features, and a general stern look. His body is a slender yet muscular athletic v shape. He has half lidded deep green eyes, sometimes appearing distant, other times appearing glaring depending on his mood, but always handsome, complimented by his upturned and boyish nose. His eye brows are just like his father's: an angular thin taper from the inside to thick, before quickly tapering out again. His resting face portrays a pout, accentuated by his small mouth shape and full bodied lips. His amber brown hair is often done, if not always done, in a preppy side part, faded on his sides and back.

His usual clothes are preppy, always giving an aura of wealth. His shirts are always the brightest white, sport jacket collars flat, argyle sweaters made with only the best wool, and his pants have never seen a wrinkle. His loafers cost more than the normal New Yorker pays in rent, and are always a shiny black or brown. His father's money has given him a lack of a sense of need when it comes to clothes, and so he doesn't have favorites. He can always get more. He does, however, have the family's crest pin that he always has present on his person, so everyone can know of his influence.

Since he has been able to get a little more freedom as of late, he is able to escape to the world as a Normal Kid, during which he wears Normal Kid Clothes. These outfits generally consist of normal looking clothes that the average New Yorker wouldn't go for, like an 850 buck white t-shirt, as a nice alternative to a 5 dollar pack of twenty white t-shirts.

The Gremlin Suit consists of a fully closed helmet that flows with the general shape of Aaron's head, with a flat face and a goggle-like prominence with orange lenses for the eyes and sensors dotting the area. The suit itself is also fully closed. It has armored pieces covering the chest, shoulders, pelvis, thighs, shins and feet. These armored pieces and helmet have the art-deco preference of it's designer, Kim Wolff, and have a black coloration with strong green accents. The undersuit fabric material matches the coloration of the armor, but is far more matte. Aaron added additional flair by taking left over fabric from the undersuit and having a hooded cloak made out of it, which he wears over the armor.

Personality: Aaron is snobbish, elitist, and very narcissistic. He has a general disdain for the poor, the homeless, and the outsiders of civility. His upbringing and life has proved to him that he is strong in will, as well as ability. Never below an A in school, always the most talented in his class, and is one of the most powerful people alive. He deserves only the best, so he acts like it. He doesn't have close friends, not that he needs or even really has time for that. He is grooming to become the owner of Wolff Inc, so any and all relationships he builds is to strengthen his eventual rise to that position.

In actuality, Aaron isn't like that at all. It's a burden, a front. He has a responsibility, or so he feels, to act this way to sustain his father's love and respect. Every sneer, every elitist remark, hurts Aaron's spirit, but he must persist. When his father's eyes aren't upon him though, he is really quite kind to and curious about the people that his father has him hate. He tries to understand what his role really is in the universe, and lately, if listening to his father and doing what is right for his company is really what he wants. He doesn't know what else he would do, however, so so far, he has persisted with what he knows: Doing what his father says.

He enjoys many things, elite and mundane. He loves the Opera, the powerful imagery, the music, his absolute favorite being "Dido and Aeneas," by Henry Purcell, but he also enjoys movies that he imagines his life would be like if he were normal, like "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". He has been able to use his father's yachts to tour the globe, visiting his favorite places of history, Italy and Greece, studying the cultures and languages. He enjoys all forms of art, whether it is literature, paintings, sculptures, architecture, to even things like tv shows and video games. The world fascinates him, and he wants to learn more.

As The Gremlin, Aaron is vicious through his training, and will fight until unconscious, dead, or told to retreat. He is excellent at strategizing with his environment, utilizing his photographic memory and HUD to come up with plans to execute enemy. While under the persona, he says very little, especially with heroes that he is not used to fighting. He has began to have a rapport with Spider-man, however, even cracking jokes back at the web head. The Gremlin rarely takes risks, and has a difficult time putting civilians in danger. The only time he does so now is as a distraction while fighting heroes that he knows will be able to safely rescue those in danger.

History: Aaron Arthur Wolff never knew his mother. She died due to complications following his birth, leaving behind Aaron, and his father, Kim Wolff. Little did he know growing up, his mother's death could possibly have been completely preventable. Kim had experimented on his wife in an attempt to make their soon to be child filled with power. Originally, there were plans to hold off experimentation until the baby was born, but Kim was never known as a patient man. He wanted his child superpowered now. Unfortunately, in his haste, the experiments worked at a cost. Aaron was blessed with minor technopathy, super strength and reflexes, and an amazing photographic memory, at the cost of Mrs. Wolff's DNA, which became a scrambled mess of cancerous and self eating cells once Aaron had been birthed.

