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Multiverse Mash-up (DC/Marvel AU - Rated R)


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Discussion Thread: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/multiverse-discussion-dc-marvel-au-rated-r.680224/
Discord Discussion: https://discord.gg/BgYG4QeErp #multiverse-mash-up

Approved & Pending Characters:
1) Ghost Skater, Frankie Castillo [22, NY] (VampirateMace)
2) Silent One, Angelo Bolton [17, TX] (InnerFlame)
3) Spider-man, Danny Davis [18, NY] (Monster Guy)
4) Trickster - Locke Kent (TheCharredDragon)
5) *Poison Ivy, Violet MacKellen [26, NJ?] (Sketchie)*
6) Hunter, Lucian Bertinelli [25, NJ] (Schade)
7) The Gremlin, Aaron Arthur Wolff [18, NY] (Scandinavian Apollo)
8) *Harlequinn, Andrea MacKellen [24, NJ?] (Sketchie)*
9) *The Dark Knight, Chris Stayn [35. ??] (Scandinavian Apollo)*

10) Zatara, Giovanni Zatara Jr. “Gio” [25, NV] (Monster Guy)
13) 'Mister Fantastic' [42, UK] (VampirateMace)

Note: Check Discussion thread for world details, timezone chart, fight rules, questions, and more!

1. Obviously, follow the standard forum and sub-forum rules.
2. Don't SPAM, flame, or otherwise harass other players.
3. Don't bunny (control others' character's) without permission. If you know me, you know I am strict on this.
4. A lot of chars here are OP, but remember your character is NOT Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent. Do NOT have them know things they shouldn't, teleport, or otherwise god-mode.
5. Put your name(s) and rough location(s) [if possible], and time(s) [again if possible] at the top of your post. If you have two chars, and they are together at the time, be very clear about who is doing what.
6. Do NOT be the idiot that forces me to make more rules (love you guys). If you're not sure if you should do it, either don't, or ask first!

2 days before Doomsday. . .

Dr. Reed Richards - Mr. Flash
Flash Labs, Cambridgeshire, England
Oct 4th, Monday - 5:00 pm

A high pitched beeping echoed through the dim personal lab of Reed Richards. Reed himself lay across a couch (which he paid some undergrad students to carry up here after a previous time he fell asleep up here), snoring beneath the latest scientific journal. Suddenly he snorted and shook awake, tossing down the journal and looking for the source of the sound that woke him. Breaking into super-speed he rushed around the lab, checking the various pieces of equipment and coming to a stop before an elaborate multi-screen computer set-up. Clicking open the alert he scrolled quickly through the images on screen. Softly he sighed and muttered to himself, stroking his short beard, “Still not clear enough. But how is it moving so fast? Is it alive or can the speed force act on inanimate objects? And in either situation, does it mean I'm in trouble?”

He's asked himself these questions several times over, despite knowing he doesn’t yet have enough information to determine the answers, but contemplating them at least helps him prepare for the possibilities. Impatiently he drummed his fingers against the desk in rapid succession, as he stared at the screen. A light rain started up outside, splattering against the windows and mimicking the sound. Finally he sighed and got up, strolling over to his whiteboard, to go over the math once again.

A new sound greeted his ears, his cell phone's generic default ring tone. Cause who has time to change their ring tone when you're just going to end up hating it anyways? Tossing the grease pen into the air, he ran over and snatched up the phone, returning just in time to catch the pen. No applause, but if there had been an audience, he's sure there would have been. Looking at the phone he saw a name he's not seen in a long while; Ben Grimm. Reed groaned to himself and muttered, “Oh, this'll be good.”

Frankie Castillo & Zu - Ghost Skater
Little Italy, Manhattan Island, NYC, NY
Oct 4th, Monday - 12:00 nn

'Frankie, what are we doing here?' complained the demon as Frankie rounded a corner. Frankie sighed and whispered to him in a hiss, “Because I'm hungry.”

'I understand that, but why are we here, specifically? You remember what Mickey said, no more handouts. You gotta pay your tab in full.' argued the demon. Frankie shook her head, “I got some money, I'll pay as much as I can, and Toni won't be able to say no to me.”

A passing man looked at her suspiciously and she looked away, before adding, “And stop talking to me in public, I don't like they way they look at me.”

Zu ignored her request, 'But why not go somewhere you can pay in full now, and come here later?

“Best sandwiches in Manhattan,” replied Frankie as she pulled open the door to Mickey & Son's Italian Style Deli. The smell of fresh bread and meat greeted her nose, while a pair of small bells tied to the door handle chimed as she entered. The dining area was packed with the midday rush, and a large naturally tan man in an apron, with slicked back black hair looked up from the service area. Frankie flinched realizing she won't be dealing with Toni today (who normally works Monday's lunch rush), and the man shouted accusingly across his restaurant, with exaggerated hand gestures, “Frankie! You'd better be here to pay your tab!”

“Yeah, yeah, I'm good for it,” lied Frankie cheerily as she started across the restaurant. Zu scoffed and chuckled, 'Heh heh, Liar.'

Any customers that were startled by the owner's yell went back to their own conversations and sandwiches. A flat-screen TV overhead silently displayed flashes of a breaking new story, a fire the night before in Queens, before cutting to a clip of Flash Labs in the UK. The captions announced that they were expecting clearer images of the mysterious comet-like object in the next few days. But nobody read them. Nobody cared. Frankie stepped up to the counter, pulling out her wallet. She pulled out the entire contents, “Let's see, I owe you twenty six right?”

“Thirty six - fifty seven,” recalled Mickey taking the twenty eight dollars out of her hand. Frankie tapped the counter with her knuckles, lying, “Ah man, really? Okay, I should be able to cover it next week.”

“Yeah you'd better,” replied Mickey. Frankie tapped her knuckles a couple times more, softer, then asked hopefully, “Any chance I could get a salami on rye today?”

And now you have no money or food.

“Nope,” replied Mickey tearing a off the receipt slip and noting it with the remaining balance of her tab. He held it out to her. Frankie groaned and swiped it away from him, stuffing it in her empty wallet. He smirked and pointed to the other end of the service counter with his thumb, “But you can take one of the bags of two day old cookies off my hands.”

“Thanks,” accepted Frankie begrudgingly, before trudging over to the basket of stale pressed and brightly decorated cookies. She reached over and plucked out a random bag of assorted cookies, to which Zu chirped, 'Hey look at that, you did get something. Guess I was wrong after all.'

“Shut up,” hissed Frankie stuffing the cookies in her coat pocket as she started for the door. One of the customers behind her commented, “Oh ****, hey, look at that! Hey Mickey, turn up the volume.”

