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Mundetyu, an evolved form of Mimikyu


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I love Mimikyu and it became one of my favorite Pokemon when I first learned about their depressing lives. I wanted to make a way they could be able to live a good, happy life being with friends without hiding in their disguises. So, my idea of Mundetyu was born! This is an idea that I hope to pass on to people who can use it to create their own ideas!

Mundetyu is a Mimikyu that evolved into a new form. “Mundet” is Latin for "cleanse". As many know, a Mimikyu is a ghost/fairy type Pokemon that disguises itself to look like a Pikachu in order to make friends. But if someone sees its true form, the individual dies from shock. The life of Mimikyu is sad as they devote themselves to hiding under their disguised rags to avoid anyone seeing them and dying from their terrifying appearance. But, there is hope for this Pokemon that deserves love from others.

There is a rare stone called “CleanseSoul Stone” and when a Mimikyu is given this stone, it evolves into Mundetyu. You can say this evolution acts more like a resurrection since Mimikyus were ghost/fairy types and when turned into Mundetyu, they become psychic/fairy types.

And since the appearance of a Mundetyu is changed, they have no need to wear their old disguises (except on fun Halloween nights). Mimikyus are known as the “Disguise Pokémon”, but since Mundetyus don’t need disguises and no longer have their cursed forms, they are known as the “Cleansed Pokemon”. And since Mimikyu’s appearance changed when evolved into Mundetyu, Mimikyu’s appearance will always remain a mystery!

As for their personalities, Mundetyus are always grateful that they evolved from their sad state, and in return, they do good deeds. They become heroic towards Pokémon and humans and will use their great powers to protect them. They are never shy to show themselves to others and will always make themselves stand out. They are also very sympathetic to Pokemon who lived through hard lives and will make friends with them. And what makes it ironic is that while some Mimikyus are jealous toward Pikachus, Mundetyus loves Pikachus the most! You can say Mundetyu is the opposite version of Mimikyu! And when people and Pokemon find out that this loving Pokemon was once a Mimikyu, they will realize that they aren't monsters, but Pokemon that just wants to be loved. This will make people be more caring towards Mimikyu and will welcome them into their families.

I’m not sure what abilities to give Mundetyus, so I’ll leave that open to you. (PereBonbon from Reddit gave some ideas I liked that's quoted below)

I’m not skilled at creating Pokemon art, so I encourage you to make fan art of Mundetyu. (PereBonbon also suggested a design idea I liked that's quoted below)

You have my permission to make your own stories of Mundetyu, just credit me for the idea. I hope you create original characters of Mundetyu inspired by their backstory! I’m open to any artwork and stories you create of Mundetyu!

I hope you liked my idea of Mundetyu, an evolved Mimikyu that can leave behind their hard lives and make the friends they wanted. I hope this inspires you to create fan art, and stories of Mundetyu! What are your thoughts?

PereBonbon on Reddit gave a great idea I want to share:

"I think Mimikyu's Ability is Disguise. Works similarly to Substitute (except only with one attack).
Why not something like Unveil? Instead of using the cloak for protection, why not make it generate raw light instead, as it is no longer hiding? It could have a 15% chance to induce a 20% inaccuracy debuff to Pokemon that are lower leveled, to show that it has moved beyond

Also, in terms of design, what if the cloak was worn as a cape now?

Sword: Instead of wishing it was popular like Pikachu, it has embraced its nature. Law enforcement individuals tend to rely on Mundetyu
Shield: It serves to protect, as it doesn't wants other Pokemon to suffer like it has. A blinding light flashes from inside of its cape"
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