And so, she died. And Kim Wolff would never forgive the man who did it to her: himself. In his rage, he took out his abuses on Aaron.
It became all he ever knew. Life went on. Kim watched, and hurt. Every now and again, Kim would feel... bad. Not necessarily remorseful, or bad for Aaron, just bad. So Kim would take him out to FAO Schwarz and let him pick something out. The pleasantries wouldn't last long, and Aaron came to accept the fact that happiness is forever fleeting.

Life went on. At thirteen, Kim gave him his first Gremlin suit. This suit, among other things, amplified his technopathy powers, and effectively masked his normal appearance. Kim promised that things would get better if Aaron began running tests with the suit, and he did, because he loved his father.

Tests became tasks. They became corporate sabotage. They became minor theft of classified files and designs. At fifteen, Aaron took his first life. A politician had a pacemaker fail catastrophically, exploding from inside her person. Aaron didn't know exactly why he had to, just that she and her father didn’t agree on somethings. He felt disconsolate, but his dad was... compassionate with him. His dad actually hugged him for the first time. They traveled the world. All the attention that had been withheld from him was finally there, and the hurt slowed to a stop.

There is, deep in the caverns of his child heart, pangs of hurt and regret when he does tasks for his dad, but it doesn't matter. He's loved by his dad, and he'd do anything to keep it that way.
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Fire and Ice Combo
This still a WIP but here it is for now. Edited: This sign-up is now complete.

Inspiration(s): Black Bolt

Super Name: Silent One

Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Angelo Bolton

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:

Particle Manipulation: Using his mind, he can create, control and channel electrons through his body. By manipulating them, he can fire beams of energy and create an energy shield in front of him.

Superhuman physique: By channeling electrons into a specific part of his body, he is granted abilities superior to the average person. Putting some in his arms to increase the strength of punches or his legs increasing his running speed. When the electrons are evenly distributed, his abilities are slightly better than an Olympic gold medalist. However, if he put it in one area, he can reach a superhuman amount of power. Though by doing this, the electrons will become less concentrated in other areas of his body. This makes the areas not filled with electrons more vulnerable to attacks because he cannot instantly transfer electrons to every part of his body. If the electrons are concentrated into two limps, there are barely any electrons anywhere else on his body.

Flight: By manipulating the electron and surrounding his body, Angelo can lift himself off the ground and fly. He will use flying to travel if it's somewhere not too far away or he feels it's urgent. Otherwise, he uses public transportation or walks.

Hypersonic Voice: The area of his brain that creates and manipulates electrons is the same one that is controlling speech and sounds. Because of this, Angelo's voice releases destructive electrons whenever he makes a sound from his mouth. This power can destroy large objects around him with ease, even if it is a soft whisper. A single quiet mutter can take down an entire skyscraper. Because of the sheer dangerous power of his voice, Angelo only uses it as a last resort.

Limited telepathy: It's one of his weakest abilities, and he hadn't been able to have a full conversation with another person using it. Occasionally Angelo's stronger thoughts are broadcast to a person or people around him. He doesn't have much control over that.

Alternate Form of Communication:

+ Sign Language: Angelo is fluent in sign language and can smoothly sign anything he's thinking. Since most people don't understand it, he often uses it to talk behind people's backs.

+ Written Communication: Angelo can write, type, and text really fast. His fastest is handwritten messages. His penmanship and grammar are excellent, making it quick and easy to converse if he decides to do so.


Angelo is tall teen standing just barely under six feet tall (181 cm). Despite his height, he is slender and scrawny to the point of almost being skeletal. His skin is yellow/olive in color and has a very coarse look to it. There are usually light scattered scrapes and cuts visible on pretty much any available surface of his body. However, none of them look severe or permanent. The teen has a mature-looking face with steely jade green-eyes that appear to convey either defiance or complete disdain. These eyes are often obstructed by a sea of messy dark brown, almost black, bangs. The rest of his hair untidily points out in every direction as it falls down just below his shoulders. It not hard to tell that his hair is very neglected as there are even matted clumps mix into it.

Angelo carries himself with pride, back straight and chest puffed out. He has the posture of a tough guy that doesn't want to take crap from anyone. Most of his clothing isn't the right size for him as they either squeezing him tight or loosely hanging off of him. It is also not uncommon to see stained and tattered clothes, but he still wears them confidently. A red long-sleeved shirt with tears across the chest, faded blue jeans with rips on the knees and going down the side of his legs, and dirty beaten-up old black boots is one set of his outfits. He has several silver piercings decorating both his ears. It is also not unusual to see him brandishing bandages over some wounds he received.