Frankie looked back, and up at the screen. A helicopter view of the Financial District was currently on display, with a bunch of police cars crammed in around a building on a bizarrely empty street. The announcer's voice shook, either from nerves or excitement, “. . . as to why it turned into a hostage situation late this morning. Police are still. . .”

“Ah man,” complained Frankie before a flash of flame engulfed her. People around made startled noises, leaping from their chairs, and Mickey yelled and gestured wildly from the counter, though a little too late, “Frankie! Not in the restaurant!”

Sorry Mr. Maestri, my bad,” commented the leather clad, flame adorned, skeleton standing where Frankie used to be. Mickey fell silent at the demonic sounding voice (which he'd never actually heard it in person before), and Ghost Skater dashed for the door. She ran across the street, picking up a bit of speed before transforming her boots into skates on the way to the Financial District. . .
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Yomu Yomu Fruit User
Locke Kent - Trickster
Kent's Clinic -> Room 607, Astra Apartments -> Streets of New Troy - New Troy, Metropolis, NY
Monday, Oct. 4th - 10:55 am -> 12 nn

"And...that's the end of our session. I'll be seeing next week, yes?"

"Y-Yes, sir, a-and thanks again."

"It's my pleasure. Have a good day. See you next week."

With that, his client left and Locke breathed a sigh of satisfaction. He sat there for a while, revelling in the good progress his client made, before he psyched himself and stood up. He cleaned up his office and locked it before he took out his phone and dialled a certain number. Hopefully she wasn't too busy. Thankfully she wasn't and Locke smiled as she picked it up.

"Something up?" Sieg said.

Otherwise known as Sieglinde Lane, his girlfriend of seven years.

He laughed as he walked. "What makes you assume there's 'something up'?"

"Something's always up with you."

He laughed again, though this time he covered it with his hand. "I'll have you know it's not all the time. Like right now for instance."

"If you say so," she said, Locke knowing she was rolling her eyes. "So? What is it?"

"Are you still up for lunch?"

Locke could hear her smile as she said, "Yeah. Mind if you buy it? I'm still writing a report right now."

Now it was his turn to roll his eyes. "Oh don't be such a workaholic, Sieg."

"Says Mister 'I have two full time jobs'."


He smiled as Sieg laughed on the end.

When she finished, she said, "So? Lunch at HQ?"

"Lunch at HQ it is. Want anything in particular?"

"As long as it's heavy. See you later."

With that, she cut the line. Which, well, was rude, but he knew Sieg did that on purpose with him because of that. Locke chuckled as he put his phone away, amused at her antics. It wasn't long before he bought lunch from their usual diner and made it back home.

"I'm home."

Sieg looked up from her laptop with a smile. "Welcome back."

Locke set the plastic bag down on the livinf room table she was using and gave Sieg a kiss on the cheek.

"So? How are your cases going?" he said as he helped her put away her laptop and work materials.

"Fine, considering everything. Though I'm gonna have to do some surveillance for one this afternoon. I'll probably back home in the middle of the night."

"I see."


Locke smiled. "I think I'll be saying good-bye to one of my clients soon."

Sieg returned it. "That's good. Which one?"

The little catch up continued all the way up to lunch, where they were mostly digging into the corned beef hash he bought and listening to the news. However, said new then went on to show the latest report from Flash Labs, saying that the lab would have clearer images of the mysterious object that had been detected some time ago in the next few days. Locke frowned. Sieg noticed.

"Still worried?"

"Of course. Not when even Heimdall's not sure what it is."

And if the all seeing eyes of the Gatekeeper of the Bifrost cannot tell what is coming to Earth, then Locke couldn't help but be worried.

"Hey, we got a whole planet of superheroes and geniuses. If anything happens, we can deal with it."

"We also have a whole planet of supervillains and no idea if this object will land here or pass by."

One of the many bad scenarios included extinction by asteroid, whether by itself or a supervillain pulling it to do so, the object being a usable powersource for a supervillain, or, worse case, a spacecraft for hostile, and incredibly powerful, aliens.

"Trying to be pessimistic?"

"I'm trying to be realistic."

Sieg sighed and shook her head, but there was no annoyance. "Well, realistically, we have another thing going for us specifically if it goes as bad as the entiee world's supervillains come up."

"And that would be...?"

"We got a God of Thunder and the army of at least one realm, if not more, on our side."

Oh. Right.

He forgot about that.

Though he couldn't really be at fault considering Asgard still hasn't truly revealed itself to Earth.

But of course his love smirked.

Locke rolled his eyes. "Not a word."

"I didn't say anything."

As "annoyed" as he seemed for being "shown up", he still appreciated the reminder and said,


She smirk turned into a soft smile. "You're welcome."

However, just as they finished their meal, the news turned to a breaking report on a police chase on the streets of New Troy, their target evading capture and causing quite more mayhem than usual in Metropolis. Locke frowned. Curse it. He looked to Sieg and she shook her head in fond exasperstion.

"How many times do I have to say it?" she said. "It's fine. I'll tell your clients you'll be a bit late. Go."

He gave a quick kiss, a proper one, before he checked the location of the news report to calculate the possible route it would end up taking. Then he dismissed his glamour, called upon his suit and jumped out their apartment window, shapeshifting into a northern goshawk. He flew at top speed, weaving through buildings, traffic lights and such. Thankfully it wasn't too long until he spotted the car from the news, right where he thought it might be, the police still in pursuit. He got as low as he could above the runaway car and waited until the road in front of the them was clear before he shapeshifted again, slamming his fists into the the rear end of the it...and unleashed his ice.

The car literally froze to the pavement. The driver tried to get out, the ice was big enough it ended up locking the doors in place. Trickster smirked as he looked inside, upside down from the roof.

"Well well, what do we have here?" he said. "An aspiring supervillain? Or your average criminal?"

"Screw you!"

"Average criminal it is. Though I will say it is impressive you managed to maneuver your vehicle to well at such high speeds. So perhaps above-average then."

At that point, the man smashed his window with crowbar. Trickster reeled back only to then grab the criminal attempting to escape.

"Ah ah ah. It is quite rude to leave without saying a proper good-bye," he said.

Unsurprisingly the man tried to punch him, but he sidestepped it and pulled the arm he held behind the man. Which eventually led to him pinning him to the ground.

"As well as attacking someone unprovoked. It is no wonder you are a criminal."


"Oh dear." Trickster covered the man's mouth and shook his head. "If you must insult me, at least do it with more style."


"Ah there you are, officers. Would you please handcuff him?"

One of the officers did just that and Trickster handed the now cursing criminal to them.

"Now then. I'll be on my way. Apologies for the road damage. I will send some payment to the police station in compensation."

