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Music and Musicians Alliance

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by T3chNik4, Jun 26, 2013.


Week 1 Musician's Article

Poll closed Aug 15, 2013.
  1. BugPokemonMaster316 - Three Days Grace

  2. Yvelta96 - Avenged Sevenfold

  3. xXYobi TakiXx's - Dionne Warrick

  4. T3chNik4 - N.W.A.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. T3chNik4

    T3chNik4 Ima lyrical murderer

    Fellow music lovers and musicians, welcome to The Music and Musicians Alliance!!!


    The Music and Musicians Alliance is a spot where music fanatics can gather together and discuss anything music related! Do you play the guitar and want to talk about and show you're passion to the community, do you love music in general, do you have problems setting up you're studio or simple equipment, or do you want to show others you're musical talent? If you do, then this club is for you!!

    Anybody in the community is free to join with no hesitation, but there are a few rules and regulations you'll have to follow in order to be part of it. First off, you either have to play a musical instrument. It can be any musical instrument of you're choice, it can be anything from piano to vocals. OR, you have to respect and love music in general. You're free to discuss anything music related in this club and to make it more exciting you may post you're musical talents or work together to collaborate a song together!! How cool is that? Join now!!

    Rules [​IMG]

    1. Follow ALL SPPF rules. I can't stress this enough.
    2. You must love music or play a musical instrument. It's not a requirement to play a musical instrument, but you must have a passion for music.
    3. Be respectful to fellow members. This is a key component here. Don't flame,bash, or criticize someone because of they're taste in music AND please no bashing, flaming, or criticizing someone else's work. We don't want people getting they're feelings hurt because someone thinks they're music is terrible nor do we want problems here. We all have different taste in music so remember that. If you got anything bad to say, don't say it at all. BUT, constructive criticism is allowed.
    4. Please stay on topic. This is a music club; not a movie club, not a gaming club, not a Pokemon club, and not a clothing club. It's a music club and should only be about anything music related. Anything off topic will be considered as spam and will result in a strike.
    5. Try to stay away from posing mile long quote pictures. We don't want you posting pics so big that it will reach out of space for a second orbit.
    6. Please fill out the member application to join. If you don't fill out the application then I can't accept you into the club, sorry.
    7. Try to stay active. Don't join and post, "I play the guitar" and leave, we want this to be as active as possible. 1 month of inactivity will result in deleting you from the club. If you're going on vacation, moving, working, etc and you can't post for awhile LET ME KNOW!

    Strike List

    The strike system is very simple. It's a 3 strike you're out thing. If you spam, bash, flame, criticize, cause problems, etc it will result in strike 1. Strike 2 will result in a one week ban from the club and strike 3 means you're out, and no longer allowed in the club.

    I will not tolerate one another disrespecting, criticizing, flaming, etc in my club. I will not hesitate to give out warnings for something that you could of avoided. This is a friendly community and forum, try not to ruin it for everyone else.


    I wan't to join the club! [​IMG]

    What instruments do you play (If none put "none or N/A"):
    Why are you joining the club:
    Would you be willing to collaborate:


    T3chNik4 (Owner) - Rapper, guitar, producer, music composer [​IMG]

    xXYobi TakiXx - Piano, flute

    epicjirachifan - Percussion [​IMG]

    ShinyGirl - Piano, clarinet

    BugPokemonMaster316 (Co-Owner) - N/A

    TheSketchQueen - Singer, violin, piano [​IMG]

    xXCobalionXx - Trumpet

    Yveltal96 (Leader) - Guitar [​IMG]

    Slayr231 - Trumpet, Flugel, French Horn, Mellophone, piano, guitar

    Luxvan - Percussion [​IMG]

    Kiruria - Singing, music composition, keyboard

    Beirut - Banjo, Acoustic guitar

    Musical Art/Collaborations

    N/A atm

    Weekly Activity:​

    Musician Article: Every week you may write an article on a specific band or artist. BUT ONLY ONE! It can be any musician from any genre; rock, alternative, jazz, hip-hop, blues, pop, metal, punk, indie, funk, reggae, etc. Can also be any musician whether it be; guitarist, producer, singer, piano, drums, rapper, electronic keyboardist, etc. Your range of artists are endless, no exceptions, you are not required to do an article on a musician of my choice, it is completely up to you.

    In the article you can write anything from the artists history, what music they were involved in, who they inspired, who they were inspired by, what changes they made in the music industry (if any), again, your selection of articles written is endless. But it must be about the artist.