Angelo's super costume just looks like an array of randomly selected black clothing thrown together. On his torso, he wears a sleeveless black shirt with a blue lightning bolt design on it. It's a loose fit and is tucked into a pair of black leather jeans. Several belts are fastened around his thighs and legs on the pants for a stylistic look. The bottom of the pants legs is also stuffed into a pair of tall black leather boots. Other than the footwear look in good condition, there is nothing notable about them. Dark-colored gloves reach up to Angelo's elbows. Rather than being black, they are actually a very dark brown, which is noticeable due to the actual black articles of clothing he is wearing. There are a couple of silver bands just below his elbow that fastened the gloves to his arms. And finally, a black full-face biker helmet enshrouds his face. The visor that goes over his eyes is darkly tinted making it more difficult to make out much of his face. His messy dark hair comes out the back and has been pulled into a still messy ponytail.

The quality of the material of his costume is much cleaner and better maintained than his everyday attire. It's a better fit for him that allows others to get a good view of his body structure.



Personality: Despite being the equivalent of a mute, Angelo has a strong character. Standing tall and proud, he refuses to let anything devalue his worth. Because of this, the teen can be a bit hotheaded and throw sharp glares at the one that offended him. He will also refuse to be cooperative when the person is involved. Being somewhat petty, he will sometimes completely ignore the person's existence. When he's not in a heated mood, he still comes off a little cheeky and moody, but he is at least not trying to be harsh. Angelo is also more helpful and willing to make things work. Even if he doesn't like them, he simply cannot ignore them if they are in severe danger.

He is more active and tends to run in first and figure out the rest along the way. This recklessness has gotten him injured multiple times, but he would still choose acting over discussing. Due to the extra work of communicating with others, Angelo has the tendency to just avoid it altogether and just do his own thing whenever he's with others. When he likes the person, he has no problem chatting up with them. Angelo is quite expressive. His body language and face allow for his emotions to be known. Because he doesn't talk, it is not uncommon for him to be forgotten in a crowd. He regularly uses it to his advantage and slips away from the group.

Angelo isn't well-educated, but he isn't dumb. He is surprisingly clever and can problem-solve well considering his lack of knowledge on lots of topics. Due to his upbringing, he hadn't been taught anything that wasn't deemed important. Other than his English, grammar, and penmanship being highly developed, he has barebone knowledge of nearly everything else. The teen picks up and understands things very easily. His own disinterest in subjects is the only thing preventing him from being smarter. Angelo isn't the broody type and lets that bad and sad times roll off his back so that he can keep moving forward. However, the mistake of his past is one thing that he simply cannot let go of...

History: From the moment Angelo could remember anything, he was locked up in an isolated chamber in the Institute for Remarkable Children of Texas. The origin of his real family is unknown to him. The adults around him stated that he was exposed to some chemical inside the womb. It was due to that he developed the superpowers that he was born with. Deeming his powers as too dangerous, his parents abandoned of him immediately. This is the only information he has heard about his birth parents and given its source, he doesn't even know if it's true.

This institute is pretty much a research lab with a presentable name to gather kids with power. The children undergo intense training to create soldiers that would become useful members of an evil organization bent on controlling the world. Those that were judged as useless soon became test subjects for the Weapon Y Project. Since Angelo's powers manifest the moment of his birth, he went through intensive training immediately. This was a necessity due to the destructive force that was created by his voice.

Angelo's earlier years were filled with him alone in an indestructible soundproof room. He underwent training every day, so he wouldn't utter a sound while under stress, torture, and even in his sleeping. He was educated in alternative forms of communication skills such as writing and sign language. When Angelo reached thirteen years old, he met someone close to his age for the first time. Afterward, he was considered trained enough to be able to mingle with the other 'students.'

There was quite a bit of curiosity of the new kid that came from the deep lab but not appearing to have experimented on. It was a bit of a struggle communicating without speaking, but he was able to make companions among his peers. They filled his mind with all kinds of images of places and things outside of these bare walls. It awakened an urged to leave and see the world outside. In secret, his friends spoke about escaping from the institute, and Angelo was immediately on board with the idea.

It was a simple plan. Angelo breaks down the wall, and they escape. He had many times in training damaged the facility's by accident, so he didn't think there would be any problem. The boy didn't realize how well-reinforced his training area was, or how truly devastating the power of his voice was. With a single word, he made almost the entire institute collapse. He stared in horror at the carnage he caused. The people he injured, the people he killed. Even those among his friends had suffered due to this power of his. Angelo didn't have time to wallow in grief as he was dragged off-site by the least injured survivors. He vowed to never use this power unless he absolutely had to.