Before the officers can ask him much, he dismissed his ice covering the former runaway car and jumped to shapeshift into a northern goshawk.

Another job done.

He would have to look into if that man was stealing for the sake of it or for more reasonable reasons later. For now, he'll see if can make it back to his clinic without taking too long.


Fire and Ice Combo
Angelo Bolton- The Silent One
Austin, Texas
Oct 4, Monday- 11:00 am

At this late morning time, Angelo was at his construction job like he was for most weekdays. He was diligently carrying some building supplies off the truck into the construction zone. Out of all the jobs that Angelo had worked at, this one was his favorite. Not much standing around and talking to people, which was how he liked it. As he cautiously set the materials on the ground, he lifted his helmet and wiped off some sweat with the back of his hand. Angelo's jade green eyes looked up at the brilliant, cloudless blue skies. Today was quite a toasty day. After that miniature rest was done, he began to prepare the next area that needed to be worked on. Suddenly his shoulder was roughly shoved against. Angelo turned his gaze in the direction of the impact.

"Sorry didn't see you," the man wearing a matching hard hat and vest apologized insincerely. Angelo silently glared at the sneering face of his coworker before resuming work. "What's wrong, something you want to say to me? Tell me with your little mime act."

Angelo didn't acknowledge the man and continued to work despite wanting to slug him. Eugene, one of the newer hires, had been an annoyance since he joined. The man of similar age taunted him with a superior attitude because the teen couldn't retort back to him. Angelo had just been pretending that he didn't exist whenever he appeared. One of the senior employees shouted at Eugene. He hastily got back to doing his job, thankfully.

"Angelo, it's your lunch break." Foreman Paul informed as he approached the dark-haired youth. Angelo nodded to reply to the statement. "I notice that brat was bothering ya again. Let me know if he's a problem, and I'll deal with him." He nodded once more. Paul grinned as he laughed and heartily patted him on the shoulder before sending him off.

Finding an isolated area under the shade of a building, he pulled out a snack pack of veggies, fruit, and cheese along with a premade sandwich. Other than the distance sound of construction, it was pretty peaceful around the area. The Austin area had been uneventful for the last couple of days which lead to a boring weekend. Ripping the plastic covering over his food, Angelo began to eat.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Giovanni Zatara Jr - Zatara
Las Vegas, Nevada
Oct. 3, Sunday 8PM, Pacific Standard Time

“Buonasera signore e signori! Bienvenido a mi espectáculo. It’s time for magic!” The stage was obscured with pink smoke. When it cleared, Gio was sitting on what appeared to be on a small table covered by a purple tablecloth with yellow stars. “Hello, Vegas. I’m Zatara the Great!” Gio stood up, and pulled the table cloth. There was no table under it, and instead a flock of doves flew out into the audience. The audience applauded and cheered.

“Tonight, I can promise you a few surprises.” He removed his top hat, and waved his wand over it causing a bouquet of flowers to pop out. “A thrill or two along the way.” Then a hissing snake popped out coiled around the flowers. “And with any luck, a happy ending!” He waved his hat to the side, and both the flowers and the snake vanished, leaving behind only a bunch of bubbles. The audience oohed and ahhed, and applauded more.

“Now, open your heart to magic, and become a child again!” He reached into his hat, and pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Yes, that is the most cliche magic trick in the world, but come on. The rabbit is adorable. The audience cooed over it as Gio nuzzled his head against the rabbits fur. Then let the small mammal hop away.

While the audience was fawning over the rabbit, Gio put his hands behind his back, and mumbled the words sesor “fo teuquob” Then he revealed his hands, and there were a bouquet of roses in each hand. Then he threw the flowers into the audience and a guy and girl caught them. Gio smirked, and winked at them. “Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. “ittefnoc wobniar!” He pointed his wand up, and the young magician was showered with multicolored confetti. Then he took a bow as the audience cheered and applauded some more.

After the Show

After the show was finished, Gio was backstage in his dressing room. He sat at his vanity, looking at his phone. He was busy responding to comments on his latest post on Insta, and getting feedback on his latest performance. It was another sold out show, and the comments were positive. “Dad, would be so proud of me! If only he were here to see it.” He said to himself with a sigh. His father had been missing for awhile, and Gio had no luck finding him. The more time that passes, the less likely it would be that his dad was still alive.

Gio didn’t want to think about that. His dad was a world class magician, and a real wizard. He was sure he was still alive. Gio knew he could barely compare to the man that was his father. He was worthy of title of Zatara the great. Gio was just borrowing it... Gio shook his head. He really didn’t want to be bogged down with all these negative thoughts. He had made plans to go grab dinner with his lovely assistants, Antonio and Francesca. Maybe go to a club or a casino afterwards? He was in Vegas, and the night was still young. There was fun to be had
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Fire and Ice Combo
Angelo Bolton- The Silent One
Austin, Texas- Ruby's Texas Star Restaurant
Oct 4, Monday- 4:00 pm

Angelo worked for a few more hours with little annoyances, thankfully. Quietly, when changing out of his work attire. In the middle of putting on his ripped clothing, a familiar jiggle rang out. His green eyes turned to his phone. That was his texting chime. He held the small screen slightly below eye level and read the name attached to the text before it disappeared. Phil was one of his comrades from his days in the institute. Opening the text, he read a typical message worrying over him. It ended with an invitation to meet up at a Tex Mex Restaurant. With it being a while since he hung out with anyone, Angelo agreed to meet up.

A bus ride and a small amount of walking later, Angelo found himself in front of a large building with the neon light reading Ruby's Texas Star. He has passed by it before but never eating there before. Glancing around, he didn't spot Phil. Angelo pulled out his phone and just in time to see a new message appear. The text read that Phil had already arrived and gotten seated in the left backside of the restaurant. After giving him a quick and simple reply, Angelo shoved the phone back into his pocket. He casually strolled in, ignoring the line and the lady in front attempting to ask him questions. Without pausing, he headed straight for the specified area.

It was easy to identify his companion, Phil was a tall and well-tone man with broad shoulders. Being seated in a booth facing the direction he was coming, Phil spotted the teen immediately. He waved Angelo over with a friendly expression planted on his face. The dark-haired boy kept going over at the same pace and sat across from him. He made one smooth movement with his hand to greet him with a hi in sign language.

[Good Afternoon], Phil answered with sign language. The older man was the only person that knew sign language enough for Angelo to have full conversations using it. Brown eyes looked up and down the olive-skinned teenager before he continued speaking. "It is good to see you Angelo, but you really need to take better care of yourself... Your hair is a mess and your complexion looks terrible... and you're definitely much too thin."

