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Munchlax and Bonsly

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Hey guy's, I haven't been on in over a month. Sorry. I was just wondering , when ever I play pokemon XD, I can't figure out if you can get Munchlax and Bonsly. Munchlax appears at pokespots, but that old lady always comes to get it back. And Bonsly, why do get to use him for the bingo sheet and really get him? My friend said that his friend got him. I don't belive it! Sooooo..... can you get it? Please tell me.

XD002 Icemewtwo

Yeah bonsly can only be used that is probably what your friends friend ment!


I ment something else!!

My friends didn't just get Bonsly on the bingo card they said they actualy got him and traded him on their games! And what's the point of having them in the game if you can't get them?!


I don't know!
impossible. they're lying.
that is the most stupid idiotic lie i have ever heard! u can't get bonsly or munchlax in the games except in battle bingo! you capture that stupid girl's bonsly at a pokespot and give it back to her then u get the bonsly card to play at battle bingo!

P.S. u have a lying friend.


true love
Whoever says you can capture Muchlax or Bonsly must be lying.. 'cause Bonsly is just for the Bingo games, and that Munchlax belongs to someone already.

The point of debuting Munchlax and Bonsly is probably to .. well, I don't know. Maybe Bonsly debut is so you can take advantage of XD features more, and get a feel of using him? I don't know. But perhaps when they made the game, they didn't have the moves, etc. planned out enough.



That is exactly what I said and for what? Of course I've never seen it but.....
I still don't belive them! That is the stupedist thing I 've ever heard!!!


Well-Known Member
Eievui, they're there to promote the 4th gen and D/P.

Besides, how can you trade a 4th gen to a 3rd gen game?

Ultimate Ace

There have been many rumors about muchlax and bonsly and that you can bread snorlax and sudowodo to get them. However I don't know if any of them are true.


Ultimate Ace said:
There have been many rumors about muchlax and bonsly and that you can bread snorlax and sudowodo to get them. However I don't know if any of them are true.
o_O Right... No they are purley advertisments for 4th Gen.


Why bother?

Hey , guys why the heck would you bother puting 2 of the 4th generation
pokemon, IF YOU CAN'T GET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????? + my friend already tried to breed a snorlax..... and unlike the munchlax and bonsly lie...... I saw the egg when it hatched.(it was a snorlax and he bread
it on EMERALD;384; !!!!!!!!),so if you make any new discoveries on the game,
contact me at " Stephen9t2@aol.com "




The Amazing
Every generation, someones friend seems to tell them something totaly fake that they did.. but you never see it..


i met this kid who thought a shiny Charizard was a new pokemon.

There will always be stupid kids who get their hopes up. Some of them, have never seen Bonsly before, you can't blame them really.

Timid Kyogre

Endangered Creature
You can't capture any of them, but you could use Bonsly at Battle Bingo. Munchlax just randomly appears at PokeSpots and eats the PokeSnacks you left for no reason. You wont be able to battle it, capture it or anything like that.

~Timid Kyogre
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