The survivors of the institute's destruction scatter in all directions. Angelo and a band of other superpower minors found themselves in the city of Austin. For a while, they lived on the streets and scrounged for food to live. After a run-in with an armed robber, they form a mini group of heroes, the Hidden Five, a team of young superheroes. They were a tight-knit band fighting to protect the innocent and looking for redemption for their past. At least for Angelo, this was his way of atoning for the lives he had taken. Though as years went by, the Hidden Five number began to countdown until there was only one, Angelo, The Silent One.

The other members found a family, another pursue, or a place to belong in the world of the normal. This change was much more difficult for the non-talking teenager as he was merely seen as a disabled youth in the everyday world's eyes. Yet, he continued to struggle, to find a way to live alone. Finding a manual labor job that didn't require talking, finding a rundown apartment to live in, and still find time to superhero and protect those in need. For a mute of only seventeen making it on their own, Angelo could do worse.
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it's about the CUBES
Formally asking for a reserve on Harley Quinn!

Inspiration(s): Harley Quinn
Super Name: Harlequin
Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Andrea MacKellen
Gender: Cisgender female, pansexual
Age: 24
Theme Songs: Pocketfull of Poetry . Mindy Gledhill / Cookies . Ninja Sex Party / Ready To by Michiru Kagemori
Voice Claim: Jinx, by Sarah Anne Williams

Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:
- Superhuman enhancements: enhanced durability, regeneration, strength, and agility, the works that you expect from most supers. This is from having a weak connection to the Green. She also has a resistance to poisons and viruses like her sister, but it isn't as strong.
- Skilled gymnastics: She is a masterful gymnast and uses it to the best of her ability.
- Connection: Andrea and Violet are inextricably connected through The Green. Andrea always knows what direction Violet is in and approximately how far away she is as well. (Unlike Violet, however, she cannot inherently tell if another being has a connection to The Green.)
- Hand-to-hand combat:
- Stealth:
- Charisma:
- Mallet:
- GUNS: Andrea is an exceptional sharp-shooter, and uses her guns as her main form of attack. She usually keeps, Bert, Ernie, and Señor Sparky on her person, and keeps Lowrie and Dr. Popper in her sportsbike and grabs them when necessary.
-- Bert and Ernie: bullets, rubber duckies
-- Señor Sparky: electric bolts
-- Lowrie: sniper rifle
-- Dr. Pill Popper: minigun
- Motorcycle: Andrea drives a matching sportsbike with Violet, black with red accents.


Appearance: Andrea is a sight to behold, and she knows it. It's on purpose. It's art, beyotch. Standing at 6'1, she has a very thin and lithe stature, with prominent bony features. She's got a diamond shaped head, with sharp cheekbones and a defined slope in her jaw ending in a pointed chin. She's got big amber eyes shining bright with the thought of mayhem. Her nose is slim and small, complimenting expressive eyebrows. Her lips are thin, but almost always drawn up anywhere from a smirk to a grin. Her hair is a bright, pure red, with highlights of firetruck and lowlights of burgundy. She has messy choppy bangs framing her face, while the rest of her wild long hair is pulled up into two high ponytails. Both of her ears have lobe piercings with gold balls through them, while her left ear has a cartilage piercing with a golden cuff. Despite her frame, she is actually very athletic, as a skilled gymnast and a hobbyist runner.

Andrea's choices in fashion are... interesting. On purpose, but interesting. On her own, she is a big fan of loungewear, and her home wardrobe is full of silky soft t-shirts and pajama pants of varying colors and designs. (Her top favorite--don't tell anyone--is the blue ones with rubber duckies on them.) When she's out and about and not at work, all bets are off. She loves bright and wild colors, especially pinks and blues, and shows as much skin as legally allowed whenever possible. Bikini tops are absolutely real tops if you aren't a coward. She loves denim short-shorts and is a skilled modifier of jeans. At work, she does tone it down, pulls her double ponytails into a single braid, and wears a simple black t-shirt and jeans under a black apron.


Personality: Andrea is one hellova loose cannon. The more she has you scratching your head, the better. She is eccentric and wild, and strives to live life to the very fullest. Maybe even too full. A huge fan of pure bright colors, she hates anything dim or drab or neat. She's messy, but its her organized chaos. Still chaos, she just knows where everything is. Mostly. Being anything other than exciting is boring, and she loves to bring the party with her wherever she goes. She grew up as the local troublemaker, and the title never quite left her. Explosions and sprinkles and kitty cats and death metal, it's all a part of her sugary-sweet destructive personality.

