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Music of D/P

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I think that the music sounds much better than it used to. WiiRevolution1, those videos were sweet.


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~Water Lucario~ said:
I suggest you all go play Red and Blue and laugh at how lame the game and it's music is compared to D/P.

They're on completely different systems and released 10 years apart, how are we supposed to compare them?

~TS ;121;;373;
i love the new route music soo much ^^, not as much as the route 1 music from fr/lg, i could sit there and listen to that for hours, that was the best music in pokemon ever
I hope to god that D/P's music owes nothing to an influence from Colosseum.

Tobari City sounds something like Colloseum. That, and you get a few towns filled with people wearing cowboy hats -_- ,whatever happened to the Shinto style of the 2nd Generation?

Game Corner music: Greatest.Pokemon.Music.Ever!

It is pretty cool. Could've been done better though, but still pretty awsome. Let's here it for nightclub inspired remixes. Ra ra ra.


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I love almost all the music in this game. Except the battle victory music...

Wild Pokemon victory/captured music is alright. Just a tad too fast I think..

Battle and Galaxy victory music sounds too much like Colleseum and seems slightly out of place in this game. Oh well.


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uh, wher are the vid?? i clicked on the link but it say video has been removed or sumthing...?!


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Likewise, I needed to turn the sound off when playing Colosseum. That music sounded so fake, so cliche', so uninspired. The battle music wasn't too bad, but the best of it was really, really awful.

I hope to god that D/P's music owes nothing to an influence from Colosseum.

Just for the record, yes, Colo's music sucked. lol.

I actually think Colosseum has the best Pokémon music I've ever heard. Sorry, but I really have to disagree with both of you.

But anyway, from what I've heard so far, Diamond and Pearl's music really hasn't impressed me. To me, it feels just like random music which isn't really going anywhere and doesn't have a feel either. But that's just me. Who knows, when I actually get the games I may change my opinion.

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ok what the heck it says that they have all been removed


Thank you, SPPf! :)
The Elite 4 battle music is basically the same as the gym battle music. Was it that way in previous games?


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No...no...you're all wrong...D/P music may be good, but KANTO CHAMPION BATTLE FR/LG IS THE BEST POKE MUSIC EVER. I just love it.


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I like the dark cave music from gold and silver. They should have music like that in Diamond and Pearl. Of course i don't have Diamond or Pearl version yet since it isn't out in North America, so i wouldn't know.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
All right, I'm really fond of the music that plays while battling the psychic trio. It's like a swift Egyptian theme that really gets you pumped.


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From actually owning the game, I have to say the music is pretty awesome, though they could probably change up the towns a little more; even though they have different themes, most of them are pretty jazzy or chill-sounding. The routes are really good, though. I'd say D/P's soundtrack is beaten out only by Colosseum and XD, which were just fantastic--that was the one thing Genius Sonority succeeded at in every way. FR/LG is probably equal to D/P, too, though I haven't been to Victory Road or post-Victory Road places yet, so maybe D/P will win out in the end.

S.Suikun said:
The Elite 4 battle music is basically the same as the gym battle music. Was it that way in previous games?
Except for the champion, yes, it was.


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I like the new music it sounds good! This is the team i want to have in d/p:
;257; ;389; ;454; ;484; ;417; ;150; P.S. I like the elite 4 battle music best.
:D :club: :D

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