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Munchlax in mystery dungeon


Assassin Host
IIRC, it's a completely random event.


you can't get him as a partner without cheating. He only appears at the Pokémon Square sometimes.

orange monkey

Monkey Master
when does he normally appear? is there any event that triggers his appearance? and what is the code to get him as a partner? PLease tell me


Assassin Host
Well, I've been playing for ages, and I haven't seen a peep out of him. Again, as I said, it's probably completely random. I don't know the code, though.


Well-Known Member
Munchlax will randomly appear. You basically have to give it some food, then in return it will give you a Much Belt. Its completely random like the Mirage Island in R/S/E. You just have to wait patiently. Getting Munchlax in your team and as your partner will only occur if you hack the game. Nobody knows the code, and even if they do, they won't post since its against the rules.