She is a huge fan of her guns, and has a wide variety. If there was more of a need for gun-based jobs, she would absolutely be out there as her sharp-shooting self. As mentioned earlier, she's a fan of explosions, and anything shiny. After moving with her mom to [LOCATION2], she picked up drawing, and actually really enjoyed it. She enjoys what she does for a living, as a tattoo artist and a hairdresser, and really feels like she's doing something worthwhile. As eccentric in her fashion choices as she is, she does really care about how she looks, and so even though it's bright and out there, one has to admit she does always look good. Andrea has a huge soft spot for anything cute and fuzzy, and will dote over everything from a kitten to a duckling to those cute K-pop boys.

While it can seem like Andrea is solely impulsive and rash, behind the mask she is always thinking. Thinking of the end goal in mind, which while usually is simply having fun, can be something much deeper and important. Thinking about escape plans if necessary. Thinking about how to avoid unnecessary damage. On the outside, she can come off as selfish and uncaring. Not cold, but a warm aloof, as though she's above everything. However, this hides a lot of insecurity and attachment issues. She is afraid of getting too close to people, because she's afraid of how much it's going to hurt when they inevitably leave. She doesn't know how to handle being sad, but she can have fun on her own, so she distracts herself from her loneliness. She loves having her sister back, and her sister's girlfriend is fun, but she's terrified she'll get too clingy and they'll leave her again. Inactivity and boredom frustrate her, and that frustration turns to anger real quickly. When something needs to be done, and isn't being done, it boils her blood -- just do something already! Why are we waiting!

Despite her fears, deep down, Andrea is a warm and loving person. Sometimes, this warmth leaks out, and she can be a very understanding and kind friend. She loves giving gifts, and prides herself on being fairly good at it. She wants to help, and she wants to bring smiles to everyone's faces. Her dream is to be a fully respected hero, and defend [LOCATION2]. It's her destiny. After all, the Green didn't completely pass her by, so there had to be something about her that was special. She wants the sisterhood and camaraderie that comes with her powers. She wants friendship, she wants someone to share her fun with. Andrea MacKellen is as warm and bright as the explosions she holds so close to her heart, and she can't wait to make everyone as excited as she as.

History: Mary and Jack Richie had been married for three years so far. They had one child, Violet, after barely one year of marriage. In what felt like nothing to Mary, she found herself pregnant again. It was not a happy marriage. She had been dragged out to [LOCATION1], into the dark and grimey pits of who knows where, and all the sudden, all of her support had vanished. No messages from her family or friends back home from [LOCATION2]. What makes things worse was that her deadbeat husband was gone almost all of the time, doing who-knows-what, who-knows-where. This isn't what Mary thought marriage would be. This isn't who she thought Jack was, at least, he wasn't like this for the two years they were dating. Nevertheless, nine months later, Andrea Richie was brought into the world.

Andrea was largely ignored as a baby. Her basic needs were taken care of, but with Jack's incomes declining and Mary leaving the house to pick up slack, Violet and Andrea were often left alone for hours. Mary felt awful about it--while there was no [LOCATION1] laws against it, Mary knew in her heart that leaving a four year old and a one year old alone, barely coming home every few hours to get them fed, was not the way to raise a child. Andrea learned to make her own fun, alone, as Violet wasn't much interested in playing with her either. (Kids these young just aren't. Kids don't play together until they're about five anyway, so it's not a personal offence.) She learned that she was the only one out there for her, and that's fine. So be it.

School was hard. Of course it's hard, when you live in the slums. There's barely a school to be at. Andrea didn't learn much in the way of academics, but she DID learn in the way of mayhem. She became fast friends with the troublemakers, the no-good-doers, the play-with-fire crowd. Not really ever having anyone in her life, she was excited to finally have someone to call her friend. She actually enjoyed being at school, because she finally wasn't alone. She found out how fun life could be, and even though maybe a lot of it was dusky and boring, it was only one firework away from being colorful and bright again. Unfortunately, all this was about to change dramatically. In the middle of second grade, her baby friendships were torn up as she was ripped from [LOCATION1] and put on a train to [LOCATION2].

Mary had found out why she had been all alone for almost eleven years. Jack, skilled with technology, had installed hidden scripts on the phone he gave her to block numbers he didn't approve. When her family turned to writing letters, he took them and hid them, taking them away and shredding them. As cunning as Jack was, Mary was smarter, sharper. The scripts weren't hidden enough, and when she found them and stripped them away, a flood of worry filled her phone to the brim. After months of planning in secret, Mary took Violet and Andrea and fled to her family back in [LOCATION2]. They resettled with her parents as she got the divorce rolling, and she changed hers and her daughter's surnames to her parents', MacKellen.

