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Music from the games you'd love to hear in the anime?


redeemed hero and true friend
My current list is

Battle Frontier (DPPtHGSS)
Oleana's theme
Iris theme
Hop's league theme
Dynamax theme
Storming Rose Tower
May's/Brenden's rival theme (RSE)
Canalave City

that's all I can think of at the moment


Well-Known Member
I won't talk about previous generations since i dont know how much of it has been featured except for 1
1) zinnias themes
2) Gym battle music in gen 8
3) Toby fox music
4) slumbering Weald
5) Marnie theme
6) piers theme
7) bede theme
8) hop theme
Unpopularly 9) Leon champion theme


The N's Castle theme music and Higana's battle theme (her personal theme music could work, too). I also wouldn't mind hearing Route 120's theme in the anime, which has never been done before if I remember right.


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I'd like to see an anime interpretation to:

1. Zinnia's theme
2. Galar Gym Battle Music
3. Toby Fox's Theme
4. Bede's Theme

I felt like the recent anime rendition of gen 8 wild Pokemon battles was done wonderfully. I honestly can't wait for new OSTs in the anime.


Pokemon World Champion
Unfortunately, it's all a pipe dream since the new anime seems extremely reluctant to make new pokémon tracks and is making bland generic "yep, that's certainly anime music" tracks

Granted, with how anemic the usage of SM's music was - Elite Four theme only showed up in a Filler episode and they didn't use any of Team Skull's music (although their steel drum theme was still pretty good) - I suppose it's not that surprising

Hopefully the new guy eventually gets his act together


Ubermuk said:
The Ho-Oh theme from HGSS which could happen the next time that Ho-Oh appears unless the new composer effs things up by not remixing that track.
I really like that theme music, as well as Lugia's theme from the same games. A lot of the Legendary Pokemon theme music from the games was never remixed in the anime from what I can remember, such as the Deoxy battle theme and the Shinou Legendary Pokemon theme that plays when battling Regigigas and Heatran I believe.