    1. You may not vote yourself. This is the most important rule, if you vote yourself you are automatically disqualified from the weekly challenge for that week. If you vote yourself 3 times it will result in a strike there is no excuse to why you voted yourself 3 times when you got 2 other warnings from either me or club leaders. I get it everybody wants to vote themselves, but you MUST vote another member in the club. I'm not doing this to be strict, I'm doing it to make it more competitive.
    2. No copy-pasta from Wikipedia. It is against the competition rules to copy-pasta from Wikipedia on any section in the article. You may use Wikipedia for guidance, dates, albums, resources, etc, everything must be in your own wording! It's not hard to tell if you're using Wikipedia as an advantage, and if you do it 3 times it will result in a strike. This is an article not plagiarism.
    3. Articles must have a title and at least 1 paragraph. Sectional/body paragraphs are recommended but they are not required. In other words, be creative and make it interesting for others to read. I'm not asking for a book, I'm just asking for a well structured article, nothing more. No strikes will be given, just a PM stating what you must do for me to accept it.

    How the competition and voting system works: At the end of every week, or within the weekly time period you must PM me your article and I will post them in the club in a neat fashionably order along with a spoiler and a voting poll. The member with the most wins by the end of the voting session gets "Article of the Week" which wouldn't make you famous but add fun but moderate competition to the club maybe influencing more members to join. The competition starts, NOW!

    8/9 - 8/16

    Monthly Activity:​

    Month One:Of those that play a musical instrument I would like for you to record a track of your talent and PM it to me. It can be a cover of a song, an original song, it could even be a simple riff on the guitar. The main rule you must follow is, it must be at least 60 seconds long. If it's not 60 seconds long I can't accept it as a track to compete with.


    1. You many not vote yourself. Just like the Weekly Challenge, it is against the rules to vote yourself, doing so will result in an automatic disqualification. 3rd warning will result in a strike.
    2. It must be you in the track. If your in a band, choir, producer, etc you must be specific on which instrument you are playing (except for choir).
    3. Track must be 60 seconds or longer. If it is not at least 60 seconds (1 minute) you will not be participating unless you abide by this rule.

    How the voting system works: Just like the weekly competition the monthly competition has a voting system as well but with a few twists and turns. If you would like to participate in the monthly activity you must PM me (T3chNik4) stating you would like to participate along with a post. When deciding for a vote you must listen for; emotion, passion, sound, clarity, anything that makes an artist an "artist". The winner of the voting poll will earn "Member of the Month". No criticizing someone else's work will be tolerated as stated in the rules of the club or you will get a strike.

    8/1 - 8/31

    Weekly and Monthly Winners​

    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
  2. xXYobi TakiXx

    xXYobi TakiXx Get ready to fly

    I wan't to join the club!

    Username:xXYobi TakiXx
    Why are you joining the club: Because music rocks and without it we would lose the the soul of earth.
    Would you be willing to collaborate: Maybe, Don't know what that means though.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2013
  3. Jazzy-Strings

    Jazzy-Strings Aggression

    I wan't to join the club!

    What instruments do you play (If none put "none or N/A"): all precussion exept kit, organ, piano
    Why are you joining the club: I love music. and I always have.if there was no music then there would be nothing.
    Would you be willing to collaborate: not yet. maybe in future
  4. Teapot

    Teapot Sweaty Toad

    I wan't to join the club!

    Username: Urh... That's a hard one... ShinyGirl
    What instruments do you play (If none put "none or N/A"): Piano, Clarinet
    Why are you joining the club: I love all music and playing it! If the world had no music, it would be really bleak.
    Would you be willing to collaborate: Uh, I guess so. Not 100% sure what collaborate means :D
  5. Jazzy-Strings

    Jazzy-Strings Aggression

    hey all what grade are you on your instruments? i have no organ grades, no precussion grades and i am grade 4 on the piano
  6. Teapot

    Teapot Sweaty Toad

    Grade 3 on Piano, Grade 3 Theory and Grade 3 Clarinet :) Im not the best, but Im happy with my abilities
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2013
  7. xXYobi TakiXx

    xXYobi TakiXx Get ready to fly

    Grade three on piano and about to move to grade four. Difficult.
  8. T3chNik4

    T3chNik4 Ima lyrical murderer

    xXYobi TakiXx, epicjirachifan, ShinyGirl all 3 of you are accepted.

    Collaborate means work together on a track making it a ft. ?? on the song so I hope that cleared confusion up.