The transition was difficult. All the sudden, everyone was loving and doting all over Andrea, and it was overwhelming. She didn't know what to do. Her once absent mother was now home all the time. What? Why was everyone smothering her now? It didn't make sense, and she found herself hating all sorts of physical contact from her family. Also, suddenly, there was a "proper" way for her to act and behave, and "proper" didn't include fireworks or bright colors or pulling pranks. What!? What was the point! Where was the fun? The excitement? She missed her friends, and these new people at school weren't nearly as fun as her old friends. She was jealous that Violet seemed to be doing just fine. Thus began her rebellious streak--if no one wanted to be her friend, then she would make her own fun.

Throughout late elementary school and middle school, she did eventually find her crowd, as the other rebels eventually found her wings. It was a relief, maybe she could still make friends. But, things were different here. Having fun the way she wanted was frowned upon, and so her small band of friends was ever changing, when they couldn't handle the backlash any further. It was fine, she could handle things on her own. She missed them, and she still longed for true friendship, but she was having fun, so, like, who cares? She's fine. She wished also that she could be closer to her sister, Vi, who had developed her own flavor of rebellion and closed doors, but there seemed to be a wall that Andrea couldn't climb over. Violet wanted to be the best, and Andrea just wanted to have a little fun. She guessed those things just... couldn't go together.

It was through late middle school and early high school when she started finding her other passions. Art, hair, and fashion became hot topics to Andrea, and so did GUNS. She had seen them all over the place in [LOCATION1], but [LOCATION2] guns were a sight to behold. These weren't shoddily shoved together for thievery and murder, but beautifully crafted for funsies and excitement--all Andrea wanted. Now a part of the upper-class as a MacKellen, she would visit the shooting ranges and learned as much as she could. She became an incredibly talented sharp shooter, even if she maybe was a little overenthusiastic. Around this time, she began to sort of kind of warm up to her family. The smothering wasn't as overwhelming anymore, and it was kind of nice to have family at her back... but she still hated physical touch, and while Andrea got closer, Violet seemed to get farther.

High school went on, and she eventually scraped by enough good grades to graduate. Armed with her passion to help, to make art, and to do hair, she enrolled in a cosmetics school to learn how to properly cut hair. Here, she excelled. She was doing what she loved and she found she was a natural at it. Unlike high school, she passed with flying colors, and went on to find a part tattoo parlor, part hair salon with the perfect vibe for what she was looking for. Violet had moved out years ago, so at 19 Andrea moved out on her own. In her off moments at the salon, she loved watching the artists, and found a love for the art of tattoo. One day, her manager found some of Andrea's art lying around. Liking her style, he offered her an apprenticeship with the artists, which she happily accepted.


Now, she works as a tattoo artist and a hair stylist, and she couldn't be happier.
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ANOTHER ONE! Batman and Iron Man combo WIP

Inspiration(s): Batman, Iron Man
Super Name: The Dark Knight, Dark Knight
Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Christopher Stayn/Chris
Gender: Cis Male, Straight
Age: 33

Powers: N/A

  • Dark knight suit
    • HUD
      • An advanced Heads Up Display that is nearly limitless with its information gathering abilities, and is directly connected with the A.L.F.R.E.D.
    • Repulsor Rays
      • Blasts of focused kinetic energy, able to change its power level from “feels like a kiss” to “crack the earth”, but he generally sticks with non-lethal attacks due to his morals.
    • Light Emitter Armory
      • Built into later versions of the Dark Knight suit, L.E.A. is able to bend energy matter to form weapons, a shield, or incase the entire armor for more defence. This typically isn’t used against normal street thugs, but against other expert weapon users.
    • Super Human like speed and strength
      • The suit allows Dark Knight to enhance his physical aptitude past his already impressive abilities.
    • Technopathy Feedback
      • The suit is remotely monitored by A.L.F.R.E.D. and can send a discharge of tech-psycho energy that can cause severe migraines in technopaths. Chris is currently trying to develop a passive deterrent that is less painful.
    • Cloak Field
      • This tech renders the Dark Knight invisible to nearly all forms of perception, at the expense of other functions. He is unable to use the physicality enhancers, L.E.A., or Repulsor Rays, while the Cloak Field is active
  • A.L.F.R.E.D.
    • A.L.F.R.E.D., or A Logistical Framework Routinely Evaluating Data, is an AI that Chris first made to run smart appliances in his home, named after the butler that cared for him after his parents died. As he became a more avid vigilante, he began using A.L.F.R.E.D. to analyze crime scenes and formulate battle strategies.
  • The Cavalry
    • The Calvary is a nearly all purpose vehicle that the Dark Knight uses as transportation, as well as additional weaponry. The Cavalry has Three Modes:
      • Land: This land variant can manipulate it’s axles to have either a motorcycle profile for inner city movement, or a four wheel profile for off-road.
      • Water: The Water variant is a pod that is always in the water. It receives and deploys the land variant. It is able to submerge under water, and has been able to reach depths as deep as Atlantis.
      • Air: The Air variant is usually stationed at Stayn Manor until it is called, but can be left anywhere with ample room. It can hover in place, or reach speeds of 4,400 mph.
      • (Chris has been working on a new ‘Space’ mode, but it has yet to have been completed)
    • All versions of the Cavalry have repulsor tech, able to fire the blasts at varying strengths.
  • Paladin Armor
    • The Paladin Armor is a Dark Knight armor variant that is a bigger, stronger, & more arsenal heavy. It was developed for the express purpose of fighting *insert incredibly strong hero/villain here*. It carries Heavy Missiles, Lasers, Advanced Energy shielding tech. It is big, scary, and only used against the strongest foes.

