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Murder VII: Cross-Country Justice

Discussion in 'Games' started by pikalax, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...


    *There have been some rule changes since last season, so pay extra attention.*

    REPLACEMENT SIGNUPS to be conducted via PM; the subject line will be "Murder VII: [Username]'s Replacement Registration" if your application is to be considered. However, I must ask that you PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING UP!!! Thank you.


    The stellar ski resort of Coronet. A perfect opportunity for thrill-seeking Pokemon to enjoy a winter vacation. And in the summer, it makes for a great archaeological site as everyone tries to unveil the secrets of Spear Pillar. But despite all the hype about the ancient Pokemon of time and space, no one paid any notice when a shadowy mass crept from the ruins one night and invaded the mind of one of the Pokemon sleeping in the base lodge. It wasn't until the following morning that the other thirty-four vacationers noticed something was amiss.

    For that night, the proud proprietor of the resort, Obama Snow, was found dead, a tangled mess inside one of the lift chairs.

    Security at the perimeter is tight at all hours, and since no one was seen entering or exiting the ski resort that night, the only conclusion was that someone on the inside committed the atrocious murder. The question is, who?

    Cross-Country Justice


    Rules will be strictly followed, so pay close attention or suffer the consequences.

    ~This game is very simple: 35 people will sign up and will roleplay as Pokémon in the town, a murderer included. Once 35 people sign up, Night 0 will start, and the murderer will PM me the starting clue that will be written on the door to the Police Station. Once Day 1 starts, the others will speculate about who they think is the murderer, and vote for the person they end up thinking is the killer. As in the previous season, voting will be performed via PM to me. The PM must have the subject "Murder VII: [Character's name]'s Vote", or it will not be counted. Disrespect via the PM system will likely result in modkill.

    ~Each night, the murderer will PM me the name of the character they wish to die, along with how they kill them and any clues they wish to leave. The murderer must leave at least one clue every other night.

    ~An in-game day lasts up to 5 real days, and an in-game night lasts up to two real days. Applejack is best pony.

    ~The murderer is at any time in the game able to choose an accomplice (they will do this by PM) who is then also able to kill people and bring the total killings up to two per night! But the accomplice also has the choice to turn in the murderer at any time and get them killed, thus having everybody alive win the game. However, if the accomplice accepts they could also be killed by the murderer at any time. So watch out! If the killer is murdered and the accomplice is still alive, they can choose to resign and take the alive points, or they can become the real murderer and play it out.

    ~All forum rules apply. The only exception to this is that I am allowed to double-post to update everyone on when it is night, and once the murderer has struck. If you are not able to follow the forum rules, you will be punted from this game and your soul shall be claimed by Black Kyurem. You will not be able to return to this game, and you may be banned from future seasons as well. (Black Kyurem may find you to be a tasty meal. :D)

    ~Once you are dead you must not talk to people about this game and about who the murderer is, because that would cause the game to fail. Even if you are still alive, you may not talk to others via PM, email, or anything else about this game (exception of the game thread for those who are not dead). Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the game should be directed to ME and ME alone.

    ~You may edit posts this time around, since the game worked well without a complete ban on editing, though I advise you to edit only used to fix a small mistake, and if you edit you must state why you edited; be honest with me. It's not mine or anyone else's fault if you end up being suspected because of editing. Anyone who is caught cutting, adding, or changing significant amounts of text, or editing the same post twice, will be warned publicly the first two times, and the third offense will warrant a modkill. If I find the edit suspicious for any reason, I will question you either publicly or via PM. You may not, however, delete posts for any reason.

    ~Whenever you decide to roleplay (which there shouldn't be a ton of since this is a game, not an RP), put "IC" in the beginning of your post, so we know you're roleplaying. Players, including the murderer, are not allowed to post during the game's night for any reason. I will update the first post with the times for the start and end of each in-game day.

    ~If you break these rules once or twice you will be given a warning, and thrice you shall be modkilled!

    ~You must be active in order to play. If you cannot continue the game, please PM me, and I will find you a replacement. If you fail to notify me and you have not posted at least once in a given game day, you will be warned the next morning. If you continue to be AWOL for another game day, you will be modkilled at the end of that game day. Typically speaking, you should post at least once per day if you wish to stay alive.

    ~It seems I have forgotten to include this rule, though to be fair it should be fairly obvious that the murderer is chosen at random once registration is full.

