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Murder by the Dead SU Thread


Follow my lead!
Ah, apology accepted. Now get ready for your acceptedness!


La Melancolie Noir
As promised, here is an NPC bio for Lupin. The fields are kinda short because, well... he's just that, an NPC.
Name: Lupin Merrimac
Age: 25
Gender: Male


Weight: 111 lbs.
Clothing: Just as with Merlin, the most prominent feature of Lupin's outfit is his coat--a black one which hugs his figure without being tight on him. There are hints of dark purple embroidery on the edges, making it look rather classy. He wears a black shirt underneath this coat, but people rarely see it because if he's wearing the coat, he buttons it all the way up to his neck. On his hands are black fingerless gloves which reveal his long, thin fingers. Black trousers and black leather shoes complete this outfit.
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Varying shades of blond, with a slight curl--just about shoulder-length.
Accessories: A pair of rectangular glasses, which don't look that obvious unless there's a bright light shining on his face.


An outlaw at heart, Lupin has a penchant for sneaking his way around the rules. He especially enjoys stealing things, his main occupation and his forte. In general he tends to be a quiet person, who never shouts or raises his voice. One will find it hard to make friends with him, and even harder to entice him. Most people would see him as being very serious, quite a bit cold-hearted, even a slight bit intimidating--he certainly does have a dark aura about him. That is, unless he has the characteristic smirk on his face, which frequently happens if and when he's in a good mood. Also, as long as he has something or someone to live for, he has a remarkable amount of willpower--he will try and overcome a perilous situation to the absolute best of his ability. And finally, Lupin doesn't like brightly lit places, and often sounds a bit pedantic when talking with a rival or enemy.

Teamwork Ideals: "The nice thing about being in a team is that its members look out for one another, and nobody gets left out."
Life Ideals: "The concept of life is just as mysterious as the concept of love. It's frequently unfair and too often fleeting, but it never fails to reward those who cherish it."


Until he was about twelve, he was just a little boy named Edwin. Edwin spent his childhood in England, though he had to run away when he was ten because of the abusive actions of his father. He wandered all the way to the US, where, after living in either the streets or undercover in people's houses, the Donneley family adopted him. As is said in Merlin's History, the three Donneley boys plus their neighbour Vincent eventually became the small gang known as the Black Cat Bandits, and it was from this point on that Edwin was known as Lupin.

Both during and after the Black Cat Bandits' heyday, Lupin made rather a good living by stealing stuff, which he loved to do ever since he was four. And much to the other Black Cat Bandits' surprise, he found a girlfriend: Yamiko, who he had met in the park long ago--the brave yet emotional dancer who looked to the dark side of life. The two were a perfect match, their relationship transcending petty things like drama and lust.

There were several ups and several downs in Lupin's life despite all this, but to make a long story short, another thing Lupin enjoyed doing was spying on certain businesses and organisations, including the police. After a while of spontaneously helping find some criminals the police were after, he sort of began a career as a sort of freelance private investigator... though he still considered himself a professional thief. Things were going pretty well, until the Zombie Apocalypse started... Yamiko's infection and ensuing death plunged Lupin once again into the realm of despair...

-His parents, who he hasn't seen in fifteen years since he fled England
-Samantha and Gavin Donneley, Lupin's foster parents. Samantha is often considered the "Mother of the Black Cat Bandits" because of her sneaky and headstrong nature. As mentioned in Merlin's signup, she still visits them, despite Gavin's warnings. Gavin runs an auto repair shop with Halberd as his apprentice.
-Bryan "Halberd" Donneley--Lupin's adopted brother. He currently lives in Boston, but frequently visits New York on weekends. He also has a small sword collection, hence his nickname.
-Warren Mavik--Lupin's other adopted brother. He had an odd mix of occupations--a police officer as well as a drug dealer--before fleeing to Canada with his girlfriend Lucy.


-Vincent "Merlin" Estrel--Lupin's best friend, whose Mystic Sanctuary really is a sanctuary to him. The two decided to stick together first thing when they heard about the zombie outbreak.

Love Life: Lupin had a couple girlfriends in high school, both of which he quickly dumped... But then there was Yamiko, who managed to sneak her way into his heart. Perhaps that's why she became an honorary Black Cat Bandit. The two got along surprisingly well--their bond could almost be considered true love. But that wonderful relationship was shattered by the Zombie Apocalypse, for Yamiko was likely among the first to be bitten by the zombies, thus becoming a Shanker. She was not friendly at all to Lupin after that--in fact, she might not have been Yamiko at all. So for Yamiko's own good, Merlin suggested killing her. And it took both Merlin and Lupin to do so, her being a particularly nasty Shanker indeed.

Lupin's very skilled with his hands, and so his thieving expertise comes mainly in the form of picking locks and pockets. But that is kind of irrelevant to stopping a bunch of crazy zombies, isn't it? Well, Lupin is slightly better at fighting overall than Merlin is, in part because of his faster reflexes and better coordination. As far as weapons go... Lupin is adamant about not having a gun--the tranquiliser "gun" he has hardly counts as one. He also has a taser, and a small knife grouped with a few other tools.

Gold E Lox1

Elegent Power
Name: Steve Sharkskin
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 210lbs.
Clothing: Wears a full chain mail
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown Mid-Length
Accessories: None

Personality Overview: He is a happy individual, but only if he has a weapon. He likes to cause damage to his enemies. Shooting them in the head, chainsawing them in half, or putting an axe into the skull of some poor zombie. If you give him a pistol, he’s happy, but if you give him a bazooka, he’s the happiest man in the universe. He likes small groups afraid that if the team is too big, people will die. Too much noise will be made and zombies will be on their like dogs on a bone. According to him, weapons make the world go round.