  • Acrobatics
  • Archery
  • Aviation
  • Business Management
  • Computer Hacking
  • Driving
  • Equestrianism
  • Firearms
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Gadgetry
  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Indomitable Will
  • Interrogation
  • Intimidation
  • Investigation
  • Lock Picking:
  • Boxing
  • Magic
    • While unable to perform magic, Dark Knight has knowledge of the occult to a limited extent. Still, he tends to seek help when dealing with magic.
  • Medical Science
  • Peak Human Condition
  • Peak Human Agility
  • Peak Human Durability
  • Peak Human Reflexes
  • Peak Human Speed
  • Peak Human Senses
  • Toxic Immunity
  • Prestidigitation
  • Seamanship
  • Stealth
  • Swimming
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Throwing
  • Tracking
  • Weaponry
  • Stick Fighting
  • Fencing

Black hair
Blue eyes
Very Fit Build


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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Inspiration(s): Zatanna and Zachary Zatara

Super Name: Zatara the Great, the Amazing Zatara, Zatara the magnificent.

Civilian Name, or Secret Identity: Giovanni Zatara Jr. “Gio”

Gender: Male, Bisexual

Age: 25

Powers, Gadgets, and Skills:

Magic: Gio can cast spells by speaking backwards.

To use his magic, Gio has to recite his incantations backwards. He needs focus to do so and if he messes up, is distracted, or is interupted in the middle of a spell something unexpected could happen or nothing at all. If he is unable to speak, he cannot cast his spells.

If Gio uses a lot of bigger spells it can drain his power leaving him unable to use any of his spells. To recover he needs to actual rest for a period of time.

In all honesty, Gio’s only been doing this seriously for a few years. He’s still new compared to his father. His fathervwas also trained by some of the best magicians in the world, while Gio is self taught. In most cases, his command over his abilities is mediocre at best. He still needs training and finds certain things are just out of his reach. This is not a matter of confidence or willpower. He's got that in spades. It's an issue with his inexperience and relatively amateur technique. While he seems especially gifted at affecting the world around him, people are another matter. Any spells cast upon another human being can be tricky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

What Gio is best at is affecting inanimate objects. For example, he can summon simple objects into existence, and turn one object to another. He can also control elemental magic to some degree. For example being able to shoot purple fireballs or pink lightning out of the tip of his wand. He can also give himself the ability to fly. In fact, that’s the first thing he tried when he discovered he had magic.

Teleportation is something else he has trouble with. He can go short distances, or at least somewhere he can see/point to with his wand. But travelling far is another matter. He can summon objects to his hand without a problem, but again humans are tricky...

Gio can sense the flows of magical energies and can sense spells being cast and the presence of magical beings, spirits, events, and items.

Gio can use blood magic. He can write spells in blood. His own or someone else’s... Besides being gross, this is damaging to his psyche and can attract the attention of corrupting spirits, demons, etc. Do you know how awkward it is to accidentally summon a demon? What's worse, these spells are actually much more powerful than his normal ones, so the temptation is always there, even when there is an alternative.

Stage Magic: Trained by his father, Gio has the potential to be a world-class stage magician and can perform impressive feats of misdirection, sleight-of-hand, and escape. These abilities, of course, are not restricted to the stage, which means that he's not easily trapped, bound, or without resources.

Escape Artist: He’s been taught to pick locks, and escape from dangerous situations. He can even hold his breath underwater for long periods of time.

Occult Lore: Gio has built up lot of knowledge on the occult. His father had a ton of books on the subject, and Gio often has his nose buried in one.

Gio is a natural-born performer, it runs in the family. He has a talent for acting (including charm, deception, and subterfuge) and he can sing. It’s why his career has been so successful.

