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Musapion's Pokemon fanart, now with more Tobari/Veilstone brothers!


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Reiji and Shinji - Listen Close...

Reiji/Reggie seems to be trying to tell a younger Shinji/Paul something important, but all Shinji cares about is chasing Mukkuru/Starly. xD;



Click for more Tobari brothers fanart! [SPOIL]

Reiji and Shinji - Festival

Old, kind of rushed and I just can't understand how Reiji's arm ended up that way (why would you hold a fan like that?) but awkward Shinji and his cotton-candy is just too cute. xD


Reiji and Shinji - Story Time

This one actually comes with a little story.


"Big brother! Read me a story."

"Not now, Shinji, please. Big brother needs to sleep."

The lying Reiji put an open book over his eyes, like a make-shift sleep mask.

"But... I need to practise my reading!"

"Later, please. Why don't you just read by yourself for now?"

Not bothering to open his eyes, Reiji reached out and grabbed one of the books that a Koilink had knocked down. Sliding it across the floor, he muttered something unintelligable before flopping back down, the other book dropping off his face (not that he cared at this point).

"... Uh, big brother?"

"Shinji!" Reiji let out a half-whine. "I need rest!"

Frowning, Shinji turned to stare at the offered book. Picking it up and flipping through the unfamiliar pages, he then began reading, outloud,

"With whisperings of love mid lanterns’ bright,

Burning before old shrines innumerably;

We were alone together you and I

Breathless and mute with wonder and delight."


A blink. "W-wrong book, Shinji."

Reiji and Shinji - Got Your Back

This one is a little bit bloody... bleeding wounds and just, in general, don't like blood, don't look. ^^;

This isn't the original, I messed with the colouring and darkened it here 'cause the original, I coloured in obnoxiously bright, cheery colours. x3;;;[/SPOIL]

Saturn and Mars - Look at Me

Drawn in pencil, coloured digitally. I originally left out his shirt only because I forgot how his uniform was drawn, and by the time I started colouring it, I didn't want to go back and change the drawing, so... random shirtless Saturn, aha. ^^;


Mitsuko, Haruka, and Masato - Mama!


Shirona - Cold


Shinji - Suffocating Ego


Reiji and Mukuhawk - Bond


Reiji - Chirp Chirp Spin


Hikari, Pochama, Shinji, Reiji, Haruka, and Shuu - Nekomimi


Izumi/Shelly and her two Tedozeruga/Walrein


ShinHika - Enthusiasm


KojiMusa - Snuggle


I'd love to hear any comments you might have.

And no reposting without credit, 'kay? xD

More art to be found in my deviantArt. Worth a look, especially if you like Naruto (even moreso if you like Kabuto or Shizune x3; ).
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I may not be a fan of Shinji/Paul [mostly cuz of the cruetly to pokemon... AND THE EYEBROWS!] but these are quite impressive.

My favourite is the one of Sakura, nice touch making the circles on her sleeves into Pokeballs.


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Thanks, I'm glad you liked them, especially if you're not even a Shinji fan! Means a lot to me. <3

Aw, I have big eyebrows.

But, yeah, he's a pretty awful kid, but that's why he's interesting as a character. Flawless characters tend to be boring, after all.

Thanks! I had fun with that little detail. Glad someone caught it. <3

More art~ (notepaddoodler is my username on deviantArt, in case the watermark confuses anybody. ^o^; )

Mars - Empty



I fail at drawing Pikachu, I know. xD;


Reiji+Shinji+Satoshi-tachi - Shinji's New Threads

... Blame Reiji.

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Can't believe you've been posting all this time and only got one reply, I swear it's why I always normally take long hiatus/breaks cause it's just uninspiring. Anyways having said that, I really love your drawing style, and I think you have a flair for drawing Reiji, so you should definitely keep drawing him lol. Your coloring style is nice and simple, and it's easy on the eyes, not too overbearing, not too simple, just all right. Though in general,some of your drawings do need a little bit of tweaking here in there (specifically body postions/angles/ & proportions/anatomy), but that just comes with practice. Anyways, my two favorites are Story Time, and Reiji and Mukuhawk, I really liked them.


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Aww, thanks for the sweet comment! Yeah, I can be pretty bad with poses and proportions on computer. I prefer to feel things out with a pencil first and on a computer, I can't really manage that the same way. xD;

I'm glad you liked my colouring and style! <3

Thanks for the great comment and criticism!

Reiji's a lot of fun to draw, so I'll probably keep drawin' him for a good long while. <3
oh, wow. *o* This art is just.. well, good! It reminds me of art from those Japanese fansites. 8D

And, yes, some of them have odd body proportions, but I understand why it's a bit troublesome for you. But still, you're really good at those and drawing Reiji! He's so cute in your art.. cx