Teamwork ideals: Teamwork is key in survival, but if the group gets too big too much attention can be attracted and someone is going to get hurt.
Life ideals: Life is like reading a book: you take it one page at a time.

History Overview: Growing up on a military base, Steve quickly developed skills at shooting targets. He was soon able to headshot a target from fifty yards away with a pistol. When he turned eighteen he joined the Army and learned the basics of military tactics. He slowly rose through the ranks and received his own three-man team of special operatives soldiers and was given special missions to sneak then strike his enemies.

James Sharkskin – Father/Status Unknown Possible Alive
Margaret Sharkskin – Mother/Dead
Lacey Sharkskin – Sister/Dead
Stan Sharkskin – Twin Brother/Infected

Sumner Camp-Martin – Alive
Taylor Enos – Alive
Alex Vargus-Frenni - Dead
Love life: At a standstill. There’s nothing really going on.

He was in the Special Reconnaissance force for the military, one-shot kills are his specialty. Small firearms are good, big firearms are awesome.


Follow my lead!
Goldie... I know you can do way better than this. You have 2 lines of history and according to your description he wears notihng but chain mail rejectedness

Tearen the Absol

Carpe Noctem
Name: Sarah Shepard
Age: 19
Gender: Female

height: 5'4"
weight: 164
Clothing: Sarah, as an all American girl, likes to wear denim tank tops with khaki jeans, water proof boots and a sleek pair of flame printed sunglasses. However, she is also a highly practical person, and in light of the active zombie-ocalypse, wears a full hunting outfit, complete with waders, a waterproof hunting outfit, neoprene gloves, two bandoliers, and a pronounced trucker cap that has an American flag print.

Most of this stuff is either completely black, or has a woodland print on it. She also has a large, military issue backpack full of guns, ammo, cosmetics, first aid equipment, and other bits of clothing such as comfortable pajamas, balaclavas, sweaters, goggles, and other knick knacks.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black, neck length with a mild bob at the tips. It's usually well kept and clean.
Accessories: Silver necklace with a set sapphire and her dad's dog tags. She also has a home made beaded bracelet with her name on it. Her sunglasses, gloves, and hat have already been mentioned.

Personality Overview: Sarah is nothing if not bold. The first lesson one should learn when dealing with Sarah is that she is always right, even if she's wrong. Her assertive and somewhat arrogant behavior is only exacerbated by her aggression and love for battle. She is a tomboy, and loves anything that has to do with guns, grit, and glory. As a bit of a redneck, she also enjoys good music and the outdoors. A patriot through and through, she loves teamwork as long as she is leading that team, and isn't afraid to do what needs to be done.

She is not without her sensitive or feminine sides however. She is very aware of her appearance, and is sure to apply at least basic makeup when she has the chance. She bathes herself and cleans her equipment regularly.While she thinks people on a large scale are worthless, she is very fond of her friends and teammates on a personal level, and will help them if she feels they are truly having trouble with something. An eternal realist, she has an objective perspective on most things, and can offer honest, if not curt and blunt, advice.

Still, her eternal bloodlust is her defining trait, and and any day she doesn't liquify a zombie's face with her shot gun is a bad day.
Teamwork ideals: "We're going to have to work together on this one, so just listen to what I say, Dammit!"

Life ideals: "I remember back in school we learned about this saying, 'Carpe Diem' or something like that. Seemed like my kinda saying."

History Overview: Sarah is pure, homegrown American. Growing up in the outlying villages around Manhattan, she never really aspired to anything mentally, and instead worked hard days on the farm, hunting, tinkering, and gardening. She grew up strong and healthy,as well as a bit brash and bucolic. Her father was a mechanic and a dairy farmer before he signed up to go to war, so Sarah grew up with guns and battle ground into her mind. She fire her first gun when she was four, and has had a love for firearms and weaponry ever since her father came back due to injuries.

She also enjoyed watching zombie horror movies, due to the carnage and survival techniques put on display therein, so when the apocalypse came, she was actually almost pumped. Her younger brother, Syler, was not. It was a terrible blow to her when the entire family's livestock was savagely devoured at the hands of the hordes, and only her mother and herself escaped. Her father tried to be a hero and gave them time to escape into the forest on the farm's Rhino (one of those off-road buggies).

It was weeks before the three returned, and there they found the farm in ruins, but not the house. Sarah quickly made a sweep of the property, and found the emaciated corpse of her father, guns still clutched in his hands. Sarah, being who she was, took the guns, spare ammunition, and dog tags. She then thanked her father, burned the body, and went back to the farm house without any tears or second thoughts.

Now she scavenges the Manhattan wasteland, looking for supplies, survivors, and zombies.

Mother- Deborah Shepard (Alive)
Father- Brandon T. Shepard (Burned/Dead)
Brother- Syler Shepard (Alive)
Jimbo the Shotgun (Alive n' Kickin)
Patricia the .44 Magnum (Greased up n' Ready to Go)
Katherine Hinely (Unknown, probably a zombie)
Love life: Sarah and Jimbo forever!
She's a Mechanic and knows how to weld and maintain most machinery

Basic Survival and Hunting Skills

First Aid skills

Sarah uses a Rhino RTV to go into and out of town, and keeps lots of stuff stored there.