[Any other complaints, Mom?] Angelo signed back with an annoyed eye roll. He leaned back into his seat and grabbed his menu to stare at. The prices weren't too bad, but a bit more pricey than what he would normally spend. He decided to just look through the menu instead of communicating anything else.

"Haha, sorry! I just worry about you being the youngest out of us and living on your own." He stated as he scratched his slicked-back black hair. He gazed seriously at him once more. "Honestly, if it becomes too much for you... you can live with me."

[Sounds Annoying. And I'm doing fine on my own.] The teen put the menu back on the table to convey that to him. Angelo began leaning over the table with his head in his hand as he continued through the list of food. Phil laughed again and mention that Angelo was quite the stubborn youth. Before he decided on what he was going to get, the waiter arrived giving each of them a glass of water. The worker also set a large appetizer in the center of the table. Angelo eyed the plate of a variety of Tex Mex food... it was the most expensive appetizer on the menu.

"I got a huge bonus for my work. That why I decided to treat you today. So please eat your fill and enjoy!" The older man encouraged the younger. Angelo stared without expression before giving his thanks filling the small saucer up. Even though Phil had put it positively, the messy-haired teen understood his worries over his well-being. So he decided to do his best to relieve it by being a little more obedient. It was good and he made that know with a hand motion before continuing to dig in.


Internet Overlord
Frankie Castillo & Zu - Ghost Skater
Financial District, Manhattan Island, NYC, NY
Oct 4th, Monday - 12:34 pm

Ghost Skater zipped into the Financial District, checking out the scene. The police, hyper focused on the building and preparing equipment, didn't even notice the flaming skeleton standing behind them. At least not until the officer on radio with dispatch looked back at her. “. . .looks like we've got Ghost Rider as well.”

A few officers glanced back, but most quickly resumed their tasks.

What floor?” asked Ghost Skater. The officer lowered his radio, “Come again?”

Ghost Skater pointed up at the building casually, repeating herself, “What floor?

“Oh,” commented the shaken officer. Then he pointed up as well, more directly towards the left side of the building, where the shades were all pulled down on the fourth floor, “Fourth floor. T. & L. Law Offices lobby.”

Alright, got an idea,” announced Ghost Skater with a nod. She pushed off and started skating away, leaving the officer looking slightly confused. Ghost Skater raced around the block, picking up speed. She needed to be going pretty fast for what she was about to do. Finally, after another lap around, she skated right up the side of a neighboring building, leaving a trail of burn marks, and leapt for a right side window of the building, a gap spanning a good 10-15 ft.

She crashed through the glass, showering what appeared to be a small break-room in sparkling shards. Half a dozen terrified office workers peeked out at her from behind chairs and under tables. Across from her a water cooler had been drug in from of the locked door, and a chair propped up under the knob. She took another look at the workers, “You weren't evacuated?

“W-we ducked in here when we h-heard gunshots,” offered a woman in a light pink dress suit. Ghost Skater nodded, making note of the weapons, though they weren't a threat to her specifically, and started across the room. She shoved the water cooler aside like it was made of foam, and instructed, “Okay then, the situation is over in T. & L. So if you can get to the stairs without going through there do it, otherwise relock the door behind me.

Walking through the empty bullpen, leaving scorched footprints in the carpet, Ghost Skater flourished her hand, manifesting a her chain bound red hot sickle. She let it slid out of her hand as short length and twirled it around on it's chain. Stepping out of the current companies' backdoor she saw the backdoor to the law offices straight across from her. It was an easy trick to melt off the handle and pull the door open, then she only needed to navigate these offices to the back of their lobby. The door was easy enough to find, complete with a frosted windows. She could make out movement through this, but that was it. However that was enough. If she could see them moving, they could spot her flame. Time was of the essence now. She released her sickle. It sailed through the air, and crashed through the door's frosted window. Then she yanked back, pulling the door clean off it's hinges. From inside came exclamations of horror and panic, “What the hell was that? Who did you call?” “I don't know anything, I swear.” “We should just shoot them now Rick.” “HELP!” “I told you, the plan is. . .” “Screw the plan!”

Ghost Skater charged into the room, attracting the full attention of both thugs and all five hostages alike. She made an open armed gesture, sickle in one hand, “I heard you guys invited me to a play date?

Both men cursed and opened fire. How predicable. Ghost Skater looked over the horrified faces of the hostages and then shook her head. She swung out her sickle pulling first one man to the ground, then the other. She stepped forward and stomped on one's hand, causing him to release his weapon. Which she then kicked away. Then she picked up the other man, who was still shooting at her from his prone position, and pulled him close.


She dropped him and turned to the other thug. He begged, 'Anything but that'. So she drug him over to the nearest window, and holding on tight so she wouldn't actually drop him, thrust him out though the glass, “How about this then?

A few minutes later Ghost Skater lead the hostages out of the building, leaving behind two very broken men. One seemed to be almost vegetative, unresponsive and gibbering like a mad-man, and the other was tied up and covered in laceration, some of which contained fragments of glass. The police and courts would be less than thrilled with their condition. But neither Frankie nor Zu cared much about that.

Dr. Reed Richards - Mr. Flash
Flash Labs, Cambridgeshire, England
Oct 4th, Monday - 11:00 pm

Reed had worked furiously that evening, scrawling out long strings of equations, drafting designs, and dashing for tools and parts. It would help him be prepared for whatever was coming. Maybe. It was also helping him keep his mind off the recent phone call. Grim and Debbie were renewing their vows, but it wasn't an invitation to the ceremony, it was more of an FYI. Did they think he'd care? People's social lives were so mundane and pointless. So why did it upset him so much?

He dashed for a wrench, giving it a little spinning throw and snatching it from the air. Returning to his device, he started tightening bolts across the frame. There was a metallic squeal as he tightened one a bit too enthusiastically while muttering to himself about how renewing vows wasn't even something worth announcing. Ben probably just expected him to send a gift or something since they used to be friends. Maybe a gift-card inside a regular card. He pulled the wrench away inspecting the scratched metal. Not too much damage, and that bolt definitely wasn't coming off now.

It was then that the all to familiar shrill beeping filled the lab. Setting down the wrench, Reed made his was back to the computer set up. A new batch of image files and some alarming data about an increase in speed had manifested on his monitor. He muttered to himself as he looked at the change in speed, “Well, ****.”

Then he turned his attention to the files. He squinted at the pale blur on the screen. It almost looked like something. He glanced at a photo on the wall, one of the few sentimental things he allowed, a photo of himself in the Bahamas. Then he chuckled realizing what he was thinking. This object, whatever it was looked uncannily like a ghost, flying Superman-style through the aether. It was ridiculous poppycock of course, but an impressive optical illusion none the less. Still, the object would be here sooner than he liked, and they needed to identify it so they could be prepared for it.