    ~Killing Process

    This question has come up in the Bulbagarden rendition of this game, and I just want to clarify the point. During the day, each player will vote for who they want to kill. To vote PM me with the name of your vote. Clearly identify it by putting the name of the character you want to vote for in bold. If you voted for someone but wish to change your vote, you must first recall your original vote (through PM) by underlining their character's name (this is called an "UNVOTE"), and then vote for someone else (again, by boldfacing the character's name) before the day's end. It can be in the same PM or in a separate PM, but you MUST, without a doubt, unvote before you can vote for someone else.

    If no one votes during the day, the lynch will be a completely randomized process. That is, I will pull a number from a Random Number Generator and use that to determine the lynch for that day. Though the RNG is used anyway, votes are used to determine the individual probabilities of each nominated player's death. In the absence of votes, every survivor bears an equal chance of being lynched EXCEPT the murderer, who will get a 0% chance of being lynched in the absence of votes, and the Detective, who will get a double chance of being lynched.

    At night, the only active players will be the murderer (or, if chosen, the accomplice), which is why it's important that no one post at night in the thread. The murderer will perform his actions by sending a PM to me with the name of the user he wants to kill, as well as any clues he wishes to leave behind. The murderer is required to leave at least one clue every other in-game night; this means on Night 3 there could be a clue, and then no clue Night 4, but there has to then be a clue for Night 5. I will post the results of the murderer's actions, and the next day will start. The process repeats until one of the following occurs:

    ~1. There are not enough people left at the start of the day for the innocent Pokémon to stand a fighting chance, in which case the murderer wins. The murderer also wins if, at any point in the game, he and one other player are the only ones remaining. If two people plus the murderer remain after the lynch, the murderer will kill both innocents during the night.
    ~2. The murderer is killed during a normal day/night action, in which case one of the innocent Pokémon wins.
    ~3. The murderer is modkilled, in which case no one wins.
    ~4. If there is an accomplice, the accomplice may choose at any point to hand over the murderer. In this case, the accomplice wins. If the accomplice chooses not to hand over the murderer and the murderer wins, the accomplice also wins.
    ~5. If the murderer has chosen an accomplice and is later killed off normally, the accomplice becomes the murderer. Play will continue until either of the first two conditions are met.
    ~6. If both the accomplice and the murderer are alive, and there are only three people besides them after the lynch, both the accomplice and the murderer will win.​

    ~Council of Ghosts

    The Council of Ghosts was created in the PokéBeach version of this game, in Season 3. Everyone who dies in the game (modkills excluded) will become an un-living ghost and will have the murderer's identity revealed to them. During the day, the town will cast a vote for one of the ghosts. The winner, which will be determined by a simple majority, will then PM me with the vaguest hint they can think of. If the hint is vague enough, I will post it in the thread; otherwise, the ghost will be silenced. Of course, it takes a lot of energy for a ghost to provide a hint. There is a two Night recharge period during which that ghost cannot appear again. This recharge period holds even if the ghost had failed to provide a hint for any reason.


    The proper format for a Council of Ghosts (CoG) vote (which you will PM as well - you can include it with the lynch vote, otherwise the subject line is to be "Murder VII: [Character's Name]'s Council Vote") is to just italicize the name of a dead character.

    The Saboteur mechanic will not be present in this season. There will, however, be a new twist to this season:

    ~The Detective

    In addition to the murderer's notes and the Council's clues, one lucky player will receive additional hints from me via PM. These hints could refer to any aspect of the murderer's identity, including any fact from outside the game that pertains to the user who is the murderer. The Detective cannot reveal him- or herself at any time. They may not directly quote my PMs. The Detective may, however, weave reasoning from my PMs into their accusations. Just don't make it too obvious.

    Killing the Detective does not end the game. However, if the Detective votes to lynch the Murderer and the Murderer is lynched, the Detective will win by default. If the Detective does not vote to lynch the Murderer and the Murderer is lynched, the Detective will be fired, and all the other survivors will win.

    If the Detective is chosen to be the murderer's accomplice, the Detective will immediately and automatically turn in the murderer to the authorities, essentially winning the game.