    I hope everybody enjoys themselves in this club!
  9. Teapot

    Teapot Sweaty Toad

    Ah, I see. So, like, singing, merging songs, creating a big track? Thats awesome :D
  10. BugPokemonMaster316

    BugPokemonMaster316 Well-Known Member

    Username: BugPokemonMaster316
    What instruments do you play (If none put "none or N/A"): None at the moment, but I'm going to take guitar lessons soon. I also think I have a good singing voice, but maybe it's just me.
    Why are you joining the club: Music is what defines me. It's my passion and my dream is to start a band. No matter what I talk about, I also incorporate music into. No matter where I am, I can always be found singing my favorite rock songs.
    Would you be willing to collaborate: Yeah, I'd be up for it once I learned how to play the guitar.
  11. T3chNik4

    T3chNik4 Ima lyrical murderer

    Not necessarily.. Let me us Hip-Hop as an example... Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, they've made tons of tracks together making it an collaboration.

    BugPokemonMaster316 welcome to the club! You're the same with me except my dream is to get known as a rapper, my goal is to collaborate with Dizzy Wright or Futuristic which would be a major opportunity to get me out there they're underground independent rappers so it's not impossible.

    Oh yea guy's I've been rapping for 3 years and been playin guitar for 6 but lately I've been writing lyrics and I'll post my raps when I get them recorded and uploaded.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2013
  12. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Darn straight I want to join this club.

    Username: TheSketchQueen (or Sketch, if you prefer.)
    What instruments do you play (If none put "none or N/A"): I'm a singer, a violinist, and a pianist. And I write music, if that counts.
    Why are you joining the club: ... I have to a have a REASON!?!? I love music. It lights up my life. It gives me purpose. My dream in life is to have a band, and be a singer. I think that's good enough.
    Would you be willing to collaborate: HAHAHAHAHahahahahah... haha...heh heh... heh............................................................................................................................................ yes.
  13. T3chNik4

    T3chNik4 Ima lyrical murderer

    Welcome SketchQueen. What type of singer are you? I'm looking to getting singers or rappers to collaborate on a few of my tracks and if you're what I'm looking for you'd be perfect for a hook. Not really relying on Serebii to get features lol but I know a few people It would just be cool.
  14. xXYobi TakiXx

    xXYobi TakiXx Get ready to fly

    Oh, i'm sorry.I play the piano and flute.
  15. Teapot

    Teapot Sweaty Toad

    Forgot to mention that I can sing (I think :D) I can do country, pop, that stuff - high notes
  16. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    I'm more of a singer (alto/soprano/high tenor, baby!), but I can rap. Most of the songs I write are meant to be sung, and that's mostly because my rap lyrics suck. But I rap to other artist's work.

    Okay, Sketch Topic Time ('Cause I don't think one's going on):

    What is your favorite style of music, and why?
  17. BugPokemonMaster316

    BugPokemonMaster316 Well-Known Member

    My favorite styles of music are rock, punk, and some alternative.

    It's mainly because the music is so loud and out there, and to me, each song tells a story and I can often relate to it.

    Plus, the music feels more alive than some other genres, and I think that the sound of guitars is amazing.
  18. Teapot

    Teapot Sweaty Toad

    I love alternative the best, aswell as punk and some areas of pop and indie too.
    Songs that reach out to me, really. Many (most) songs don't have a special meaning, but I love those deep ones. You know what I mean?
    The songs sound good after playing it 100 times continuously are the best, especially when you can learn the story inside it.
  19. xXYobi TakiXx

    xXYobi TakiXx Get ready to fly

    Rock, punk and indie are some of the styles of songs that make me get going. Mostly beacuse their something that most people love to rock out to on their Mp3.
  20. T3chNik4

    T3chNik4 Ima lyrical murderer

    I've always like Hip-Hop especially old school and underground where it's actually meaningful. It's actually sad how these mainstream rappers got brainwashed by the Illuminati and sold they're soul for riches like Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Jay-Z especially. I find Dizzy Wright and Hopsin to be the realest hip hop artists in the game now because of the messages they send. Dizzy Wrights reaching the youth through his lyrics by opening they're eyes of whats going on in the world along with Hopsin doing the same but Dizzy speaks more from the heart and I'd love to collaborate with him sometime, the dudes gonna change the world for a lot of people, something 2Pac was trying to do and I respect everything about him and he's very young. For those that don't know who Dizzy Wright is I'll post a song for you guys to listen to, he needs to be heard by everyone. Him and his teams gonna change the world if people understand what's going on in the world.


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