Reed grabbed his phone off the desktop. He'd been preparing for this, compiling a list of potential contacts should this turn out to be a threat. To some, it might seem premature to contact them, but as he saw it, there was no value in putting off being prepared. He picked up a cord and plugged it into the phone, then opened a program of his own design. He was about use any means of contact at his disposal to create the most epic conference call ever. He'd already spoken with world leaders, scientists, and activists over the past several weeks, and had gotten nowhere, he was usually dismissed as paranoid or over-thinking. But now it was time to call a more elusive group, one that he'd had a much harder time securing all the necessary contact information for, the planet's super-powered population.

At this point your character's preferred mode of communication will receive an audio and/or video transmission from Reed Richards' lab. The caller info is identified as 'Emergency Transmission - Mr. Flash' with no phone number attached, and the call cannot be declined, only accepted. Your device will flash, vibrate, and/or play and annoying little anthem jingle of Reed Richards' own design. It will continue to do so until the call is answered. Hard rebooting your device will not change this, as it will resume again as soon as it has cell or wifi signal. Basically it's a really invasive Zoom meeting. - Once answered however, Reed will greet you and let you know the meeting will begin soon. If you ignore it the meeting will eventually start without you.

Frankie Castillo & Zu - Ghost Skater
Financial District, Manhattan Island, NYC, NY
Oct 4th, Monday - 06:15 pm

Frankie sat on a low wall, the kind made to look like a landscaping choice, but really there to prevent cars from ramming the building. She picked through the stale cookies in her cellophane bag. With everything that had gone down, she'd kind of forgotten her hunger and never really gotten around to eating them. She was starving now, and it was taking all her willpower to decide what order to eat them in so that they lasted, rather than just stuffing them all into her face at once. They were probably going to all be roughly the same, though a few had unholy amounts of food dye and others were frosted. Worst to best then? Brightest colored to plain almond and sugar to frosted?

She pulled out a ridiculously pink cookie and bit off half of it in one bite. Not bad, she could definitely taste the almond, sugar, vanilla and butter, but there was something else. Another flavor and something off about the crunch that betrayed the fact that they were stale. Still, it wasn't like she was picky. She stuffed the other half in her mouth and turned her attention to watching the businessmen headed home.

'Is your phone on?' asked Zu suddenly. Frankie let go of the cookie she was considering making her next victim and replied in a soft mutter, “I don't know. Doesn't matter anyways, I don't have any minutes left.”

'Just a feeling, admitted Zu. Frankie picked up her cookie again, feeling the texture, as she admitted, “I don't like it when you 'Just get feelings'.”

'Perk of being a demon,' claimed Zu as Frankie stuffed the next cookie in her mouth. She could reply, but she didn't really want to go down that rabbit hole. Really it was bad enough she let herself get possessed in the first place. A passing businessman squinted at her, clutching his briefcase tighter. She lifted her now cookieless hand and waved mockingly. Dumbass.

In her coat pocket her phone rang. To which Zu commented, 'There it is.'

What the hell? One, it shouldn't be active. Two, that was not her ring-tone. Instead it was like some weird anthem. Cautiously she set her cookie bag down beside her and pulled it out and looked at the screen. The cracked display showed an incoming video call, from a caller identified as 'Emergency Transmission - Mr. Flash' and the option to decline the call was greyed out. Frankie grimaced and scratched her head then poked the accept button.

A large video of Dr. Reed Richard, aka Mr. Flash appeared, with several small video boxes (some of which were blacked out) below it. These were too small to make out on her phone, but probably identifiable on a tablet or computer. Reed's eyes moved and he nodded, before commenting, “Hello Ms. Ghost Skater, thank you for joining us. Sorry about this, but I'll be able to explain once I get all of you that I can in here.”

Frankie winced. It made perfect sense that one of the smartest men on the planet, if not the smartest, could figure out her not so secret identity. But to actually hear another stranger call her that as Frankie was incredibly weird. She hid her emotions, poorly, by replying, “Yeah okay,” and stuffing another cookie in her mouth. But Reed had already moved on to welcoming the next person.


Fire and Ice Combo
Angelo Bolton- The Silent One
Austin, Texas- Downtown Austin
Oct 4, Monday- 5:15 pm

After eating and chatting with his old friend for an hour or so, Phil and Angelo said their goodbye. Now fully fed and with still some daylight to spare, the teen decided that he would just walk around a bit. His feet eventually brought him to Downtown Austin. It was quite the bustling area for both residences and visitors as well as quite the hotspot for criminal acts. While Angelo was walking around and surveying the area, his phone made a noise and vibrated in his pocket... a phone call? Normally, Angelo wouldn't answer when it rang. Anyone that knew him understood how pointless it was to actually call him, so they text him instead. However, this wasn't the usual sound his default ringtone chimed whenever he rarely did receive calls. It sounded like some kind of song...?

Angelo pulled it out and his green eyes stared confusedly at the device: 'Emergency Transmission - Mr. Flash.' Tilting his head to the side, he stared at the end of the caller id, Mr. Flash. It sounded familiar like he had heard it before. He let it rattle around his head for a bit before deciding he didn't really care enough to try to figure it out. Despite the long pause of him not answering, it continued ringing that same song. There seem to be no option to ignore it either. Glancing about, Angelo spotted a location that was less populated and marched over there with his still ringing phone. With a simple tap, the call connected and the picture of an older man filled most of his screen. Seeing the man face up close, he had a sudden realization.

[You are that old man!], Angelo immediately signed after seeing Mr. Flash's face. About a year ago when Mistress Frost was causing havoc while she was robbing a lab, Angelo was helped by the visiting speedster. Although he didn't originally want to, he ended up exchanging contact information. He had mostly forgotten about it since this was the man's first time getting in contact with the teen.

"Old man... I resent that. I'm still in my prime." The man on the screen retorted which threw Angelo off. The teen honestly didn't expect a reply, and definitely not one that got what it meant. He had only instinctively signed after doing so with Phil not incredibly long ago. There was an amused chuckle at the boy's obvious astonishment. "This gentleman knows a few things. Anyways Mr. Silent One, I'll explain for the sudden call when everyone gets here."

With that statement, Mr. Flash's attention seems to go elsewhere. Upon closer examination of his phone's screen, there were miniature boxes and some appear to have people in them... maybe. This explanation felt like it was going to have sensitive information that the general public shouldn't know. Angelo's green eyes began to scan the area before stopping on a fairly tall building that was nearby. He wandered over to it eventually to the isolated backside of the structure. With a final glance around, Angelo's body became surrounded by electron energy and he flew upwards. It took only a moment before he landed on the rooftop of the building, not a single soul.

