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[MUST-SEE!] Lyrics for PMD2 - Memories of You!

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I was playing PMD2 again and BOY, it was as just as touching...

ANYWAY, I then decided to add lyrics to one of my favorite background music - Memories of You! It's played when the partner has flashbacks of the player. The beach makes it even more sadder since the story starts and ends at the same place (though basically it isn't the end of the story and we know that but let's just say it is).

I'd love it if you guys are willing to spend a little time to listen to this song again, read the lyrics (and perhaps sing with it) and tell me what you think about them! ^^ I used quite a lot of effort!




I want you standing by my side
I need to see your shining eyes
The time when worlds collapsed, you left me standing with one sad goodbye...

I’ve lost an ho-nest friend of mine
For-e-ver lost in space, in time
My only friend that showed me how strong I can be...

Gone so ea-si-ly...

- instrumentals -


I wished up-on a star...to heal my scar...though I can’t hold the pain in-side me
Torn and sore...can bear no-more...I wish...you can help set me free...

Chorus 2:

So when I walk, I’m on my own
My footprints trailing on the sand
We had a mountain full of journeys with your friendly helping hand...

Through all the dark and distant worlds
Our moments worth a hundred pearls
But now you’ve left me here to mourn our severed bonds...

Not a plain response... :’(

- repeat Bridge -

Chorus 3:

So when you’re gone I’ve lost my mind
I’ve lost my soul, my heart, my guide...
No ma-tter how I try, I can’t de-ny the emp-ti-ness inside...

The ha-ppy times - kept in my heart
I wished we’d never fall apart...

But now it feels that I can’t live on, can’t you see…?

...‘Till you’re home with me...​


gone gently
It's very nice you've spent the effort to add some creativity to this game, but we don't allow advertising/linking things like this. You can link to it in your sig if you like, but we don't need a thread about it.
Not open for further replies.