    You can try to look around for clues at any point during the day. To do this, type the following in boldface:

    "CLUE: <where you want to look>"

    You can check at the base lodge cafe, the base lodge bedroom, the base lodge rental shop, slope 1, slope 2, slope 3, slope 4, lift 1, lift 2, lift 3, lift 4, or the Spear Pillar entrance. At most one player will find a clue each day; they will be notified via PM at the end of the day. If they die that day, they can hold on to that clue for their Council hint. If they're still alive at the start of the next day, they can work the clue into their reasoning. However, they cannot directly quote or plagiarize my PM.

    If you need any more clarification, please send me a PM. I will get back to you at my earliest convenience, and your issues will be addressed in the order in which they were received.

    ~To sign up...

    To sign up, PM me the Admissions test below using the subject header described at the top of this post. Replacements do not need to answer questions 1-5. Only those who give correct answers to questions 5-9 will be allowed to play. The answer to Question #4 must be a non-legendary Pokemon from any generation.

    If the game has already started and you want to join as a replacement, please don't post in the thread. You can sign up via PM only.

    You must have a minimum postcount of 20 (posts in the Games forum do not count towards this figure). This represents your involvement in the forums, and while someone with less than 150 posts could be fit for playing in this game, most are not. I also need to know how active you are on SPPf, like how much you'll be on in a week. Oh, and to get members who haven't played this as much, the first fifteen people to sign up must not have played in Murder VI. Players from any of the first four seasons can sign up if they weren't in Murder VI, but if someone wanting to sign up was in Murder VI, they have to wait until fifteen others sign up.

    ~Admissions Test

    1. What is your username?
      [*]What is your character's name?
      [*]What is your character's gender?
      [*]What is your character's species?
    2. How often can you get online to play each week?
    3. Choose the combination of words that best fits the blanks: To vote for the lynch, you must _____ the player's _____ in the PM. A) underline/username B) boldface/username C) boldface/character's name D) italicize/species name
    4. How will the Murderer be chosen? A) Completely at random. B) Popularity contest. C) They bug me via PM until I cave. D) The first of Pikalax's friends to sign up will be the Murderer.
    5. You can do anything in your posts EXCEPT: A) Moderate role play. B) Delete them. C) Fix a spelling or grammar mistake. D) Discuss your suspicions.
    6. Who is best pony? (short answer)

    ~Players List

    Only the users on this list (plus myself, obviously) are allowed to post in the thread. Anyone not on this list who posts in the thread will be warned publicly, and three warnings will result in a two-season ban from Murder. Further posting beyond the third warning will result in a permanent, non-expiring ban from Murder as well as a Mod report for spamming.

    Images hosted by Bulbapedia. Art credit goes to Ken Sugimori.
    1. Fanal! (Zorgeth) Male
    2. mitchlord (Leonardo) Male
    3. avatarsokia (Bubbles) Male
    4. Charizard31 (Braze) Male
    5. doctorwho2010 Mon1010 (Evan) Male
    6. ShinyRaikou (Stinkers) Male
    7. Loreni333 (Escaliber) Male
    8. Nightfall715 (Acid) Female
    9. ShadeAce (Sassafras) Female
    10. Bekidding (Reggie) Male
    11. Raiden193 (Erika) Female
    12. Devastator2000 (Dev) Male
    13. *Jean Grey* (Jessica) Female
    14. FireTypeLover (Omoshi) Male
    15. djhappy (Zoey) Female
    16. Rotom310 (Manfred) Genderless
    17. pupintheturd (Dirk) Female
    18. digipoke1 (Sanders) Male
    19. ~Sapphire Sceptile~ (Cain) Male
    20. Aslynn♥Pokemon (Athena) Female
    21. a person (Shadrack) Genderless
    22. XatuGamer (Reiji) Male
    23. crazysteve1001 (Sam) Male
    24. ParadoxWithinAParadox (Tina) Female
    25. zhanton (Chives) Male

    ~Council of Ghosts

    With the exception of modkills, any player who dies by daytime vote or at the hands of the murderer will end up here. Members of the Council can give vague hints to the murderer's identity but will need 2 Game Days to recharge.
    • Ninja Dog (Bolt) Male - Lynched Day 1
    • Flame Mistress (Iris) Female - Murdered Night 1


    If this list is empty and you wish to stop playing, you MUST follow this procedure:
    1. Send me a PM saying you're done playing.
    2. Find a viable replacement to fill in for you.
    3. Have that replacement read this post and follow the instructions outlined below.

    If you are unable to find a replacement but have made an honest effort to find one, your character will move peacefully out of the village (if you are alive) or vaporize into thin air (if you are dead). You may choose to join again next season.