The teen removed his bag before sitting against the ledge that surrounded the roof's edge. After placing his bag beside him, Angelo fiddle around with it until he could set up his phone at a decent angle where he could see and maybe people could see him. There appeared to be some kind of typing option in this facetime chat if he felt like typing in his thoughts. As he waited, his eyes drifted to the blue sky above him. Some fluffy clouds were creating some overcast to quell the blazing sun. With nothing else to really do, Angelo just continued to stare upwards as he listened to the distance sound of activities coming from below.


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Locke Kent - Trickster
Kent's Clinic -> Room 607, Astra Apartments - New Troy, Metropolis, NY
Monday, Oct. 4th - 6 pm

Thankfully Locke did manage to get back to his clinic on time to do his preparations for his next session for his next client and, just as luckily, the rest of the afternoon had no other problems he needed to attend to, so he could focus solely on his clients. He also managed to catch Sieg just leaving their apartment to bid her a kiss and a farewell and even the evening had no mishaps. No crimes to be dealt with, no accidents to do damage control on nor any berserking meta-humans or the like. Just a quiet night on a his couch with fresh clothes, dismissed glamour and his latest book, this time a novel series he's been meaning to get into.

Which, well, was good fortune, however, as a self-proclaimed himself trickster in more ways than one, it was going much too smooth for his instincts.

There wasn't even a police report of teenagers being teenagers and causing trouble because it was fun.

So of course, when he heard an odd jingle from where he put his phone, he wasn't to surprised about it.

He will admit he was surprised to see that his phone showed "Emergency Transmission - Mr. Flash" on the screen, though that would explain the—very poorly composed—jingle that played. He would still count himself lucky it was a "hero" that contacted him instead of a villain, even if said "hero" wasn't someone, from what little he knew of him, he likely wouldn't like because of his personality. But his opinions on the man and how he conducted his life as a hero wasn't important right now.

What was important was being "secure" and ready for the call.

So, as quickly as he could, he double checked all the locks on his doors and windows, donned his suit, then went to his room and casted an illusion on it, making it appear more Asgardian in design. After double checking that, and making it befitting of his tastes, he took a seat at his illusion covered desk and answered.

"To what do I owe this call, Mr. Flash? I certainly don't think a man such as yourself would resort to these things unless it was serious," he said with easy smile in contrast with his straightened and serious posture.

The man seemed to mumble something along the lines of "they weren't kidding when they showed that you talk like out of an old English book" before he said,

"Sorry, Trickster, but you're gonna have to wait until everyone is gathered before I answer that so I don't repeat myself, okay?"

Locke could easily guess that as the man moved on to the next hero before he could give a reply. Though it was hard to make out who was in them, there were several small boxes across the screen, two of which were lit up, the rest black as Mr. Flash waited to them to answer. He now had a suspicion as to what this "gathering" was about but he was more than willing to wait, especially because if he was right as to the reason he called, then this was the perfect chance to handle the problem. While waiting though, if Mr. Flash wasn't going to be a good host and keep his waiting guests enternained, then he would be the gentleman and handle it.

"Very well then, greetings to those here already," he said with a bow of his head and a flourish of his hand. "I'm sure I will do introductions again, but I shall do so now anyways. I am the Trickster. I hope you are all well today."

OOC: i'm assuming the others can heae since it's a "zoom meeting" but correct me if i'm wrong

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Danny Davis - Spider-Man
Queens, New York City, New York.
Oct 4th, Monday - 6:15 pm

After class today Danny spent his afternoon swinging through the city on patrol. He managed to stop some thugs trying to steal an old lady’s purse for some reason, and defended a boy from bullies. Despite all the good he does for this city, Jane Jameson will surely find something mean to say about him on her blog. Danny sighed. He knew this hero thing wasn’t about the glory, but he just wished he could get a little respect.

Anyway, it was getting late, and he had enough superhero work for one day. So, he swang back to his house, and crawled in through his bedroom window. He removed his mask, and turned on the lights. Only to see the smiling of a familiar redheaded boy sitting on his bed.

“Hello Danny.” The voice belonged to Matthew James Watson, better known as MJ.

Danny’s face turned as red as MJ’s hair. He was busted, and started to panic. “MJ! W-w-what are you doing here?! Who let you in?!”

“Your mom let me in silly. But that’s not the point. I live next door to you. Did you really think I wasn’t going to notice Spider-Man crawling into your window in the evening? Also, you wear pink and purple, Spider-Man wears pink and purple, it wasn’t hard to put the pieces together.”

Danny shuffled his feet nervously. “Oh god... Please don’t tell anyone!”

MJ waved his hand dismissively. “Nah, that’s not my secret to tell.” He then stood up, and got close to Danny’s face. “Sooo, tell me! How long have you had powers?”

“Since the field trip to the science lab. Got bitten by a Radioactive spider and...”

“Oh my gosh! So that’s how you beat Skyler’s ass, and why he leaves you alone now. Dude, that’s awesome! I never thought I would meet a real life superhero, let alone live next door to one. What’s it like?”

As MJ rambled on with other questions he had about Spider-Man, Danny smiled. He appreciated MJ’s enthusiasm, and it would be nice to have someone to talk about this. He had known MJ for a while, but he never thought he would go for a nerd like him. Danny was a science geek, MJ was an aspiring actor, and a male model. He probably still didn’t have a chance with him... He’s clearly only interested in Spider-Man, not Danny Davis. Not to mention MJ probably put himself into danger knowing this information...

Then Danny’s phone rang. And his computer rang, and his tablet rang... Who could possibly be calling him now? Danny checked his phone. All it said was Emergency Transmission, and the option to reject the call was grayed out.

“Ooh, who’s calling? Are those other superheroes?” MJ asked.

Danny answered the phone, and the face of Dr. Reed Richards aka Mr. Flash, appeared on the screen. Along with some empty boxes... Danny’s eyes went wide with shock. “Oh, um... Mr. Flash... Um... why are you calling me? Um... How...?”

At this point, MJ snatched the phone out of Danny’s hand. “Mr. Flash? Really? You know for supposedly one of the smartest men on the planet, that is not a very good name. You could have at least gone with Dr. Flash. I guess intelligence doesn’t include creativity does it?”

Danny took his phone back, and glared MJ for potentially embarrassing him in front of one of the greatest scientific minds the world has ever seen. “I am so sorry about him Dr. Richards. Um... Why are you calling?”