A son of a biracial family, Gio picked up Italian from his father and Spanish from his mother’s side of the family. Through his studies in the occult, he also learned Latin and a few other phrases in other ancient or mystical languages.

Shadowcrest: The Zatara family home. It's very neat with mystical wards that are nigh impossible to break through. The libraries in the Shadowcrest are extensive and vast. Anything occult can likely be found somewhere in there.

Celebrity: Gio is internet famous, and real life famous. He has a million subscribers on his youtube channel, and many followers on social media. He gets paid a lot of money, and performs to packed audiences every night. Do you watch random videos during your free time? Maybe you've seen one of his youtube videos! Have an interest in stage magic? He's your guy! Like watching pretty boys on the internet? Look no further!

For transportation, he flies with magic, or gets chauffeured around in a limo. He can drive himself, but why bother?




Appearance: Gio is confident and proud of his looks. He has an angular face with a firm jawline, and defined features. He has been told he’s handsome a number of times, and if we’re being honest, he actually believes his own hype. He stands at six feet tall, and has a fit build. He’s not overly muscular, but he does have to look good in the shirtless selfies he sometimes posts on social media. He has a naturally tanned skin complexion courtesy of his heritage. He also has stylishly messy dark hair, and blue eyes from his father. He has a perfectly white smile on his face when performing.

More often than not, Gio wears his magicians suit. It’s his stage costume, and his superhero costume. It is basically a fitted tuxedo. The suit consists of a black tailcoat with a white dress shirt, gray vest, and a black bow tie. He wears black slacks held up by a belt, and black dress shoes on the bottom. His hands are covered by white gloves. His most prominent accessory is his black top hat, which used to belong to his father.

The occasions he isn’t in costume, he dresses casually. He wears tank tops, jeans, and sneakers as his casual wear.

Personality: On the surface, Gio comes off as open and friendly. He can be charming and charasmatic when he wants to be. He has a way with people and a knack for only letting them see what he wants them to see. Since discovering his magic, Gio has become something of a party animal. He likes to shop, flirt, club, and generally tries not to stress too much about anything. It can make him seem lazy or uncaring. He also enjoys the luxurious lifestyle that being a wealthy celebrity brings.

Gio is fan of flashy magics. Even his most simple incantation is laced with a sparkle or two. He likes drawing attention to himself for better or for worse. He enjoys the fame and attention being a celebrity brings, and likes to show off for his fans. He likes to flaunt his abilities, and is very confident in himself. Or at least he acts like it anyway. He can come off like an arrogant jerk because of it.

Underneath all that bravado and overcompensation, Gio isn’t interested in letting people get too close. There are some abandonment issues he has yet to deal with. He also knows he has big shoes to fill living up to his father’s legacy. He often has moments of self-doubt and a fear of failure. Still, when Gio’s on, he's on. It’s all a part of the show. In his best moments, there's almost nothing he believes he can't do, no odds he thinks he doesn't have a shot at beating.

History: Giovanni is the son of famous illusionist Giovanni “John” Zatara Sr., and Sindella, a member of the mystical homo magi race. His mother seemingly died during childbirth, and Gio was raised by his father. Together he and his father travelled the world for his father’s magic shows.

Since he often moves around a lot for his dad, Gio never really stayed in one place for long. He moved around so much, he had trouble making friends, since he wouldn’t be in town long enough to keep them. He buried himself books most kids his age would be too young to understand, but also had a keen interest in learning about magic and stage. He grew distant only to his interests, finding most of school boring for his higher intellect. He often flaunted his intelligence, and the fact that his dad was a famous stage magician. Other kids found him to be an arrogant jerk.

When he was old enough, Gio’s father taught him stage magic. It started with basic card tricks, but Gio learned quickly and soon started doing more advanced trick, and even escape artistry. It wasn’t long before Gio was performing in magic shows alongside his father.

But unbeknownst to Gio, his father wasn’t only a world famous stage magician. He was also a superhero who fought crime by night and used real magic. Mostly dealing magical crimes, but sometimes stopping the occasional bank robber too. Giovanni sr. had hoped to teach his son the mystical arts someday, but he didn’t get the chance. One day, he just up and vanished without a trace.

Afterwards, Gio would discover his father’s secret, and his collection of magical tomes. He decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, and taught himself magic. He currently performs as a stage magician in Las Vegas, and performs to sold out crowds every night. He also works as a superhero. He hopes to find out what happened to his father someday.

Other: No one touches the hat.

In addition to performimg magic shows, he is also a Youtube personality and social media influencer. Like and subscribe pls! Follow him @TheGreatZatara

Does not have a secret identity. His superhero job is public knowledge, and people know he can do real magic.
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