    Non-players: If you wish to join this list, or if a player has asked you to replace them, send me your answers to Questions 5-9 above in a PM whose subject line reads "Murder VII: [Username]'s Replacement Registration". (If the subject line does not appear word for word like the sample I provided, your application will be denied outright.)

    1. Billy Mays


    Don't end up here. This is reserved for players who have been modkilled for breaking forum rules or for repeated violations of this thread's rules. The players in this list will not be able to join a future Murder game until the posted expiration; those who break the forum's rules in this thread will receive mod reports and may be banned from SPPf depending on moderator action. This includes both players and spectators.

    KennySniper - Temporary - expires after Murder VII
    Bullkid1997 - Temporary - expires after Murder VII
    bobyjoe5000 - Temporary - expires after Murder VII
    Timothy mimefan Sillery - Permanent - no expiration
    donny514 - Permanent - no expiration
    Armando Payne - Permanent - no expiration
    pargalı - Permanent - no expiration
    ALL SPAMBOTS - Permanent - no expiration
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2012
  2. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...

    I have fixed a mistake in the first post. Please review it again.
  3. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...

    For the fill-in-the-blank question, please don't actually fill in the blanks. Instead, designate the LETTER that corresponds to the correct combination of words that would fit the blanks.
  4. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...

    Accepted players are allowed to post in the thread. You may introduce your characters and participate in LIGHT role play. When posting in-character, designate it with "IC:". When posting out-of-character, designate it with "OoC:".
  5. Sarcastic Oshawott

    Sarcastic Oshawott Wow such forum


    Hi! I'm Bubbles! I enjoy cupcakes!
  6. Charze

    Charze Always flyin'

    I'm in! Yeah!
  7. Sigh!

    Sigh! Bad Taste Everywhere


    "Well good day to everybody"
  8. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish Enough of that

    Why, hello everyone. Names Stinkers, and, as you can tell, I'm the sexiest here.
  9. Twentington

    Twentington Outta here!


    I certainly hope that was sarcasm. *shudders*
  10. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...

    There are 28 slots available, folks. To join, read the first post in its completion and follow the instructions.
  11. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...

    I have not received any additional applications since Tuesday. If I cannot fill up the next 8 slots by the end of the day on Monday, I will cancel Murder VII.
  12. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish Enough of that

  13. Sarcastic Oshawott

    Sarcastic Oshawott Wow such forum


    Ahhhhh!!! Where will I go?!

    Oh, wait.
  14. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Shoot, I was looking forward to this.
  15. Devastator2000

    Devastator2000 Are you high...?

    Oh wow, this looks like a stupid game that I totally don't want to play and totally doesn't deserve to be bumped up to the first page. Like, totally.
  16. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...

    Please do not post in this thread unless you have already been accepted. Thank you.

    EDIT: I have updated the first post to include a rule I forgot to make explicit, as well as to correct mistakes made by a past host that I have failed to detect all this time. Incoming players, please read the first post carefully. Accepted players, I recommend that you review the rules.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2012
  17. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...

    Meh, I'm feeling generous. I'll give newcomers until Friday to sign up, then I'll open it up to returning players.
  18. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...

    Alright, registration is now open to returning players. I will start handling those registration PMs in the morning.
  19. Burakoru

    Burakoru Belly Slide


    "Morning everyone," Reggie said with a yawn, before seeing everyone was surrounding an Abomasnow (I think, that might just be his name). Reggie looked at the body, and felt as if he was going to gag.

    To take his mind off it, he walked over to a nearby Kricketot.

    "Hi, I'm Reggie, nice to meet you." He said, extending his hand to shake.
  20. IC:
    Zoey pondered the scene, the many pokemon hovering over the corpse of the great tree pokemon. His stench was enough to induce vomitting, but she would remain strong infront of her fellow pokemon.

    While holding back her tears she heard a voice coming from her side. A dopey looking blue pokemon which she knew was a Wobbuffet had just introduced himself as Reggie. Shyly she looked at him and uttered:
    "Zoey...that's my name. I'm just a bit shaken, but it's really nice to meet you Reggie.....hey do you mind if I draw you? I think you'd be an interesting subject."

    Zoey whipped out a sheet of parchment from her shell and dipped her antenna in an inky substance then began drawing Reggie infront of the whole scene.
    She chirped and whistled until she had completed the picture.
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