Giovanni Zatara Jr - Zatara
Las Vegas, Nevada
Oct. 3, Monday 3PM, Pacific Standard Time

Meanwhile, Giovanni Zatara was in his swimsuit relaxing by the pool. He had some time before his show started, and decided to just chill for the afternoon. Then his phone rang. Gio didn’t look at the name of who was calling, he just answered it. An unfamiliar face came up on the screen, along with several other unfamiliar faces. “This is Giovanni Zatara. How on earth did you get this number?”

One of the faces in the boxes got excited upon hearing this name. “Zatara the Great? For real? Ohmigosh, this is a dream come true!”

Another voice followed. “You follow Zatara the Great? I thought you sciencey types didn’t believe in magic?”

The first voice stammered. “Um... well... uh... This is different...”

Gio chuckled. “It’s always nice to speak to a fan. But seriously. How did you get this number, and why are you calling?”


Internet Overlord
OOC: Yeah, CharredDragon, that's fine, It'll be during this post that Flash mutes everyone else so he can explain, then they'll be unmuted able to discuss again when he's done.

Dr. Reed Richards - Mr. Flash
Flash Labs, Cambridgeshire, England
Oct 4th, Monday - 11:25 pm

Reed's face filled the largest screen on all devices. Despite being super smart, despite having superspeed, methodically (and slowly from his point of view) greeting callers and asking them to wait seemed to be the most logical course of action. He couldn't wait forever, but he couldn't force anyone to answer either. Even if he had hijacked all their devices, that wasn't a guarantee they'd be on the other end.

At least the guests had the others to chat with, though the volume was adjusted so his voice would be the first thing any new arrival noticed. He took note of their approaches, The Silent One and Trickster seemed to understand this called for discretion, and Trickster was helping keep the crowd entertained. While Ghost Skater and Spider-Man were so casual about this it was almost disturbing. Others' approaches fell at various spots on the scale in-between.

He resisted the strong urge to scold the teenage spider, instead opting for a modified version of his intro that addressed the subject more subtly, “Greeting Spider-Man, I'll explain the reason for this call once we start. I assume your guest can be discreet? This is a somewhat sensitive matter.”

And with that he became aware of a newcomer demanding his attention, and answers. Reed shifted his attention, “Mr. Zatara, thank you for joining us. I'll be explaining the reason for the call shortly, as for how I got your number, it isn't nearly as hard to do as you might think. Especially not for someone as ridiculously high profile as yourself.”
_ _ _

When finally five minutes had elapsed without any newcomers Reed sighed and clicked a couple options on the digital control panel. The ambient background conversations went quiet and he addressed the group, “Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binaries, I have muted your mics for the time being. There's a lot of us here and we have a lot to cover. So, seeing as I don't wish to repeat myself for interruptions or be asked questions that I'm already planning on answering, so this will insure that questions are held until the end.”

“As some of you may know, a few weeks ago a stray comet was spotted by an observatory in South America. However, as other observatories around the world started to confirm the finding, I came to realize the object was moving much too fast to be an ordinary comet. For the most part this concern has been met with. . .” Reed scrunched his face in annoyance at the memory, “. . .arrogance and apathy.”

Reeds eyes flicked down to the video boxes on the bottom on the screen, “Mr. Silent One, please stop talking. I'll get to that in a moment.” He scanned across the boxes, spotting more irritating behaviors, “And Ms. Ghost Skater if you could stop stuffing your face for a moment, this is serious and I need you to pay attention.”

Frankie blatantly ignored this, or maybe it was just lag in the video signal, and shoveled another cookie into her mouth. Reed took a deep breath, focusing on the video feed of himself and continued, “. . . This is the best picture I have so far.”

Reed clicked something off screen and video feed of his face was replaced by a blurry static photo of a pale almost human shape zipping past a field of stars. He left this up while he added, “But reviewing speed at which the object is moving -Yes, I know what it looks like Silent One, but I think we all can agree it's probably not a person -Though if it is, that means they're smaller than we realized, and even closer than we realized.”

Reed's musing was interrupted a moment by rapid clacking, before he announced, “. . .If it is a person, they’ll be here within 48 hrs instead of a week. . . Regardless of -No. In either scenario, this object represents a sizable potential threat to the planet. Speed like this is hard to match, it's quite possible whatever this is, it has access to the Speedforce.”

Reed's face reappeared and he announced, “That is why I propose the following plan. All of us -Yes even those of us who haven't always been on the right side of the law. . . will form three teams; one for reconnaissance, one for ground prep, and one for preemptive intervention. That said, to that end, I've been building this;” he pushed his chair back and swung the web cam to reveal a silvery white ship the size of a mini van, “The Skimmer, a high speed spacecraft that, hopefully, will allow us to intercept the object before it lands. For this, I'll need a preemptive team of three to join me here in Cambridgeshire. Within the next 12 hours apparently. Obviously, the sooner we know what we're dealing with, the sooner we can start dealing with it. So, in addition to the continued feeds from observatories and in orbit telescopes I'm receiving here, and that's where the reconnaissance team will come in. They'll need to use the unusual channels open to them to see if they can identify the object. Meanwhile, ground prep should be. . . preparing for the worst case scenario.”

Reed scanned the faces on the screen, knowing this last comment was going to set off a few reactions. He let them die back before finishing his speech, “So, obviously I have some ideas of who should be on which team, but since you'll probably work better if you agree you should be in that position, I'll let you figure it out yourselves. . . To avoid total chaos as I turn the mics back on for discussion, please submit your decision via the text chat. . . that many of you don't seem to have realize exists. This app will remain on your devices, please use it for contacting each other as necessary.”

And with that, Reed re-centered his web cam on himself and pressed a couple buttons.


Quick Recap & Notes:
You've been given the choice of volunteering for reconnaissance, ground prep, or preemptive intervention. This gives us all a specific task until Doomsday arrives. Assume there are more super powered people than we have players (feel free to invent a couple here), as so any task players aren't interested in, they can take care of.

- Reconnaissance will research possible identities of the 'object' you can use internet, libraries, magical libraries, precognition, or whatever else is character appropriate. Don't feel like you need to force success, or aren't allowed to succeed, just go with whichever is realistic.

- Ground Prep will basically do whatever they think will make the Earth safer. Contact the media, stock underground bunkers with food, build weapons, etc. Again, since you have meta knowledge of the threat, please make sure you're doing what your character would do until they know.

- Preemptive Intervention will travel (presumably fly, maybe teleport) to Cambridgeshire to help Mr. Flash finish prepping the Skimmer and go over it's operations. Obviously this group will get a sort of walk-through from Reed.

Obviously refusing to help is an option as well. . . Also your mics are unmuted at the end, so feel free to chat and voice concerns at that point.

Going forward our characters should be keeping in contact, due to difficulty making conversations work in longer posts, feel free to use the discussion thread, discord, or DMs to work out conversations.


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Locke Kent - Trickster
Room 607, Astra Apartments - New Troy, Metropolis, NY
Monday, Oct. 4th - 6:45 pm

As Locke waited for the heroes and so on to trickle, he made a little small talk with each and every one of them that arrived, mainly just greeting them after Mr. Flash did the same, asking how they were and a joke or two if he could slip one past. He did notice quite a few of the heroes that appeared were of the teen age or close to it, which instantly made the counselor in him worry, especially as Mr. Flash subtly scolded one of the more famous ones, his own city neighbor hero, Spider-Man. From what he heard of him, he was already fond of the spider themed hero, but it was clear he wasn't used to being professional. Nit that he didn't understand why Mr. Flash said what he said, considering how sensitive the information was, but it still rattled him considering young heroes rarely have a good childhood or family life, so he didn't want the scientist to add more fuel, however small, to any possible fires.

So he said, in part to soften the blow and in part to annoy Mr. Flash,

"I'm sure he knows. You'd be surprised how smart kids can be these days." And emotionally damaged.

Then he gave a warm smile that he hoped Spider-Man realized was meant for him before he continued his gentlemanly greetings. Yes, even Zatara, who he had a mixed opinion on, considering he appreciated his showmanship as a gentleman thief,but worried for his attitude, wondering where the line was drawn between facade and core. Eventually, Mr. Flash waited no more and went down to business which was...not good, as Locke had thought it would be.

Well, technically, it wasn't as bad as it could be, but the situation was exactly what he worried. When the comet was first observed, Mr. Flash brought it up as a possible concern and, unsurprisingly, in their planet filled with metahumans, mutants, magic and aliens—the latter two encompasing him—most of the world brushed it off, partially in spite and because of that. Also unsurprisingly, some of the other heroes were annoying Mr. Flash quite a bit with interrupting him or being rude in general, before he showed them the clearest image he had of the "comet".

Locke squinted his eyes.

Unfortunately, but expectedly, the image wasn't that clear. But Locke could see it almost looked...human in shape. Mr. Flash was doubful it actually was, but considering he himself was an alien—a dwarf one of his race at that—and Heimdall couldn't see what the "object" was, Locke was more inclined to believe it was another species none of the Nine Realms have seen or heard of.

And it would arrive in forty-eight hours.

Locke cursed the circumstances. Of course it was only hours. It was just their luck it was coming this fast. But it was because of this that, as Mr. Flash then explained, he made this call. He wanted to form three teams, one for reconnaissance, another for ground prep, and the last for preemptive intervention, explaining the roles for each one. The third team will be heading for his lab in Cambridgeshire within twelve hours, the second will help in gaining information on the comet, and the first will prepare the Earth however they could for the worst case scenario.

Mr. Flash quieted for a moment as the others reacted to the news. Locke just sat in his seat, calmly waiting for the emotions to settle, until the scientist spoke again.

“So, obviously I have some ideas of who should be on which team, but since you'll probably work better if you agree you should be in that position, I'll let you figure it out yourselves. . . To avoid total chaos as I turn the mics back on for discussion, please submit your decision via the text chat. . . that many of you don't seem to have realize exists. This app will remain on your devices, please use it for contacting each other as necessary.”

And that was the cue for the team compositions to be decided.

"Well then, if that is the case, I would prefer to be part of the ground prep team," he said, sitting up straight and becoming serious. "I believe I would be most useful that way. I have quite a bit of influence within the city I dwell, so they will listen when I say they should prepare. I also have allies I shall ask to ready to assist when I call for them."

Though, for now, he wouldn't reveal who exactly it was. Most of the world at most knew he was the same as the jotun's from Norse mythology and that he was close to the sporadically appearing hero, Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Having not only a "god", but an army—which would include the Warriors Three, his father Odin, and mother, Frigga—backing him was quite a card to play. That, and it would mean the likely political uproar to occur should he call for their aid would be put off until after they dealt with the threat of the comet, whatever kind of danger it would put up.

"I would be of little use for the reconnaissance team as I have already attempted to elucidate the identity of the comet before but have discovered nothing." He added though, "But I am willing to assist the preemptive intervention team considering my experience in battle and the extent of my strength and magic, though I will admit I'm unsure to what extent I should be helpful if I am assigned to the team."

Especially considering the fight would be in space should they encounter one. There was only so much one could do in a vacuum and he certainly didn't want to test if he could survive one. He put that aside for now thought.

"And what of you, my fellows? What of your stance?" he said, prompting them once again in case they needed it, like, say, Spider-Man.


Fire and Ice Combo
Angelo Bolton- The Silent One
Austin, Texas- Downtown Austin
Oct 4, Monday- 5:48 pm

Some talking drifted from the phone and Angelo side glance over as if suddenly the tiny people would be easier to see on the small screen. There was an older-sounding man who introduced himself as Trickster. This was shortly followed by piercing noise equality to a squealing girl with an accompanying stammer... He frowned with disdain as he shifted closer to his phone. That Trickster person was attempting to make small talk with the group. Angelo was included. All he did was stared blankly and give him a single wave as he pondered if he wanted to attempt to communicate. Angelo decided to type when everyone arrives to save him from repeating himself.

After a few more minutes passed, Mr. Flash apparently muted everyone including him. Angelo couldn't help but sign how pointless that was given his circumstances. After telling the group he'll be answering questions at the end, the man began to explain. Angelo never cared about anything happening outside of his general patrolling area, so this was all new to him. He instinctively started signing what was on his mind. Which normally did nothing, because for most people it just looked like strange hand movements. But during the middle of his commentary, Mr. Flash stopped to ask him to stop talking. It must have been confusing for everyone else in the call.

With a scolding given out to someone else, eventually, Mr. Flash continued with showing a picture. [Looks like a person.] Was Angelo's immediate reply upon seeing it, and once more the man responded to the sign language. Resuming, he mentioned it is probably not a person, and something about 48 hours instead of a week to reach the planet. The whole long speech was starting to lose Angelo's attention. Then he finally made his proposal of forming three teams for reconnaissance, ground prep, and preemptive intervention.

The discussion began, as Angelo thought about the options given to him. The preemptive intervention seemed to be the only given choice that appealed to Angelo. He was no good at researching stuff and sitting around waiting and preparing wasn't really his style. The only problem would be getting to this Cambridgeshire place... Though the teen thought he could get someone to help him with that. After thinking that over he grabbed his phone and began to compose the message.

"The preemptive intervention group is the best fit for the choices given." A message from the Silent One appeared in the chat for all to read. [Hope the loud one does not join.] Angelo made his wordless statement with his hand motions. With that somewhat voiced, his green eyes stared into the screen as the teen waited for something to get into motion.